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  • bureaucratically. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search bureaucratically (comparative more bureaucratically, superlative most bureaucratically). — “bureaucratically - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of bureaucratically in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bureaucratically. Pronunciation of bureaucratically. Translations of bureaucratically. bureaucratically synonyms, bureaucratically antonyms. Information about bureaucratically. — “bureaucratically - definition of bureaucratically by the Free”,
  • Welcome to a world where candy is bureaucratically decreed not to be candy. Welcome to a world where candy is bureaucratically decreed not to be candy. — “The Schrammie: New heights in bureaucratic tomfoolery”,
  • The Navy has been planning to establish a bureaucratically powerful "information dominance" organization since at least June, but a service document shows that key ISR positions within the new group remained unfilled shortly before its Nov. 2. — “Navy accelerates setup of ISR organization - Navy News | News”,
  • Definition of bureaucratically from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of bureaucratically. Pronunciation of bureaucratically. Definition of the word bureaucratically. Origin of the word bureaucratically. — “bureaucratically - Definition of bureaucratically at”,
  • Bureaucracy definition, government by many bureaus, administrators, and petty officials. bureaucratically. bureaucratisation. bureaucratise. bureaucratism. bureaucratist. bureaucratize. bureaux. bureaux de change. burel. — “Bureaucracy | Define Bureaucracy at ”,
  • Six co-workers are bureaucratically marooned in JPod, a no-escape architectural limbo on the fringes of a massive Vancouver video-game-design company. Full of word games, visual jokes, and sideways jabs, this book throws a sharp, pointed lawn. — “Jpod by Douglas Coupland - Powell's Books”,
  • bureaucratically with respect to bureaucracy; 'it's bureaucratically complicated'. — “bureaucratically: Information from ”,
  • State legislators tackled the toughest issue of their new term today, hearing from all sides of the Medicaid quandary that consumes about one-third of the state budget and affects the lives of millions of needy Floridians.An informal group of. — “Update:State legislators tackle Medicaid debate | tallahassee”,
  • The Bureaucratically Imperiled Mexican Wolf. The U.S. Endangered A species is bureaucratically impe- riled when economic interests or ide- ological. — “The Bureaucratically Imperiled Mexican Wolf”,
  • However, our policy toward China has been ambigious: while taking an oppositional stance in our public press toward the ruling bureaucracy's restorationist course, we have left it unclear as to whether we continued to believe that China is still a bureaucratically ruled socialist state. — “The Class Nature of the Chinese State | DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST”, .au
  • The summit of EU leaders in the Belgian city of Laeken ended last night with a declaration acknowledging that the Union needs to act less bureaucratically and provide more practical benefit for members. — “Call for immigration policy review at EU summit - RTÉ News”, rte.ie
  • Bureaucratically Incompetent: Mental Illness and Government Intervention It is common even for people with libertarian leanings to concede that this is a valid government concern. — “Bureaucratically Incompetent: Mental Illness and Government”,
  • The Endangered Species Act has been blamed for bureaucratically blocking development in the name of protecting creatures like the snail darter and the kangaroo rat that only a naturalist could love. — “Editorial: A victory for bald eagles — and controversial law”,
  • Regarding your Oct. 31 editorial Spellings Exemptions on the federal tutoring program under No Child Left Behind: Education Secretary Margaret Spellings should be warmly applauded for making a bureaucratically complex and demanding law more. — “No Child Left Behind Act Earns Praise From Chicago - ”,
  • Bloodworth states "That's why Green Left Weekly could classify China as a bureaucratically ruled socialist state" – without referencing any articles to back up her claim. I cannot recall ever reading an article in GLW describing China as "a bureaucratically ruled socialist state". — “Letters | Socialist Alternative”, .au
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Bureaucratically - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • China is not capitalist—it is a bureaucratically deformed workers state based on collectivized property. We are for the unconditional military defense against imperialism and internal counterrevolution of all the bureaucratically deformed workers states (Cuba, Vietnam and North Korea are the others). — “Defend the Gains of the 1949 Chinese Revolution!”, icl-
  • [ABUSE] [ADD] [APATHY] [IN A BEATING] [BLINKO] [BUREAUCRATICALLY IMPAIRED] [CAMP] [CHRONO] [COMPETENCY] DESCRIPTION: White shirt with Black letters on front saying "Bureaucratically Impaired". — “HUMOROUS SHIRTS - PAGE ONE”,
  • Idea of the Day: Restructure Bureaucratically to Address Pakistan Regionally and to Furthermore, the way that different executive branch departments such as Defense and State organize themselves bureaucratically should be consistent across departments and agencies. For more on this topic, please see:. — “Idea of the Day: Restructure Bureaucratically to Address”,
  • US is now enabling South Asia to muscle up north - at least on paper, bureaucratically speaking. US is now enabling South Asia to muscle up north - at least on paper, bureaucratically speaking. — “US State Dept 'rejigs' S Asia - The Times of India”,
  • The latest issue of Anthropology and Medicine is a superb special issue titled "Towards an era of bureaucratically controlled medical compliance?" and guest edited by Somatosphere contributors Kalman Applbaum and Michael Oldani. Applbaum and. — “Somatosphere: Towards an era of bureaucratically controlled”,
  • Richard Helms, who died last week at age 89, was described by his biographer Thomas Powers as a "gentlemanly planner of assassinations." The epithet captured the essence of the former CIA director's style: socially correct, bureaucratically adept. — “The nasty career of CIA Director Richard Helms. - By”,

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  • or bureaucratically driven In either case it s wrong If it s politically driven it s inappropriate in a free society because even if it didn t affect the results of the next Page 3125 election it can be perceived to have an impact on the next election Who in our society most often don t get themselves on the list Poor people transients less educated
  • savings in cultivation and harvesting of the coffee crop Hawaii and Australia for example on account of very high labor costs have developed complete mechanized coffee production systems India can be described as bureaucratically challenged where different rules govern land use agriculture policies and many other aspects of live After independence the Land Reform Act
  • through the complicated process of getting permission to travel Bureaucratically it s difficult to get a child out of the country for medical care Clay explained Once in the United States the Ansteads met the girls in Maine and helped them get settled before surgery If there s good will and hope then lots of good
  • Administration and Management Costa Rica s National Park system falls bureaucratically under the control of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Ministerio de Ambiente y Energia
  • No that s not a giant satellite dish for TV starved soldiers in the field Instead it s the latest in the Pentagon s arsenal of so called nonlethal weapons The bureaucratically named
  • fe low at second hand smoke bureaucratically hazards of ETS In its haste to a tal1l se~r CAR Lr ZoisooEZOZ FLOREHCE MORNING NEYS DAILYrI $1NDAY sC 30 Sd$ 9UNDAY AUG 15 1993 43 cec
  • we are planning on the beach I just had to sign a contract and could finally leave After that no one in Austria can say anymore that our administratic offices work too bureaucratically
  • local government attempted to bureaucratically thwart the demonstration for the activists it was a jovial time and an opportunity for the voice of liberty to resound with magnificence Surprisingly the demonstration which lasted for hours halted the progress of the main artery of Tacoma inspired the participants and observes and had a police escort some twenty
  • Myflorida con they had a highly proper lye man designed up bureaucratically inland of prescott www peoplefirst myflorida com logon route they began to read the gear vehicle of kirsten gillibrand We become intersection listings algaecide materials animals ops articles
  • Random Images Violence non violence and the PAD s last battle NM Visitors
  • Random Images Sondhi Limthongkul takes the helm of the New Politics Party NM Visitors
  • revolution but they also warned that because the working class did not play the leading role what would emerge would be a bureaucratically deformed workers state The fall of Beiping By late 1948 the tide had turned The PLA captured the northern cities of Shenyang and Changchun and seized control of the Northeast after a hard campaign After a brutal six month siege of
  • By Ben Colmery MIA 2009 Now that the madness of the semester s end has set in and everyone is spinning in circles trying to avoid the bureaucratically dreadful INC or worse we are entering the season of The

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  • “By Heather Lynn Peters | Oceana County, with its pastoral fields brimming with asparagus and cherry trees, might seem an unlikely place for a ***age drug problem. But in this quiet area where the largest of five high schools will graduate”
    — Oceana County struggles with *** drug problem | ,

  • “Glocal Forum Founder Uri Savir Founded 2001, Zurich, SwitzerlandHeadquarters Rome, ItalyFocus Empowering local communitiesMethod City-to-city networkingWebsite The Glocal Forum is an international organization in the field of”
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  • “Return to blog. Running up the score? I don't think this coach should have been passing Now you're using "bureaucratically" in a negative way? You're not going Republican, are”
    — Running up the score? : News- : Greensboro & the, news-

  • “This blog is now out of date . The are your savings safe guide, has a special section, updated three times a day on all the it would probably be bureaucratically more difficult to get your”
    — Martin Lewis' Blog... | Icesave: how safe are your savings,

  • “: A comprehensive online resource center for senior finance executives. Daily stories include original reporting on new accounting standards, recent capital-raisings, risk management, and professonal career development as well as tools and”
    — CFO Blog - ,

  • “Christopher G. Moore 's Blog Chen Cao, a poet and T.S. Eliot translator bureaucratically assigned to be chief inspector, has to investigate the murder of Guan Hongying, a young woman celebrated as a National Model Worker, but who kept her personal life strictly and mysteriously confidential”
    — Christopher G. Moore 's Blog,

  • “KPIs in a Bureaucratically Parallel Universe - Windows Live Profile A Balanced Scorecard, Bu Photos Blog Lists More. Guestbook. SkyDrive. Tools. Send a private message. Subscribe to RSS feed”
    — KPIs in a Bureaucratically Parallel Universe - Windows Live,

  • “Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp. is financially compromised and bureaucratically unsound The Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) isn't just financially compromised.It is also bureaucratically unsound”
    — Noah Rosenblum's blog | Citizens for Responsibility and,

  • “Bureaucratically fragmented, awkward and slow, its administration is diffused over a haphazard and irrational structure covering at least four This "50 Weeks to 50 Years at USAID" blog theme will undoubtedly prove an effective means of reminding many”
    — USAID Impact " 50 Weeks to 50 Years at USAID – Week 1, blog.usaid.gov

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