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  • One of the largest creatures ever to roam the earth, Brachiosaurus has become the poster lizard for huge, slow-witted sauropods. Here are 10 facts you may or may not have known about Brachiosaurus. — “10 Facts About Brachiosaurus - Brachiosaurus Facts”,
  • Brachiosaurus (pronounced BRACK-ee-uh-SAWR-us) Arm Lizard. 40-50 feet tall and 85 feet long. 50-80 tons. long neck, small head, and relatively short, thick tail. front legs were longer than its hind legs. very long neck. nostrils were on the top of its head. Middle to Late Jurassic Period. — “Brachiosaurus”, mce.k12
  • Brachiosaurus (BRA—key—oh—SORE—us) Meaning: arm lizard. Teeth: 52 chisel-like teeth. Length: Height: 16 meters (50 feet) How it walked: walked on four legs, front legs longer than. — “Brachiosaurus”,
  • A brief description with facts about the Brachiosaurus extinct dinosaur. — “Brachiosaurus dinosaur”,
  • Brachiosaurus was a huge Sauropod dinosaur with a long, giraffe-like neck, long forelimbs, and elevated nostrils. Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs yet found. — “Brachiosaurus- Enchanted Learning Software”,
  • Brachiosaurus is a genus of sauropod dinosaur from the Jurassic Morrison Formation of North America. It was first described by Elmer Riggs in 1903 from fossils found in the Grand River Canyon (now Colorado River) of western Colorado, in the United States. — “Brachiosaurus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • For many decades, Brachiosaurus (brack-ee-oh-SORE-us) was the largest dinosaur known. This new genus includes the famous mounted Brachiosaurus in the Humboldt Museum of Berlin, which is the tallest mounted skeleton in the world. — “Brachiosaurus - Academic Kids”,
  • Brachiosaurus (Brachiosaurus altithorax) facts, photos and videos. ( If you were on the fifth floor of a building, Brachiosaurus could easily see you through the window. — “Brachiosaurus (Brachiosaurus altithorax)”,
  • Brachiosaurus (pronounced /ˌbrækiəˈsɔrəs/), meaning "arm lizard", from the Greek brachion/βραχιων meaning "arm" and sauros/σαυρος meaning "lizard", was a genus of sauropod dinosaur that lived during the Late Jurassic Period and possibly the Early Cretaceous Period. — “Brachiosaurus”, scientific-
  • Brachiosaurus Riggs, 1903: TYPE SPECIES: B. altithorax Riggs, 1903 "high-chested. arm lizard" OTHER SPECIES: B. atalaiensis de Lapparent & Zbyszewski, 1957; ?B BBC Online - Walking with Dinosaurs - Fact Files Brachiosaurus was one of the biggest land animals ever. — “Brachiosaurus”,
  • Learn about The Dinosaur Brachiosaurus a member of the Theropoda Group, with . — “Brachiosaurus - Dinosaurs For Kids - ”,
  • brachiosaur or brachiosaurus n. Any of various massive, herbivorous sauropod dinosaurs of the genus Brachiosaurus of the Jurassic and Cretaceous. — “brachiosaur: Definition from ”,
  • Notes and images of Brachiosaurus, updated from the Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural History Notebooks series. — “Brachiosaurus: Natural History Notebooks”,
  • Brachiosaurus brancai dinosaur art by paleo-artist Josef Moravec. Brachiosaurus lived in Late Jurassic period 156-145 MYA. Brachiosaurus painting is in the art collection of Dinosaur Corporation. — “Brachiosaurus - Dinosaur Art”,
  • Brachiosaurus was a large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur from the same Order as Apatosaurus and Diplodocus. Unlike its longer, less bulky relatives, the Brachiosaurus had long forelimbs and held its head high above its body, similar to a. — “Brachiosaurus”,
  • Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs, standing 40 to 50 feet in height, being about 85 feet in length, and weighing between 33 and 88 tons. It had a claw on the first toe of each front foot and claws on the first three toes of each rear foot. — “Brachiosaurus”,
  • Brachiosaurus is one of the largest dinosaurs of all time. Learn more about dinosaurs on Discovery Channel. — “Brachiosaurus : The Largest Dinosaur : Discovery Channel”,
  • More recently, another brachiosaurid, Sauroposeidon, has also been discovered; based on incomplete fossil evidence, it too is likely to have outweighed Brachiosaurus. Brachiosaurus is often considered to be the largest dinosaur known from a relatively complete fossilized skeleton. — “Brachiosaurus”, schools-
  • Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest dinosaurs. Brachiosaurus had big feet and 4 strong Brachiosaurus was one of largest dinosaurs to walk on land.He was a. — “brachiosaurus”,
  • The Brachiosaurus was the largest, heaviest, and among the least inteligent dinosaurs found to date. The Brachiosaurus walked on four legs and oddly enough the front legs were actually longer than the back. — “Brachiosaurus”,
  • Brachiosaurus is an extinct genus of huge, sauropod dinosaurs that lived during the late Jurassic period. Brachiosaurus, which means "arm lizard," (from the Greek brachion/βραχιων meaning "arm" and sauros/σαυρος meaning "lizard") was so-named because the forelimbs were longer than the hind limbs. — “Brachiosaurus - New World Encyclopedia”,

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  • Walking with Dinosaurs Allosaurus and Brachiosaurus Herd Seven*** roaring, snarling "live" dinosaurs mesmerize the audience and are as awe-inspiring as when they first walked the earth. The stars of the show include Tyrannosaurus Rex, Utahraptor, Stegosaurus, and the largest of them, the Brachiosaurus, which is 36 feet tall and 56 feet long from nose to tail. The show depicts the dinosaurs' evolution spanning their entire *200 million year reign. The history of the world is played out with almost cinematic realism, including scenes of the daily interactions between dinosaurs. You will see how carnivorous dinosaurs evolved to walk on two legs, and how the herbivores fended off their more agile predators. Named for the large bones of its foreleg, Brachiosaurus was an enormous sauropod, one of the largest dinosaurs known from a complete skeleton. Brachiosaurus stood over ten metres high, was twenty-two metres long and weighed around eighty tonnes. Brachiosaurus was adapted to live on land, with similarities to a giraffe, browsing in treetops. Its peg-like teeth were used to strip leaves from the high branches. Unlike many of its sauropod relatives, Brachiosaurus had very long forelegs, indicating that its neck was held in a more vertical position. Some paleontologists have suggested that the most well known species, Brachiosaurus brancai, is actually a separate genus, Giraffatitan. Whatever its name, this giant was feeding almost constantly to sustain its enormous bulk. Allosaurus (meaning Other reptile) was one of the largest ...
  • Spore Creature Creator Video - Baby Brachiosaurus Toonish baby brach 8-P
  • JetCreations' Inflatable Small Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Check out our Brachiosaurus here! Check out the "bigger" version here! Named for the longer legs in the front, this veggie eater is from the late Jurassic period. This Large Brachiosaurus is great for displays, Museums, Events, Advertising and Marketing Purposes and much more will attract attention. Stands Approximately 25" Tall. RAWR!
  • Brachiosaurus Walking With Dinosaurs Arena Spectacular - Sheffield - Sunday 26th July
  • Liopleurodon and Brachiosaurus by Safari Ltd. A look at Safari's first new releases for 2010, featuring the marine reptile Liopleurodon and the sauropod Brachiosaurus. Available from
  • Interesting Dinosaur 4 Brachiosaurus & Ankylosaurus Hot Fact Interesting Dinosaur 4 Brachiosaurus & Ankylosaurus Hot Facts Model Rachel Join your Hot Facts Model Rachel for interesting facts about dinosaurs. What kind of dinosaurs were the Ankylosaurus & Brachiosaurus? What was the largest dinosaur? How big was a Brachiosaurus? Where did Ankylosaurus live? Did they have feathers? See Ankylosaurus pictures. What does an Brachiosaurus skeleton look like? Where did they find Ankylosaurus fossils? When did these dinosaurs live? Fun Facts Girls aka Hot Facts Girls http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http Copyright 2009 Target Public Media. All Rights Reserved.
  • Spore Dilophosaurus (me) vs.Epic Brachiosaurus (JadeElf's Creature) Will I succeed...? Tiny Dilophosaurus vs Giant one hit kill Epic Brachiosaurus Sproe name is KingXenomorph I made the Dilophosaurus song is Requiem for a Dream
  • Jurassic Park Toys - (JP3) Brachiosaurus Its cool to have a Brachiosaurus for a JP toy they should have made a bigger one though :( This guy isnt hard to find so if you want him you should be able to get him for pretty cheap.
  • PDFC - Deinonychus vs Brachiosaurus wat did u expect
  • Brachiosaurus A short cartoon I made for my son. He LOVES dinosaurs. All art, music and voices done by me!
  • Brachiosaurus animation poser dinosaur jurassic park this is my animation of a Brachiosaurus, the model I bought from daz3 and I animated it in poser 6. Please comment.
  • JetCreations' Inflatable Big Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Check out our Brachiosaurus here! Check out the "smaller" version here! Named for the longer legs in the front, this veggie eater is from the late Jurassic period. This Large Brachiosaurus is great for displays, Museums, Events, Advertising and Marketing Purposes and much more will attract attention. Stands Approximately 6' Ft Tall. RAWR!
  • Walking With Dinosaurs-Brachiosaurus We went to see Walking With Dinosaurs on 09/29/07 in Norfolk, Virginia. Very Cool Show!
  • Playmobil - Brachiosaurus Play Set This fun set comes with a Playmobil Brachiosaurus and exploreres. Get yours TODAY at !!
  • Ask DG #123 -- Brachiosaurus, Supersaurus, Deinonychus, Velociraptor and Smilodon Dinosaur George answers questions submitted by: Joe K from Mission, BC Canada - Ken from Gardner, Arizona - Rojan from Adelaide, South Australia - Michael from Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada - Taylor from Monroe, Utah
  • The Sounds Dinosaurs Make This shows what noises Brachiosaurus, Spinosaurus, Giganotosaurus, Saltoposuchus, Ichthyornis, and Platyhystrix make.
  • Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center - Brachiosaurus The Brachiosaurus is the true terror of Jurassic Park. This hell-beast has only two things on it's peanut sized mind: Annoying the piss out of the man with the red hat and to CRUSH the Visitor's Center. ______________________________ In 1994 Hi Tech Entertainment made the "DOS CD" classic, Jurassic Park: Paint & Activity Center. It was a Mario Paint/Kid Pix style program that allowed children to create dinosaur themed works of art, play dinosaur games, and listen to some awesome dinosaur stories. Those dinosaur stories are nothing short of mini-masterpieces. I decided I couldn't keep these to myself and have ripped both the audio and artwork for you good people. Enjoy.
  • How to make an origami Brachiosaurus Dinosaur (Difficulty: Very Difficult) How to make an origami paper Brachiosaurus dinosaur. Original design by Michael Lafosse. Very difficult.
  • Brachiosaurus is Behemoth? A video response to NathanH83's video claiming that Brachiosaurus is Behemoth in the bible. He seems to think it is. I couldn't disagree more. I'm not here to challenge Nathan's religious views, just this claim.
  • Brachiosaurus tribute A tribute to my favorite sauropod.Oh and if there are ANY science-bible arguments on comments for this the comment will be deleted The song is Firefly by Breaking Benjamin DISCALIMER:all material in this video is property of it's respective owners. here's the lyrics. You're my friend You're alot like them but I caught your lie and you know I did Now I'm lost in you like I always do And I'm dying to win 'cause I'm born to lose [Chorus:] Firefly could you shine your light Now I know your ways 'cause they're just like mine Now I"m justified as I fall in line and it's hard to try when they're open wide Take my hand Peal me up and then we'll come back again to a different when Now I like this way you can't go away If you catch the name you could not replace [chorus] Bring me your enemies Lay them before me And walk away [chorus] *** you firefly Have you lost your light Now I hate your ways 'cause they're just like mine So you lost my friend such a sorry end Now I don't know why so I choke and smile
  • Allosaurus meets Brachiosaurus I made it for study of animation.
  • Trex vs Brachiosaurus I made a vdieo about a T-rex and a Brachiosaurus's fight to survive. Update: OMG 50000 views? I didn't think this would be so popular. Thank you guys! :D
  • PDFC - Allosaurus vs Brachiosaurus yes im aware this fight sucks, it was my first ever fight
  • Spore Brachiosaurus This video was created using the Spore Creature Creator.
  • Schleich - Dinosaurs - Brachiosaurus These highly detailed figurines and accessories are hand painted and historically accurate. We carry a wide selection for hours of play."to"
  • The Brachiosaurus The biggest of them all!
  • Jurassic Park III Soundtrack "Brachiosaurus On The Bank" "Brachiosaurus On The Bank" is copyright to Don Davis and John Williams. No copyright infringement intended. I had permission to use this music from Don Davis for ONLY entertainment on Youtube. I hope you enjoy this as I have all my life.
  • Look up! Brachiosaurus Massive! Vast! One of my favorite dino!
  • Review Dx Bakuryuu No.03 Brachiosaurus from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger Read this before watch the video This is Bakuryuu no.03 Brachiosaurus from Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger. It might be very rare for now. I got it from yahoo japan with acceptable price. I think the colour of this toy are so awesome also the design is great even its size is smaller than the show compared to other dx toy from this serie. Actually there is the one with the actual size compared to other dx toys from this serie but it's the origami paper and it's very very rare and I think its price must be very expensive. You can see it here and you can see other review super sentai toys here It's the website from my country (Thailand).
  • Tribute To Brachiosaurus This time i decided to make a tribute to my fave herbivore. i thought that the metal gear solid theme would be perfect for this jurassic giant. comment please
  • Types of Dinosaurs : Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Facts The dinosaur with the very, very long neck. Learn all about brachiosaurus in this free dinosaur information video from a science expert. Expert: Franklin Rhuel Bio: Dr. Franklin Ruehl is a nuclear physicist with a PhD from UCLA. He researches and lectures in many fields including ufo's and medicine. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan
  • Tribute to brachiosaurus A tribute to the massive sauropod brachiosaurus! The song: Ego Brain by System of a Down.
  • Walking With Dinosaurs Live: Brachiosaurus From Walking With Dinosaurs: The Live Experience. Aug 11th, 2007 in Toronto.
  • Jurassic Park Soundtrack-08 My Friend the Brachiosaurus Jurassic Park Soundtrack-08
  • Jurassic Park Soundtrack - My Friend the Brachiosaurus Jurassic Park Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Track 08: My Friend the Brachiosaurus. Music composed and conducted by John Williams.
  • Walking With Dinosaurs - Allosaurus vs. Brachiosaurus Allosaurus vs. Brachiosaurus - Walking With Dinosaurs at Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA 9-20-08
  • Spore Brachiosaurus This dinosaur was created using the Spore Creature Creator. Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest dinosaurs of all, it lived in the Jurrasic and was completly immune to attack.
  • Dino Hunters - Sneak Peak (Brachiosaurus and T-Rex) A few dinosaurs from the Dino Hunters line (Brachiosaurus and T-Rex
  • Brachiosaurus captured on film over 40 feet tall! Small clip of a giant Brachiosaurus from the show Dinosaurs Live. Inspired by the show Walking with Dinosaurs, these robots are as close to the real thing as it gets. It was giant - about 45 feet tall - and moved as if it was alive.
  • Jurassic Park Operation Genesis Part 11 - Brachiosaurus Welcome everyone to Part 11 of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis. In this episode, we get our first 5 Star Herbivore, the almighty Brachiosaurus. Hope you enjoy it and remember to stay tuned for more videos =P
  • jurassic park 3 brachiosaurus on the bank i don't own any jurassic park 3 themes they are owned by don danvis. jhon williams does a way better job than don davis.
  • PDBT-Brachiosaurus vs Therizinosaurus Credit to georgiezillafan for the stcks and jonahsa2000 for the sound.

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  • “According to studies from complete skeletons, the Brachiosaurus is the largest or heaviest and tallest Animal Animals Blood Vessel Walls Brachiosaurus Child's Room Child's Room Comprehensive Information Dinosaur Dinosaur Bedding Dinosaur Bone”
    Brachiosaurus | Dinosaur Resource Blog,

  • “The most obvious thing that distinguishes Brachiosaurus from some its better known relatives such as One of the other main noteworthy features of Brachiosaurus is that its front legs were considerably longer than its hind legs”
    — Macos 10 2 " Brachiosaurus,

  • “Berlin Brachiosaurus gets makeover. The world famous mount of Brachiosaurus brancai at the read this skeleton is made of the bones from more than one Brachiosaurus) don't look like”
    — The DinoBase Public Forum / Berlin Brachiosaurus gets makeover,

  • “Comprehensive National Hockey League news, scores, standings, fantasy games, rumors, and more”
    Brachiosaurus Blackhawk: Take that, Spirit of Detroit statue,

  • “At TEDCO, you can also choose a specimen of Brachiosaurus, Tyrannosaurus or even a Pterodactyl – the range is extensive! enchanting prehistoric creatures like the Tyrannosaurus-Rex, the Stegosaurus, the Brachiosaurus Skeleton and the Triceratops”
    Brachiosaurus Skeleton | TEDCO, Inc,

  • “Everything Dinosaur's web log featuring dinosaur information, news stories related to palaeontology, prehistoric animal articles, reviews of dinosaur toys and games, updates on fossil discoveries and dinosaur research”
    — Everything Dinosaur :: Just how big was Brachiosaurus?,

  • “can somebody please explain why when tim , lex and alan are in the t rex paddock and go up a tree that there were brachiosaurus seen in the t rex paddock”
    — Forum:Brachiosaurus in jp - Park Pedia - Jurassic Park,

  • “Houston Museum of Natural Science”
    Brachiosaurus | BEYONDbones,

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