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  • The Bufflehead Birder. July 1, 2010. Trees of Mordor and the Jungle. Filed under: Main Posts — Tags: Eastern forests, Mariton Wildlife Sanctuary, Natural Lands Trust, Northern Cardinal, Pennsylvania jungle, Pileate Woodpecker, Riegelsville Hotel. — “The Bufflehead Birder”,
  • The Bufflehead Bucephala albeola is Canada's smallest diving duck. Strikingly patterned in black and white, and constantly active, it attracts attention out of proportion to its relatively Buffleheads are compactly built birds, with males, or drakes, averaging 450 g in weight and females about 340. — “Hinterland Who's Who - Bufflehead”, hww.ca
  • Description of bird habitat, behavior, diet, migration patterns, conservation status, and nesting. Washington's smallest diving duck, the Bufflehead, is easily distinguished from other ducks. — “Bufflehead - BirdWeb”,
  • The Bufflehead is the smallest diving or sea duck in North America. The name buffalo head or "bufflehead" is a direct reference to the duck's large-headed appearance. The Bufflehead is a diver and unlike other diving ducks can take flight from water without having to run along the surface. — “Bufflehead Duck”, coveside.biz
  • Bufflehead (female) The name Bufflehead is a combination of buffalo and head, referring to the oddly bulbous head shape of the species.[4] This is most noticeable when the male puffs out the feathers on the head, thus greatly increasing the apparent size of the head. — “Bufflehead - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Definition of bufflehead in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bufflehead. Pronunciation of bufflehead. Translations of bufflehead. bufflehead synonyms, bufflehead antonyms. Information about bufflehead in the free online English dictionary and. — “bufflehead - definition of bufflehead by the Free Online”,
  • The bufflehead, Bucephala albeola, is a small, chunky, energetic diving duck that winters on the Bay's open waters and on lakes, ponds and rivers in the Bay watershed. — “Bufflehead - Bay Field Guide - Chesapeake Bay Program”,
  • Bufflehead: Small diving duck, mostly white with glossy green-black to purple-black head and back. Head has large white patch behind eye. The wings are dark with white patches visible in flight. Feeds on aquatic plant seeds and insects, larvae,. — “Bufflehead - ”,
  • Bufflehead Web Design is a full-service web site design and web development studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Web services include web site design, web application development, web hosting and web master support. — “Minneapolis Web Site Design Studio : Bufflehead Web Design”,
  • The chunky little Bufflehead is the smallest diving duck native to North America. The common name Bufflehead is a corruption of the original name Buffalo Head, a reference to the disproportionately large domed. — “Bufflehead Fact Sheet - National Zoo| FONZ”, nationalzoo.si.edu
  • North American waterfowl hunting management. Duck, goose and swan hunting regulations. A collaborative effort of waterfowl biologists across the continent. The Bufflehead is one of the smallest of the sea duck group. — “Bufflehead”, flyways.us
  • Buffleheads are small black and white diving ducks with small gray bills. Buffleheads have dark brown eyes. They only weigh an average of 272-635 g (9.6-22.42 ounces) and are about 32-40 cm (13-16 in) in length. Male and female buffleheads look very distinct with males having dark heads with a white. — “Bufflehead”, birdhouses101.com
  • Bufflehead definition, a small North American duck, Bucephala albeola, the male of which has bushy head plumage. See more. — “Bufflehead | Define Bufflehead at ”,
  • . — “”,
  • Hugh Horton in his Bufflehead, single reefed gunter at Cedar Key '08. Bufflehead is a 21st century, cruising sailing canoe for the experienced sailor. Bufflehead's shape and systems are complex---this is not quick & dirty' boatbuilding. — “Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply”,
  • bufflehead ( ) n. A small North American diving duck (Bucephala albeola) having black and white plumage and a densely feathered, rounded head. — “bufflehead: Definition from ”,
  • Adult male Bufflehead. Description. The bufflehead is the smallest Buffleheads have a rapid. wingbeat, and usually fly low over. water but high over land. — “Bufflehead”,
  • Facts, photos and identification information on the Bufflehead duck. — “Bufflehead”,
  • Bufflehead Ducks: Comprehensive information on this bird species, including origin, distribution and range, physical description and photos, diet and feeding, breeding and courtship behavior. — “Bufflehead Ducks: Species information and Photos”,
  • A dynamic little sea-duck, the Bufflehead is exciting to watch for both birdwatcher and aviculturist alike. Less gregarious than most other sea-duck species, Buffleheads tend to migrate and winter in small flocks of under 50 in number. — “BUFFLEHEAD DUCKS”,
  • The bufflehead is the smallest diving duck in North America. It is 11-15 inches in length with a wingspan of 22 inches and usually weighs less than a pound. The male has a white chest, belly, and sides. He has a black back and a black head with a. — “Bufflehead - Bucephala albeola”,
  • Kennebunkport Maine bed & breakfast,secluded, romantic, waterfront,inn, kennebunkport lodging, Bufflehead Cove Inn. — “Kennebunkport bed and breakfast inn, Maine, waterfront”,
  • Buffleheads at Hills Beach is Biddeford's Only Seaside Dining! Delicious views from every window – great specials and homemade desserts every day!. — “Buffleheads - at Hills beach Home Page”,
  • The breeding population of Bufflehead extends across North America's boreal forest and aspen parkland with wintering grounds occurring along both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. Bufflehead are found breeding across boreal North America from interior Alaska to western. — “Bufflehead”, sfu.ca
  • Learn how to identify Bufflehead, its life history, cool facts, sounds and calls, and watch videos. The smallest diving duck in North America, the Bufflehead breeds in ponds and small lakes in Canada, and winters in much of the United States. It. — “Bufflehead, Identification, All About Birds - Cornell Lab of”,

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  • “I first became aware of the male Bufflehead Mega' when I read Steve's associated Blog entry whilst at sea on DAUNTLESS. and I was rewarded with good although distant views of the male Bufflehead that remained in company with a female Goldeneye”
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  • “Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. People use Facebook to keep up with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, post links and videos, and learn more about the”
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  • “The stunning drake bufflehead has always eluded me, my mini-Moby duck. I see them often and always have a hard time moving the binoculars away from”
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  • “ Photo Index Items Tagged: bufflehead. . Random Image. Date: 12/18/2007 Views: 60. Advanced Search. RSS Feeds Tags: bird, birding, ontario, toronto, humber view park east, 2008, March, humber bay park east, bufflehead”
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