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  • cacao (plural cacaos) A tree, Theobroma cacao, whose seed is used to make chocolate. This Retrieved from "http:///wiki/cacao" Categories: English nouns | fr:Spanish derivations | French nouns | French. — “cacao - Wiktionary”,
  • Cacao Suppliers Directory - Choose quality verified Cacao Suppliers and Manufacturers, wholesale Cacao Sellers and Exporters at . — “Cacao Suppliers - Reliable Cacao Suppliers and Manufacturers”,
  • Cacao - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Cacao”,
  • Definition of cacao in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of cacao. Pronunciation of cacao. Translations of cacao. cacao synonyms, cacao antonyms. Information about cacao in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. theobroma cacao, cacao. — “cacao - definition of cacao by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Cacao (Theobroma cacao) is a small (4?8 m tall) evergreen tree in the family Sterculiaceae (alternatively Malvaceae), native to tropical Mexico, but now cultivated throughout the tropics. Cacao flowers. The flowers are produced in clusters directly on the trunk and older branches; they are small,. — “Cacao - Wikinfo”,
  • Cacao definition, a small tropical American evergreen tree, Theobroma cacao, cultivated for its seeds, the source of cocoa, chocolate, etc. See more. — “Cacao | Define Cacao at ”,
  • With such expertise and so many intriguing botanical products available, it is fitting that they determined the seeds of the Cacao tree to be of such superior value. There were periods when no person in the whole domain was allowed to use the seeds, except the King and his inner circle. — “cacao”,
  • These are loaded with, you got it, organic cacao and goji berries, and much more. Cacao may be the most concentrated source of antioxidants on the planet and Cacao Beans are the most potent form of Cacao, since they're closest to the original source. — “Cacao — Nuts — NutsOnline”,
  • Database of over 100 important rainforest medicinal plants including Chocolate - Theobroma cacao. — “Database Entry for CACAO - Chocolate - Theobroma cacao, CACAO”, rain-
  • Especially for you, premium quality Ah Cacao Real Chocolate from the Mayalands of Mexico - the birthplace of real chocolate. Ah Cacao Chocolate Café opens in La Isla Shopping Village, Cancún. Look forward to serving you great coffee. — “Ah Cacao Real Chocolate - Welcome”,
  • Cacao is the raw unprocessed form closest to the cacao bean. Cocoa is the processed form of cacao. Additional supplements to consider with beneficial properties include curcumin (an extract from turmeric), acai berry extract, pomegranate fruit, resveratrol, and noni. — “Cacao bean supplement health benefit : by Ray Sahelian, M.D”,
  • Cacao features a hand picked selection of chocolate from around the world, including an extensive range of Gift certificates are also available in any denomination, with online sales available soon. Copyright © 2006-2010 Cacao. Contact us at [email protected] or call 503-241-0656. — “Cacao Drink Chocolate”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about cacao at . Make research projects and school reports about cacao easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “cacao Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Cacao is characterized by large, unlobed, alternate leaves, small pinkish flowers produced in clusters directly on the trunk and branches, and leathery, ovoid fruits, or pods, in which are embedded numerous almond-shaped seeds, which also are known as beans, cacao beans, or cocoa beans. — “Cacao - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Chocolate and Cacao Beans. A total of 1% of the American diet consists When the Spanish came, they called cacao black gold (oro negro) or seeds of gold (pepe de. — “About Raw Cacao”,
  • CACAO 0.1 - Community Assessment of Community Annotation with Cacao, Puerto Rico [edit] See also. Cocoa (disambiguation) Cacau (born 1981), a Brazilian-born German footballer. Cacau, a novel by Brazilian writer Jorge Amado. This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title. — “Cacao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn where chocolate comes from, the different types of cacao beans and their flavors, the properties of cacao trees. — “Chocolate's Origins, Types of Cacao Beans, and Cocoa Farmers”,
  • Cacao FAQ, Chocolate FAQ, The Things Chocolate You Need to Kno Cacao, Theobroma cacao, is a tropical evergreen tree in the family Byttneriaceae. — “Cacao - Dark Chocolate - Healthy Chocolate”,
  • Buy Organic Raw Cacao Beans(raw chocolate nibs), food and cacao. — “Raw Cacao - Raw Organic Cacao Beans(raw chocolate nibs”,
  • cacao n. , pl. , -os . An evergreen tropical American tree (Theobroma cacao) having leathery, ellipsoid, ten-ribbed fruits borne on the trunks and An evergreen tropical American tree (Theobroma cacao) having leathery, ellipsoid, ten-ribbed fruits borne on the trunks and older branches. — “cacao: Definition from ”,
  • Cacao benas contain no sugar and between 12 and 50% fat depending on variety and growth There is no evidence to implicate cacao bean consumption with obesity. — “Alive Foods CACAO raw chocolate”,
  • Cacao - Our Cacao is certified organic, raw and kosher. Navitas Naturals is a fairtrade company that provides high quality superfoods and powerfoods for the modern lifestyle. — “Organic Cacao - Certified Organic, Raw, Kosher - Navitas Naturals”,

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  • World: Venezuela's Faded Cacao Crop - /Video Venezuelan cacao beans have been coveted by high-end chocolate makers around the world since the 17th century. But cacao farmers today struggle against a daunting bureaucracy and emboldened squatters. Related article:
  • Cameroon's cacao farmers sow seeds of prosperity Cacao farmers in Cameroon are seeking to rejuvenate their beleaguered industry with a new generation of plants which grow faster and produce more beans. Duration: 01:46
  • My Opinion Of Raw Cacao / Raw Chocolate, Ep277 There is a lot of controversy on raw cacao / raw chocolate whether it is good for you or no. Today I give my opinion and personal experience. FREE Juices & Smoothies Recipe eBook Health & Wellness Coaching http 10-Day Juice Fasting Program: 7 Day Raw Food Challenge: Acne Program: Affiliate Program: Website: Blog Facebook: Twitter: Donations: To learn more about the Raw Food Diet, Weight Loss, Consultations/Coaching, Juice Fasting and the 7 Day Challenge, go to:
  • Raw Chocolate Cacao Nibs Orac Value http But before I reveal the astonishing facts about Raw Chocolate or Cacao — let me quickly simplify the rating scale the USDA has developed, called ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Basically it's a high-tech way of measuring the ability of antioxidants to absorb cell damaging, wrinkle-causing, tissue-destructive free radicals. Many companies use different ORAC units in their product descriptions, creating some confusion when one is trying to compare one ORAC score to another. Here's an example to illustrate a common confusion: both dark cocoa powder and the goji berry (the goji berry is a superfood from China) are high on the ORAC scale. Roasted cocoa powder tops the list with a score of 26000. The goji berry rates strongly, with a score commonly found on the internet of 25300. But what is creating confusion amongst consumers is that the cocoa powder and the goji ORAC ratings are for 100 grams! That's much more than a typical serving. If you calculate the ORAC units per gram you quickly see that dark cocoa powder is at 260 and goji is 253. Not bad, but that's nothing compared to the whopping 955 ORAC Units found in each gram of raw organic Cacao Powder! This is a great validation of the superfood lifestyle we all get to enjoy. Check the math — the raw version contains 367% more antioxidants than the very best cooked version. (On the same 100 gram scale as above, Raw Organic Cacao Powder would have over 95500 ORAC units compared to the ...
  • Cacao Tree Chocolate is derived from the cacao bean, which comes from a cacao tree.
  • Cacao Cucina A new line of equipment for small scale bean-to-bar chocolate manufactuing. Line includes a bean roaster, winnower, nib grinder, chocolate maker, and tempering machine.
  • Organic Whey Protein Flavours | Cacao, Vanilla and Cinnamon by Professional Whey Benefits of Adding your own Natural Flavour You dont lose your high protein concentration, compared to pre mixed protein powder which have a much lower protein concentration per 100g of powder. You control how strong you want your chocolate taste. Its 100% healthy. It has none of the chemicals that artificial flavourings have (which are in 99% of protein powders). Also it is so versatile you can use it for other delights such as making desserts or hot chocolate. Only small amounts are needed. For Information & Benefits of Cacao Click Here http For Information & Benefits of Vanilla Click Here For Information & Benefits of Cinnamon Click Here
  • Raw Cacao High Protein Smoothies Chef Teton High Protein, low glycemic, low fat chocolate (raw cacao) smoothies. Also on Chef Teton's cooking show are Raw Food Recipes and cooked food recipes with Coconut Oil, Flax Oil, Pumpkin Seed oils for low-glycemic, gluten free, low fat diets. Excellent for diabetes, weight loss and beautiful skin. Simple healthy recipes and methods.
  • What is Cacao (Raw Chocolate)? Today I interviewed owner Robert Campbell of the only authentic Venezuelan restaurant in Pennsylvania, Sazon restaurant. Robert talks about what cacao (raw chocolate) is, why it's better than cooked, the health benefits and where it comes from. Robert is a mad scientist when it comes to the creations of the 20 uniquely concocted authentic cacao drinks he offers. He also has the most amazing vegan truffles too with flavor combinations you couldn't imagine. I was blown away by the quality, knowledge and passion Robert Campbell has for this medicinal plant. The next time you are in the Philadelphia area come check out this hidden gem, you won't be disappointed! To learn more about Sazon
  • Raw Cacao Me making Organic cacao ball food of the gods
  • Raw Chocolate Cacao Mousse with Avocado Chef Teton's Scrumptious chocolate mousse - a healthy dessert recipe made with avocados, agave and a little coconut oil.
  • Delicious sweet Raw Cacao Gogi Berry Hemp treat ~ One way to fight the evil food corp. which are tampering with the food chain and natural normal resources. G*d made the life on this planet to support humanity (remember the garden of Eden). We do not need entities such as Monsanto destroying the balance. Get back to what is real! It's easy. Eat well. Here is a treat which is better than a Nestle toll house cookie or a Hershey chocolate bar (yuck!) In this video you will see how you can treat your body right. Get the healthy ingredients together. And all you need is a blender and a refrigerator. I will post the recipe soon. Raw food chocolate Monsanto "Nestle toll house cookies" diet Cacao Gogi berry healthy natural health sesame seeds peterappleseed elementalkemy hemp seed fresh organic honey cocoa
  • How does the cacao tree grow? Joseph has taken a break from Kew's Great Plant Hunt to find out how the cacao tree grows. His quest takes him into the rainforest where he finds out how plants and animals work together.
  • Andris Ērglis & Cacao - Ripoja akmens quite a huge hit in Latvia right now
  • Camu Camu Research in the Amazon. A GREEN Business Opportunity. Troy Casey, Independent Platinum Distributor for Zamu business opportunities. Become an Green Entrepreneur & make an Authentic living saving the Amazon Rain Forest! the etymology of vaccine is blueberry or berry. 3rd Party Review of Zamu The Best New Health Drink Sold by Any Network Marketing Company Thursday, February 05, 2009 by: Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor Key concepts: Zamu, Network Marketing and Health (NaturalNews) The Amazon Herb Company, one of only a handful of network marketing companies I currently recommend, has launched an extraordinary new beverage called Zamu. Unlike most superfruit juices sold by network marketing companies (which are made mostly with cheap filler juices), Zamu is authentic and nutritionally superior. Consider this: *Zamu is certified USDA organic (most other companies like Zrii use non-organic juices). • You can actually taste the rainforest herbs in Zamu. Although the formula is still proprietary, the percentage of "active" superfruits and herbs is significantly higher in Zamu than in any other health beverage I've ever tried. • The nutrients in Zamu are derived solely from real foods and herbs: Camu Camu, Acai, Cacao, Cinnamon and Sangre de Drago. Many of these are wildcrafted, too. • The taste is just right: Not too sweet, but also not overwhelmingly "medicinal." The carrier juices used in the formula are Organic Pineapple and Organic Mango. Absolutely no pear juice or apple juice in this formula! • Zamu is ...
  • Cacao, Moodiness, & a Liver Cleanse, Episode #117 See Raw Food Eater Matt Monarch of Angela Stokes of in this spectacular episode Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes start a liver cleanse using beet and apple juice from andreas morritz amazing liver and gall bladdar flush cleanse. Additionally, they ate some raw cacao the other day which is now spurring on some moodiness. Enjoy another 'The Raw Food World' episode.
  • Cacao beans, amazing for the skin - Visit my blog for more on this video: And here's my mini-course:
  • Raw Chocolate Cacao - Antioxidant & Mineral Superfood Raw chocolate made from unprocessed cacao beans is a high vegetarian source of magnesium, chromium, sulphur and vitamin C. On the antioxidant scale, cacao beats blueberries, green tea and goji berries hands down! Visit the Healthy Simple Living website at to learn more and sign up for the monthly newsletter filled with exclusive information, tips and recipes. Kindly, Kali Lilla
  • How to Make Raw Chocolate : How Cacao Beans Become Chocolate Learn the process of how cacao beans become chocolate in this free video clip about making raw chocolate.
  • Raw Cacao Superfood Porridge - Part 1 of 2 ( Rawfood Raw Chocolate Recipe ) Raw Cacao Superfood Porridge Step 1 Raw Honey - 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil - 1 tablespoon Kelp - 1 tablet Macca - 1 teaspoon Whole Vanilla Bean Powder - 1 teaspoon Fo-Ti ( aka He shou wu ) - 1 teaspoon Step 2 Cacao Nibs- 5 teaspoons Goji Berries - 3 teaspoons Shredded Coconut - 3 teaspoons Step 3 Aloe Vera Juice Pre- Soaked Chia Seeds - 4 teaspoons Hemp Seeds - 3 teaspoons Bee Pollen - 4 teaspoons MSM - 1/2 teaspoon Kelp Granules with Cayenne Celtic Sea Salt Olive Oil & Spring Water About me - Facebook or Google " Mo Rosati " or Thanks for your time & enjoy !! Water info search: Viktor Schauberger, Masaru Emoto, Daniel Vitalis, David Wolfe, Raw food, Elmvale, stop site 41 -
  • Dr. T in 3 - Raw Cacao Dr. T Talks for 3 minutes about Raw Cacao.
  • Raw Cacao Superfood Dessert Balls Recipe, Ep46 Join Natasha on her raw food weight loss journey! Today Natasha show you how to make an incredible superfood raw cacao dessert recipe. For the complete recipe, go to:
  • Strawberry & Cacao Smoothie Ingredients in this smoothie inclucde... Rice Milk, Raw Cashews, Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao Butter, Raw Noniland Honey, Celtic Sea Salt, Raw Cacao Nibs, Frozen Strawberries, Liquid Crystal Energy, Raw Maca Powder, Jason Wrobel's Superfood Smoothie Mixture, Goji Berries.
  • Stimulant or Superfood? Cacao Superfood Cacao contains subtle amounts of caffeine and theobromine. However, experiments have shown that these stimulants are far different when consumed raw than cooked. Consider the following: Experimental provings of chocolate by Homeopaths indicate its stimulating effect when cooked. One experiment conducted with a decoction of roasted ground cacao beans in boiling water produced an excitement of the nervous system similar to that caused by black coffee, an excited state of circulation, and an accelerated pulse. Interestingly, when the same decoction was made with raw, unroasted beans neither effect was noticeable, leading the provers to conclude that the physiological changes were caused by aromatic substances released during roasting. MAO Inhibitors Cacao seems to diminish appetite, probably due to its monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors (MAO inhibitors) - these are different from digestiveenzyme inhibitors found in most nuts and seeds. These rare MAO inhibitors actually produce favorable results when consumed by allowing more serotonin and other neurotransmitters to circulate in the brain. MAO inhibitors facilitate youthening and rejuvenation. Phenylethylamine (PEA) Phenylethylamine (PEA) is found in chocolate. PEA is an adrenal-relatedchemical that is also created within the brain and released when we are in love. This is one of the reasons why love and chocolate have a deep correlation. PEA also plays a role in increasing focus and alertness ...
  • Raw Cacao Smoothie Ideas http Here are just a few ideas for using your Raw Cacao Powder. You can... Add it to your favorite smoothies-elixir (one heaping tablespoon will do) and watch them instantly become Raw Chocolate masterpieces! You can blend it with Virgin Coconut Oil and Agave — for instant Raw Chocolate Syrup! (Then put this on top of raw ice cream or fresh fruit —AMAZING!) You can blend it in a food processor with raw nut butters and agave nectar, for the most delicious dessert you've ever had. You can make any cookie, brownie or pie INSTANTLY more chocolaty and delicious — just add a level tablespoon or more to taste. You can blend it with almond milk or hemp milk. This gives you a creamy dark chocolate milk that's LOADED with antioxidant power and tastes out of this world! Blend some cacao powder directly into your favorite herbal tea and make your tea into an alchemical warm chocolate beverage! And so much more! In fact, this product is my secret weapon in my smoothie-elixir-best drink ever recipes. Because it's so easy to use and the Antioxidants can really help fight off the jet stress I get when I fly — I would never travel without it again! Not only that — for the price — you'll find it to be one of the absolute best values on the market. Here's why: Figure the Price Against Other Top-Antioxidant Foods One Cacao Powder delivers 433570 ORAC Antioxidant units. To get that same amount of ORAC units from other foods, you'd have to buy: * 80 — 6 oz baskets of ...
  • [60sec CF] MBLAQ - Cacao Black (HD) #[60sec CF] MBLAQ - Cacao Black (HD) Follow me on Twitter: Credits to their rightful owners. I only uploaded this for entertainment purposes.
  • Amazon Herbs: Cacao, Sangre de Drago, Una de Gato/Cat's Claw, Chanca Piedra Troy Casey independent Platinum Amazon Ambassador. for business opportunity & saving the Amazon visit: The information contained in this video is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, treat or prevent any disease. If you have any health concern, it is recommended to seek the advise of a certified health practitioner. In May, 1994, the World Health Organization sponsored the first international conference on Uña de Gato in Geneva, Switzerland. At the conference, Uña de Gato was recognized as one of the most important medicinal plants of the whole world pharmacopoeia. The oxindole alkaloids found in the bark and roots of Uña de Gato have so far drawn the greatest attention for their effect on the immune system. A scientist, Dr. Klause Keplinger made their discovery in the 1980s. attention has been drawn on chanca piedra in the early 1980s after the report of its beneficial effect on hepatitis B. Subsequent studies provided mitigated results, probably due to variations in strains, origin and process of extraction. However, in 1992 a Japanese group discovered that a simple water extract of chanca piedra contained a compound able to inhibit an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. Reverse transcriptase is an enzyme involved in the process of virus replication. A recent scientific study revealed that nearly 90% of dried Sangre de Drago sap was composed of one of the most potent antioxidants ...
  • My Personal Cacao Incident #189 - So you guys have been asking... So I will be glad to share this with you. This video is my own personal cacao experience. So the information contained in this video is for your own educational purposes. Some people may not like what they hear, some people will be reassured. I'm making this public because it may help someone who's experienced what I went through. It's pretty important! :-) So here we go... (Please forward this episode to your friends!!!)
  • CACAO-CHIA-BA-NUT Smoothie for "Eating Disorder Rehab" Ok I am starting a brand new series to help you with your "Eating Disorder Rehab" *Shan's Smoothie Series*. This is the first of MANY videos where I share some of my favourite smoothies with you. The reason I really started experimenting with smoothies is because as I dove head-first into the empowering world of "Holistic Nutrition" I realized that it had the answer to the many problems I was having with trying to reintroduce healthy food and ENOUGH food back into my life. My disordered eating pattern had always consisted of mostly sugar laden, unhealthy 'binge foods' and not really much of any food I ever ate was allowed to actually 'make it all the way through my body' without being subjected to either purging it out, or using laxatives and enemas to get it out the other end. A common side effect we all experience in "eating disorder rehab" is the cramping, bloat and gas associated with the reintroduction of real food in proper amounts... and smoothies really help to diminish a lot of these side effects, Especially when they contain the powerful ingredients I am going to introduce you to over the course of this series. I love smoothies for MANY reasons: 1- Smoothies are easy on your digestion, reduce cramping and bloating, facilitate elimination and allow for maximum absorption of the nutrients into your body. 2- Smoothies allow you to pack in lots of living, raw, enzyme rich, powerful superfoods so you can get them all at once. 3- Smoothies are super ...
  • How to Make Raw Chocolate : Cacao Beans Learn about the benefits of cacao beans in this free video clip about making raw chocolate.
  • Armin Van Buuren @ Cacao Beach - Save Me (Ilya Soloviev Remix) Watch Armin Van Buuren playing Shogun feat. Emma Lock - Save Me (Ilya Soloviev Remix) @ Cacao Beach (Bulgaria)
  • Raw Cacao Superfood Porridge - Part 2 of 2 ( Rawfood Raw Chocolate Recipe ) Raw Cacao Superfood Porridge Step 1 Raw Honey - 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil - 1 tablespoon Kelp - 1 tablet Macca - 1 teaspoon Whole Vanilla Bean Powder - 1 teaspoon Fo-Ti ( aka He shou wu ) - 1 teaspoon Step 2 Cacao Nibs- 5 teaspoons Goji Berries - 3 teaspoons Shredded Coconut - 3 teaspoons Step 3 Aloe Vera Juice Pre- Soaked Chia Seeds - 4 teaspoons Hemp Seeds - 3 teaspoons Bee Pollen - 4 teaspoons MSM - 1/2 teaspoon Kelp Granules with Cayenne Celtic Sea Salt Olive Oil & Spring Water About me - Facebook or Google " Mo Rosati " or Thanks for your time & enjoy !! Water info search: Viktor Schauberger, Masaru Emoto, Daniel Vitalis, David Wolfe, Raw food, Elmvale, stop site 41 - Water info search: Viktor Schauberger, Masaru Emoto, Daniel Vitalis, David Wolfe, Raw food, Elmvale, stop site 41
  • Cacao Is One Of The Most Complex Food Substances On Earth! The seed of a fruit of an Amazonian tree, cacao is the highest antioxidant food on the planet, the #1 source of magnesium, iron, chromium, and is also extremely high in PEA, theobromine (cardiovascular support), and anandamide ("bliss chemical").!Raw Chocolate balances brain chemistry, builds strong bones, is a natural aphrodisiac, elevates your mood and energy, and may cause you to have The Best Day Ever! The truth about the health-benefits of chocolate is finally reaching our ears. However, the whole truth should be told. Chocolate is healthy if it is dark with no added dairy products or refined sugar. Even better are raw cacao beans, the "food of the gods" which possess all the magical properties of chocolate without any adulteration or processing! All chocolate comes from cacao beans - the seeds of the cacao fruit - which grows on a jungle tree. Botanically, cacao is truly a nut. They may be referred to as cacao beans, cacao seeds, cacao nuts, chocolate seeds, chocolate beans, or cacao nibs - all essentially mean the same thing. For simplicity, we usually use the term "cacao beans." Cacao beans taste like dark chocolate, because they are dark chocolate! FACT... Cacao Beans contain over 300 chemically identifiable compounds making it one of the most complex food substances on Earth!
  • Cacao - Reiz Ziemassvētkos :)
  • Jason Moffatt's Hippy Speed Recipe! Cacao, Goji, Maca Smoothie Here's a concoction I often refer to as "Hippy Speed". In the smoothie I use a water base, Cacao powder, Cacao beans, Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil, Goji Berries, Acai Cheery frozen packs, frozen bananas, Crystal Energy, Yakon Syrup, Celtic Sea Salt, and maybe something I'm forgetting. Learned alot about smoothies from David Wolfe and Len Foley. Great guys!
  • Hawaiian Grown TV - Waialua Estate Cacao - Fermentation Process When the Waialua Sugar Mill closed in 1996, Dole Food Co. Hawaii sought crops that could replace sugar. Michael Conway, Doles manager of agriculture operations on Oahu, had a personal interest in planting cacao, the tree from which chocolate is created. I had toured different cacao estates and so we used seeds I had collected from around the world, Asia, South America. We put in other crops, too, lychee, coffee. In about 20 acres, in the lowest spot in Waialua, a protected area, which you need for cacao, we got the cacao trees going. But busy with other projects, Dole turned away from the project and the crops lay abandoned for close to four years. But then Conway went back and the trees were still there. We pruned the trees and they were fine. We had never even harvested the pods before. The pods are cut off the tree, and then the wet beans, covered in a fruity pulp, are scooped out, by hand. One bean is about twice the size of an almond. We put them in wooden boxes or barrels, and allow Mother Nature to take over, kind of like composting, says Conway. Yeasts and bacteria digest the fruity pulp around the bean. You get all sorts of smells coming out—like bread baking, like vinegar. It gets to be 118 degrees in there. A week later, we take them out and spread them in the sunshine. You can smell when theyre done. Now theyre each the size of an almond. Theres no mechanical way to do this process. Conway sent the beans to a chocolate company on the West Coast, Guittard, and ...
  • David Wolfe Visits Big Tree Farms Raw Cacao Facility in Bali. David Wolfe Superfood authority and author of "*** Chocolate" Visits Big Tree Farm's cacao processing in Bali and verifies the temperatures and quality of a truly Raw cacao Butter and Powder.

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  • “Ah Cacao Real Chocolate. An informal blog of the comings and goings in Ah Cacao Real and Ah Cacao Chocolate Café, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, México”
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  • “The makers of M&Ms have decoded an essential recipe for some of their most popular products: the cacao tree's ( Theobroma cacao ) genome. The sequence, posted online September 15 and available at no charge to the public, was assembled by The guest blog is a forum for such opinions”
    — Observations: Candy-maker releases cacao (cocoa) genome,

  • “From Alexander the Great enjoying frozen ices flavored with honey and nectar to Montezuma sending runners into the mountain to add snow to his fresh Ice Cream and crushed ice to produce a drink that Montezuma himself would run to the mountain tops for the Holy Cacao Frozen Hot Chocolate”
    — Celebrate International Ice Cream Day with a Cake Shake,

  • “The Cacao plant was known as Goddess of the Seeds and Mexicans named the pounded seeds " Cacao contains more antioxidant flavanoids than any other food tested including Red Wine,”
    — non local technicalities,

  • “Origins of Cacao Cacao is known as "the food of the gods" that anyone who tried the delicious tastes of seeds is loss for words. There were other beliefs”
    Cacao – The Food of the Gods | Alkaline Diet,

  • “The prospects and constraints of the cacao industry in the Philippines were threshed out initiate or organize a "cocoa council" to encourage farmers to go into cacao production”
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