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  • An opposition frontbencher has described the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) as "enormously bureaucratised". — “COAG enormously bureaucratised: Bishop - The West Australian”,
  • That is why bureaucratised organisations are associated with negotiation, lobbying, writing detailed research reports, and issuing press releases. The process is encouraged by all sorts of other groups who have interests in organisations like unions being bureaucratised. — “a workers' guide to bureaucracy " the commune”,
  • Zinoviev called together a meeting of the Petrograd officials of the bureaucratised party, and told them to issue a cry of alarm stating that Trotsky had defied Leninism In calling them the officials of a bureaucratised party, I am only following the statements of Zinoviev himself, written one. — “Max Eastman: Since Lenin Died (Chap. 7)”,
  • Definition of bureaucratised in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bureaucratised. Pronunciation of bureaucratised. Translations of bureaucratised. bureaucratised synonyms, bureaucratised antonyms. Information about bureaucratised in the free. — “bureaucratised - definition of bureaucratised by the Free”,
  • Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. It does not cite any An editor has expressed concern that it is unbalanced. Tagged since. — “Bureaucracy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Miguel Jorge denies setback in measure that bureaucratises imports In practice, the demand for the IL comprises a non-tariff barrier, as it bureaucratises and slows down the import process. — “Brazil-Arab News Agency - Miguel Jorge denies setback in”, www2.br
  • It is a product of the growth of workers' struggles in the capitalist countries since 1968 and of the anti-imperialist struggles, of the parallel crisis of capitalism and the rule of the bureaucratic castes over the bureaucratised workers states. — “The Dictatorship of the proletariat and socialist democracy”,
  • Too often we encounter, and are forced to work within, a world of glib visions, explanatory frameworks, packaged services, the demand for detailed planning and predictable outcome – in short, a solution orientation that bureaucratises the steps. — “The Proteus Initiative - Awakening Thinking, Facilitating Change”,
  • Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has described Sydney's northern area hospital system as 'wretched', saying it is so highly bureaucratised that no one can make a decision. - Sydney Morning Herald Online. — “Northern Sydney hospital system 'wretched': Abbott - National”, .au
  • This combination of tasks not only happens on a world-wide scale but also at the level of each country, be it backward or not, be it imperialist or a bureaucratised workers' state. That's why, also in the bureaucratised workers' states themselves, there will be February. — “IMC India - Actuality of the theory of the permanent revolution”,
  • Between The Lines: China tumble dampens Japan's 'new era' party - IF INVESTORS in Japan had been hoping that the historic election victory by the opposition party would bring a stock market spurt, they were soon in for disappointment. change in Japan's highly bureaucratised political system, many are. — “Between The Lines: China tumble dampens Japan's 'new era”,
  • Definition of Burds with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. bureaucratised. bureaucratises. Literary usage of Burds. Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:. — “Burds: Definition with Burds Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • Women Organising is the first book of its kind to bring together organisation theory and the real experiences of women organising. life struggles of groups of women seeking to manage without becoming bureaucratised, to find a sense of direction without relying on leaders, to. — “ - Women Organising eBook”,
  • The NHS is the last bastion of communism in Europe, argues Karol Sikora. It boasts a hugely over-bureaucratised management system. — “Cut out NHS bureaucracy to cure cancer - Telegraph”,
  • Information Commission bureaucratised - Abdullah A. Dewan criticizes the appointment of former government officials for two of three information commissioner positions. — “AsiaMedia :: Information Commission bureaucratised”, asiamedia.ucla.edu
  • abortifacients abortivenesses abrasivenesses absentmindedly absolutenesses absorptivities absquatulating abstemiousness abstractedness abstractionism abstractionist abstractnesses abstrusenesses acceleratingly accelerometers acceptableness. — “Anyone know a 14 letter word?”,
  • Liberal frontbencher Bronwyn Bishop, dismissive of the COAG process told Sky News that it had become enormously bureaucratised and a tightening-up of the process was necessary. The review is aimed at improving healthcare, education, business regulation and infrastructure. — “Bishop Says COAG Enormously Bureaucratised | Visit Bulgaria”,
  • Bureaucratised Encompass. Sunday, March 7, 2010. Misruled Colonisers. Customer Support is handeled at Compass' discreation, not when needed. Serving professional video production, professional pro audio reinforcement and audio-visual throughout the United States Department of Justice. — “Bureaucratised Encompass”,
  • THE opposition yesterday intensified pressure on the government over the gridlocked national reform agenda. which really means that it has become very much more bureaucratised. — “Step up national reform agenda, opposition urges | The Australian”, .au
  • All the news from India updated through the day. Everything on India that you could want in a website covering news, sports, politics, people, places, Bureaucratised mass schooling is recognised as a Prussian invention that was first copied in England and then spread to its colonies. Mass schooling. — “The Financial Express > EFE > Beyond Macaulay And Indianisation”,
  • Mail comment:Could there be a more abrupt change of heart? Doesn't this sad case speak volumes about our dictatorially insensitive and bureaucratised state?. — “At the mercy of the bureaucratic state | Mail Online”,

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  • “Breast Cancer Discussion Forums - Access the shared knowledge of thousands of people affected by breast cancer up citizens up on "wrong doings", rather than gov't bureaucratises dictating people (businesses) having to do things a certain”
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