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  • The routes cover most of the island and the buses run regularly and on time. Schedules vary by route, but most start around 07:00 and finish around 23:00. Bus timetables can be obtained online or from the Central Terminal. — “Bermuda Buses”, bermuda4
  • Buses. From SgWiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Welcome to the most comprehensive guide to Singapore's SMRT Spare Buses. Those with information of the latest service deployments please update this website. — “Buses - SgWiki”,
  • San Diego Party Buses is your home for the best limo buses in all of San Diego, Los Angeles offering luxury bus tours for all types of activities across California. — “San Diego Party Bus | Limo Bus Services | San Diego Limo”,
  • Buses in the Dominican Republic give vacationers a chance to experience local culture as they explore the island at a low cost. — “Dominican Republic Buses | dominicanrepublic-”, dominicanrepublic-
  • Pre-owned motorcoaches, motorhomes, transits and minibuses - appraisals and consulting, manufacturers specs and a links page. — “Buses Online”,
  • Buses - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Buses”,
  • Find Bus Companies Worldwide, Trams, Trolleys, International Bus Travel, Long Distance Coaches, Bus Routes and Coach Manufacturers. — “Bus Tram & Trolley Routes - Worldwide”,
  • About highway buses (kosoku bus) in Japan: long distance buses and overnight buses. — “Highway Buses in Japan”, japan-
  • Buses. General Rider Information. Fare Information. Schedules. System Maps. Service Advisories Information. About NYC Transit. Facts and Figures. Select Bus Service. — “Buses”,
  • Represents motorcoach and tour companies in the U.S. and Canada. Members operate charter, tour, regular route, and contract services. — “American Bus Association”,
  • Contains Greyhound bus fares, schedules, and ticketing information. — “Greyhound Lines”,
  • Volvo Buses and Volvo Financial Services offer a unique combination of products and services designed for the industry that can be individually tailored to your business Volvo wins Australian order for up to 650 buses. Volvo Bus Australia has been announced today as the winning. — “Home : Volvo Buses”,
  • Bus routes offer expanded hours of operation to accommodate customers with early morning or late night work hours, including NiteOwl service that operates 24 hours. LUCY - or Loop through University City - is a bus service that begins at 30th Street Station and operates on two different routes. — “SEPTA | Buses”,
  • school bus n. A publicly or privately owned vehicle that is used for taking schoolchildren to and from school or school-related. — “school bus: Definition from ”,
  • Travel like a local in Jamaica on one of the many buses and minibuses that travel the island with JUTA. Find route, stop, and fare information here. — “Jamaica Buses | jamaica-”, jamaica-
  • Definition of buses in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of buses. Pronunciation of buses. Translations of buses. buses synonyms, buses antonyms. Information about buses in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “buses - definition of buses by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Home | About Us | Bus Profiles | Charter a Bus | Tours and Packages | Used Buses for Sale | Schedules | Customer Relations and Feedback | Employment | Email. J&R Tours, Mt. Vernon, New York, 1.800.444.JR86. Copyright © 2002-2010 J&R Tours LTD. All rights reserved. — “”,
  • NJ TRANSIT is New Jersey's public transportation corporation. Its mission is to provide safe, reliable, convenient and cost-effective transit service with a skilled team of employees, dedicated to our customers' needs and committed to excellence. — “New Jersey Transit”,
  • Browse an online showcase of new and used buses for sale. Bus brokering service available. — “Buses For Sale”,
  • A bus (archaically also omnibus, multibus, or autobus) is a road vehicle designed to carry passengers. A bus is usually powered by a combustion engine, although early buses were horse drawn and there were experiments with steam propulsion. — “Bus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Motorcycles can use most bus lanes for a new trial period ending 23 Jan 2012. Unbooked CAB to 60835 and we'll text your three nearest cab numbers. Tube. Rail. Buses. DLR. River. Assisted travel. — “Buses | Transport for London”,

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  • mutiny on the buses. lion and monkeys on bus. mutiny on the buses. lion and monkeys get on bus in safari park.
  • Luxury buses from Singapore to Malaysia Genting Highland There are many bus companies offer luxury buses running from Singapore to Malaysia Genting Highland The whole journey is about 6 hours, (including clearing Singapore custom and Malaysia custom, one time breakfast break and one short toilet break.) All luxury buses are clean and comfortable, and were all highly recommended by travelers.
  • On The Buses - Bye Bye Blakey 1-3 Classic 1970s ITV comedy
  • On the Buses - Olive's Divorce 1-3 Classic 1970s ITV comedy
  • On the Buses - Olive's Divorce 2-3 Classic 1970s ITV comedy
  • China Plans Hugh Buses that can DRIVE OVER Cars China has overtaken the United States as the world's biggest producer of greenhouse gases and biggest energy consumer. But the country is also thinking in big and bold ways when it comes to how it will reduce pollution and a new plan to build a "straddling bus" is among the boldest space-age schemes yet. In an effort to go green and relieve congestion without widening roads, the Shenzhen Huashi Future Parking Equipment company is developing a "3D Express Coach", also known as a "three-dimensional fast bus". The innovation will allow cars less than 2 meters high to travel underneath the upper level of the vehicle, which will be carrying passengers. According to China Hush, the 6 meter wide 3D Express Coach will be powered by a combination of electricity and solar energy, and will be able to travel up to 60 kilometers per hour carrying some 1200 to 1400 passengers. The first 115 miles of track is set for construction in Beijing's Mentougou district starting in late 2010. The Chairman of the Huashi Future Parking Equipment company boasts it will take only a year and 500 million yuan, around $73 million, to build the futuristic transportation system.
  • Holiday on the buses (1) Bristol Lodekka used in Holiday on the buses
  • EASTBOURNE BUSES A TRIBUTE Excerpts from the PMP DVD filmed by John Bishop covering the last months of Eastbourne Buses and Cavendish before takeover by Stagecoach.
  • arctic monkeys-no buses sorry, just music
  • On The Buses - The Prize 1-3 Classic 1970s ITV comedy
  • Under my bus Please visit my website Whereyou can get my book, PAPER, INK, & WHAT I THINK *MACHO SAUCE T-SHIRTS *20 LB. SLEDGE CD ( If you dig bands like: POD, HELMET, SEVENDUST, DISTURBED, You will LOVE 20 LB. SLEDGE!!! ) *MACHO SAUCE BUMPER STICKERS & DECALS COME GET SOME!!! GOD BLESS YA!
  • Boris Johnson and Buses [Mock The Week][News Reel][HQ] Boris seems to love his buses.
  • Bachelor Girl - Buses and Trains The music video
  • On the Buses - The Cistern 1-3 Great commedy from...Reg Varney,Bob Grant,Stephen Lewis,Anna Karen,Michael Robbins and Doris Hare
  • on the buses olive takes a trip part 1 on the buses olvie takes a trip part 1
  • On The Buses - Can*** Trouble 1-3 Classic 1970s ITV comedy
  • On The Buses - Foggy Night 1-3 Great commedy from...Reg Varney,Bob Grant,Stephen Lewis,Anna Karen,Michael Robbins and Doris Hare
  • World: The Buses of Bogotá - /video Over the last decade, cities in developing countries around the world have been adopting bus systems like Bogotá's Transmilenio because they are cheaper and ease traffic and pollution. Related Article: bit.ly
  • on the buses pontins locations this is what it looks like now , where holiday on the buses was made in prestatyn sands north wales 2005
  • On The Buses Movie Part 1 The first 10 minutes of the On the Buses movie. 1971
  • Mr. Ffff - Stairs Are Like Buses CONTAINS SOME STRONG LANGUAGE. The original Welsh comedy, Barry Welsh Is Coming is an award-winning comedy hosted by John Sparkes. This scene is 'Mr. Ffff' talking about his holidays.
  • Holiday on the buses (2) Opening titles for Holiday on the buses
  • Leyland Titan buses on route 134 Leyland Titans buses at work in Muswell Hill and Highgate in 1990 on London Transport service 134
  • STOCKPORT BUSES JANUARY 1989 a trailer for The Stockport Collection 1989 to 1994 filmed by Dave Spencer , purchase on Amazon, EBay or direct from PMP
  • Painted Buses
  • No Buses Song by Arctic Monkeys This is a school work for our English class.
  • School Buses This is a slideshow about school buses that I made. I hope you enjoy it. Pictures thanks to: Josh's School Bus Gallery School Bus and eBay.
  • PMP DVD 1509 HONG KONG BUSES MAY 2007 A trailer for PMP DVD 1509 Hong Kong Island Buses May 2007 see web site for orders, blogs, lists etc. Post free world wide airmail
  • Humse hai Muqabala - Urvashi Urvashi Humse hai Muqabala 1995
  • On The Buses Full Theme Tune This is the full theme tune from the the tv show On The Buses. This Theme Tune and many more can be found at
  • Mutiny on the Buses opening comedy
  • Arctic Monkeys - No Buses (live) one of my fav arctic monkeys songs, performed live. suh-weeet!!
  • Ultracapacitor Buses
  • IC/AmTran/Ward School Buses This is a slideshow about school buses from what is now called the IC corporation. Originally the company was known as Ward Body Works, the company became known as American Transportation Corporation (AmTran) in 1980. Pictures thanks to: Josh's School Bus Gallery Bus bu*** The School Bus Yard and eBay.
  • Oldtimer Ikarus buses in Tata Tata, 65 km from Budapest. There was a big meeting of the oldtimer Ikarus buses.
  • Bear vs Shark - Buses / no Buses Live performance with the studio track played over it. As you can see it is out of sync at times so I had to pause it to make up time but its watchable - cheap, but watchable. Band: Bear vs Shark Song: Buses / no Buses Album: Right Now, You're In The Best Of Hands. And If Something Isn't Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know In A Hurry Youtube Staff: This video is from a DVD I got FREE from , so I'm not ripping them off - this footage is meant for free public viewing. It doesn't say anywhere on the disk or case about copyright either. And the artist and directors are mentioned so its no plagiarism. And questions, comments or messages please. Enjoy.
  • BANGLADESH DOUBLE DECKER BUSES PMP DVD 1580 A trailer for PMP DVD 1580 double deck buses in Dhaka Bangladesh in December 2007 £16 each post free worldwide. 70 minutes of Bangladesh buses, frantic, wild, friendly, sublime
  • MOTHERWELL HAMILTON BUSES 2002 A trailer for PMP DVD covering buses in East Kilbride, Motherwell and Hamilton in 2002
  • Holiday on the buses Not a great comedy, but this has a great scene with Doris Hare and Wilfred Brambell dancing!! Also Queenie Watts and Arthur Mullard are funny too!

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