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  • Janome Bobbins 25 Class 15, 2518P Empty Plastic Bobbins 7/16"H fits dropin & front load bobbin home sewing machines $9.99. Janome 761094104 Ten Original Solid Metal "L" Rotary Bobbins for Sewing & Quilting Machine 1600P DB. — “Janome Bobbins”,
  • Embroidery Supplies, embroidery backing, Industrial Sewing supplies Bobbins $32.38 USD. R/A-SuperControl-M. R/A-SuperControl Magnetic M. Bobbins $49.52 USD. R/A-NomexBobbin. R/A-SuperSafe Nomex Bobbins. Bobbins $63.00 USD. Page: 1. Click on column headings to sort. Home. About Us. Specials. Catalog Download. — “Industrial Embroidery and Sewing Supplies - Dashew Supply Company”,
  • Sewing machine accessories bobbins feet thread material and machines Re-designed the spindle so that it will now accept Viking Concave bobbins as well as standard bobbins. — “Sewing Machine Bobbins”,
  • Sewing bobbins at discount prices! Come shop our high-quality sewing bobbins. Sewing bobbins are so handy when machine sewing or hand sewing - you can switch colors easily and don't have to keep large packages of thread on hand. — “Sewing Bobbins”,
  • ShopWiki has 8631 results for Bobbins, including Brother SA156 Top Load Bobbins, Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin 4-3/4", Betsy Bobbin and Hank, and Schacht Hand Bobbin Winder Plastic Bobbins, Pkg of 10. — “Bobbins”,
  • Unique, high quality, handmade wooden tools for the art of lacemaking, needlework and sewing Bobbinmaking the Van-Dieren Way Copyright © 1999/2010 BVD Euro/Bobbins by Van-Dieren. — “Bobbins by Van-Dieren's Home Page”,
  • Bobbins - Buy sewing machine online, read reviews of Singer, Brother and other top embroidery and sewing machines. — “Bobbins : Sewing Machine | Online Stores for Sewing Machine”,
  • Bobbins are typically found in sewing machines, cameras, and within electronic equipment. Bobbin lacemaking is a handcraft which requires the winding of yarn onto a temporary storage spindle made of wood, previously bone, often turned. — “Bobbin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Prewound bobbins for sewing, embroidery and quilting featuring Clear-Glide, Clear-Quilt, NEB, Robison-Anton and Coats & Clark. Free shipping on every order. — “Prewound Bobbins - All Threads”,
  • bobbins, singer bobbins, class 66 bobbins, class 15 bobbins, pfaff bobbins, janome bobbins, elna bobbins, baby lock bobbins, brother bobbins, viking bobbins, kenmore bobbins. — “: Bobbins”,
  • Bobbins, Sewing Machine Accessories, Sewing. Huge collection of arts and crafts, fabric and bead, knitting and sewing supplies. — “Bobbins, Sewing Machine Accessories, Sewing at Crafts Online”,
  • Sewing Machine bobbins<br><br>Click on the image to see the complete line of product. — “Bobbins”,
  • Famous Women of History - set of 12 bobbins each with the wording "Famous Women of History" together with the name of the woman. 7. Famous Men of History - set of 12 bobbins each with the wording "Famous Men of History" together with the name of the man. 8. — “Bobbins”,
  • Bobbins. Bobbins Comic Portal. Monday, November 29, 2010. Hanukka (1999) Today's cartoon is from 1999. It was the last Hanukka of the 20th Century. We are now in the tenth year of the 21st Century and the first night of Hanukka is tomorrow. Happy Holiday! Hag Sameah!. — “Bobbins”,
  • Embroidery prewound Bobbin Brands Including Coats American Nebs Fil-tec clear-glide. — “Embroidery Bobbins”,
  • Compare 225 bobbins products in Crafts at , including Singer Package of Spare Bobbins and Needles, 4IN PLSTC BOBBINS PK/10, Yarn Bobbins. — “Compare bobbins in Crafts at ”,
  • ShopWiki has 515 results for Bobbins, including Singer Bobbin Case 4, Fisher-Price Kickin' Bobbin' Gym - Go Baby Go - Suitable for Children from Birth, 144 Pre-Wound Bobbins Off White, and Janome Metal Bobbins. — “BOBBINS”, .au
  • Metal Bobbins. STYLE X (ROUND) - For Singer 66, 99, 101, 185, 192, 201, With just the touch of a button, this portable bobbin winder quickly and easily fills bobbins without having to un-thread and re-thread your. — “Bobbins”,
  • Need Singer machine bobbins? Your Singer sewing machine loves the right bobbin for the job. Find it here. Find the right bobbin here for your Singer sewming machine. The bobbin is the part that holds the lower thread in the machine. — “Singer Sewing Machine Bobbins; Get the right bobbin for your”,
  • Bobbins was the comic I drew from October 1998 to May 2002, when the top of my head came off like the lid of some wacky volcanic jar. A lot of people enjoyed it and if you're discovering it today, I hope you glean a crumb of comfort from its homespun tales. — “Bobbins - was a daily comic strip”,
  • Many Lacemakers seem to prefer this as you can sort out your pins either by pushing or lifting all in one session as you need to move your bobbins around rather than having to use two separate tools. You can see more details of them here => Lacemaking Tools – Ebony Pin Pusher. — “Lacemaking BobbinsBobbins And Tools For Lacemakers”,
  • Metro Embroidery Thread offers an excellent quality 40 wt polyester thread, comes in 166 colors in mini spools of 1000M (1100 yards), and 116 colors in big spools of 5000M (5500 yards). Also, Metro Embroidery Thread offers stabilizer and pre-wounded bobbins at a very affordable price. — “Metro Embroidery Thread, Stabilizer, Bobbins”,

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  • Nancy Today: 7 making bobbins for bobbin lace These bobbins are pretty big because my beads were so large, but they sure are pretty.
  • Tossing Bobbins in Bruges These ladies are making lace, something that is MUCH harder than I ever imagined!!!
  • Camel Live In Brazil 2001 Watching The Bobbins (6) Amazing! From Harbour of Tears album!
  • 1) How to wind a bobbin on the Brother XL2600i sewing machine Video by Natalie, the Sewing Noob () This video shows you how to wind the bobbin on this particular sewing machine. If you want to see how to thread the top part of the machine, see my other video Video has closed captions.
  • Nancy Today: 2 bobbins for bobbin lacemaking Making some bobbins for my bobbin lacemaking.
  • The Simpsons Sherry Bobbins "So long, Superman!"
  • Bobbin Lace Making: Constructing a Cookie Pillow How to make your own Belgian-style Cookie Pillow for traditional bobbin lace making.
  • cut every corner
  • Care and Feed of Tapestry Bobbins 2 - Winding Bobbins Kathe Todd-Hooker of Fine Fiber Press (Albany, Oregon) showing how to wind a bobbin for tapestry weaving.
  • Klekljanje - Making Bobbin Lace.mpg Cilka Zakelj demonstrates Slovenian bobbin lace making in Cleveland, Ohio in 1989
  • Bobbin Lace Making: Tools and Materials An introduction to the tools and materials of traditional bobbin lace making.
  • Nancy Today: Bobbin lace bobbin making 1 I'm going to make some bobbins out of all these beads I have. I used to make earrings and other jewelry, so I have lots of beads I can use. I'd like to do some bobbin lace, but I can't find bobbins. I will make them, then!
  • Madejas Bobbin Lace Making no.2 Demo of how bobbin lace is done.
  • Watching The Bobbins - Camel "Watching The Bobbins", the continuation of 'Under The Moon'. Track #7, from "Harbour Of Tears" (1996)
  • LK - Sherry Bobbins [Simpsons Spoof] Another Simpsons spoof for you~ =3 This was fun. Though I think I had WAY more fun with the credits than the actual vidder. XD I know my lip syncing is off a bit. Combination of me not caring, being lazy, and just screwing around. Simba/Homer's lines are really the only ones I got lazy with though. XD Overall, I like how it turned out. Makes me giggle. Hopefully it shall do the same for you~ --DISCLAIMER-- I do not own, nor claim any rights to the video footage or audio tracks herein contained in this video. They belong to their respective owners. Lion King 1 & 2 (c) Disney Audio (c) The Simpsons (Matt Groening/Fox owns them I believe) Koi no Mega Lover (c) Maximum the Hormone Spirit (c) Dreamworks No profit was made from the production of this video. It is fanmade for amusement purpose only. Thank you~ #59 - Most Viewed (Today) - Pets & Animals #68 - Top Favorites (Today) - Pets & Animals
  • Antique Japanese Silk Reel Bobbin - Old Wooden Itomaki Description Antique Japanese silk reel bobbin. These items are called itomaki in Japan where they were in common use for silk thread production until roughly the end of the 19th century. The bobbins where used with special machines called zakuri which were often hand-powered and included clever gears and mechanisms to spool silk in a fast and efficient manner. Silk production was a widespread cottage industry in Japan through the end of the long and peaceful Edo period (1600-1868) and many traditional Japanese farmhouses were designed with special attic rooms for the pursuit of sericulture. About the Listed Item This hand-crafted antique wooden itomaki silk reel bobbin is in fine condition with no cracks. The bobbin dates from the early to mid 20th century and does have marks and scratches from use and wears a darkened patina of age. Brush-applied Japanese writing can be seen on some of the bobbin's spokes. Size: Length: 5.9 inches (15.0 centimeters) Diameter: 5.9 inches (15.0 centimeters) Weight: 2.7 ounces (78 grams) item code: R2S6-0004671 category code: nipponitomaki ship code: G3
  • "Tony Bobbins" Infomercial Parody A sketch from Episode 8 of the 1992 Fox sketch comedy show, featuring Ben as "Tony Bobbins," an obvious takeoff of NLP/self-help guru Antony Robbins.
  • Preparing bobbins for lace making Here I show different methods of making the hitch on bobbins when preparing them for lace making. First for bobbins wound anti-clockwise as seen from the head (usually used for linnen thread because of it's inherent twist), then for clockwise wound thread (usually cotton or silk).
  • Madejas Bobbin Lace Making no.1 Demo of how bobbin lace is Done
  • Twin Cities Branch RSCDS dancing Shiftin' Bobbins This is a performance at the Minnesota Festival of Nations on April 30th 2010 by the Twin Cities Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance society. The dance, Shftin' Bobbins, commemorates the winding and unwinding of bobbins in the old woolen mills of Scotland. The dancers from right to left is Andy McCracken, Amy Muldoon, Jacob Holm, Chandi McCracken, Jamie Berg and Morgan Stemberger.
  • Nancy Today: Bobbin lacemaking. Spider Here is the latest pattern I'm working on, or being told how to do it.
  • Bobbins and bobbin case
  • Sewing & Fashion Design : How to Wind a Sewing Machine Bobbin Winding a sewing machine bobbin requires setting up the spool of thread on the spindle, threading the empty bobbin, switching the machine to the bobbin winding mode and pressing the pedal until the bobbin is wound half full. Wind a bobbin on the sewing machine, making sure to wind only empty bobbins, with a demonstration from an independent fashion designer in this free video on sewing. Expert: Rebecca Farrington Contact: Bio: Rebecca Farrington is a fashion designer and teacher who now has her own brand of clothing called Ferinta. Filmmaker: Patrick Eaves
  • Bobbin Lace Making: Basic Bobbin Lace Stitches How to manipulate bobbins to make the two basic stitches in bobbin lace.
  • #272 Muller motor bobbins done, stators underway
  • Career Planning : How to Become an Accountant To become an accountant, get a degree in accounting and take classes in finance and math. Find out how to become a CPA (certified public accountant) in this free video on job information from a career service specialist. Expert: Stacie Royer Bio: Stacie Royer is an exclusive career services specialist, and she is active in business and career networking throughout the Austin, Texas area. Filmmaker: Todd Green
  • Bobbin Lace Making: Preparing the Pattern Preparing the pricking, or pattern for traditional bobbin lace making.
  • Bobbin Lacemaking Here is a How To on The Linen Stitch! Hope You enjoy and this helps!! Please Subscribe I will have more videos up and you can request under this video!
  • Nancy Today: Making bobbin lace Amazing work, eh!
  • Cloth Stitch in Bobbin Lacemaking I show the beginning steps in making cloth stitch(Cross, Twist, Cross)
  • Nancy Today: Bobbin lacemaking 3 Watching other people making their intricate patterns. Waaaay over MY head!
  • Camel - Watching the Bobbins - Live Watching the Bobbins by Camel Latimer/Hoover Watching the bobbins, go up and down. Fine Irish linen for a ladies gown. One shirt a penny, seven in a tag; ten hours a day and her heart begins to drag. This never ending cycle goes on. But she promised she would never stay... for long. Rocking the treadle, ache in her soul. She keeps the rhythm and it takes a toll. Threading the needle, strains in her eyes. Old withered fingers steal her young girl's pride She's saving every penny she earns, because the passion for her freedom still burns.
  • DRZ400SM - Crash Bobbins - Footpeg Sliders Review - (1080p HD) Thanks for watching and don't forget to check my videos out and SUB Any qustions just ask below Great people to deal with.. and great support. Suzuki drz 400 sm
  • Shiftin' Bobbins From Malcolm and Helen Brown classes, 15-16 May 2010 Moscow Video by Anastasiya Egorova
  • Preparing Bobbins for Lace making Here is a How to on Preparing your bobbins for lacemaking! Enjoy and please subscribe! Thanks! :)
  • #271 Muller Motor bobbins & safety
  • bobbin lacemaking in Belgium Bobbin lace demonstration at the Begijnhof in Bruges, Belgium.
  • bobbin storage.flv This was a great tip that I learned on MQResource (a great longarm chat group) from Janet Murdock. Simple, free and easy way to store your partially used bobbins. Find more tips and inspiration at
  • Bobbin display - Colección de bolillos Bobbin display at our Bedfordshire seminar - Simcoe County Museum Colección de bolillos, clase de Bedfordshire, Canadá, Abril 2007
  • Raskin Bobbins An employee at Raskin Bobbins has a little problem taking someones order at a drive thru. TWITTER:
  • How to use Simplicity's Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder Instructional Video for the Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder by Simplicity. Directions and demonstration of the electric bobbin winder to create bobbins of thread and embroidery floss. The Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder is available at
  • Art of Crochet by Teresa - Crochet Tip 1: Yarn Bobbins Crochet Blog crochet-

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  • “'CRASH MUSHROOMS PADDOCK STAND BOBBINS FOR ALL TYPES OF BIKES' Blog. paddock stand bobbins. crash mushrooms. Archives. June 2008. Feed. RSS All Items RSS Search. Bookmark Our Store. Search. Search. Blog. paddock stand bobbins. 9:58 AM PST, 6/12/2008. KTM 950 990 SUPERMOTO CRASH MUSHROOMS SLIDERS ORANGE”

  • “I know many of those lacers reading the blog would like to see how we are keeping the spangles on the bobbins. was fascinated to see the lace on the pricking with some of the pins still in, and the bobbins still attached”
    — The Embroiderers' Story " bobbins,

  • “As you know, Bobbins & Bombshells is a fave of mine! xoxox. September 9, 2009 12:43 PM. The Glamorous Housewife Bobbins And Bombshells. I'm an all around fashion enthusiast that loves to sew, knit and crochet, collect vintage and blog about”
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  • “Thanks for all the great info at your blog! Pat Sloan sent her "Sloanies" over to take a peek around your blog and website. Love all the info and I'm a major fan of your threads.Margi. 43. Lindabee (06 April 2010 at 4:21 p.m.) Will definitely have to try prewound bobbins”
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  • “I'd like to introduce a new product available here at - Rite Bobbins. The bobbins are not new and have been around for quite some”
    — New Product – Rite Bobbins | Riverwood Blog,

  • “Yesterday evening, with the lure of free alcohol, I cycled over to the new Bobbins bike shop. They plied me with white wine whilst showing off their new range”
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  • “The history of Majacraft wood and fibreglass bobbins”
    — Bobbins, bobbins, bobbins | The Majacraft Blog,

  • “Embroidery Supplies – Bobbins – Information Blog Our Blog To Embroidery Professionals Plastic sided embroidery bobbins – These embroidery bobbins can sometimes be wound with a”
    — Embroidery Supplies - Bobbins - Information Blog,

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