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  • Official site for the Carolina Hurricanes. Features up-to-date stats and results, player bios, minor league information, ticket and merchandise ordering info, player photos, and audio highlights. — “Carolina Hurricanes”,
  • Todd Graves' Raising Cane's serves the highest quality chicken finger meals, including Texas toast, crinkle-cut fries, cole slaw and cane's sauce. — “Todd Graves | Raising Cane's | Secret Millionaire | Chicken”,
  • Cane are either of two genera of tall, perennial grasses with flexible, woody stalks from the family Poaceae Depending on how flexible they are, different kinds of canes may be fashioned for a variety of purposes, such as tools, walking sticks, crutches, weapons, and in. — “Cane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Official site of the Miami Hurricanes. Includes team rosters, stats, photos, and ticket info. `Canes Win UM Thanksgiving Tournament. 11/27/2010 - W. Basketball. It took a little time, but after a tight first half the University of Miami followed the lead of Riquna Williams and Morgan Stroman and pulled. — “University of Miami Athletics”,
  • offers a large selection of walking canes for men and women. You can also design a one-of-a-kind custom hand built walking cane!. — “Walking Canes, Hiking Sticks, & Staffs - ”,
  • Walking Canes, Walking Sticks, Wooden Canes, Folding, Seats, Decorative, Carved, Elegant, Exotic Wood Canes, Silver, Hiking, Adjustable, Heavy Duty and handcrafted. — “Walking Canes & Walking Sticks at The Walking Cane Store - Home”,
  • Canes, walking sticks, support canes, ambulatory aids, and hiking staffs. Entering our 40th year making HAND MADE canes for those who want the very best!. — “House of Canes & Walking Sticks”,
  • Elegant imported canes and accessories; including crook, derby, fritz, anatomic handles; adjustable, folding, travel, strong, long, umbrella; in silver, aluminum, wood; with tips and cane holders. — “Adjustable & Folding Canes, Aluminum, Wood, Crook & Derby”,
  • 15U. Canes North 2012. Canes South 2012. Canes North 2013. Canes South 2013. Canes North 2014 Mid-Atlantic Canes 2014. Mid-Atlantic Canes 2015. DelMar Canes 2012. — “Canes Baseball”,
  • Shop NFL Apparel, College Merchandise, NBA NFL MLB fan gear featuring an endless assortment of sports apparel & jerseys, NCAA merchandise, clothing and sportswear for men, women and kids. Shopping for NCAA Football, Basketball and Baseball Gear?. — “ FAN GEAR SUPERSTORE”,
  • Buy Fashionable Canes, Walking Canes, Hiking Sticks, and more at . We specialize in selling Harvy Medical Products with fast shipping and friendly service. — “ - Your Ultimate Source of Canes, Fashionable”,
  • Walking sticks and walking canes from Europe and the US. — “Walking Sticks : Walking Canes : Ye Olde Cane Shoppe”,
  • Various styles of canes and walking sticks. It means that when you shop this comprehensive inventory of canes and walking sticks, walkers, wood and metal crutches, or accessories and home health care aids, you will receive a free generous helping of customer assistance. — “Canes Galore”,
  • Offers a range of walking canes and sticks, accessories, crutches, and other walking aids. — “Canes Canada”,
  • Offers a variety of fashionable walking canes and sticks including wooden, elegant, collectors, aluminum, specialty, and hiking staffs. — “Fashionable Canes & Walking Sticks”,
  • offers a variety of beautiful designer walking canes and hiking sticks at affordable prices for ladies and men. — “Exquisite Walking Canes, Sticks, and Hiking Staffs for Ladies”,
  • Over 1000 to choose from! Walking canes, walking sticks, folding canes, adjustable canes, hiking sticks, hiking staffs, seat canes, palm grip canes, derby canes and hand carved canes. — “Walking Canes and Sticks! Where Fashion Meets Function!”, walking-
  • Home. About Us. Services. Volunteers. Events. Careers. Contact Us. Learn how to manage diabetes during the holidays! Special Events for Nov 26, and Nov 29, Come Join us!. — “CANES Community Care > Home”,
  • Guide to Canes | Canes News, Walking Cane Photos, Hiking Stick Articles & Blogs. — “Canes Guide | Walking Cane | Hiking Stick”,
  • Featuring ready made designs, as well as custom handcrafted models. Also offering rollators, walking sticks, and accessories. Includes information on measuring proper length. — “Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks at DJ Mac's Walking Cane”,
  • Canes are one of the most useful elements when it comes to supporting yourself if you are in a particular medical condition or maybe you are hiking up a mountain and need further support from a hiking staff. The development of a cane has been around for centuries. — “Canes ON SALE Walking Sticks, Hiking Staffs, Folding Canes,”,
  • is a full service manufacturer of canes and other assistive devices. Our online store features wholesale pricing and a wide variety of products. — “ | Manufacturer of high quality canes and”,

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  • Sandra Lee - Candy Cane Cookies Originally aired as part of the "Christmas" episode (Episode Episode SH1C12) on the Food Network, December 9th, 2004. Cook Time:12 min, Level: Easy, Yield: 25 cookies Ingredients: 1 box sugar cookie mix 1/2 stick butter, melted 1 egg 1/3 cup softened cream cheese 1/2 cup all-purpose flour, plus additional for surface Red food coloring 1 1/2 teaspoons peppermint extract Directions: Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. In a bowl, combine sugar cookie mix, melted butter, egg, cream cheese, and flour; mix together to form dough. Separate dough into 2 equal portions and place in 2 different bowls. Add red food coloring gradually to 1 bowl of dough, kneading together until desired shade of red is created. To second bowl of uncolored dough, add peppermint extract and knead together. On a floured work surface, shape each dough into balls and then roll each ball into 1/4-inch-wide ropes, each about 6 inches long. For each cookie, carefully twist some of the red and white ropes of dough together and shape into a candy cane. Spread candy canes out on cookie sheets and bake on the top shelf of the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes. Transfer to a rack to cool before serving.
  • Miami Hurricanes Canes Canes! Sebastian hyping up the crowd with the chant!!
  • Cane Travel This video will make some general and specific tips and suggestions about cane travel in common day-to-day situations. These suggestions are based on the collective experiences of many blind people, but you are the expert on you. Getting where you want when you want is the object of using the white cane for travel. This is not just a goal but a reality with the use of a long white cane. The Nebraska Center for the Blind has created "Pathways to Independence ©," a video training series that teaches skills used by blind and visually impaired individuals. Get inspired, and find these videos here on YouTube and on the web at http
  • Candy Cane Children - A white stripes' Rarity! Why don't you open me up? Candy Cane Girl Don't you know your name, girl? Twelve people gonna ask you just the same, girl What a world Christmas once a year, girl That's three hundred and sixty four tears, girl So when Christmas finally comes And nobody's got a gun And you think it might be fun To hang around Think again girl Why don't you open me up, huh? Candy Cane Boy Don't you know your name, boy? Nine people gonna tell you just the same, boy You're alone, son In the middle of a million And nobody knows how to talk to children Oh, when Christmas finally comes And nobody's got a gun And you think it might be fun To get a new toy Think again boy Oh, when Christmas finally comes And no one's got a gun And you think it might be fun To make a stand Think again man!
  • Sebastian the Ibis Cranking that Soulja Boy Miami Canes
  • David Copperfield - Dancing Cane The Magic Of David Copperfield - Dancing Cane - AMAZING!
  • McCord's Candy Canes BONUS McCord's Candy Canes BONUS
  • How to create a striped cane in 5 minutes In this demonstration video, brought to you by The Crafts Channel, Corinne Bradd shows Emma Ward a new FIMO technique. Learn how to create a striped cane using this simple stacking method!
  • A Lost Art: Making Candy Canes at Disneyland You can watch the lost art of candy cane making at Disneyland park. They also make other fresh holiday treats like peppermint bark and snow man caramel apples! Read more at the Disney Parks Blog:
  • America, Now - Topic: Status America, Now
  • How To Use Polymer Clay To Make Cane Beads... Part 1 This tutorial is in 3 parts. This is part one. Part 2: Part 3: Dor demonstrates how you can use polymer clay to make simple cane beads.
  • Clay-Gun Quilt Cane Pt. 1 Suzanne Ivester demonstrates a fun technique for building a colorful, complex quilt cane quickly and easily with a clay gun. This 35-minute video is in 4 parts.
  • let's go canes canes
  • Introduction to Thomas Aquinas International Catholic University video clip describing the life of Thomas Aquinas from a philosophy course by Ralph McInerny.
  • Old Canes--Then Go On A track from their 2004 release, Early Morning Hymns, performed at the Beachland Tavern in Cleveland on Monday, October 19, 2009; the ninth song of their set.
  • Canes All-Access: Palm Beach County Scrimmage BUY 2011 Season Tickets at . The Canes travel to Palm Beach County for the first Miami scrimmage of Spring Football Season. Al Golden took the Hurricanes to Spanish River High School.
  • Cane Masters - Street Techniques Out in the street, things happen very quickly! Be prepared to ward even the most aggressive attacker with these simple yet highly effective methods of using the cane. We have combined a variety of blocks and counters into a series of techniques designed for self-defense in a true street situation. GM Shuey will show you some great "down and dirty" tactics against a number of different attacks. Visit for ordering info.
  • Candy Cane Christmas- Darius Rucker Darius Rucker's New Holiday Song 'Candy Cane Christmas' 2009
  • Cane Juggling This is my first cane juggling video. Drew (caLLLendar) got me into canes, and since he is pretty much the only other person that juggles canes, a lot of the stuff in this video is truly fresh / never been done before.
  • ★ Smiley Face Cane ★ A tutorial on how to make a smiley face cane using Polymer Clay. The slices can be used for nail decoration, scrapbooking or for other clay projects. I'd never tried this before so I was just "winging it" in this video. Luckily it turned out lovely - but I also keep thinking how much more cool it would have looked in orange - for Halloween ;) I am using yellow and brown Sculpey Premo! (polymer clay). I bake the thin canes for about 5min according to the Sculpey instructions before slicing the canes.
  • Polymer Clay Cane - No Background - Reducing Technique by Idit Zoota and Yonat Dascalu Visit for access to part 2 of this great video and information about a free Cane Video CD. In the video here, Yonat will demonstrate that, by lining a cane with a thin sheet of water soluble clay before packing it, you can easily remove the packing after you reduce the cane, leaving a shaped cane with no background to worry about. When you pack a cane with translucent clay, if you slice it thinly, the background will seem to disappear, showing only the flower on the object you add it to. The trouble is, it is hard to slice that thinly. This problem is solved using this fun new technique idea by Idit Zoota! You can download and print the companion PDF tutorial at
  • How it's made - Candy Canes Segment on how candy canes are made
  • Old Canes - Early Morning Hymns Another one of my favorites :D
  • Magic Color Changing Cane Get this Fantasio Classic at
  • The Twilight Singers - Candy Cane Crawl greg throws that *** down!
  • Canes All-Access: Michael Irvin Brings Spring To Close NFL Hall of Famer Michael Irvin gives the Miami Hurricanes football team a passionate pregame speech before the 2011 Spring Football game at Lockhart Stadium.
  • Santa Claus making Candy Canes Santa Claus explains the art of handmade candy canes.
  • [House MD] S1E5 - Candy Canes? Just love this scene. Add &fmt=18 to the end of the link and click enter for HD quality. Poor Cameron! :P This actually reminded me of how it often goes between me and a mate of mine. Poor fellow sometimes can't see I'm not totally serious about something that a person shouldn't bother about. And don't ask which episode this is, lol. It's got to be clear by now... Copyright goes to FOXXYYY FO***X.. Eh, you get what I mean. Ugh. It's on the vid, you know.
  • Kiwifruit Cane Tutorial - Polymer Clay How to make a kiwi cane out of Polymer Clay. Canes are made so that you can slice little fruit slices (in this case kiwi slices) to use at the top of a miniature polymer clay cake etc.
  • Strawberry Cane - Polymer Clay If you have a question: /toniellison This tutorial will show you how I make strawberry canes using polymer clay. When I'm finished I usually cut the cane, bake the slices, then store them for later. Colors: White (Katoclay) Red Hot Red (Premo) Translucent (Katoclay) Red (Sculpey 3) Burnt Umber (Premo) (Mixed with red as the outermost layer) SONG: Pure Imagination By: Maroon 5
  • White Cane Techniques To teach a blind or visually impaired person correct cane techniques
  • Making A Flower Cane Margo Therien demonstrates how we make one of our flower canes in polymer clay. These canes are used for a variety of projects, from lightswitch covers to beads to nail art.
  • Nails #4- Candy Cane!! Like I said in the vid. this was inspired by candy canes of course, and fellow youtube guru julieg! I used: Savvy Nail polish in French Sheer White LA Colors Red, Red Glitter, and Silver Glitter ORLY no chip top coat. That's it!! -Lauren /iheart_makeupartcosmetics
  • Rocket Candy Canes Jeri makes flammable candy canes.
  • Making Candy Canes An informative video on the production of candy canes in a factory.
  • How To Use Leftover Candy Canes Expand the description and view the text of the steps for this how-to video. Check out Howcast for other do-it-yourself videos from Seaworthy and more videos in the General Desserts category. You can contribute too! Create your own DIY guide at or produce your own Howcast spots with the Howcast Filmmakers Program at Make brand-new treats out of your leftover candy canes. To complete this How-To you will need: Candy canes A baking sheet Vanilla vodka Peppermint schnapps Club soda Milk Chocolate (semisweet and white) Whipped cream or mini marshmallows A lemon Wax paper A kitchen mallet or regular hammer Step 1: Melt some hearts Melt some hearts on Valentine's Day: On a baking sheet, arrange candy canes in pairs, side by side, so that they form hearts. Bake at 350 degrees for a few minutes, until they melt just enough to stick together. Let them cool before removing them with a spatula. Step 2: Pour some candy-cane martinis Rim a martini glass with crushed candy canes; then shake together, with ice, one and a half ounces of vanilla vodka, one half of an ounce of peppermint schnapps, and one ounce of club soda; strain into the martini glass, and hang a little candy cane on the rim. Step 3: Prepare candy cane cocoa Heat a cup of milk in a saucepan. When it's hot, but not yet boiling, whisk in a square or two (about half an ounce) of semisweet chocolate and a tablespoon of crushed candy cane until both are melted. Pour into a cup, add a dollop of ...
  • Sword Cane : Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Sword Cane from Cold Steel Knives. *Meats utilized in this video was carefully preserved and donated to the Ventura County Rescue Mission. for a free color catalog, DVD, and more visit us at
  • Cold Steel Sword Canes Even without the sword aspect, these swords canes are very handy. Share and discuss Cold Steel at http
  • How To Slice Fimo Nail Art Canes This video shows step-by-step how to slice NeoFlex Nail Art canes. Close-up views give detailed instruction for making consistently thin slices. We have a wide range of nail art canes available through our website, .
  • Canes All-Access: First Spring Practice Purchase Season Tickets at 1-800-GoCanes. Go inside the first spring practice of the Al Golden era with the University of Miami football program. Canes All-Access takes you from the meeting room to the practice field and locker room for a full perspective on the dawn of a new day with the Canes.
  • The Canes are Still King In 2008 Louis "The ***-Talker" Murphy let this stupidity ooze from his mouth: "If Im right, The U stands for the University of Miami. Well, were the University of Florida. Were The U. - L. Murphy This Idiot's conflicting statement aside, he needs to get some other facts straight. Not only has Miami OWNED Florida since 2000. Hell, since 1984! But we are not only the most dominant football program in Florida, but the most dominant football program of the last Quarter Century and home to the greatest college Football team of All-Time, The 2001 Miami Hurricanes. This video is an illustration to Gator fans and CFB fans alike of The University of Miami's superiority over the University of Florida. Despite UF's Lone Victory in over 23 Years (2008). The University of Miami is STILL the Lone "U" and the undisputed king of Florida. And until the Gator Girls accomplish what Miami has accomplished: 5 National Titles, 58-Game Home Winning Streak, 9 Conference Titles, 3 Undefeated Title Seasons and gains a lead in the WL Record, Miami will continue to be The King of Florida. Team Titles: Miami- Florida-
  • Making Glass Cane Learn more about making glass cane with Lino Tagliapietra and experts from The Corning Museum of Glass. Though simple in origin, Canes are often put together to make very elaborate objects.

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  • “While I'm not quite Swasey-esque and willing to compare the '09 Canes to the ready-to-explode talent of 01- 02, there's definitely reason for I only recently discovered your blog but pretty much everything you post is right on the”
    — allCanesBlog : #1 Miami Hurricanes Blog... All About The U!,

  • “A few weeks back, we at Fashionable Walking Canes and Sticks had the privilege to find a blog post online from a very happy customer with a Welcome to the Fashionable Walking Canes and Sticks Blog! Stop by often to see updates on”
    — Walking Canes & Walking Sticks Blog,

  • “Visit Canes-Panthers-092310 - ACC Blog for information, in-depth ***ysis and discussion about Canes-Panthers-092310”
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  • “The same folks ***ing that the Canes 'quit' against the Noles a few be a quick note to the almost-Canes safety turned into this posting”
    — allCanesBlog : #1 Miami Hurricanes Blog... All About The U!,

  • “Cindy Lietz's last blog post..How to Make Rose Petal Beads from Dried Flowers art at the beginning of June, when an etsy customer asked me if I'd reduce and bake some of my canes for her to use on her nails”
    — Fimo Nail Art – Polymer Clay Canes for Fingernail Art Designs,

  • “Joe Zagacki's Blog presented by Trane AC "Stopping Terrelle Pryor (9 The Canes defensive line must make it personal and stay after Ohio State all day long”
    — WQAM,

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