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  • Neal Boortz is the host of talk radio show The Neal Boortz Show. A registered Libertarian and best-selling author, Boortz has courted controversy over the years for his stance on a variety of political and social issues. Boortz is the co-author. — “Neal Boortz”,
  • Peed & Bortz, LLC Civil and Environmental Engineers Christiansburg, Peed & Bortz, LLC is a full service civil consulting firm located in Christiansburg,. — “Peed & Bortz, LLC Civil and Environmental Engineers”, peed-
  • A guide to many different streamfeeds where you can find the Neal Boortz show broadcast or re-broadcast over the web. — “Boortz' webcasts: when and where”,
  • Offering diatribes on current news events. — “Neal Boortz”,
  • Neal Boortz. How many Catholic schools do you think teach the students to question the authority of the Pope? Neal Boortz. If it is wrong for you to take money from someone else who earned it, to take. — “Neal Boortz Quotes”,
  • Bortz Health Care Facilities are America's largest and oldest family-owned and operated nursing home group, providing the highest level of care for our communities. Bortz Health Care has nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Michigan and Florida. — “Welcome to Bortz Health Care Facilities”,
  • Welcome to Bortz Chevrolet-Cadillac-Subaru Inc. Waynesburg,Pa 15370 724-627-6171. — “Bortz Chevrolet-Cadillac-Subaru Inc”,
  • Live a longer and healthier life with the longevity advice, articles, and inspiration from one of the world's foremost experts on aging, Walter M. Bortz II, M.D. — “Walter M. Bortz II, M.D. – Longevity & Robust Aging Expert”,
  • Bortz Media principals have advised sports leagues/franchises, cable television operators and programmers, commercial and public broadcasters, equipment suppliers, trade associations, financial institutions and others for more than 25 years. — “Bortz & Company, Inc”,
  • The research of Andrew Bortz, a computer science Ph.D candidate at Stanford University working on computer and network security. — “Andrew Bortz - Research”,
  • Listen to Boortz weekdays from 8:30am - 1pm. Somebody's gotta say it, Boortz is the standard among Atlanta's talk radio hosts and his ratings show it. — “Neal Boortz on ”,
  • Waynesburg, PA New, Bortz Subaru sells and services Subaru vehicles in the greater Waynesburg. — “Bortz Subaru | New Subaru dealership in Waynesburg, PA 15370”,
  • Thank you as well to the Bortz and Green families, Jeff Cramerding, Tracy Schwetschenau, Brian MacDonald, Kari Toll, Kate Malone, our Xavier interns- Pau Palop, Annie Garnett, Nick Reinel and Keving Manning, and all of those who donated time, money or yard space to help win this election. — “Chris Bortz | Cincinnati City Council”,
  • Bortz Chevrolet Cadillac, located in Waynesburg, selling and servicing Chevrolet vehicles for Waynesburg and Pittsburgh areas. Bortz Chevrolet Cadillac has a large inventory of vehicles, parts, service and financing. — “Pittsburgh Chevrolet in Waynesburg PA | Bortz Chevrolet Cadillac”,
  • Boortz describes his politics as "a confirmed Libertarian."[1] Boortz has been a talk show host since 1969. Boortz suggested that a victim of Hurricane Katrina, who had been. — “Neal Boortz - SourceWatch”,
  • Neal Boortz is a talk radio show host based out of Atlanta and Syndicated Nationwide. His recent books, The Fair Tax Book and Somebody's Got to Say it! have sparked heavy debate and criticism. Which is just what Neal loves. His platform is based. — “Neal Boortz”,
  • Welcome to . This site is dedicated to prototype cars and other interesting cars from various periods in automotive history. The Bortz Automotive Collection has been featured at ACD museum, Cleveland Auto & Aviation,. — “The Bortz Auto Collection”,
  • Bortz Frequency: (1017) (number of times this surname appears in a sample database of 88.7 million names, representing one third of the 1997 US. — “Bortz: Information from ”,
  • His nationally syndicated talk show, The Neal Boortz Show, airs Boortz was an avid listener and regular caller to the morning show, which was hosted by Herb Elfman. — “Neal Boortz - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Enter a brief description of your site here Brian Bortz. The Bass is the foundation upon which all those other guys lay their trust, and therefore their hearts and souls in. — “HOME”,

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  • Ed Ed Bortz, Green Party candidate for PA House of Representatives speaks at a Medicare Rally.
  • 850 miles by Andrew Bortz and Callie Galvez Andrew Bortz and Callie Galvez piano and cello improvisation Andrew Bortz beautiful music
  • Arn Bortz on the $100M Uptown Commons Plan for Cincinnati - speaker at CREW GC luncheon Arn Bortz is the managing partner for Towne Properties, in charge of the vital $100 million Uptown Commons plan for the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati, home to the University of Cincinnati. Enjoy!
  • Tampa Bay's Media Talk: 2009 Super Bowl Breakfast: Terry Bortz Terry Bortz is coordinating the 2009 Athletes in Action Super Bowl Breakfast that takes place January 31, 2009 -- the day before the NFL's Super Bowl XLIII kicks off in Tampa, FL. The USF Sun Dome is expected to host nearly 6000 guests, sponsors & celebrities in attendance to hear from distinguished NFL athletes & coaches and to see the awarding of the prestigious Bart Starr Award. Tampa Bay's Media Talk host: Janet Sherer.
  • Joe Bortz answers viewers questions concerning the LaSalle Motorama Concept Car Viewers have asked questions concerning the LaSalle Roadster Concept Car. Joe Bortz gives the answers.
  • Chris Bortz for Cincinnati City Council Video done by 3 Xavier University students to promote Chris Bortz for Cincinnati City Council in 2007
  • Cindy Bortz - 1986 US Olympic Festival, Figure Skating, Ladies' Long Program Houston, Texas, USA - 1986 US Olympic Festival, Figure Skating, Ladies' Long Program
  • Daniel Bortz - Südwind Great Stuff Records
  • LaSalle II Part 2 of the Bortz Electric Dream Car Project an EV Conversion We visit Pioneer Conversions in Lemont, Illinois for an update on the LaSalle II electric conversion. This car is from the Bortz Auto Collection.
  • Neal Boortz Explain the FAIRTAX ANISSUE THAT LIBERALS, INDEPENDENT AND CONSERVATIVES CAN AGREE WITH!!! Mike Huckabee is a supporter and a leader in the FAIRTAX(tax reform) and that is why John McCain should pick Mike Huckabee for Vice President!!! Call McCain's office at 703-418-2008 and let him know you want the FAIRTAX and Mike Huckabee for Vice President! A MUST READ!!! A brief summary of the FAIRTAX A. The FAIRTAX will eliminate income taxes, withholding, self-employment taxes, bonus taxes, overtime taxes, social security taxes, medicare taxes, alternative minimum taxes, estate taxes, gift taxes, corporate taxes, capital gain taxes, dividends taxes, small business taxes, and replace it with a 23% sales tax. Plus it will give each American household that are citizens a rebate check based on the poor necessities of life. It will also abolish the 16th admendment and prevent the government from taxing us twice! B. Its Fair because for example if you are rich and you buy a $20000 rolex watch you pay more in taxes but the same percentage as someone buying a $95.00 fossil watch so it is fair for the rich and the poor that may one day become rich. C. The FAIRTAX is Fair for the poor and middle class because of the rebate check. Under the FAIRTAX there is no taxes on necessity items (food, clothing, water etc), but it is not a necessity to have a party and to buy lots of food or to go on a shopping spree and buy lots of cloths. That is the purpose of the FAIRTAX rebate checks, and the size of the rebate ...
  • Classic VGM 209: Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - Training Theme "Training Theme (Jogging Theme)" Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! (Nintendo) Release date: October 1987 Composed by: U. Kaneoko, A. Nakatuka, K. Yamamoto Part of an ongoing collection of my personal favorite video game music tracks.
  • Given Names: Stead, Hedwig, Timmie, Aba, Carhart, Eudo, Bortz, Patt, Aphrodite, Gettings, Cy, Music from Aalborg Soundtracks Given Names and Baby Name ideas: Stead, Hedwig, Timmie, Aba, Carhart, Eudo, Bortz, Patt, Aphrodite, Gettings, Cy, Markland, Evangelia, Otina, Clovah, Dirk, Schnabel, Nerty, Orella, Korenblat, Tichon, Tessy, Eldwun, Vrablik, Rowney
  • Packy Bortz, Stew Brown, Charles Ringhand, Nick Unger
  • Interview with John Bortz An interview with John Bortz, Warren County Commissioner, concerning the issues surrounding possible additional wilderness designation in the Allegheny National Forest.
  • Mark Bortz | Bhutanese Nepali Refugee Task Force | JOURNEY TO EVEREST Mark Bortz talks about the link between the Journey to Everest Movie Premier & The Bhutanese-Nepali Refugee Task Force.
  • Hwoarang(Blend) vs Bryan(Bortz!) [T5 Casuals]
  • Have Profits Corrupted US Healthcare? - Walter Bortz Complete video at: "Old people don't need to take a pill, they need to take a walk," argues Stanford University physician Dr. Walter Bortz. He bashes the "corrupt," profit-driven US healthcare system for distorting the goals of medical care. "Nobody's out there trying to prevent cancer, they're all so busy treating it because you get paid for it," he says. ----- Rife with inefficiency, injustice, corruption and rising costs, current medicine is exhibiting all the symptoms of a languishing patient, says Dr. Bortz. It may be time to put our medical system through major therapy. Simultaneously, a rigorous new science is teaching us that prevention truly is the best way to stay healthy. - Commonwealth Club of California Walter Michael Bortz is an American physician who promotes the possibility of a 100-year lifespan while working at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is one of America's leading scientific experts on aging and has written several bestselling books.
  • Brook Bortz- Anchor/ Reporter Demo Reel
  • daniel bortz suedwind daniel bortz !
  • Daniel Bortz - Hot N Here (Original Mix) Daniel Bortz Hot N Here Original Mix
  • Dare to be 100 with Dr. Walter Bortz Present Tense: An overview of the "Dare to be 100" series featuring Dr. Walter Bortz
  • Brian Smith WHACKS Steve Bortz over the back with homegrown bamboo!!!!! My friend Steve Bortz thought it was a good idea to let me slap him over the back with a piece of bamboo from outside my porch. Watch what happens, it's hilarious!!!!!!
  • Bortz Motorama Cars at Meadow Brook The four General Motors Motorama cars from the Bortz Auto Collection will be on display at the The Concours d'Elegance of America at Meadow Brook on Sunday, July 25, 2010. 1953 Pontiac Parisienne 1953 Buick Wildcat I 1955 Chevrolet Biscayne
  • Cindy Bortz 1988 US Nationals FS Cindy Bortz's free skate from the 1988 US National Championships
  • An EV Conversion, Bortz LaSalle Roadster, Baby's First Steps Part 4 The 1955 LaSalle Roadster moves under it's own power for the first time in it's history with it's owner, Joe Bortz at the wheel. This took place on the 18th of November, 2010. From the Bortz Auto Collection. Joe Bortz tinkering with automotive history
  • Daniel Bortz - Suedwind (etd LOVE 2009) Daniel Bortz - Suedwind
  • Daniel Bortz @ Globus, tresor, Berlin 18.02.2010 - circle music label night @ tresor, Berlin
  • Cindy Bortz (USA) - 1987 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Long Program Kitchener, Ontario, CANADA - 1987 World Junior Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Long Program - Cindy Bortz of the United States won the Gold Medal here.
  • Dr. Walter Bortz on Diabetes Dr. Walter Bortz discusses the causes of, and methods of preventing Diabetes.
  • Joe Bortz Tinkers With Automotive History, LaSalle II, "It's Alive!" Part 3 The electric motor is installed in the LaSalle Roadster at Pioneer Conversions in Lemont, Illinois. The wheels go round. From the Bortz Auto Collection. The guy shooting still pictures is automotive photographer Al Rogers. At the end there is some mention of the Morton College EV project
  • John & Cathy Bortz, C21 Ditton Realty John & Cathy Bortz, C21 Ditton Realty Serving: Oakhurst; Bass Lake; Mariposa and Yosemite
  • H-SC Tribute to Dr. Walter M. Bortz III Honoring the nine years of Dr. Bortz's Presidency of Hampden-Sydney College. Presented by the Alumni Club of South Hampton Roads
  • Evening Prayer by Andrew Bortz I composed this song for Summer Music at Stanislaus, where it was performed by Callie Galvez, and Dr. Steven Thomas. . I dedicate this piece to Ms. Callie Galvez.
  • Bortz 'Ashamed' Of Council Budget Agreement After making numerous pronouncements about refusing to continue to kick the can down the street, Cincinnati's City Council engaged in what critics are calling some midnight can-kicking.
  • Mark Bortz #42 white Cordoba v Juarez Part 2.mpg Part 1: #42 Mark Bortz in white. 26pts, 11rebs, 3asts, 1blk Halcones de Cordoba (white) v Indios de Juarez (red) from the 2009-2010 LNBP regular season in Mexico.
  • String Quartet by Andrew Bortz I wrote this piece for string quartet last summer at a music camp in Stanislaus, CA during the two weeks I was there. Once again, comments, suggestions, and criticism are welcome! Thanks -Andrew_
  • Chris Bortz Interviews Milton Dohoney In June, 2006, four members of Cincinnati City Council took issue with the manner by which Mayor Mallory proposed to hire Milton Dohoney as the next City Manager. In an unprecedented event, Dohoney endured a public interview by the Council. The Cincinnati Beacon is happy to provide interview excerpts conducted by the four dissenters: Berding, Bortz, Ghiz, and Tarbell.
  • Amanda Bortz: 2009 Hall of Fame Festival Queen's Court Member Amanda Bortz talks with writer Denise Sautters about being part of the 2009 Hall of Fame Festival court.
  • LaSalle II We go for a ride in the Bortz GM Motorama Car! Part 5 an EV Conversion Yes, the LaSalle II Roadster hits the asphalt and we are in it. Bortz tinkered with automotive history. a classic ev conversion From the Bortz auto collection
  • Cam Bortz - Finest Kind Signs An interview with Cam and Mr. Hannafin!

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  • “Hello Bortz Supporterz- We are proud to announce that thanks to your help Chris Bortz was re-elected to Cincinnati City Council! to Chris's newborn son- Huck Andrew Bortz, and Chris's wife- Susie Bortz, for providing the support, love and”
    — Chris Bortz | Blog,

  • “Blog. Contact " Dr. Walter Bortz goes to the AARP Convention! Senior's First Turkey Trot " Dr. Walter Bortz goes to the AARP Convention! Senior's First Turkey Trot " Senior's First”
    — Dr. Walter Bortz Lectures – Lifelong Fitness Alliance,

  • “LFA Blog: Dr. Walter Bortz Runs the Boston Marathon. Dr. Walter Bortz Runs the Boston As sanitation workers pulled up barricades and street sweepers scrubbed Boylston behind him, Dr. Walter Bortz completed his 40th marathon”
    — LFA Blog: Dr. Walter Bortz Runs the Boston Marathon,

  • “Following are blog references to "The Fairtax Book," by Neil Bortz and Jon Lender: Blog: Hootsbuddy's Place. By Hoots. Sunday, September 18. Text: . . . Hat Tip WILLisms Neal”
    — 'The Fairtax Book,' by Neil Bortz and Jon Lender - New York Times,

  • “Just finished installing the new theme I designed for my blog! ©2009 Bryan Bortz. 0. comments, make one! Next Page " next posts - me elsewhere. ”
    — OwlBoy's Blog – The Blog of Bryan Bortz,

  • “Reviewed by Dr. Fred Bortz (Copyright 2008 by Alfred B. Bortz) I forgot to post the same reply to Josh Greenberger here as I did when he spread his outdated claims elsewhere at Science Blog”

  • “Beckie Bortz's blog. Last Chance for Free Movie Friday. Submitted by Beckie Bortz on August 17, 2009 - 11:40am. Last chance of the Submitted by Beckie Bortz on July 6, 2009 - 9:31am. Delmont Recreation sponsors Free Movies in the Park every”
    — Beckie Bortz's blog | ,

  • “Forum: CircleMusic 028_6 /// Daniel Bortz /// I' am Looking”
    — RA Forum: CircleMusic 028_6 /// Daniel Bortz /// I' am Looking,

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