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  • CGAP and the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) just cosponsored the first branchless banking seminar for Francophone Africa in Dakar. It is clear that the subject of branchless banking is on the minds of policymakers in Francophone Africa. — “CGAP Microfinance Blog”,
  • Last week, my colleague Mark Pickens started a blog series on the 3 main findings in our new CGAP Focus Note, which looks at several aspects of branchless banking across 18 branchless banking providers with more than 50 million customers in 10 countries. — “Branchless Banking 2010: What Price?”,
  • The State Bank of Pakistan is considering introducing a new non-bank led and Telco led model of branchless banking, said deputy governor of State Bank, Yaseen Anwar, while speaking at the third international mobile commerce conference in Pakistan on Thursday. — “SBP Considering Teleco Led Branchless Banking : TelecomPK”,
  • Ensure that banking services provided under branchless banking are Branchless banking can be done using agents like Telcos, Fuel distribution. — “REGULATORY FRAMEWORK FOR BRANCHLESS BANKING”,
  • branchless is a ligand for breathless (gene symbol: btl), an FGF receptor homolog, which encodes a receptor tyrosine kinase expressed on developing tracheal cells. Localized and transient expression of branchless plays a key role in determining tracheal branching patterns. — “branchless (Cytokines & Cells Encyclopedia - COPE)”,
  • We found 20 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word branchless: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "branchless" is defined. — “Definitions of branchless - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adjective branchless has one meaning: Meaning #1 : having no. — “branchless: Information from ”,
  • Branchless definition, a division or subdivision of the stem or axis of a tree, shrub, or other plant. See more. — “Branchless | Define Branchless at ”,
  • Branchless banking is a distribution channel strategy used for delivering financial services without relying on bank branches. By the definition of the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), branchless banking comprises essentially all of the following elements[1]. — “Branchless banking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Learn how to make fast, easy, and secure deposits to your USAA deposit account using a scanner. — “USAA [email protected] | USAA”,
  • Definition of Branchless in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Branchless. Pronunciation of Branchless. Translations of Branchless. Branchless synonyms, Branchless antonyms. Information about Branchless in the free online English dictionary and. — “Branchless - definition of Branchless by the Free Online”,
  • We are a niche strategic consulting firm with core expertise in the policy, regulation and practice of banking the unbanked, or more broadly, extending access to financial services as part of making markets work better for the poor in emerging Use of branchless banking for microfinance (2009). — “Branchless Banking - Bankable Frontier Associates”,
  • Archive for the Branchless' Category. We will not hear about bricks and clicks after this recession. Deloitte pick up on an interesting characteristic of banks here. Cost cutting occurs during downturns, but its spend spend spend when things are looking good. — “Branchless " The Bankwatch”,
  • As regulators confront the challenges of regulating branchless banking, protecting the consumer is often their primary concern. Branchless banking is a new service targeting the least sophisticated customers and introducing new actors such as mobile network operators and retail agents into a. — “The Consumer Protections Built Into Branchless Banking”,
  • State Bank of Pakistan in collaboration with UK Aid hosted a Branchless Banking Conference at Karachi. The conference aimed to escalate required. — “SBP Hosts Branchless Banking Conference - ProPakistani”,
  • Definition of branchless in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is branchless? Meaning of branchless as a legal term. What does branchless mean in law?. — “branchless legal definition of branchless. branchless”, legal-
  • Does branchless banking lead to more and better financial services for low income and poor people? Branchless Banking. Branchless banking is the delivery of financial services outside conventional bank branches using information. — “CGAP > TECHNOLOGY”,
  • In Drosophila, Branchless acts as a guidance molecule controlling tracheal cell migration, Evidence is provided that the critical signal is Branchless (Bnl) FGF, the same growth factor that patterns the major branches during embryogenesis. — “Interactive Fly, Drosophila”,
  • Branchless banking is a type of banking that takes place where the banking customer does not need to visit a branch or central location of the bank. Branchless banking is very common, and many people are able to complete all their banking online without ever having to visit the bank. — “What Is Branchless Banking?”,
  • MENAFN: (MENAFN - Khaleej Times) Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited (DIBPL), a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of DIB, has received a green signal from Pakistan's central bank to provide branchless banking. — “ - World Press Wire”,
  • "Branchless banking account" or " BB Account" means a current deposit, "Branchless Banking Agent" means agents providing basic banking services (as. — “Branchless Banking Guidelines”, .pk

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  • AUTAZES Episode 2 - Novo Céu: a village without local finance services Novo Céu is in the same situation as Autazes before 2002 ... with no local finance services, the population of this village of 3000 inhabitants must travel to Autazes to receive their wages, pay their bills, etc. For a short period of time Novo Céu had a bank agent, which was closed in 2008. This episode shows how the people deal with the lack of local finance services nowadays and tells how it was during the time they had a local bank agent.
  • AUTAZES Episode 3 - Education for Inclusive Financial Access In this third episode, we discuss the problems related to the lack of financial education to a population recently included financially. Cases of misuse of cards and passwords to have access to financial services and over indebtedness due to misunderstanding of rules for access to credit are described.
  • WING Money in Cambodia WING is a new business initiative that is being sponsored by Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ). The WING vision is "Making Money Fair" by providing every Cambodian with a secure means to move money, save money and make payments affordably and quickly, wherever, whenever, every time. In Cambodia, there is a limited ability for the poorest in the community to save money, or transfer to family members. WING will provide this segment with the ability to carry out these functions. WING will provide payment services to the segment of the population not traditionally banked in Cambodia. In Cambodia, this equates to approximately 7-8 million. In a country of close to 14 million people, only ~500000 currently have a bank account. WING will launch in Cambodia in October 2008, and will initially target the domestic remittance flows of garment workers to provincial locations in Cambodia.
  • PSECU-James PSECU "branchless" spot featuring Dr. James Andrews
  • Telenor Easy Paisa B-ADS.wmv easypaisa TVC parody made by Geo TV
  • UBL OMNI (Launch).wmv Agency: Wahedna D'Arcy Client: UBL Director: Jami (Azaad Films) UBL Omni now brings a host of banking services to your nearest "Dukaan". UBL Omni Dukaans are located in more than 100 cities and towns across Pakistan. This is a major milestone in the evolution of banking that will reshape the traditional model by offering basic banking services across urban and rural Pakistan, well beyond the regular branch networks of banks. Customers across Pakistan can now open a UBL Omni bank account at any UBL Omni Dukaan of their choice, whether close to their home or place of work, by using their CNIC number and mobile phone number - their mobile phone number will effectively become their bank account number irrespective of which service provider they use
  • FINCA's prepaid card benefits The benefits of branchless banking for FINCA Mexico microfinance cleints
  • PSECU-Nicole PSECU "Branchless" spot starring Nicole Metzler
  • simple SPU ray length counting trick crappy port of an old blog entry to video. It almost feels like a badly narrated audiobook read by a voice actor that only kinda knows what he is saying. Nothing new or interesting, and with no useful animations This is a very early variation of part of the PixelJunk Shooter 2 lighting system. It can process 4 pixels at a time and unroll to do many rays at once. It also scales to 16 pixels at a time.
  • Easypaisa Money Transfer Urdu 55 Sec.wmv Now send and receive money through easypaisa Money Transfer in an instant, secure and convenient manner. No long documentation no complicated procedures and no delays, transferring money through easypaisa is as simple 123. Find out the nearest easypaisa shop and send money anywhere anytime in Pakistan .pk.
  • EKO -- branchless financial services Producer: Eko India Financial Services Private Limited India Language: English EKO is pioneering a low-cost technology and distribution infrastructure for banks seeking to viably extend financial services to non-banking customers. EKO's 'Simplibank' platform connects a telecom infrastructure to the bank's Core Banking System (CBS), leveraging a user's cell-number as a unique identifier onto which the bank account number can be mapped. With the mobile as the medium for banking, financial transactions are possible anytime and anywhere. More than half of India's population of over 500 million people has no bank account, due to the high cost of small value transactions. Delivering banking services through the mobile phone makes the cost of banking substantially cheaper and thus affordable for a broader population, simultaneously creating a viable business opportunity. EKO -- branchless financial services (Simplibank) provides a platform for universal financial access and micro-transactions in developing countries like India.
  • Easypaisa Services in Pakistan A short film on Easypaisa services prepared for the GSMA Awards 2011
  • Easy Paisa Mobile Account TVC Tameer Microfinance Bank and Telenor Pakistan announced a first of its kind product in Pakistan, offering transactions through the customers own mobile phone. Mobile Account, which is the third in the suite of services being offered under the banner of easypaisa. Mobile Accounts will provide utility bill payment, money transfer and cash in / cash out services through customers Telenor connection
  • How Easy Paisa Mobile Account works .. Telenor Easy Paisa Mobile Accounts. Through Easy Paisa Mobile Accounts, customers can transfer transfer money, pay bills and avail alot of other interesting services all through their mobile. With the launch of this service, Telenor EasyPaisa has taken mobile banking to a new level of sophistication in Pakistan.
  • Article III Constitution Judicial Branch - LawWebTV Article III (3) of the US Constitution, The Judicial Branch, establishes one court, the US Supreme Court. Congress has the power to set-up other courts and did with the Federal District Court and the Federal Court of Appeals.
  • FINO Branchless Banking Footage in Asia's largest slum - Dharavi We took this video footage of FINO's third-party agents collecting microinsurance payments and deposits in one of the largest slums in the world - Dharavi - made famous in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire"
  • Creating Reforms in Fishing Industry Phase 1 First time ever branchless banking introduced in Pakistan by Tameer Microfinance Bank Limited - Bhit Island Karachi, Pakistan
  • FINCA's prepaid card training in Mexico FINCA International Training FINCA clients in Mexico on the use of prepaid disbursement cards
  • Branchless tree climb [: I was walking the dogs and saw a very inviting tree and wondered if I was able to climb it.
  • Bank Sinar Branchless Banking Short feature video showing people doing cash-in, p2p transfer and cash-out using Fundamo Branchless Banking platform. Shoot in locations in and around Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia.
  • Eko Demo video Simplibank [english].wmv Eko demo video - SimpliBank
  • Finacle Direct Banking solution demo Banks, today, are seeking to make a strategic shift from competing on price to managing cost structures, by leveraging disruptive service concepts like branchless delivery. This has effectively paved the way for financial institutions to explore direct banking. Finacle direct banking solution is a proven solution for banks to directly acquire, track and service customers, in the complete absence of a brick and mortar infrastructure.
  • AUTAZES - Episode 1: Bank Agents in the Amazon: Financial Access and Development The series "Autazes: finance access and local development" is the result of a joint research on information and communication technologies (ICT) for financial inclusion from FGV-SP and HEC-Montréal. This research is sponsored by the IDRC (International Development Research Center). In this first episode "Bank agents in the Amazon: finance access and development" introduces the city of Autazes, where the first postal bank (Banco Postal) was opened in the northern region of Brazil in 2002. The changes and improvements that occurred in this city of 30,0000 inhabitants after the arrival of the postal bank are narrated by the city's citizens, members of associations, shop owners, workers, and the vice-mayor. The episode presents the factors that contributed for this development.
  • CBK on Agency Banking Guidelines on branchless banking will soon be published to clear out grey areas that have delayed full implementation of an amendment to the banking act that was effected on the first of this month. Following a day-long consultative workshop with industry stakeholders, the central bank is now expected to draw-up guidelines that among other things, ensures that the law does not infringe on micro-finance institutions and savings and credit co-operative societies, while also recognising advancements in technology.
  • M-PESA Mobile Money Only 4 million Kenyans have bank accounts. But 10 million people in the country now use the M-PESA money transfer service. This short film by CGAP shows how mobile money is changing the face of banking in Kenya.
  • State of Business 2009 Episode 1 Joh Eddy Abdullah Chairman Tameer Micro Finance Bank LImited and CEO Telenor
  • Branchless Banking Eko in partnership with Centurion Bank of Punjab has launched "Abhilasha" - No Frills Savings Accounts in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. This is a pilot project under Reserve Bank of India's Business Correspondent circular. This pilot project started on 25th of February 2008 and we have close to 800 customers right now. Uttam Nagar is a 12sq km area with 5 ATMs, while we have setup 30 cash points. "Abhilasha" customers avail of deposit and withdrawal facility without the customer ever having to visit the ATM or branch thus enabling low cost "Branchless Banking" using mobile phone as a channel. The innovative offering enables customers who have mobile phones to be banked - a first step towards profitable financial inclusion. Customers can open their accounts and transact (deposits / withdrawals) at multiple Eko Cash Points in their locality. They have all the protections extended just like any other depositor with a bank under RBI regulations. Eko extends 3-level security to the customers for their financial transactions using their mobile phone, PIN number and Signature Booklet (filed for patent). We are leveraging the behavior of prepaid talk-time recharge by telecom subscribers. The model is such that money is deposited to the bank, through the distribution chain of Eko Cash Points, even before the savings are mobilized from the retail customers. Hence the scope for fraud in collection of savings from these small depositors is hugely reduced. Subsequently, Eko Cash Points ...
  • easypaisa
  • Deathrow-Samhain The supernatural is everywhere Sometimes it's leaving his realm To terrorize over the earth Bounded with the fear of mankind It joins witht the servants of hell And dispossess the wake of good The heaven fight his useless fight The power of hell awoke The nature holds back her breath Evil takes possession of time The black bird of death cries his call Halls back from the cemetary walls Down from the town of the dead The reaper rises up to kill He chooses his helpmates from the dead And speaks exorcisms to resuscitate Now the ground if filled with undead life Hands break from down through the surface When summer goes to the end The dawn reigns the land -CHORUS- The reaper calls the beyoyed spels To raise the dead Broken eyes are open wide The strength of hell Streams through their veins Samhain The wind howls through the branchless trees Brings the smell of corruption Attended by the transparant inscrutable Marches his army of samhain The magic of mayhem is bursting Drives n the corpses to march The reaper takes over command Soon fear will rule the land When summer goes to the end The dawn reigns the land -Chorus- NO COPYRIGHT VIOLATION INTENDED. FAN TRIBUTE ONLY.
  • On branch-less banking Brief interaction with Aditya Saxena, Senior Consultant, ECS Ltd, Chennai (www.ecs-/), May 22, 2009, 6 pm
  • Sascha Frost - Under Summer Triangle (Branchless) This is just a quick upload. It's one of the guitar parts for our band PatternWorld's first song titled, "Branch/Roots."
  • Branchless Banking - Corporation Bank
  • Davos Debates 2011- Wealth Inclusion-- Branchless Banking To VOTE go to & "LIKE" the vid there. My name is Chioma Dike' and I am contributing to the Davos Debates 2011 question on inclusive wealth. Leveraging customer base to reach out into the unbanked individuals. First of all, it's about compromise, there are changes to be made. Recognize we need to stop depending on cash. Employee cash payments are extremely regressive for financial inclusion. Raw material -producing nations need a greater platform in the economic planning of goods. That being said: What is lacking in creating global wealth inclusion? Please watch video. • We need a vigorous banking solution bringing together banks, retailers, businesses, major employers & consumers ( The system in video has been tested in rural areas such as Rwanda & Uganda-winning consumers' and retailers' support)
  • Mango: A fresh perspective in retail financial services. Mango is a new concept in socially responsible financial services that combines the benefits of transactional and a relationship-based models to deliver something new: a true retail experience, one that leverages a innovative technology platform, and a customer-centric environment.
  • Telenor.mp4
  • Mobile Banking for Financial Inclusion We are doing a pilot on Branchless Banking using Mobile Phones and Agent Model. We see that the need for domestic remittance will drive the adoption of service. Eko believes that it can facilitate this through a bank-led model as a “Mobile Virtual Banking Operator” and offer many more services to the customers based on aggregation. As our model is a bank-led model, we first give a bank account to the customer. Eko in partnership with Centurion Bank of Punjab, now HDFC Bank, has launched “Abhilasha” - No Frills Savings Accounts in Uttam Nagar, New Delhi. This is a pilot project under Reserve Bank of India's Business Correspondent circular. This pilot project started on 25th of February 2008 and we have close to 2000 customers right now. CGAP, a World Bank body has mentioned about our techniques in their latest Focus Note ( We have simplified the process of opening of a bank account to as simple as getting a prepaid mobile connection and looking to ensure greater outreach of financial services. We wish to extend this low-cost infrastructure to financial institutions across India on a progressive basis.
  • MFP 077. Michael Tarazi: Branchless Banking and Technology. Role of Regulators Michael Tarazi, Senior Policy Specialist, CGAP speaks about successful branchless banking projects, the major obstacles for branchless banking, the role of regulators in rolling out branchless banking solutions, and the CGAP contribution in the area of branchless banking. MFP is grateful to the Boulder Institute of Microfinance and the International Training Center of the ILO, (Turin, Italy) for providing logistical support and the location for this interview.
  • Finacle Solution Demo: Direct Banking Banks, today, are seeking to make a strategic shift from competing on price to managing cost structures, by leveraging disruptive service concepts like branchless delivery. This has effectively paved the way for financial institutions to explore direct banking. Finacle direct banking solution is a proven solution for banks to directly acquire, track and service customers, in the complete absence of a brick and mortar infrastructure.
  • PSECU-Adrienne PSECU "branchless" spot featuring Adrienne Thoman and Puggy, her incredible Pug
  • Voice of Eko CSP.mpeg Voice of the CSP at the Eko Counter
  • amaana branchless banking amaana is a technology enabler for financial institutions looking to offer alternative delivery channels for consumer services. Our platform has been successfully tested to meet the needs of the unbanked for simple and safe access to branchless banking services. We were founded out of Silicon Valley in 2004 and we successfully completed our production Beta in 2008 in Pakistan.
  • Money Tranfer Students Pashto 62 Sec.wmv Send and Receive money instantly, anytime, anywhere through easypaisa Money Transfer.

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  • “Trusted Sourcing. Usability. About Emerge Blog. The EMERGE blog aims to deepen our engagement with our members within the IT realm. thematic way, and shares opinions on a range of issues and concerns. NASSCOM EMERGE Forum on Facebook”
    — Made in India: Featuring Branchless Banking by Eko/-,

  • “ - the blog. Branchless selections. November 10, 2008 at 7:10 pm · Christer Ericson · Filed under Code. Some CPU instructions sets offer a way of selecting bits from either of two registers based on the bits of a third register”
    — - the blog " Branchless selections,

  • “Mobile banking, microfinance, technology and access to finance - the CGAP Technology Program, co-funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, seeks innovative technology approaches that will make finance more accessible”
    Branchless Banking 2010: Is the hype justified?,

  • “To answer this question, we compared the prices charged by 16 branchless banking providers across 10 countries and by 10 traditional banks in results of our ***ysis on this blog in May. Here are the highlights:”
    — CGAP's blogs | Mobile-, mobile-

  • “FINO and RBAP-MABS are the Asian recepients of a grant to provide financial education to support and expand branchless banking. customers on the value proposition and uses of branchless banking services that will help clients make deposits, withdrawals,”
    — RBAP-MABS - What We Are,

  • “Blog Team. . Posts Tagged branchless banking' I'm a Solver – Trevor Rose Innovate Forum. Innovation Nation. Inside Innovation. Loic Le Meur Blog. Mashable. New York”
    — Perspectives on Innovation " branchless banking,

  • “Microfinance Insights offers in-depth ***yses and commentary on the microfinance sector, updates on the latest trends, and profiles of global sector players in a beautiful, print magazine”
    — Microfinance Insights – the leading bimonthly magazine filled,

  • “Today, CGAP's Microfinance and Technology blog publishes an article, also authored by Ignacio, highlights what, in his view, are the priorities for the development of branchless banking. This article addresses his recent work on branchless banking regulations”
    — Regulating Branchless Banking to Massively Expand Financial,

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