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  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. bureaucratize. — “Bureaucratize - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • AFL-CIO split poses the question: Must labor bureaucratize to organize? They would bureaucratize to organize. The reorganized carpenters union. The process is already completed and on full display in the Carpenters union which has already reorganized itself in the new spirit. — “Benson's Union Democracy Blog: AFL-CIO split poses the”,
  • The price of gold has had a solid triple since about 2001, when an ounce would set you back a mere $300 or so. (Remember that? Oh, the good old days!) For the And bureaucratize, bureaucratize, bureaucratize, bureaucratize, bureaucratize. Modern governance is all about spending money we don't have on. — “My Favorite "Mistake" - Contrarian Stock Market Investing”,
  • Sean hopes to see Oregon's landmark anti-kidnapping statute "Aaron's Law", named for his late son Aaron Cruz, enacted nationwide. Tuesday, June 22, 2010 "Bureaucratize It" Oregon GOP Governor candidate Chris Dudley to create new political bureaucracy! By Sean Cruz. — “Blogolitical Sean: "Bureaucratize It" Oregon GOP Governor”,
  • Definition of bureaucratize in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bureaucratize. Pronunciation of bureaucratize. Translations of bureaucratize. bureaucratize synonyms, bureaucratize antonyms. Information about bureaucratize in the free online. — “bureaucratize - definition of bureaucratize by the Free”,
  • The New Unity Partnership: Sweeney critics would bureaucratize to organize And so while we can't wish them well in their drive to bureaucratize the labor movement, we can only hope for successes in their effort to organize. — “New Unity Partnership”,
  • This stakeholder theory of corporate social responsibility is in direct opposition to the primacy of the interests of shareholders as owners of the corporation. Instead of working for the profit of shareholders, corporate managers are instead How to Bureaucratize the Corporate World. — “How to Bureaucratize the Corporate World - Ben O'Neill”,
  • Once upon a time (1933), tne U.S. Government sent George Howard Earle III to be its Minister in Austria. He was a sociable man and met everybody. Invited to go hunting on a large Austrian estate,. — “AUSTRIA: Bureaucratize the Bustard? - TIME”,
  • The Democrats, in their zeal to bureaucratize the health-care system, have lost sight of the ultimate goal of health care — good health. The Republicans, in their counter-zeal to de-bureaucratize the health-care system, should not lose sight of that ultimate goal. — “Don't Forget: The Purpose of Health Care Is Health - James”,
  • Wordsmyth. The Premier Educational Dictionary - Thesaurus. Free online dictionary with definitions written at three levels, synonyms, antonyms, examples, images, audio, semantic relations index. Look up any word. Create your own glossaries and. — “bureaucratize - Wordsmyth - The Premier Educational”,
  • bureaucratize. bu·reau·cra·tize [ byoo rókrə t z ] (past and past participle bu·reau·cra·tized, present participle bu·reau·cra·tiz·ing, 3rd person present singular bu·reau·cra·tiz·es) transitive verb. Definition: 1. make something into bureaucracy: to change a system into a bureaucracy. — “bureaucratize definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • they do yeah. — “Do Somalis have a violent culture? The latest sign of”,
  • INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: Russia must digitize to de-bureaucratize I even came up with a slogan "Digitize Russia to de-bureaucratize Russia. — “INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL: Russia must digitize to de”,
  • bureaucratize ( ) tr.v. , -tized , -tizing , -tizes . To make into a bureaucracy or bring under bureaucratic control: 'The failure of communication is. — “bureaucratize: Definition from ”,
  • De bureaucratize definition, to divide an administrative agency or office into bureaus. See more. — “De bureaucratize | Define De bureaucratize at ”,
  • Definition of bureaucratize from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of bureaucratize. Pronunciation of bureaucratize. Definition of the word bureaucratize. Origin of the word bureaucratize. — “bureaucratize - Definition of bureaucratize at ”,
  • "One Cannot Measure What One Does Not Manage": Sit on, Obfuscate, Bureaucratize (Part XIII-n) It's no wonder—their incentive is to Sit on, Obfuscate, Bureaucratize; in other words, the more they deny, delay or don't pay claims, the more they profit off the back of patients. — “"One Cannot Measure What One Does Not Manage": Sit on”,
  • Okay, global markets are in turmoil. Consumer spending is dropping. Economists are forecasting recessions or extremely small growth. Businesses are 2 Responses to "The Agile Recession Challenge – De-Bureaucratize!. — “The Agile Recession Challenge - De-Bureaucratize!!! | Agile”,
  • Be aware that your goal has to be more than just to de-bureaucratize. You de-bureaucratize as a by-product of achieving "quality" or "extraordinary service" or some other customer-focused goal. — “Bureaucracy: reducing it or banishing it”, busting-
  • to bureaucratize (third-person singular simple present bureaucratizes, present participle bureaucratizing, simple past and past participle bureaucratized) The bring something under the control of a bureaucracy. Retrieved from "http:///wiki/bureaucratize". — “bureaucratize - Wiktionary”,

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  • of basic civil defense training and community service Universal citizen service will bring Americans of every background together to make America safer and more united in common purpose Yes the writing is stilted redundant long form silly bureaucratize but the message is notable and depending how you look at it either just what the doctor ordered or um completely wack

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  • “TOP GAINERS (As at 26 Nov 2010):- Oceanic(N2.53) (79.4%), Total(N225.35) (4.99 IBB group to pick running mate for Atiku. EFCC recovers fresh”
    — The Punch - Blog:: Comments,

  • “Its authors are a diverse group of scholars, writers, clergy, and businesspeople who it ultimately attempts to dictate and bureaucratize all of human socio-economic well”
    — leo xiii | Acton Institute PowerBlog,

  • “The Edjurist Blog - A blog on school and educational law. Lawyers tend to professionalize the situations they are in, which, I guess, is another way of saying they tend to bureaucratize situations”
    — The Edjurist - Information on School and Educational Law,

  • “Out of Control Policy Blog. Virginia's First Report on Streamlining the Public-Private Partnership Process I would recommend that the necessary changes be made for streamlining and not over bureaucratize any part of the process”
    — Reason Foundation - Out of Control Policy Blog > Virginia's,

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  • “Rangerland Forum > Off Topic > Anything Goes. Kusand. Feb 9 2010, 07:55 PM. Apparently we're going to bureaucratize terrorists to Apparently we're going to bureaucratize terrorists to death. http:///2010/02/south-carolina”
    — Rangerland Forum > Stopping Terrorists With Red Tape,

  • “College Park Airport's first 100 years. August 31, 2009 by Dave of us have the advantage of being paid to negotiate a year and a half of bureaucratize”
    — 2009 Let's Go Flying Sweepstakes " Blog Archive " College,

  • “Mises Economics Blog. Proceeding Ever More Boldly Against Evil. Home. About. Daily. Blog Source link: http:///7691/how-to-bureaucratize-the-corporate-world”
    — How to Bureaucratize the Corporate World — Mises Economics Blog,

  • “ while increasing citizen's satisfaction with basic public goods through the party's strategy to de-bureaucratize the state? About the Enterprise Blog. The Enterprise Blog is a project of the American Enterprise”
    — The Ongoing Evolution of Conservatism " The Enterprise Blog,

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