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  • Bureaucrats can expand the set of groups that a user belongs to by adding a user to the bot, custodian, or bureaucrat group (via Special:UserRights) Bureaucrats are charged with the responsibility of declaring at an appropriate time,. — “Wikiversity:Bureaucratship - Wikiversity”,
  • Back in November 3, 2009, DoPT initiated a meeting of senior bureaucrats of secretary level to discuss whether bureaucrats' assets should be disclosed under RTI after they conceded to disclose file notings which civil servants successfully blocked for quite sometime. — “babus of india”,
  • For the specific role of bureaucrats in Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Bureaucrats. A bureaucrat is a member of a bureaucracy and can comprise the administration of any organization of any size, though the term usually connotes someone within an institution of a government or corporation. — “Bureaucrat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • public choice theory The behaviour of public-sector bureaucrats is at the heart of public-choice theory. — “Public choice theory: Definition from ”,
  • But John the covert bureaucrat understands the truth: The wisdom of hermits isn't austere. It is practical and rooted deeply in practice. A practice that is embedded in the Dharma but expressed in the daily working of a hard, cold and sometimes lonely life. — “purple motes " bureaucrats”,
  • A bureaucrat is a user who, beyond having gained the trust to be an administrator, has been trusted with further responsibilities. — “Bureaucrats - Wikitravel Shared”,
  • I'm not sure what to make of the Stewart/Colbert rally this weekend, but one of the sideshow events that definitely cries out for some verbal abuse is the "Government Doesn't Suck" march that has been organized by overpaid federal bureaucrats. I wonder what signs they'll carry?. — “Bureaucrats " International Liberty”,
  • There is a numerous list of bureaucrats, and Hermes Conrad (bureaucrat grade 36) is the most wellknown of them. They use a numerical ranking system, where lower numbers outrank higher ones, and a special ranking for one-hour bureaucrats, such as Turanga Leela, the Li'l Bureaucrat grade. — “Bureaucrats - The Infosphere, the Futurama Wiki”,
  • Definition of Bureaucrats in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Bureaucrats. Pronunciation of Bureaucrats. Translations of Bureaucrats. Bureaucrats synonyms, Bureaucrats antonyms. Information about Bureaucrats in the free online English. — “Bureaucrats - definition of Bureaucrats by the Free Online”,
  • This page explains the role of bureaucrats (sometimes called "crats") on Wikimedia Commons. Apart from roles which require use of the bureaucrat tools, bureaucrats have no special editorial authority by virtue of their position, and in. — “Commons:Bureaucrats - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Bureaucrats can change an account's user level. Their first and foremost task is making people into sysops (when approved), but since the change in April 2006, they also set (and, when necessary, revoke) bot flags. Bureaucrats can also change an account's name. — “Wiktionary:Bureaucrats - Wiktionary”,
  • However, such sophistication of thinking is entirely beyond the EU bureaucrats who now have sole competence for safety in vehicle construction. That is the deal the EU offers, illustrating a thesis that has been apparent to thinking people for a long, long time – that bureaucrats kill. — “EU Referendum: Bureaucrats kill”,
  • But new Finance Minister Naoto Kan has come up with a plan to review the work styles of sleep-deprived bureaucrats, saying he wants to make it possible for finance ministry staff to go on dates on weeknights. Government ministries have tried before to get bureaucrats to go home sooner. — “Raw Japan | ***ysis & Opinion |”,
  • Associated Content from Yahoo! is a platform that enables everyone to publish their content in any format (text, video, audio, images) on any topic and then distributes that content through its website and content partners. Bureaucrats can be rude - intentionally and inadvertently. — “Bureaucrats - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • The government of the United States of America. The US government is "owned" by the civilian population of the United States, and they have the rig Though generally such types don't exist anymore, the stereotypical bureaucrat's favourite colour is brown of some variety and enjoys sucking the life. — “Urban Dictionary: bureaucrats”,
  • Bureaucrats News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Bureaucrats from the Los Angeles Times. — “Articles about Bureaucrats - Los Angeles Times”,
  • It's tax season here in America and that usually leads to lots of mumbling under the breath about those "damn bureaucrats in Washington" who make up those unreadable tax forms. Several words in the English language rise to the level of making us mad and bureaucrat seems to be one of them. — “Language Log: Bureaucrats”, itre.cis.upenn.edu
  • Bureaucrats - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Bureaucrats”,
  • Would you like to be able to fire parasitic bureaucrats despite civil service career protections which encourage loafing and corruption?. — “NASA bureaucrats & civil service reform”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. The MusicMakesFriends truck converts the bureaucrats of Brussels into music l. — “Videos tagged with Bureaucrats - Metacafe”,
  • Bureaucrats. Learn about Bureaucrats on . Get information and videos on Bureaucrats including articles on goldman sachs, bretton, goldman and more!. — “Bureaucrats | Answerbag”,
  • Bureaucrats derive their power from their position in the structure, not from their Having federal officials, whether judges, bureaucrats, or congressmen, impose a new. — “Bureaucrats Quotes”,

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  • Part 1 - Don't Let Washington Bureaucrats Tell Your Doctor What To Do Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman, Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, April 16, 2009, Congressional Briefing, Healthcare Reform Stories From the Frontlines. Russell Senate Office Building.
  • Proof isn't Enough for Bureaucrats Ian Freeman meets with Keene City Manager John MacLean to discuss the city's policy on government employees committing crimes in the line of duty. Apparently video proof isn't enough to overrule the word of bureaucrats.
  • Hermes Burecrat Song In Pictures with Lyrics All Pictures gave credit for. When i was two there was a hurricane in Kingston Town with a foot and a half of water Everyone was alright, but I cried all night It blew my alphabet blocks out of order And they say this boys born to be a bureaucrat born to be all obsessive and snotty I made my friends and relations fill long applications to get into my tenth birthday party Labarbara: But something changed when my man turned pro Hermes: I was sorting but I wasn't smiling Labarbara: He forget that it's not about badges and ranks Hermes: It's supposed to be about the filing! People, We didn't choose to be bureaucrats No that's what our mighty Ja made us We treat people like swine and make them stand in line Even if nobody paid us They say the world looks down on the bureaucrats They say we're ***, compulsive and wierd But when push comes to shove you gotta do what you love Even if it's not a good idea Zoidberg! Zoidberg: They said i probably shouldn't be a surgeon Farnsworth: They poopooed my electric frankfurter Leela: They said I probably shouldn't fly with just one eye Bender: I am Bender please insert girder Hermes: Everybody sing Jamaica! All: Jamaica! Hermes: Just the bearuacrats - Jamaica! Bureaucrats: Jamaica! Hermes: Just the grade nine***s! Morgan Proctor: Jamaica. Hermes: Sing me home, When push comes to shove you gotta do what you love Even if it's not a good idea!
  • Do you want bureaucrats like this running your health care? The Government Accountability Office testified before Congress (3/25/09) on a report of ineffective and inconsistent enforcement of the nation's wage and hour laws. rsc.tomprice.house.gov
  • I love Bureaucrats, they make my life so much better. Ever wondered what it all means and why I'm allowed to call my produce organic. Well I'll tell you, about all hoops I have to jump through and all the paper work that I have to fill in as well how much it cost me to get an organic certification. I bet you thought it was all about not using chemicals and fertilizer.
  • There Are too Many Bureaucrats and They Are Paid too Much America has too many bureaucrats and they are dramatically overpaid. This mini-documentary uses government data to show how federal, state, and local governments are in fiscal trouble in part because of excessive pay for a bloated civil service.
  • When Bureaucrats Attack The now infamous camera ban in the 2nd floor lobby of the Keene city hall has expanded again. OTN camera crews are attacked by Keene District Court Security with a metal door. All this happens right in front of a Keene policewoman who refuses to even take a report, much less arrest the attacker. I would like to add, this video quotes laws that I do not personally believe in. The purpose of this video (along with our requests to "arrest that man" in the video) are used rhetorically to shed light on the hypocrisy of "government law". I think it was made profoundly clear the government only serves to protect itself, even at the expense of the safety of "the people".
  • Gulf Oil Spill - Billy Nungesser tells it Straight to Bureaucrats in the Federal Government.flv Billy Nungesser, Plaquemine, Louisiana in front of Congress ....
  • 11/30/09 Ron Paul: Healthcare Freedom or Healthcare Bureaucracy? www.house.gov The US Preventive Task Force caused quite a stir recently when they revised their recommendations on the frequency and age for women to get mammograms. Many have speculated on the timing for this government-funded report, with the Senate vote on health care looming, and cost estimates being watched closely. Just the hint that the government would risk womens health to cut costs is causing outrage on both sides of the aisle. Even the administration is alarmed at its own panels recommendation. One official, the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius told women to ignore the new guidelines, keep doing what they are doing and make the best decisions for themselves after consulting with their doctors. This sounds like an excellent idea to me. As a physician myself, I understand the importance of ensuring that patients are able to consult their doctors and make their own decisions without interference from government bureaucrats or government-favored corporations. However, I am confused by the administrations reasoning and apparent change of heart. Have they reversed their position on healthcare reform and now decided that patients and doctors should be in control of individual healthcare decisions? Or are they still in the healthcare central planning business? The healthcare reform plans currently aim to empower Congress to dictate to insurers minimal standards of coverage. Those government standards will ultimately be ...
  • Tv9 - CM's first meeting with bureaucrats CM Kiran Kumar Reddy's first meeting with police officials, CM Kiran kumar Reddy starts his activities, and starts his duties as CM
  • Bureaucrats Want It All! (Halt The Assault) The Free Enterprise Alliance launched a humorous web video to explain the threat to small business, the economy, and jobs from federal bureaucrats and big labor. Please enjoy (and then share it!)
  • There's more to Brussels than bureaucrats Speech delivered by Minister for Europe David Lidington at the University of Edinburgh, on September 29, 2010 *Clarification: 1.5% quoted by the Minister should refer to the number of British applications last year for the concours. 6% should refer to the representation of British Citizens working the EU Institutions.
  • Street Level Bureaucrats with Michael Lipsky Street level bureaucrats are the teachers, police officers, social workers and other professionals who interact directly with citizens on behalf of the state. Professor Michael Lipskys pioneering work Street Level Bureaucracy: Dilemmas of the Individual in Public Service brought the significance of these workers in the public policy-making process to the attention of governments around the world. As an updated edition of his book is due for release in May on the thirtieth anniversary of its original publication, Michael Lipsky discusses why his findings continue to have currency. Michael Lipsky is Senior Program Director at Demos, a public policy research and advocacy organization based in New York. www.ussc.edu.au
  • NH: Bureaucrats force biz to turn away customers during outage Sponsor: - In Northwood, government officials force a convenience store to keep customers away. Within hours of the water going out there....bureaucrats are on the scene to compound the problem. Thisvideo was shot 12 and first uploaded around 12/16/08. If you wish to commission an ad like the one in this video, the cost as of 12/08 is three cents per video view. But views beyond the 1st week are free, your link in the video descrip is free, and the price goes down 30% for orders over $100. Give me a shout through this site, or you can e-mail me: RidleyReport at... live period com If you're a Metacafe viewer note that metacafe strips most links, from my video descrip when I dupe from youtube. Additional Keywords: manchester brewing concord combat ale dave ridley ron paul ridleyreport free state project nortwhood new hampshire libertarian free market anarchism anarchy talk live marketter campaign for liberty michael badnarik staters paulville government bureaucrats bureaucrash alex jones barry cooper serenity firefly state law property taxes view tax revolt live free or die nh john stossel economy recession depression ayn rand penn and teller's jillette .... Please thank our sponsor by visiting ...
  • Col Snider: US Military a Bureaucracy Not a Profession 1 Army Retired Colonel and Professor Don Snider Reveals US Military is NOT a Profession of Conscience but a Bureaucracy...and the fault for this is the Colonels and Generals (Admirals) in the armed forces for creating a climate where lemming subordinates must blindly obey their BS instead of their consciences and the external facts of reality which over time results in the organization not having expertise to do vital tasks well because professional skills and knowledge which comes from the rank & file through experimentation and study is not valued. Snider is wrong in one regard implying that we must wait for the senior brass to make it safe or that one has to be on paid active duty to practice your profession; we must be professional reformers now who create and advocate military excellence--- and damn how the bureaucrats will resent and resist it; the truth cannot be killed; ideas are bullet and career back-stab-proof!
  • Javed: Wordplay of Pak Bureaucrats Javed Chaudhry - host of Kal Tak program in Pakistan - describes Pak bureaucrats unique mastery of wordplay techniques to bend law, regulations, and constitution to their will for personal gain. PLEASE READ MY COMMENTS ON THE VIDEO BEFORE WATCHING.
  • Deportation "gratuitous cruelty": Aus run by bureaucrats + political advisors, NOT elected officials Melbourne barrister Robert Richter says the decision to deport Edward Joseph will send his mother Irene to a premature death, and he has urged Immigration Minister Chris Evans to intervene..... but is being blocked by departmental bureaucrats + Labor's political advisors who are averse to a humanist approach to delivering policy + preoccupied with political advantage in an election year, regardless of the cost in terms of human suffering, uhh *
  • Oath Keepers prep lawsuit against NH bureaucrats Sponsor: - Oath Keepers prep lawsuit against NH bureaucrats. Child protective bureaucracies named affiliation with their rather innocuous organization as one reason for seizing a baby. How you can buy an ad http oath keeper baby cheyenne ron paul stewart rhodes free state project veterans new hampshire former military retired ridleyreport law enforcement officers swear an oath to the constitution dave ridley report second american revolution nh fema camps staters alex jones liberty katrina gun seizures live free or die baby theft libertarian bureaucracy police cops firefighters marines army navy officers enlisted iraq afghanistan vietnam. Peace officers oath keeper baby cheyenne alex jones new hampshire keepers bureaucrats free state project nh veterans military
  • Part 3 - Don't Let Washington Bureaucrats Tell Your Doctor What To Do Betsy McCaughey, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman, Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths, April 16, 2009, Congressional Briefing, Healthcare Reform Stories From the Frontlines. Russell Senate Office Building.
  • Billy Nungesser says "This Doesn't Seem Like America" ridiculing obamas bureaucracy Billy Nungesser , president of Plaquemine Parish voices his opinion of the presidents performance and his bureaucracy. "THIS DOESN"T SEEM LIKE AMERICA" "Talking about the general being replaced,... I don't agree with anybody in the armed forces talking out against our leader, our chief. But I think it's time for the president to take a step back. He has got a bigger problem. Just like the problem we have with the interior secretary, ... with everybody in the administration, The only way anything ever got done was the president coming down here himself. Well if people in the military have those inner thoughts about his dministration, the same thoughts all of Louisiana has, he's (obama) got a bigger problem then a loose-lipped general. He better take a sole search and look at the people surrounding him, because the job ain't getting done here, and it obviously ain't getting done over there. And we got a serious problem in this country and the president better address it because it's not just somebody like me or him (General McChrystal) or anybody sounding of at the mouth. It's what we truly feel, that we are getting the run around, we're not getting the truth half the time and nobody has the sense of urgency to do anything, whether it be here or obviously overseas. And I'm sure whoever he replaces him with will not say that, but if that hero (General McChrystal) is saying that, I guarantee you it's wide spread in the military. So the president needs to do a little sole ...
  • Futurama Hermes bureaucrat song with lyrics Futurama Hermes bureaucrat song with lyrics - leela zoidberg bender Fry, please rate and comment
  • Congressman Weiner "Do People Really Not Want Bureaucrats Between Them & Their Doctors? November 24, 2009 MSNBC
  • John Key - Video Journal 32 on capping the bureaucracy 12 March. John starts off with thanks to his growing community of supporters on Facebook and then turns to today's major policy speech on curbing the growth of bureaucracy. Under the new policy, National would freeze the current level of "core bureaucrat" employment while it investigates ways to do the same work more efficiently at a lower cost. This could save the taxpayer around half a billion dollars over three years without damaging the delivery of services. "The fastest growing sector in the economy since 2000 has not been agriculture, it has not been retail trade, transport, manufacturing, personal services, or finance and business services. No, the fastest growing sector in the economy since 2000 has been government administration. "We are not going to reduce the number of front-line staff. Let me make this absolutely clear -- under National the numbers of doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers, police and other front-line staff will grow. "I firmly believe we have enough bureaucrats to do the job already and that the priority for resources in the state sector is the delivery of front-line services. "And by keeping a lid on the size of the bureaucracy, we will, over time, restore a sensible balance between the number of state employees who are giving advice to the government and the number who are delivering front-line services. "When it comes to the bureaucracy, it is clear that Labour has spent eight years doing the same with more. It's high time we started ...
  • Bureaucracy Created By Health Care Proposal
  • Part 2 - Young Family's Dream Destroyed by Bureaucracy Gone Mad (Continued) The horrendous tale of an out-of-control government department crushing one young family's hopes and dreams; causing millions of dollars in financial damage; and leading to several job losses, a family break-up and a suicide. How could this possibly happen in Australia? When good people do everything right....when the rules are adhered to, no matter how many times those rules get changed....and yet producers still get shut down by bureaucrats who have never produced anything but red tape....it is time to act. What can you do to help? Comment on this video. Join Property Rights Australia (). Post this video on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc. Contact your State and Federal Members to encourage a strong stance on protection of private property rights. Share with a journalist. You can make a difference!
  • YP Singh, IPS, former police officer on How to Stop Abuse of Power by Bureaucrats At a meeting organized by the Jana Gana Mana group on 30th May 2009 at Indian Merchants' Chamber (IMC) , former IPS officer YP Singh addressed a gathering on How to Stop Abuse of Power by Bureaucrats. He spoke of how a corrupt income-tax official may cause losses of thousands of crore rupees to the public, and prove more harmful than organized criminals and gangsters. Krishnaraj Rao, Gaurang Vora, Mohammed Afzal, Sunil Ahya, Vijay Chauhan, Dr Srikant Prabhu, Ravi Kiran Haldipur, Sanjay Ghatalia and KN Singh also spoke briefly about how they were arrested on 19th May based on false charges of rioting and assault framed by Dr Suresh Joshi, Chief State Information Commissioner (CSIC) of Maharashtra. Activists all over India are up in arms against SICs and CICs for sabotaging the implementation of Right to Information under RTI Act 2005.
  • Why Australia will lose the next war: the enemy within - bureaucrats, political advisors, top fools The cost of maintaining a naval shipyard in Adelaide??? Today's headlines detailing many millions of dollars spent on Defence travel including private jets and luxury resorts couldn't have come at a more sensitive time for Australia's military hierarchy. Later this year the Defence chiefs will hand the Rudd Government their wish list for what's likely to become the nation's biggest and most ambitious defence spending program; the next generation of submarines, destined to replace the troubled and costly Collins class submarine. It's a wish list that will have a multibillion dollar price tag attached, and given the chequered performance of the Collins boats, described as shambolic by some in Defence circles, many are questioning whether Australia is simply going to make the same mistakes all over again. The Defence force is already facing a series of programs like Australia's wedge tail early warning aircraft and even the conventional army truck running over budget or behind schedule..... .au *
  • Oregon's Charter School Laws Should Work for Children, Not Bureaucrats Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) rose on the House Floor today to observe the formation of a panel charged with reviewing Oregon's charter school laws. He noted of the 15-member committee, 12 members represent organizations that have been openly hostile to these alternative schools that educate 16000 Oregon kids. As the committee reviews the laws and makes recommendations to the next legislature, Rep. Wingard urges the House to remember who they are really working for.
  • Mass Effect (PC) - Part 17 Noverian Bureaucrats Part 17 from my first play-through of Mass Effect (Bioware), PC version. Bureaucrats on Noveria are a nightmare of epic proportions. Warning: Contains spoilers. Captured with FRAPS. Class: Soldier.
  • Schnittke - Gogol Suite - VI. The Bureaucrats. Allegro
  • Pope: Bishops Need to be Men of Faith, Not Bureaucrats The bishop has a great responsibility but above all he must be a teacher and a witness to the closeness with Christ, confidently trusting in the Holy Spirit as his guide. The Pope noted this in his address to newly appointed bishops gathered for a course of the Congregation for Bishops. The bishop, said the Pope, is called to be strong and decisive, just and peaceful, to have a wise discernment of the people, of reality and of events. This is the task required of a father, brother and friend walking on the Christian and human way. Being a bishop requires a deep faith perspective, not merely human, administrative or sociological. The ministry of the Bishop is not that of a mere housekeeper, or a bureau ...
  • AFP's "Common Sense": California Protecting Bureaucrats Pay
  • Water wars blue gold exposure of red-tape bureaucrats that rape Mother Earth Water wars blue gold exposure of red-tape bureaucrats that rape Mother Earth www.swrcb.ca.gov Texas oilman T. Boone Pickens has been acquiring acreage overlying the Ogallala aquifer with hopes that he could pump and sell the as much as 200000 AFY of water to one of the state's metropolitan centers -- El Paso, Lubbock, San Antonio, or Dallas-Fort Worth. Ogallala is already severely depleted. The West Texas farmers rely on the aquifer for water. The aquifer's minimal recharge rate of less then one AFY means that its users are mining fossil water that will not be replenished. Pickens projects that his prices would be adjusted according to the distance the water has to be pumped: El Paso would pay $1400 per acre-foot, Dallas would pay $800, San Antonio -- more than $1000. Although building a pipeline will be expensive, an estimated $1-$2 billion, these prices are still very high. The Panhandle Conservation District sanctions extraction up to one AFY per acre of land. Pickens and his partners currently own water rights for 150 acres and are seeking rights for 50 more. This could translate into pumping as much as 65 billion gallons of water a year. The conservation district attempted to reduce the planned extraction amount by half but was not able to because Pickens' pumping level was equal to that of the Canadian River Authority, a public water supplier that has already been granted an approval to pump. Pickens argued that by law, both had to be treated equally. If Pickens ...
  • Insurance Company Bureaucrats on D-Day From Saving Private Ryan, the landing at Omaha Beach on D-Day. A Parody showing what if Insurance Company Bureaucrats had accompanied the troops on the landing at Normandy.
  • David Campbell-Bannerman Democracy vs Bureaucracy in EU David Campbell-Bannerman is Chairman of the United Kingdom Independence Party and is very concerned with the loss of Democracy within the UK. As the Bureaucrats gain more power Democracy is diminished. The voters have less and less to say about laws they live under as the European Union gains control. Great Uncle Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1905 and 1908. (check out my other videos on Google Video, Yahoo Video) Tags: European union, conspiracy, communism, common purpose, tony blair, undemocratic, democracy, totalitarian, democracy, Ukip, totalitarian, eu, uk, rcoones, eussr, undemocratic, magna Charta, commission, Brussels, constitution, police state, great Britain, secret societies society, bilderberger, illuminati, (Disclaimer: Views and opinions presented here are for informational and educational purposes only and may not necessarily be those of the makers of this video.)
  • Bumbling bureaucrats attack successful homeschoolers. Liberty Sponsor: - Fans of 42% effective government schools come after homeschools for only being 99% effective. Here's how to keep up to date with Homeschooler Michelle's concerns Music by: Dada Orwell (AKA Dave Ridley) How you too can buy an ad on the Ridley Report: Images and/or info from homeschooling ron paul homeschoolers ridleyreport public school concord high new hampshire emma rous staters statists free state project government attacks homeschool moms nh board of education prevention dave ridley report dumbing down of america liberty judy day live free or die state house libertarian regulations regulatory bumbling bureaucrats burden
  • Global Warming: a scare tactic to enrich bureaucrats and consolidate monopolies Don't say oh well we should help the environment anyway. We should, BUT the carbon tax and solutions proposed by the global warming nuts has nothing to do with the environment any more than invading Iraq was about stopping terrorism or finding WMDs. The oligarchs just want to control production, travel, and power and are using yet again a media made " Crisis" to scare you into obedience and support. Stop falling for the lies.
  • Quest for GC - Episode 2: Damn those Bureaucrats NCsoft is coming to the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany (21st to 24th of August 2008). Why not come see us in Hall 3, Booth B20? The Community team's plans have already suffered one unfortunate setback, due to a miscalculation over the weight of water. Surely there can't be any other issues though... right? Starring Martin 'Amboss' Rabl and Martin 'Snowstorm' Kerstein. Find out more about NCsoft Europe's games at
  • Bureaucrats Gone Wild in Cancun The United Nations Climate Change Conference is meeting in Cancun, Mexico from November 29 -- December 10 2010 where bureaucrats will work to transfer wealth and technology from developed to developing nations by raising the cost of traditional energy. But before these international bureaucrats get to "work", they decided to throw a lavish party for themselves.
  • Free Markets Create Jobs - Not Bureaucrats! 10/04/2010 - In this struggling economy it is essential for politicians to take a step back and think about what government has been doing to business in this country. In less than 200 years, the free market, property rights, and respect for the rule of law took this nation from a rough frontier to a global economic superpower. Today, however, our nation and our economy clearly are headed in the wrong direction. Of course, America has never enjoyed absolute free-market capitalism creeping government intrusion and special interest political patronage have existed and increased since our founding. But America historically has permitted free markets to operate with less government interference than other nations, while showing greater respect for property rights and the rule of law. Less government, respect for private property, and a relatively stable legal environment allowed America to become the wealthiest nation on earth. By contrast, the poorest nations almost always demonstrate hostility for free markets, private property, and the rule of law. Capital formation, entrepreneurship, credit, and wealth accumulation are uniformly discouraged in poor countries. Private contracts are not reliably enforced, and private property is not secure in the hands of owners. The predictable result is widespread poverty and misery. First and foremost, the role of government in business should be limited to resolving contractual disputes. As long as both parties of a ...

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  • “This is one of those e-mails that travel through the net. I found it very funny so I wanted to share. It was sent by Cathy from Buffalo. It's supposed to be real but like for anything on the net, we never know for sure”
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  • “Please Sign In or Register to like this blog. Bryce's Pet Peeve - Bureaucrats - 01/28/2008. Tim Bryce | Jan 25, 2008 | Comment (1) MBA Florida Management IRM Pet Peeve Week Bureaucrats. Disclaimer: Blog contents express the viewpoints of their independent”
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  • “One of the most impressive achievements of The Wrecking Crew is the clarity and punch with which it pulls together the complex story of the conservative sabotage of the civil service. more »”
    — Tom Frank Quote of the Day: Starving the Bureaucrats,

  • “I was wondering why Bureaucrats cant remove bureaucrat rights, as it would be VERY annyoing to have to keep asking staff or helpers to remove them from users with bureacrats doing vandalism. Plus the fact that, if a bureacrat on a wiki (say my”
    — Forum:Bureaucrats removing bureaucrats - Wikia Community Central,

  • “I almost choked on my Braised New Season Shank of Lamb at the City planning committee annual dinner last night. The reason was my astonishment at the laziness and selfishness of the hordes of sports bureaucrats who will be descending on”
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  • “Blog. Bureaucrats? by Lou Barletta - No Comments. Posted on April 22nd, 2010 1:51 pm nice to campaign against quote bureaucrats, but the reality is the”
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