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  • Bwana definition, (in Africa) master; boss. See more. bwana (ˈbwɑːnə) —n (in E Africa) a master, often used as a respectful form of address corresponding to sir [Swahili, from Arabic abūna our father] Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. 2009 © William. — “Bwana | Define Bwana at ”,
  • The NEW bwana- - Coming soon |bwana- © 2003. — “::The Bwana J Group |”, bwana-
  • Hit enter and let Bwana do the rest. The man pages generated by Bwana are simple and to the point. We just threw in some color, some bold headers and cleaned it up a bit, so they go easy on the eye. In fact, Bwana is so simple - there's not much else we can say about it. — “Bwana”,
  • Pages. About Bwana Moja. Products Page. Checkout. Transaction Results. Your Account. Hunting Copyright © 2010 · Bwana Moja | Phone: 312.226.5552 | Email: [email protected]“”,
  • Definition of bwana in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bwana. Pronunciation of bwana. Translations of bwana. bwana synonyms, bwana antonyms. Information about bwana in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “bwana - definition of bwana by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Award-winning photography from Michigan photographer Brian Kainulainen. BWANA design and photography is a high-end graphic services and fine art photography business located in rural Scottville, MI. Great work, great prices, it's that simple. — “BWANA design and photography - Brian Kainulainen Fine Art”,
  • Want more of Bwana? Check out my blog and audio podcast Tradesman 10in Table Saw with Leg Set BT2500W $59 at Lowes. NOW LIVE Gamestop Black Friday. — “Bwana.TV”,
  • Bwana is a gamer, podcaster, vidcaster, blogger, and all around tech guru. He loves to utilize the best technology for the task at hand. — “Bwana (Bwana) on Twitter”,
  • Bwana Jim is a lively individual filled with enthusiasm and an outrageous wit. He will bring you the craziest most educational wildlife show ever seen. — “Bwana Jim's Wildlife Show”,
  • Cometdebris has teamed up with Portland artist Bwana Spoons for a second round of Each of these figures were painted by both Bwana and Koji and feature detailed sprays, splatters, and brushwork. — “Bwana Spoons!”,
  • Want more of Bwana? Check out my blog and audio podcast Target Pre-Black Friday Deals at Target. Rosewill RX35-AT-SU3 USB 3.0 3.5in External Hard Drive Enclosure $14.39 at Newegg. — “Live video | Bwana.TV”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Definition of BWANA :. — “Bwana - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • bwana n. Used as a form of respectful address in parts of Africa. [Swahili, from Arabic 'abūnā , our father : 'abū , bound form of 'ab , father. — “bwana: Definition from ”,
  • Find archery and bowhunting information and products! Hunter education programs, indoor range, target leagues, coaching, lessons and much more! Bwana is staffed by experienced bowhunters who have hunted from Mexico, to Montana, to Africa, and to Alaska, and are trained to meet any challenge. — “Bwana is Experienced Bowhunters: BWANA Archery”,
  • Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder raising and training amazing dogs for the ring, companions and therapy work. Education and information about puppies and dogs, Rescue work and therapy work with Rhodesian Ridgebacks, the African Lion Hound. — “Bwana Kennel - Bwana Kennel”,
  • bwana (plural bwanas) (slang) Big boss, important person. Not always used as a favorable term. [edit] Retrieved from "http:///wiki/bwana" Categories: English nouns | Slang | Swahili nouns. — “bwana - Wiktionary”,
  • Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var Warning: mysql_fetch_array() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /var. — “Live *** Webcams”, k-
  • Bwana music profile on Yahoo! Music. Find lyrics, free streaming MP3s, music videos and photos of Bwana on Yahoo! Music. — “Bwana on Yahoo! Music”,
  • Bwana.TV consists of technology reviews and tutorials ranging from social media to electronic reviews. (Video) http:// (Blog) http:// (Audio Podcast) Follow me on Twitter http:///bwana. — “YouTube - iobuffa's Channel”,
  • The NAME of this web site (upon the cross above) proclaims the kind of Spirit which is lifted high on every Bwana Yesu web site. Whilst not every reader will have a revelation of the knowledge of Bwana Yesu, there is still much common ground. — “Bwana Yesu”, bwana-
  • Bwana's Tweets For Week Ending 2010-11-12. In: Tweets. 12 Nov 2010. Aw android announcement API apple bwana chrispirillo comments digest e3 facebook friendfeed. — “”,
  • bwana. buy bwana mugs, tshirts and magnets. Swahili word meaning "Sir" or "Lord." Swahili men. It's also the name of a very large pit bull in Florida. The Bwana is coming. sir. — “Urban Dictionary: bwana”,
  • Bwana Ray (a.k.a. Ray Borel) comes from the sugar-white sands of Panama City Beach, Florida. An avid, dedicated Parrot Head bringing you an acoustic mix of Jimmy Buffett tunes with other tropical artists and Buffett influences thrown in, along. — “Bwana Ray”,
  • Find Bwana from thousands of sellers around the world at . — “Bwana Records-CDs-Vinyl, Bwana Albums, Rare Bwana Music”,

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  • Jambo Bwana - Learn Swahili through Music Bwana song with swahili lyrics (with english translation. This song is part of our free swahili course. swahili music is a great way learning swahili.
  • Bwana Yesu swahili gospel
  • Electric Banana Band - Banana-Bwana (1982) Electric Banana Band: Banana-Bwana. Ur Trazan Apanssons nyårsspecial 1982-12-31.
  • [GCWB15] Caught Reddit Handed MP3 DOWNLOAD HERE: Subscribe to our mp3 RSS feed here: Stories: Follow me on Twitter: | Join our Forum: User submitted stories: Episode 15 of Game Chat With Bwana - Caught Reddit Handed
  • Instant Laughs With Mouth Off for iPhone In this video, I discuss the hilarious piece of software called Mouth Off. Mouth Off is for iPhone or iPod Touch 2G (which requires a headset with a mic). Mouth Off allows you to select from a series of humorous mouths, and the mouths move as you speck into the mic. You hold the iPhone or iPod Touch to your face and begin speaking to make your friends laugh themselves to pieces! This app only costs $0.99 on the iTunes App Store and is well worth the money. You'll have a blast with this app!
  • Bwana Goes Bumper Hunting Short video which chronicles my bumper hunt for iPhone 4.
  • Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 6 January 3, 2011 - Game Chat with Bwana - Episode 6. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We record every Monday night at around 8PM at - Come on by and say hi!
  • Q&A: What Are Your Thoughts On Google Wave? In this video, I answer a question from @ChrisCAL96 - - who asks "What are your thoughts on Google Wave?" Thanks for the question ChrisCAL96. At first I wasn't that impressed with Google Wave when I heard about it (on paper). It just sounded like they merged all their online apps into one interface, which sounds like a good idea, but isn't really something revolutionary. After seeing the demonstration of Google Wave - I was very impressed. I wasn't impressed with the feature set of the demonstration (which was impressive), but I was impressed by the potential of the protocol. I'm excited where this is going to go and I think Google is on to something good here. Thanks for the question ChrisCAL96.
  • Bwana.TV Q&A 10/24/2008 In this video, I answer more questions from my Youtube Inbox. Questions include: Are there any downfalls to jailbreaking your iPhone? Can you walk me through jailbreaking and unlocking an iPhone? How does the iPhone compare to the T-Mobile G1 & thoughts on Flash on the iPhone? What can I do when my iPhone doesn't work after an unlock? What kind of camera do you use for your videos? How do I customize the iPhone interface such as the unlock slider? How does the Nvidia 8800 GS compares to the 9400M + 9600M GT? Does 256MB of video RAM matter in reality? Why does the Youtube MP4 downloader bookmark not work consistently? How do you get background images on the SpringBoard launch screen?
  • Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 1 November 22, 2010 - Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 1 - Let's do this! The first episode of our new show, Game Chat With Bwana.
  • Marion Shako - Inuka Bwana Arise oh Lord, and let your enemies be scattered...
  • Jambo Jambo Bwana "Butterfly" climbing an incredibly tall coconut tree singing Jambo Jambo Bwana in Zanzibar
  • Bwana.TV gear at Zazzle! In this video, I discuss the site which allows you to build and sell your own branded goods. Zazzle offers T-shirts, stickers, mouse pads, mugs, hats and more for affordable prices. The thing I like most about Zazzle is the quality of goods. The stuff I have received (bluefox's gear for winning the logo contest) is top notch and I would easily recommend it to anyone. If you would like to buy Bwana.TV gear, here is my gallery: If you don't like my stuff, please check out all of the other cool stuff Zazzle has to offer! Enjoy!
  • Modnation Racers - Bwana Downloads Many Mods "Bwana downloads a ton of mods made by the Modnation Racers community. As you can see, there are a ton of them out there and the game has barely been out a week." -- Recorded live on -
  • Christina Shusho- Tumsifu Bwana Lets us all stand and praise God for He has done wonderful things for us.
  • Bwana Devil Part of 'Bwana Devil' trailer.
  • [Magicka] Bwana discovers QFASA..then CRASH That lightning bolt....then...crash then....rage -- Check us out live at ! - http
  • Super Apps for the iPhone (with Bwana) - I recently sent a set of Apps to my friend Bwana, and asked him to review them. The Apps came from SuperApps Online's website, and include a full suite of things to enhance your iPhone. You'll find things such as an air horn and information about US Presidents. - http
  • How To Obtain A Cartoon Avatar Of Yourself In this video, I discuss how I obtained a cartoon avatar of myself that displays on Twitter, FriendFeed, my blog, and my Bwana.TV logo. The process is fairly simple. The first step is to take a good picture of yourself with decent lighting (try to do this alone as it will help). The next step is to visit and submit this photo to the site. Pay them via paypal (3.50 Euros), wait two days, and viola, you have a cartoon version of yourself. That's it! A lot of people thought I made this image, but I actually spent approximately $5 to have someone else do it for me. In the end, it turned out to be a great investment as I have used this image all over the place including Twitter, FriendFeed, SocialMedian, Rejaw,, Strands, and the like. If you wish to do this yourself, give it a try and let me know how it turned out! Enjoy!
  • Kwako Bwana - Sarah K Kenyan gospel music
  • Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 2 November 29, 2010 - Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 2 - Turkey Hangover
  • Bwana.TV iPhone Q&A [Part 1] [Part 1] In this video, I answer several questions posed to me by the Youtube community. Most of these questions are regarding the iPhone. I'll try to do these regularly.
  • Bwana Creates Hilarious White Knight Chronicles (PS3) Character It starts a bit slow, but when I get to the eye configuration, I lose my mind laughing. | http
  • [Minecraft] Bwana Snipes A Zombie "Bwana shows a Zombie his shooting range" -- Recorded live on - - Texture pack
  • Mwimbieni Bwana - Sarah K An urge to us christians to praie the Lod Jesus as He has done great and marvellous things for us
  • Jambo Bwana - Swahili Hit Kenyan hit tune
  • Youtube For Television Walkthrough On Sony Playstation 3 In this video, I provide a walkthrough of the new Youtube For Television (TV) feature on the Playstation 3. It is currently available for the Sony PS3 and Nintendo Wii at the URL /tv. It is currently in beta, but the interface is very easy on the eyes. It reminds me of a media center application where navigation is geared towards using a remote control. Since Youtube has partnered with many major TV and set-top box manufacturer's, you can expect to see this in other places as well. I expect to see TV content (think Hulu) on Youtube and this interface will bring it to the living room. Enjoy the walkthrough!
  • Mickelito vs. Bwana rap battle
  • Game Chat with Bwana - Episode 5 December 20, 2010 - Game Chat with Bwana - Episode 5. We record every Monday night at around 8PM at - Come on by and say hi!
  • : Bwana Mungu by Deborah Kitonsa
  • Bwana.TV Q&A 07/24/2008 - iPhone! iPhone! iPhone! In this video, I answer various questions in my Youtube Inbox! It's Bwana.TV Q&A for 07/24/2008. Most of the questions in this video have to do with the new iPhone 3G and the new iPhone software. There were also questions regarding unlocking an iPhone 3G which is currently not possible (from what I understand). I was only able to get in about 10 questions since I wanted to limit it to 10 minutes. Enjoy!
  • Bwana.TV Q&A 12/20/2008 - More iPhone Questions In this video, I answer a few more questions from my ever growing Youtube Inbox. Most of these questions deal with jailbreaking iPhone and using Pwnage tool and Quickpwn. People are curious as to whether it the process will affect the iPhone's communication with iTunes and if applications will be lost in the process. All these and more are answered in this video. Enjoy!
  • Bwana wants that bandage badly Finally beating it, with 217 seconds of suspense build up. -- Check us out live at! - http
  • Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 3 12/06/2010 - Recorded every Monday night around 8pm @ - Game Chat With Bwana - Episode 3 - The 12 Something Episode
  • Christina Shusho-Mshukruni Bwana
  • Bwana.TV Status Update Just a quick status update on where Bwana.TV is and where we're going. Nothing special, just letting you guys know I'm still here.
  • Bwana Editing Crossbow Kill A couple days after release, this was my first time playing with Bwana on Black Ops. On separate sides I managed to stick him with a Crossbow shot on Array from distance. Bwana edits the footage using the game's theater feature. -- Check us out live at! - http
  • Radio #117 $2 billion, 550 ft high, 400000 sq ft House! iPhone software posing as Antivirus is actually malware. Free TF2 This weekend. adds free faxing. Slipstream XP SP3. Homer in CSS. Xsketch For more episodes please visit
  • HP Mini 1000 (1035NR) Review In this video, I review the HP Mini 1035NR that I unboxed in a previous video. When it comes to netbooks, it's really hard to go wrong. Almost all of the netbooks out there have very similar specifications. It really comes down to aesthetics and what's important to you. For some, disk space is more imporant than a nice keyboard, while some may prefer a longer battery life over everything. The HP Mini does not disappoint. The keyboard is outstanding and I've already gotten used to its size. HP did a great job of squeezing an almost full sized keyboard into a small form factor. Since I'm splitting hairs, the look and feel of the HP mini stands out as my favorite. While I do want better battery life and a less glossy screen, they are relatively minor in the grand scheme of things. Overall I'm very pleased with the HP Mini 1035NR and I'll gladly recommend it to anyone in the netbook market. Enjoy.
  • mwimbieni bwana choir

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  • “BWANA'S BLOG. These are the thoughts of a conservative disillusioned Republican who has It's family reunion 2025 and Grandfather Bwana Brown is asked by his grandson (Only one”
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  • “Welcome to Bwana's Forums! Welcome to Forum friend! Sign up and hang out with the community surrounding All things Bwana!!! Right now, you're logged in as a Guest User and in some circles we call you a LURKER. That means you sneak around the site and won't talk back”
    — Welcome to Bwana's Forums!,

  • “waswahili bwana, blog mnatembelea bure ila mnavyoponda na kulalamika utadhania mnamlipa Suala bwana mdogo Michuzi sio kujibu kwenye blog ya wenzio, fufua kimeo chako”
    — Swahili Time: Michuzi Blog - Taarifa,

  • “Just a quick video to encourage you to sign up for our forum at http:///forum. free for 14 days, use the code "bwana" to save 10% on the life of the”
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  • “Forums and message boards for Call Me Bwana. Email me when the Call Me Bwana Forum is updated. Learn more. Topix Citizen Sound-Off: Debate the 2010 Midterm Elections now!”
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  • “The official Blog of the Tech Podcast Network and the family of child safe technical Bwana on Twitter, Bwana on FriendFeed, All Things Bwana on Facebook”
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  • “October 26th, 2010 — by Bwana Spoons in Bwana Spoon's Blog September 2nd, 2009 — by Bwana Spoons in Art in General, Bwana Spoon's Blog, Culture News, Release Event, Shows”
    — dailyDuJour | Pop Surrealism, Lowbrow, Graffiti, Street Art,

  • “bunch of photos here http:///photos/eatballs/ and an interview with large bwanas and martins here by arbito, snaggs, oliver hibert, spencer hibert, apak, muju, bwana spoons, pinky, lonny pop, and fawn gehweiler all taking on”

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