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  • Get broadband from #0163;6.99 per month plus cheap calls to local, national & International landline phones with our call & broadband deals. — “Build your own broadband and phone package with TalkTalk”,
  • Join Sky Broadband for free up to 20Mb broadband. Reliable speeds and great broadband offers - take Sky Broadband with or without Sky TV. — “Sky Broadband - Broadband and Wireless Offers - Join or”,
  • Broadband enables American businesses, workers and communities to think big and grow bigger. Broadband investment will help America lead the world in educational innovation by supporting 21st century teaching and learning both in the classroom and outside of it. — “The National Broadband Plan: Connecting America”,
  • All Americans should have affordable access to robust and reliable broadband products and services. Regulatory policies must promote technological neutrality, competition, investment, and innovation to ensure that broadband service providers have. — “FCC Strategic Goals: Broadband”,
  • Compare broadband plans from 3, iiNet, Internode, Netspace (merged with iiNet), Optus, Telstra BigPond, TPG, TransACT, Virgin Mobile, vividwireless, Vodafone, Westnet. Compare ADSL, ADSL2+, Cable, Wireless and Mobile broadband plans and deals. — “Compare Broadband Plans - SMH”, .au
  • Discount pricing and services from residential and business providers worldwide. Services include DSL, cable Internet, T1, T3, OC-x, VPN, and colocation. — “”,
  • Offers Australian home broadband, mobile, and wireless broadband comparison, guides, news, and deals. — “Broadband Expert”, .au
  • Look up broadband in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. The term broadband refers to a telecommunications signal of greater bandwidth, in some sense, than another standard or usual signal (and the broader the band, the greater the capacity for traffic). — “Broadband - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Find everything you need to know about Streamyx at www.ez-. Streamyx Blockbuster Deals 2MB - RM130; 4MB - RM140Streamyx Blockbuster Deals; Streamyx Combo now with [email protected] Online Registration; Promotions; Packages; Useful. — “Streamyx - Portal for your broadband solution. Streamyx 4MB”, ez-
  • Looking at the market for great deals on broadband? Look through Pocket-lint's news, reviews surrounding broadband including Virgin Media and mobile broadband. — “Latest Broadband news, reviews, photos and video - Pocket-lint”, pocket-
  • Directory of business broadband internet solutions. Review providers of broadband internet services. Broad band internet companies offer many high speed internet options, including satellite broadband internet and wireless broadband internet. — “Broadband Internet Service: High Speed Internet | ”,
  • Broadband card - 5,637 results from 735 stores, including Verizon Wireless Novatel USB760 Modem Broadband Brand New Card, HP un2420 EV-DO/HSPA Mobile Broadband Module - wireless cellular modem, Searches related to Refurb. Cisco 1-port ADSL Over. — “Broadband card - Shop sales, stores & prices at ”,
  • broadband ( ) adj. Of, relating to, or having a wide band of electromagnetic frequencies: a broadband network. — “broadband: Definition from ”,
  • Broadband made better. Superfast broadband, unlimited downloads and free award winning UK based customer service available 24/7. — “O2 | Broadband | Giving You Choice, Value and Support”, broadband.o2
  • DSL, Satellite and Cable Internet Cost in seconds. High-Speed Internet for your Home or Business. Best Prices for Broadband and DSL Internet Service. DSL Service and High Speed Internet Cost including Cable Broadband Access and Satellite Internet for Business and Residential DSL Providers. — “DSL Service, Cable & Satellite - Cheap Internet Providers”,
  • It's not just small shops like John Kinnucan's Broadband Research which have been put out of business merely because they're being investigated by the FBI. Multi-billion-dollar hedge funds are faltering too: the latest to suffer devastating. — “Concept:Broadband Technologies”,
  • Broadband Zip- Get Power and Bandwidth Bandwidth with ZIP using Broadband, T1, DS3, DSL, and VPN Service Provider. Choose from AT&T, MCI, SBC, Qwest and More. — “Broadband Net- Broadband with ZIP - Broadbandz - T1 Line”,
  • Broadband Internet access, often shortened to "broadband Internet" or just "broadband" is a high data-transmission rate Internet connection. Broadband Internet access became a rapidly developing market in many areas in the early 2000s; one study found that broadband Internet usage in the. — “Broadband Internet - Definition”,
  • Broadband definition, of, pertaining to, or responsive to a continuous, wide range of frequencies. See more. — “Broadband | Define Broadband at ”,
  • This page describes the term broadband and lists other pages on the Web where you can find additional information. — “What is broadband? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia”,
  • Broadband is a term that is used consistently with different types of internet connections. Generally, it is referred to Internet connections over fiber optic cables rather than telephone lines. — “Broadband”, tech-
  • A common one in the CPU world harkens back to the world of Broadband; people want to know what it is, what's involved and how they learn more. Broadband refers to telecommunication where a wide band of frequencies is transmitting information. — “Narrow To Broad”,
  • Definition of broadband in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of broadband. Pronunciation of broadband. Translations of broadband. broadband synonyms, broadband antonyms. Information about broadband in the free online English dictionary and. — “broadband - definition of broadband by the Free Online”,

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  • Navico Broadband Radar Technology Revolutionary new radar technology from Navico, providing crystal-clear images, closer zoom ranges, and no radiation hazard.
  • Be Broadband speedtest [HD] I've just migrated to Be Broadband (), and a friend asked "how fast is it?" - what better way to show than by filming a test on . It's also given me a chance to try out uploading a video to YouTube at around three times faster than I've previously been able to! Since filming the ADSL sync rate has risen nearer to the full 24meg. I'm also hoping to get the Upload Plus enabled next week which will allow for faster upload speeds.
  • BE Broadband: Matt' s House "Tweaking Router" Find out more tips at BE Broadband presents "Tweaking Router", the first in the Matt's House series, a string of guides covering 3 key areas of your broadband that can be tweaked without technical expertise to improve the speed of any broadband connection: router setup, internal home wiring and use of the master socket. The master socket is often where the DSL line (telephone line) enters your premises. You should use this one for your internet connection. All other sockets are likely to run off an extension from the master socket, the less cable the signal has to travel down the stronger it is liable to be.
  • Computer Dictionary - Broadband vs Dialup - A plain English explanation of the computer terms dialup vs broadband, and why it may be a mistake if you're still on dialup.
  • The truth about Broadband over Power Lines - BPL The truth about Broadband over Power Lines - BPL by K4GVT : www.k4
  • Lecture - 1 Introduction to Broadband Networks Lecture Series on Broadband Networks by Prof.Karandikar , Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay. For more details on NPTEL visit
  • Broadband Show 2009 Taipei: M Tube Android MID M-Tube Android MID steps into the living room looking to share multimedia between the M Tube & your TV. The M-Tube is based on an ARM Processor with a 7.6" display.
  • Lowrance Broadband Sounder-1 Lowrance Broadband Sounder-1 is the future in sonar technology. Here the opinions of George Poveromo, Shaw Grigsby and Bill Dance on the new Lowrance Broadband Sounder-1.
  • It's About Time It's About Time. The new One Night Only video.
  • Belkin N Wireless Gigabit Broadband Router Review If you have cable broadband and you want a cost effective router to share your connection wirelessly, or wired, then check out this review of the Belkin N Wireless Gigabit Broadband Router. Check out more great reviews on my YouTube Channel: or the main website
  • Neelie Kroes on EU broadband strategy European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes speaks at the European parliament about the EU Commission's vision for a broadband strategy
  • OTE Broadband (Translated from Greek to English) An ad by OTE (Greek Telecommunications Organization) concerning it's broadband services. Two things: 1) I really liked the concept of the ad, 2) This was my first attempt at subtitling and I think it produced a good result (original video by user f50gr2) (more)
  • JSL Broadband
  • Cable vs DSL: A Broadband Comparison Every wonder whether to choose DSL or Cable? Well, there's no easy answer. learn more at
  • The Broad Band - Internet Killed The Video Star The Broad Band Internet Killed The Video Star
  • Marlee Matlin's Remarks at FCC Hearing on Broadband Access for People With Disabilities The FCC held this field hearing at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC on November 6, 2009 as part of its effort to gather information from experts and consumers for the development of a National Broadband Plan. Among those on the first panel was Academy Award-winning actress Marlee Matlin, who is the spokesperson for the National Association of the Deaf for accessible broadband services and Internet media. (Public Domain)
  • Direct Satellite TV │ Broadband Satellite - -How to Position a Direct TV Satellite Dish If you are putting up a Direct TV satellite dish yourself, you have to know how to position the satellite dish so that you get the best possible signal. Positioning the dish is actually very easy to do if you have two people. One will be in the house in front of the TV and the other will be outside positioning the dish. STEP 1 Turn on the TV after the Direct TV cable box is hooked up to the TV. Use the remote to access the set up channel. STEP 2 Click on the "Set Up" menu. This will take you to another screen with a list. STEP 3 Click on the box called "Installation." This will take you to a screen that displays the satellite signal. Arrow down to the button that is called "Position" and click it. STEP 4 Write down the information you are given on this page. You will be given the "Elevation" number. You will move the dish to the approximate elevation using the markings on the side of the mounting bracket holding the Direct TV dish. The Azimuth is also displayed on this page. This is the compass direction that is based on zero. It will give you north, south, east and west degrees for your location. STEP 5 Close the page and return to the signal page. Have someone inside watching the signal as you take the Azimuth. Rotation and Elevation numbers outside to position the dish. As you are moving the dish, the person inside will see the signal strength appear on the screen. STEP 6 Move the dish very slowly ...
  • Huawei E220 in Dovado USB Mobile Broadband Router, UMR Huawei E220 (E226, E170, E172, E169G, E270 models are supported as well) HSDPA modem inserted with help of Y-shaped USB cable for full power coming out of Dovado USB Mobile Broadband Router (UMR). More info on
  • LG 50PS80 50-Inch 1080p Plasma Broadband HDTV Review LG 50PS80 50-Inch 1080p Plasma Broadband HDTV Review •Plasma HDTV features NetCast Entertainment Access to stream movies, TV shows and video, news, stock and weather updates to your TV directly •THX Display Certification delivers exceptional video images and true sounds •600Hz sub-field driving refresh rate technology for realistic movement in sports and movie actions •1080p Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080p with 3x HDMI v 1.3 digital inputs with swivel stand •Mega contrast ratio of 2 million to 1 provides sharper image quality Why Plasma? Plasma displays generate their own light to produce a stunning contrast ratio and smoother, crisper, high-motion video. This is one reason why some consumers prefer plasma displays to LCDs for watching sports and action movies. Plasma displays are also known for their deep, rich blacks, and incredibly precise colors, making them ideal for watching movies—where dark scenes are more common. What's in the Box? LG PS80 Plasma HDTV, Remote control, Owner's Manual best deals on LG 50PS80 50-Inch 1080p Plasma Broadband HDTV Best price LG 50PS80 50-Inch 1080p Plasma Broadband HDTV LG 50PS80 LG 50PS80 reviews LG 50PS80 review LG 50PS80ed LG 50PS80fd LG 50PS80br LG 50PS80 price LG 50PS80 best buy LG 50PS80 plasma LG 50PS80 plasma hdtv LG 50PS80 full hd 1080p LG 50PS80 50 inch plasma LG 50PS80 comparison with LG 50PS60 refurbished LG 50PS80 used LG 50PS80 LG 50PS80 ratings LG 50PS80 user opinions buy LG 50PS80 The LG 50PS80 Plasma ...
  • How to Improve Your Broadband Speeds 2009 How to Improve Your Broadband Speeds. This video has now been superceeded. To view the 2010 version, follow this link:
  • Kroes wants broadband Internet for all Europeans by 2013 European Commissioner Neelie Kroes (Digital Agenda) on Monday presented plans for a common EU approach on ultra-fast broadband and mobile networks. She announced that the European Commission has adopted a Recommendation indicating to national telecoms regulators how they should regulate third-party competitive access to ultra-fast fibre networks (also known as 'next generation access' -- NGA -- networks) that bring high-speed broadband connections to homes and workplaces. Regulators should apply the new guidance in their daily decision making as soon as the text has been published in the EU's Official Journal. Under the telecoms Framework Directive (2002/21/EC) they are obliged to take "utmost account of the Commission's Recommendation, justifying any departure from it. The Recommendation provides regulatory clarity to telecom operators, ensuring an appropriate balance between the need to encourage investment and the need to safeguard competition. It will help to stimulate investment in competitive high-speed broadband networks, which is a key objective of the Commission's Digital Agenda for Europe and Europe 2020 strategy. The Recommendation forms part of a package of broadband measures.
  • Broadband Revolution Although the US once led the world in Internet deployment and innovation, our nation continues to plummet in international rankings in terms of broadband adoption, speeds and costs. As a result, there is growing support for an affirmative national broadband policy to promote more affordable and ubiquitous access to high-bandwidth connectivity. Since 2001, the e-NC Authority of North Carolina has been at the forefront of state efforts to promote availability and adoption of broadband, particularly in rural and distressed urban areas. The e-NC Authority provides a vital state-level view of what it will take to make this essential 21st Century infrastructure available and affordable for all. At this forum the e-NC Authority will release and present a major white paper, prepared by the Baller Herbst Law Group, that comprehensively examines trends and issues in broadband deployment, including: * The growing benefits of broadband to economic development, education, health care, public safety, telework, urban revitalization, and environmental sustainability, and other key areas of American life; * Broadband deployment efforts in leading Asian and European nations and how they differ from the US approach; * The level of bandwidth capacity that will be sufficient to enable America to thrive in the emerging knowledge-based global economy; * How national, state and local broadband strategies can contribute to America's success; * And policy recommendations to help North Carolina and ...
  • LG 42LH50 42" LCD Broadband HDTV Tap into internet content easily and seamlessly with LGs first TV series with NetCast™ Entertainment Access. Easy set up and use with the Yahoo! Widget system as well as other LG content providers such as Netflix, YouTube and Vudu. Stream movies, TV shows and videos with Netflix, YouTube, Vudu and get up to the minute news, stock information and weather updates with Yahoo! Widgets directly to your TV without a computer. Simply connect a broadband source through the built-in Ethernet port and grab your remote.
  • Advertising Intel video for Wimax broadband internet on air This is a commercial video from Intel that advertises for Wimax internet via air. I am in no relation to the firm. Intel is a trademark. Do not use the video for commercial matters, but just to inform yourself.
  • Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330 Broadband Smartphone Review reviews the Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330. Overall a great business oriented (email and texting are fantastic) phone that also has some basic media features as well.
  • JESUIT - gadget @TTS -Ep12- Sprint Mobile Broadband Service This week on 'gadget' we take Sprint's EV-DO Mobile Broadband Service for a test drive around California and Nevada. With promised speeds of 400k to 1.5Mbps, the Sprint MBS might be just the thing for the business traveller or the uberGeek on the go. You can find more episodes in high resolution at
  • Phone Jacker - Broadband guy Trying to sell Broadband to a stoned lad.
  • BT Traffic Managed broadband vs. BE Unlimited Broadband Test performed at 6:51pm on 28th Jan 2010. For months I have been frustrated by the performance with downloading Flash Player on BT Internet. Today I finally got a chance to test them side by side and record the results. For your interest, the same test performed earlier in the day at 2:30pm (not peak time) resulted in the full line speed on the BT line. Just in the evening when traffic management kicks in, performance for p2p and (as you see) even legitimate downloads becomes terrible!
  • Satellite broadens broadband's horizons High speed internet is becoming more and more of a necessity wherever you may find yourself, be it in the middle of nowhere or in a fast-moving train. Now, you can always stay online if your connection goes through Space. Satellite Internet - a universal and efficient way to access the Web - is explained this week in "Space"....
  • MobilityPass 3G Mobile Broadband SIM Card - Connect in over 120 countries with over 220 carriers with one 3G mobile broadband SIM card from MobilityPass. Centralized live billing, encrypted, secure and fast international internet access with no contract to sign and no monthly payments.
  • Yes We Canberra! | The Coalition's Broadband Policy | Wednesdays, 9.45pm ABC1 The Chaser's YES WE CANBERRA! has a message for the Coalition's proposed National Broadband Network -- for the future of the country don't miss it -- it's faster than dial-up! YES WE CANBERRA! -- 9.45pmWednesdays ABC1 -- repeated on ABC2 at 9.15pm on Thursdays. .au
  • AT&T Wireless Broadband Review - AT&T Wireless Broadband (Mobile Broadband) service gets 3 out of 5 stars. Ratings are based on cost, speed, coverage, reliability, and customer service.
  • Be Broadband A look at Be Broadband's Technology
  • UPC Fiber Power 90 Mbps Broadband Internet New youtubie account:
  • Buffalo Wireless-N NFiniti Broadband Router and Access Point WHR-G300N If you need to extend your wireless network, or perhaps get that console online, then you should check out this review of the Buffalo Wireless-N NFiniti Broadband Router and Access Point. More reviews on my YouTube Channel or
  • Larry Page on Capitol Hill - "Broadband for the Future" Google co-founder Larry Page discusses how the unused airwaves between broadcast TV channels ("white spaces") have the potential to spur innovation, deploy affordable wireless broadband, and create new applications for Americans, at an event organized by the Wireless Innovation Alliance, September 24, 2008, in Washington, DC
  • Post Office Broadband - Westlife Westlife turning up at the Post Office asking about Broadband and ending up with a product each! for more info
  • Marcus Brigstocke vs BT broadband An extract from the Now Show 5th May 2006 on BT broadband from mr MB
  • 12 days of xmas Kenosha Police Twelve Days of Christmas - 2009
  • Broadband over Powerlines - A Radio Amateur's Perspective A radio amateur's tour of the Mt Nelson BPL trail in Hobart, Tasmania. Audible and Visual presentation of the interference potential of this technology. More information is available at:

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