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  • We introduce a new class of automata, which we call vector addition tree automata. These automata are a natural generalization of CALLIGRAMME (INRIA Lorraine - LORIA) INRIA – CNRS : UMR7503 – Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy I – Université Nancy II – Institut National Polytechnique de Lorraine. — “HAL - INRIA :: [inria-00100081, version 1] Vertor Addition”,
  • Linear Logic, Proof Nets and Categorial Grammars Calligramme. Linear Logic, Proof Nets and Categorial Grammars. 2009 Research Team Activity Report. Nancy - Grand Est. Area : Perception, Cognition, Interaction. Theme : Audio, Speech, and Language Processing. — “Project-Calligramme:”,
  • While this calligramme in the form of a lion may have been executed in India in the The calligramme is a prayer in Arabic which refers to the first Imam and is encountered. — “Zoomorphic calligraphy - Aga Khan Museum”,
  • Pantheon Design provides general graphic design, web design, software interface design, exhibition design and colorization for the urban environment. — “Pantheon Design - calligrams (calligramme, calligramma) by LR | 1”,
  • Domaine de Bellivière Calligramme, Jasnières, 2004. por Sobre Vino el El Calligramme es un monovarietal de Chenin Blanc de viñas de más de 50 años, plantadas. — “Domaine de Bellivière Calligramme, Jasnières, 2004”,
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  • Calligramme. A calligramme is a text or poem, of a type, or the word for which was, developed by Guillaume Apollinaire in 1918, in which the words or letters make up a shape, particularly a shape connected to the subject of the text or poem. — “Surrealist games - SourceryForge”,
  • Hortense Robert's virtual art gallery - online exhibition of paintings, sculpture , Calligramme - Artabus. — “Calligramme : Ink on paper - Hortense Robert”,
  • In terms of production delay, the great majority of Calligramme users complete the pagination of an 80 page publication within 20 minutes! On the French market, 70% of the classified ads that are printed are paginated with Calligramme Ads. — “International Classified Media Association Online | exhibitors”,
  • The grammatical formalism we want to consider is based on the Abstract Categorial Grammar framework, developped by the Calligramme team. The team Calligramme from the LORIA and the INRIA-Lorraine. — “Demonat - Loria Wiki”,
  • Visit related products for calligrammes, including CDs, Vinyl LPs, DVDs, Books and other calligrammes-related products when you use the quick search function at . Beyond the Page: Latin American Poetry from the Calligramme to the Virtual (Hardcover). — “calligrammes Related Products at ”,
  • A calligramme is a text or poem, of a type, or the word for which was, developed by Guillaume Apollinaire in 1918, in which the words or letters Read more here: " Surrealist techniques: Encyclopedia II - Surrealist techniques - Calligramme. — “photomontage”,
  • You are looking at a calligramme, a shaped work of writing intended to resemble a letter, The style of calligramme you see above, however, is unlike any other style of poetry. — “Apotheosis July-August 2000”,
  • A Calligramme is a form of writing, typically poetry, where the letters on the page form The word calligramme comes from the contraction of "penmanship" and ". — “GD 342/Glossary - WolfWikis”,
  • Try doing it in word then cut and paste it in Adobe. — “Hoe do you create a Calligramme in Adobe Fireworks?”,
  • Projects developped by the Calligramme Team. Leopar: a parser based on interaction Litote: tools and free resources for french, proposed by Calligramme,. — “Calligramme”,
  • Wines range of Domaine de Bellivière of Jasnières and Coteaux du Loir appellations. Prémices Les Rosiers Calligramme Discours de Tuf Elixir de Tuf L'Effraie Vieilles Vignes Éparses Haut-Rasné Philosophale Le Rouge-Gorge Hommage à Louis Derré Les Giroflées Salamandre Aurore d'Automne. — “The wines of Domaine de Bellivière”,
  • [edit] Calligramme. A calligramme is a text or poem of a type developed by Guillaume Apollinaire in which the words or letters make up a shape, particularly a shape connected to the subject of the text or poem.[1][2] [edit] Collage. Main article: Collage. — “Surrealist techniques - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • [calligramme] [Link] ( 'The Kidney-Shaped Stone That Moves Every Day' [calligramme] [Link] ( 'Tony Takitani' and 'Second Bakery Attack' by Haruki Murakami. — “Elster”,

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  • Marc Moulin - Calligram
  • sunny beach video calligram by Laura Ruggeri A video calligram made only with the characters of the animated typeface Undulator from . It shows a sunny beach, includes waves, a fish and undulating palms. Design by Laura Ruggeri.
  • Happy New Year 2010 : le Making of !
  • Sonata da Chroma III Apollinaire Apollinaire is the third movement of Geoffrey Gordon's chamber work, Sonata da Chroma, a three movement work for oboe, clarinet, harpsichord, cello and percussion. This is a performance from the Composers Conference at Wellesley, under the direction of Mario Davidovsky, July, 2000. Program notes follow: PROGRAM NOTES: Sonata da chroma is modeled, somewhat freely, after the sonata da camera of the Baroque era. Like that early instrumental chamber music form, this Sonata consists of several movements of contrasting tempos and textures. The instrumentation follows a similar construction: two treble instruments (here an oboe and a clarinet), a low string instrument (basso continuo, often doubled on violoncello; here cello alone), and harpsichord. In a nod to the modern era, the composer has added one percussion. Unlike the sonata da camera, this work is not modeled on dance rhythms, but rather takes inspiration from the visual arts (hence "chroma"). The first and third movements are related, drawing on figures nd movements fromthe early 20th century, while the extended second movement is a response to the towering figure of Caravaggio, and the ground-breaking influence of the chiaroscuro technique. APOLLINAIRE: 18801918, French poet. He was christened Wilhelm Apollinaris de Kostrowitzky. Apollinaire was a leader in the restless period of technical innovation and experimentation in the arts during the early 20th cent. Influenced by the symbolist poets of the previous ...
  • Chestnut Calligram by Caroline May A poem by Caroline, written when on the Reel Surreal creative writing course.
  • BZZZZTTTTT 3 Perdu vincent !
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  • Replaced city - Cidade reposta - english subtitles - Short movie essay about the constant structural and human replacement of the city, under the philosophical and poetic perspective. Created by Marcio-Andre. Shot entirely with a photo camera Sony Cybershot. Full version: Poster designed by Pipol: More info: ----- [ Cidade reposta ] Curta-metragem-ensaio de Márcio-André que aborda a constante reposição humana e estrutural da cidade, sob perspectiva filosófica e poética. Filmado inteiramente com uma câmera fotográfica Sony Cybershot Versão integral: Cartaz desenhado por Pipol:
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  • What is the Perfect Cup of Tea Animation Here an animation i made on the subject about how to make a perfect cup of tea. enjoy [;
  • Calligram-O-Rama Calligrams by Joni James copyright 2010
  • Video calligram day to night by Laura Ruggeri A video calligram made only with the characters of the animated typeface Marquee from . It shows a city scene that fades from day to night. Design by Laura Ruggeri.
  • Paris! inspired by Guillaume Apollinaire and his Calligrammes
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  • Apollinaire -2nd Homage Calligram I made this version of a homage to Guillaume Apollinaire out of and as a development of my first version (up here somewhere on this channel).The rather phallic looking images which show up here are actually derived from GA's gravestone in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris (a very inspiring place to visit!) I'm sure Apollinaire might well have been messing about with words and images on youtube too were he alive today!
  • Guillaume Apollinaire Chats with a Friend Guillaume Apollinaire [1880-1918], the French poet, playwright, and art critic was born in Italy to a Polish mother. He fought in World War I and in 1916 received a serious shrapnel wound to the temple. Weakened by his injury, he died of influenza during the Spanish pandemic of 1918. An experimentalist in poetic form, Apollinaire developed calligrams, where the arrangement the letters and words of a text has a meaning. Shortly after his death, a collection of such concrete poems was published as Calligrammes. A calligram is carved on his grave in Père-Lachaise Cemetery, Paris: Coeur pareil, a une flamme renversee ('My heart like an inverted flame') Uploaded are moving images of Apollinaire with a friend, perhaps created by flipping a pack of photo cards over, here looped several times.
  • ScreenCaffeine Marquee example 02 Animated calligram using animated fonts
  • La cravate - The tie This clip is meant as a gentle take on manners and this obsession with ties that British men accross the class divide display at every possible public occasion. It follows a 'calligrame' by Guillaume Apolinaire first published in 1925 by Gallimard. It says: "The painful tie that you wear & which decorates you, oh you civilised man! Take it off if you want to breathe well." As Albert Schutz explained, cultural description is a process ***ogous to the experience of any foreigner learning the culture of a host society. Schutz noted that in the weeks and months following the immigrants arrival in the new society, what she previously took for granted as knowledge about that society turns out to be unreliable if not obviously false. In addition, areas of ignorance previously of not importance come to take great significance, overcoming them being necessary for the pursuit of important goals, perhaps even for the foreigners very survival in the new environment. In the process of integration and learning how to participate in social relations in the new society, the foreigner gradually acquires an inside knowledge of it, which supplants her previous external knowledge. Schutz argued that by virtue of being forced to understand the culture of the host society in this way, the foreigner acquires a sense of objectivity not available to native citizens. This form of what Schutz also called gentle perspectivism (*) allows the foreigner observing that the inside members of a culture ...
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  • Assyrian Calligraphy Issa Benyamin was born in 1924 to Assyrian parents, Mirza Benyamin Kaldani and Esther in Tabriz , Iran. While he was still an infant, his family moved to Uromia, which held the largest Assyrian population in Iran. His father, Mirza Benyamin Kaldani, originally from Salamas, taught Issa (pronounced "eesa") to read, write and love the Assyrian language. At 17, Issa became fascinated with the art of beautiful writing and took lessons from Bishop Havil Zaya, the Archbishop of Uromia and Salamas. Though for years to come he would spend the majority of his time actively involved in Assyrian cultural events, with his best friends: the late Dr. Ellya Mar-Youssef and the late Mr. Koorosh Benyamin, Issa continues to paint and master calligraphy. A summary of his activities and accomplishments is as follows: In 1948, he published an Assyrian calendar which broke the 35 year cycle of cultural inactivity among the Assyrians of Iran . The calendar was initially printed by using the stone press. Issa Benyamin was one of the 3 founders of the "Cultural Organization for the Assyrian Youth of Tehran". This organization was one of the most active Assyrian groups in Iran and for the first time managed to create the Assyrian press which was used to publish numerous books. In 1950, Issa Benyamin published the biography of Mrs. Louise Ourshan who was the Principal of the most famous high-school in Tehran. 1962 was a hallmark year in Assyrian literature: Issa Benyamin published ...
  • The Girl Who Knew the Future the Remix (2009) The Girl Who Knew the Future the Remix (2009) Super to 16mm, b/w, 1 min. silent A remix of a film I made 7 years ago, inspired by Guillaume Apollinaire's, "Les Collines," Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War. Captured on Super 8 and transferred to 16mm using the optical printer, this film is grainy, glittery, and French! I'm bringing it back . . . "I've traversed the glowing sky Where life is a melody." - Guillaume Apollinaire
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  • French Poet, Guillaume Apollinaire, Calligram Message '...As for the calligrams, they are an idealization of vers-libre poetry and of typographical precision at a time when typography is brilliantly ending its career, at the dawn of new methods of re-production, the cinema and the gramophone.....' Apollinaire to Martineau (1913) (!)
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  • o'pasl "o'pasl" is the transliteration of the neapolitan for "a puzzle" and the anagram of "alsop". the video depicts a calligram made of a selection of will alsop's quotes.
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