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  • Buttocking Shop (Grose 1811 Dictionary) Buttocking Shop. A brothel. Definition taken from Nathan Bailey's 1721 Dictionary of canting and thieving slang. — “Buttocking Shop (Grose 1811 Dictionary)”,
  • Providing access to materials relating to the history and culture of the Delmarva Peninsula for students and avocational researchers Buttocking Ridge - Somerset Co. — “Nabb Research Center- Patents, Surveys, Warrants”, nabbhistory.salisbury.edu
  • buttocking. buttressing. buxomer. buxomest. Buxtehude. Byblos. Byelorussia. Byers. bypast. Byrd Retrieved from "http:///wiki/User:Connel_MacKenzie/usr/share/dict/words. — “User:Connel MacKenzie/usr/share/dict/words/B - Wiktionary”,
  • inserting a flump between two buttocks of a female during *** and the male eats it "Mann last nightt after we got the treats from Tesco's we were totaallyy flump buttocking each other". — “Urban Dictionary: Flump Buttocking”,
  • New clerks joined in the Development Training From Liming Heavy Industry, This page is maily about New clerks joined in the Development Training, if you want to buy the New clerks joined in the Development Training, you can contact us! in the air", "Trust buttocking ","Escaping from the blind array". — “New clerks joined in the Development Training - Liming Heavy”,
  • The Austrian's buttocking brought early success, but Housby fought back to level terms at two falls each by Against older, strong wrestlers he withstood their buttocking and hanking, to win with back-heels and hipes. — “Cumberland News | Housby stars”, cumberland-
  • Summary: A tasty beer with a curious name. Favorite Hard-to-Find Beers: ANGRY BUM BEER!. Updated Mar 26 '04 - "Buttocking is any fall where one man moves ahead of the other and pulls him forward and down to the ground with a wrenching. — “ANGRY BUM BEER! - Favorite Hard-to-Find Beers - ”,
  • Andrew Carlile was unbeaten in the lightweight round-robin, John Harrington did the same in the middleweights, and Richard Fox in the All Weights. Andrew Carlile survived Richard Fox buttocking and then floored him with a salto, a chip from the freestyle code. — “News & Star | Falling stars at Carlisle”,
  • 10(ten) letter words ending with g: abandoning,abdicating,aberrating,abjointing,abnegating,abolishing,abreacting,abrogating,abscessing,abscinding,absconding,abstaining,absterging,acclaiming,accoasting,accolading,accompting,accoraging,ac buttocking. — “10(ten) letter words ending with g”,
  • And since she is not, if I may quote Jim Earl, buttocking her face, we do indeed look the same age. Currently our non-twin birthdays are four months apart, which will be hard to explain on a Tonight Show panel. I'm July 16 and she's October 22. We need a middle ground. — “Laurie Kilmartin: This Week's Hoax”,
  • go buttocking definition by Dictionary of *** terms and "F" word, contains *** terms, definitions, synonyms, and quotations. — “go buttocking - Dictionary of ***ual terms”, ***-
  • This page is maily about New clerks joined in the Development Training - Liming Heavy Industry. the altitude item and group activities like "Broken-bridge in the air", "Trust buttocking ","Escaping from the blind array", "Passing letter among the posthouse", "falling and rising. — “New clerks joined in the Development Training - Liming Heavy”, break-
  • A personal view of the sport from Roger Robson. The usual subjects were there, wrestling with assured skill to win precious points for their clubs: Richard Dixon Wigton) won the 11½st class, buttocking and hanking; (see image 0443a) and two of wrestling's best, John Harrington (Caldbeck) and. — “BBC - Cumbria - Sport - Cumberland & Westmorland Wrestling”,
  • Stephen White's Homepage disloyalty'. [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]'so.biz. [email protected]“Rubbish”,
  • buttocking shop - Or: buttocking ken , a 19 th century term for brothel. See brothel for synonyms. — “buttocking shop”, definition-
  • In this article, which first appeared in the April 2005 issue of Wisden Asia Cricket, Rahul Bhattacharya examines the impact that Virender Sehwag's berserker pace has on his team-mates and their batting Tendulkar is at that end; he plays out four straight maidens, padding away, buttocking away. — “The Sehwag effect | Old Regulars | Cricinfo Magazine | ESPN”,
  • Approximate Man, L'Anti-tete, Midnight before Giants, Earth on Earth, Radiant Mutations, Mine/ Miennes. ' This freedom of mind hipping along the buttocking street. obverse of hill and dale. rumoring the desire of. — “Tristan Tzarathustra: May 2009”,
  • Keswick's Theatre by the Lake will stage an adaptation of Lord Melvyn Bragg's novel Maid of Buttermere in March and April, and a Joe then went on to win the Under-18s, too, buttocking the main man, Jack Ewart, in the semi final. — “Whitehaven News | Wanted: An acting wrestler for theatre show”, whitehaven-

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  • “I checked it out with "bowtotheking" and found a new word from the spell check .buttocking Forum Jump: Contact Us | | Return to Top | Return to Content | Lite”
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  • “UK Boxing Forum. Skip to content. Board index " Boxing History " Legends never die whilst heavy-weight championship ; cross-buttocking permitted and the gloves”
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  • “Dartanion and Lauren, budding (buttocking?) artist. Additional points go towards the 66 Tranny Claus 63 Winning Isn't Everything 61 The Drunken Elves 59 Bob Loblaw's Law Blog”
    — Andy Warhol Wants to Have My Baby,

  • “Roger wrote: I'm surprised that you found nothing at neither the manufacturer's site, nor through Google. What kind of a ***ed-up retard would set follow-ups to a post”
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