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  • building n. Something that is built, as for human habitation; a structure. The act, process, art, or occupation of. — “building: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • 7450 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90036 323 930 9744 Get Make a Reservation Sunday – Wednesday: 8 am to 10 pm Thursday – Saturday: 8 am to 11 pm .2008-2009 BLD Restaurant | All Rights Reserved. — “Welcome to BLD Restaurant”,
  • If you live in unincorporated Miami-Dade County or the City of West Miami, the Miami-Dade County Building and Neighborhood Compliance Department will issue building permits. — “Miami-Dade County - Building and Neighborhood Compliance”,
  • Green Building provides knowledge and best practices on greening your building practices, developing your green business or project. David Johnston winner of the International SAM/SPG Sustainability Pioneer Award in 2007 has been training and. — “Green Building - Building the Future with Intention”,
  • BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC. - Building Systems The Building Systems business of the BASF Corporation believes in and supports the movement to improve not only the quality of new construction, but also the performance of our communities' existing building stock. — “BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC. - Building Systems”,
  • GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- The search for victims is over after a section of the Salvation Army Thrift Store building in downtown Grand Junction collapsed around 3:15 p.m. Friday. Friday, November 26, 2010. — “Update: No One Found in Collapsed Building - Local News Story”,
  • All the floors of the building are to go as it has no Coastal Regulatory Zone clearance. — “Adarsh building to be demolished - The Economic Times”,
  • CHICAGO (STMW) – A North Side man was found murdered in his Wrigleyville home on Thanksgiving Day. The man — identified by the Cook County Medical Examinerâ_ _ s office as 31-year-old Norberto Velez — was found [ ] News, Sports. — “Man Murdered In Wrigleyville Apartment Building " CBS Chicago”,
  • The UK's leading magazine for construction professionals featuring the latest news, features and intelligence from the Building industry. — “Construction industry news from the UK's leading construction”,
  • Milwaukee building inspectors are taking County Board President Lee Holloway to court to try to get him to clean up five properties he and his wife, Lynda, own. — “Holloway due in court over building code violations - JSOnline”,
  • A building and skybridge in Munich, Germany. In architecture, construction, engineering Buildings come in a wide amount of shapes and functions, and have been adapted throughout. — “Building - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Each day, the Daily Journal of Commerce collects building permits from a variety of Washington and Oregon building permits, Auburn building permits, Bainbridge Island building permits, Battle Ground building permits, Bellevue building permits,. — “Seattle DJC Newspaper - Construction - Building Permit Report”,
  • Canada's magazine for building professionals focusing on. — “Building”,
  • The city of Philadelphia, the National Park Service and the general march of urban disorder have pretty much messed up Independence Mall , the greensward that should be a centerpiece of this city's historic district. The Mall's. — “A building that respects the past and the present”,
  • Larimer County Building Department information page. — “Larimer County - Building Department”,
  • On one corner of Parrish and Corcoran streets stands the SunTrust tower - a building that Greenfire Development hopes to turn into a boutique hotel with millions of taxpayer dollars. — “Greenfire is letting building rot, Durham says - Business”,
  • City of Benicia California Official Web Site The codes intend to express reasonable minimum standards of construction upon the building public through a program of rigorous enforcement. — “City of Benicia, CA -- Building Division”,
  • Even though I've worked in the home-building business since I got out of school, having From my experience, natural building is more of a designing trend than a building trend. — “Home & Garden | What is 'natural' building? | Seattle Times”,
  • Editor's note: A version of this story previously appeared in the Valley West Close-Up community news section. Salt Lake Community College has begun construction on. — “SLCC building to relieve classroom space crunch | The Salt”,
  • Building codes and standards are the primary means by which building Building inspectors inspect the structural quality and general safety. — “Construction and Building Inspectors”,
  • Welcome to Light+Building 2012. The world's leading trade fair for Architecture and See the unique range of products and services for yourself at the next Light+Building in Frankfurt am Main from 15 to 20 April 2012!. — “Welcome to Light+Building 2012”, light-
  • {TAG_59447_TAG} Seven people were killed and another three injured after steel box girders used for building an overpass overturned Friday in east China's Nanjing City, capital of Jiangsu Province, according to Wang Desheng, deputy director of the city's publicity. — “Structures for building overpass overturn in east China city”,
  • Britain is awash with large commercial buildings whose façades have been tarted up with supposedly creative gubbins because planners encourage the so-called Per Cent For Art approach. We're not talking Anish Kapoor. Nine times out of ten, that 1. — “Paddington's Merchant Square building is a bit of a mind”,
  • Got a problem with your building project? Need a solution that has green building expert, challenges Building Teams to think big when it comes to. — “Building Design + Construction |”,

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  • Birch bark canoe building
  • Steve Vai / Building The Church / Where The Wild Things Are
  • Minecraft: Building a Starting House (Minecraft Tutorial) Click here to watch Your First Shelter in Minecraft (Tutorial Machinima) Minecraft: Building a Starting House (Minecraft Tutorial) My first Minecraft video on Machinima (link above) showed the basics of the game and how to survive your first night in a cave. This video shows you an alternate way to start: in your very own starter house! DIRECTOR'S TWITTER: DIRECTOR'S CHANNEL: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: FOR MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: Tags: yt:quality=high minecraft alpha Minecraft Alpha notch spider spiders skeleton skeletons zombie zombies lumber wood coal stone torch torches workbench crafting square pickaxe pick wood wooden stone shelter survival night machinima tutorial guide how to tips tricks
  • Minecraft + Kinect : Building Worlds! Using the data from the Kinect to create giant Minecraft statues, and then animate them! Music by Project information at:
  • What's He Building? From Tom Waits' album "Mule Variations" (1999).
  • Building Custom Bicycles in New York City Rocketboom NYC Correspondent Ella Morton interviews Josh Hadar about his hand sculpted custom bicycles
  • Lego domino row building machine A domino row building machine out of Lego Technic. Uses wooden dominoes that I made.
  • Building Watson - A Brief Overview of the DeepQA Project David Ferrucci of IBM discusses the DeepQA Project; the technology and architecture behind IBM's newest technological innovation, the question answering and natural language processing system, Watson. Visit for more information.
  • Building the Go-Kart (High School Senior Project Video) (Music By Juno Reactor) The first video thats related to this is the entire video. this is just a demo. heres the Specs: This project was done for a graduating grade at my high school. the grade on it was a 98% and i got a 95 on my speech (which was 12 minutes long.) this was the video i showed during my presentation. this project took a total of 2 to 3 months of work, and i started with ordering a set of go-kart plance from Don's DIY Den (.) The go-kart was origionally designed for a 5 horsepower motor, but i put in a monster 18 horsepower twin cylinder motor. it wasnt the BEST idea because the ngine is on the side and it is kind of off weight. other than that and the crappy breaks, there are no real problems with it. The frame used mostly .095" one inch square tubing, and for the braces and brackets, i used 1/4" sheet metal. All of the parts in which i did not build or find from friends, i obtained from northern tool (.) some parts like the front wheels and steering wheel, i got from friends or yard sales. i got the engine from my stepbrother Tony moore who i thank dearly. the engine is $1400 brand new. it was used in Iraq to power a giant frige. tony bought it to grind up horse poop. and i got it for free. This thing started up the first pull and yes, i know the mixure is off, but once we got this thing working, it topped out at about 50 MPH, andhad real nice handling. not that great of a turning radious, but good handling. the clutch was ...
  • A Message From Bob McIlvaine . Join NYC CAN's coordinated effort to help the New York City Council learn about the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. Go to to sign on to be among thousands calling and faxing the New York City Council to make them aware of WTC 7.
  • Killer Mike - God In The Building Killer Mike - I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind 2
  • 9/11 Truth: What Happened to Building 7 Documentary explains what really happened to building #7. Please Visit for the truth about what's really going on....Do it for the United States, Do it for the world. Note: The ratings for this video have been manipulated by youtube. There were well over 3000 likes on this video 3 years ago when the video had only 100000 views.
  • Dente - Baby Building .
  • The Tallest Building in the World - Burj Dubai! / Burj Khalifa Middle East I went to the Burj Dubai (now known as the Burj Khalifa) and filmed the construction and then again six months later. Connect me on Facebook! 66 to 124 floors in six months! The Burj Dubai tower is designed to be the centerpiece of a large-scale, mixed-use development that will include 30000 homes, nine hotels, 6 acres of parkland, 19+ residential towers, the Dubai Mall, and a large man-made lake. The complete 500 acre development will cost about $20 billion dollars (US). Once completed, the tower will cover a total of over 22 million square feet of development. The official height of the Burj Dubai is kept secret because of international competition, but current estimates have it rising to a height in excess of 2600 feet. Some estimate that it will be 189 floors or so - it is to be the tallest building in the world. Recently, the construction site already surpassed height needed to make it (uncompeted) the second tallest building in the world. The Burj Dubai is located in Dubai which is a city in the emirate of Dubai, part of the United arab Emirates in the Gulf region of the Middle East. Comments by Bruce Fenton Please note - the NASD is now known as FINRA
  • Building Megaobjects in Minecraft This is the beginning framework of the Enterprise - D in Minecraft ----- I didn't think this would go viral so quickly! It's not even done and on top of that, the Minecraft servers are down so I can't put it up... Some quick answers to some questions. Thanks for all the warm kudos. I'll take some time to tell you guys about how I made the ship and what my plans are for it. I've always wanted to make a 1:1 scale model of the Enterprise-D. Even when I was a kid, I thought how cool it would be to build the ship and live in it. One project I embarked on about a year ago was to build a 1:1 scale model of the enterprise in Sketchup. I got pretty far too. Sadly, my hard drive blew and I lost six months of work. The only thing I had was my original framework and It was just too painful to start over. One of the things that was not lost was the deck plans and a nice computer-friendly vector format, converted from the Whitefire plans (Not the Okuda ones). The plans are pretty rough, but workable. One day I need to go through and clean them up. The Minecraft world uses 1m^3 blocks, ans so, I simply converted my already scaled plans into a format that minecraft could take and imported each deck in batch, leaving 4 spaces in between for walls The original Enterprise is 642.5 Meters x 467.0 Meters x 137.5 Meters. This is about 3m per deck. Sadly, with the 1m deck you have to walk on, that only leaves 2m left over for hallway space. As your character is only 1.7m tall, you will be ...
  • Help Put This Ad On Air - Go to Go to - This 30-second ad will appear on TV screens all over New York City. Every $400 raised will allow 10000 more New Yorkers to see the collapse of Building 7 for the first time.
  • Le Building Le Building - a short animated movie
  • Building a House in Sketchup It is a video of the rendering of a house created in Sketchup. This was a part of a project I did in my CAD class my junior year of high school.
  • #1000 - Building A KICKASS Gaming Rig 2 CHECK PRICES: 3 "Building A KICKASS Gaming Rig 2 video shows how to install computer hardware including performance results. Watch the Video to find out more..." ~http Also, visit:
  • Criss Angel - Flying from building to building (Levitation) Criss Angel floats from building to building in front of his camera crew.
  • Animation - Building a Formula 1 Car An unique experience from the perspective of the RB5, this clip offers rare pictures of the genesis of a racing car, the teams interaction, the emotional components between driver and car as well as the anticipation of an enthralling new Formula One season: its time to go racing again.
  • Looptroop Rockers - The Building "The Building" is the first single from the new album "Good Things" that will be released on April 23. Looptroop Rockers have worked with Rakaa Iriscience of the Dilated Peoples, Cunninglynguists, Timbuktu, Adam Tensta, Mapei, Lazee, Allyawan, Alibi and Svante Lodén of Damn! for this album. Go get it when it hits the stores.
  • building projections
  • The Onion: Yankees Building Vacation Stadium In The Hamptons The new facility will be an intimate beachfront stadium where the Yankees can go to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.
  • Alan Wake Building Thriller Trailer [HD] Click Here to Watch the Alan Wake Waking Nightmare X10 Trailer: Alan Wake Building a Thriller Trailer [HD] Developer: Remedy Entertainment Release: 5/18/2010 Genre: Action/Adventure Platform: X360/PC Publisher: Microsoft Website: Alan Wake, a bestselling writer, hasnt managed to write anything in over two years. Now his wife, Alice, brings him to the idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. But when she vanishes without a trace, Wake finds himself trapped in a nightmare. Word by word, his latest work, a thriller he cant even remember writing, is coming true before his eyes. Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: Alan Wake Building a Thriller Trailer [HD] machinima videogame videogames video game xbox 360 xbox360 microsoft studios pc steam computer windows live xbla remedy entertainment writer wife cold case trace nightmare book novel psychological action thriller survival horror yt:quality=high
  • Explosive Demolition- 2002 Best Building Implosions Video from Jan 2003 Int'l Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE) conference in Las Vegas. It is one of four such "year end highlight videos" produced by Protec/Implosionworld for the annual conference between 1999 & 2003. Approximately 70 implosions from 2002 are seen through our photographer's unique persective... which sometimes involved losing a few cameras. Unfortunately the ISEE eventually alienated the structural blasting component of the society, so these highlight videos were discontinued. Implosionworld's footage is now mostly seen on Discovery Channel and Nat Geo documentaries, etc. NOTE: 9/11 conspiracy folks & politicos save your time, this is not your forum. All 'truther' comments will be removed & accts blocked. Just enjoy the video.... . .
  • Web 2.0 Expo NY: Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library), Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape. Note: This presentation contains adult language.
  • Building Rome's Colosseum Discover the engineering secrets behind Rome's Colosseum. Engineering the Impossible: The Colosseum : SUN JUNE 24 9P et/pt
  • Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery Music video by Sarah McLachlan performing Building A Mystery. (C) 2004 RCA/JIVE Label Group, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment
  • A Grand Day Out: Building A Rocket Wallace and Gromit embark on a spot of unusual DIY - building a rocket to take them both to the moon!
  • New World's Tallest Building - the Burj Dubai (Burj Khalifa) My personal website: --- Introducing the "Burj Dubai". Completed in January 2010, it has overtaken Taipei 101 to become the new World's Tallest Building. It stands over half a mile high, with 160 storeys. That's like stacking 2 Empire State Buildings on top of each other. In this video from 2007, Matt Rogers takes a look inside the unfinished building including a view from the 137th floor. If you love skyscrapers and architecture then visit http and Burj Dubai thread
  • Building Stonehenge - This Man can Move Anything Wally Wallington has demonstrated that he can lift a Stonehenge-sized pillar weighing 22000 lbs and moved a barn over 300 ft. What makes this so special is that he does it using only himself, gravity, and his incredible ingenuity.
  • How to use the building grid - Second Life Video TuTORial More info @ SecondLife video tutorials communicate practical info in a fun & fast fashion! Whether you're a newcomer or experienced Resident, you'll benefit from this enjoyable mix of topics showcasing our online world of Second Life. Like this? Share it with your friends & family! "VIRTUAL EDUCATION, REAL RESULTS."
  • Building a Shelter - Ray Mears Extreme Survival - BBC Ray Mears shows us how to make a strong shelter in wet forest, and the right and wrong ways to strike a match.
  • Ark Hotel Construction time lapse building 15 storeys in 2 days visit: for more information Level 9 Earthquake Resistance: diagonal bracing structure, light weight, steel construction, passed level 9 earthquake resistance testing 6x Less Material: even though the construction materials are much lighter(250kg/m2) than the traditional materials(over 1500kg/m2), the floors and walls are solid with surefootedness, airtight and sound-proofing 5x Energy Efficient: 150mm thermal insulation for walls and roofs, triple glazed plastic windows, external solar shading, heat insulation, fresh air heat recovery, LED lighting, yearly HAVC A/C energy consumption equivalent to 7 liters oil. 20x Purification: after 3 levels of purification, the purification efficiency for fresh air reaches 95%-99.9%; air exchanged 1-2.5 times per hour, and indoor air is 20x cleaner than out door air 1% Construction Waste: all components are factory made, construction waste, mainly package materials, result from on site set-up only and amount to 1% of the total weight of the building. This is the first building in human history which combines almost all environmental friendly, comfortable and secure elements. So, we call it: Sustainable Building
  • Building the World Trade Center and Twin Towers - 1 of 2 This documentary was made in 1983 by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (Part 1 of 2). It contains footage of when the twin towers were constructed from the mid 60's through early 70's. 20 World Trade Center Facts at 01-Apr-2002 - Courtesy of Carl Taylor, more at... 1. The WTC opened in 1970 after 8 years of construction. 2. The WTC was the dream of David Rockefeller, chairman of the Chase Manhattan Bank, and Nelson Rockefeller, former Governor of New York. 3. The Rockefellers wanted to name the towers after themselves, but the mayor of NY, John Lindsay, insisted on the World Trade Center. 4. The City chose to build the WTC instead of building a new tunnel and large bridge over the Hudson River. 5. The World Trade Center was designed by architect Minoura Yamasaki. 6. According to Yamasaki, downtown Manhattan was the perfect place to erect the towers because there wasn't "a single building worth saving in the neighborhood." 7. Owners of nearby buildings disagreed, and delayed demolition by three weeks with their protests. 8. Six*** blocks were cleared to house the completed WTC. 9. More than 10000 workers involved in building the complex. 10. More than 60 of them died during construction. 11. The excavation work displaced enough soil to create Liberty Park, where four 60-floor towers and four apartment buildings were constructed. *** Please note "Fact 11" is disputed - YT member "opusbeme" claims it should read Battery Park City !! *** 12 ...
  • Looptroop Rockers - The Building. LTR x PSL The building
  • Building and setting an arapuca live bird trap PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE POSTING QUESTIONS This trap is common in Brazil and can be made quickly without tools and only using material on hand. It will result in the live capture of a bird. TIPS ON TRAPPING Trapping is a numbers game. The more traps you have set the better your chances of catching game. In practice trappers here will set 10 to 20 arapuca traps baited with the correct bait for the target species and set in locations where the birds have been observed feeding. This trap is normally used for ground feeding birds that eat seeds or fruit. The arapuca when set by an experienced trapper will have about a 10 - 20% success rate. That is the reality of trapping. That means if you have ten of them set in good locations you can expect one bird a day. Twenty traps will net you one or two birds a day, three if you are lucky. I have caught multiple dove in one arapuca, it can happen in a good location. With over 100000 views from all over the world it would be impossible to give specific information regarding bait or trap placement. One tactic that greatly increases effectiveness is to establish a feeding ground for the local birds by placing feed or bait in the same place and allowing the birds to come regularly for feeding. Set several traps propped up but not armed allowing the birds to get accustomed to feeding under them and leaving. The first time you arm the traps you will net several birds if they are accustomed to feeding under an arapuca. The trap works if you ...
  • Building 7 - Gone in 7 - WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11 !! www.northtexas911 ~ WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11: Building 7 - Gone in 7 ~ Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 11th 2009, for a landmark, all day event entitled "WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11: Building 7 - Gone in 7". A vast array of the very best documentary films will be screened in different theatres throughout the entire day. There will be 9/11 exhibits, special guest presentations, scientific articles, government documents, and experts on hand for Q&A. Special guests include Lt Col Bob Bowman, one of the country's foremost authorities on national security and past director of the Star Wars Program. Expect to see tons of compelling, explosive film and video footage which most Americans have never seen, due to a virtual media blackout. Expect to find out "WHAT YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW ABOUT 9/11". - With your DAY PASS, 'Come and Go' from 10am-10pm to the Film Theatres of your choice. Dont miss this dynamic event held at the Conference Center which is located at the Spring Creek Campus of Collin County Community College in Plano, TX. For more information visit www.711911 or www.building7 *There are ONLY 3 engineers in the country who support the government's story about the collapse of the 3 World Trade Center buildings...and their pay hinges upon the government. However, there are more than 650 INDEPENDENT "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" who have put their reputations on the line by ...
  • Building Demolition Fail For more, visit

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