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  • Bluesy Dansk (Danish) adj. - bluesagtig Français (French) adj. - (Mus) inspiré du blues Deutsch (German) adj. — “bluesy: Information from ”,
  • Bluesy definition, depressed spirits; despondency; melancholy: See more. — “Bluesy | Define Bluesy at ”,
  • Bluesy. Learn about Bluesy on . Get information and videos on Bluesy including articles on john coltrane quartet, paolo nutini, spencer davis group and more!. — “Bluesy | Answerbag”,
  • bluesy (comparative bluesier, superlative bluesiest) (music, informal) Characteristic of /wiki/bluesy" Categories: English adjectives | Music. — “bluesy - Wiktionary”,
  • One of the world's largest video sites, serving the best videos, funniest movies and clips. A fast bluesy riff using hybrid picking. Is moveable but example works over B 619 Views, Added 09-Aug-07 By wkriski. — “Videos tagged with Bluesy - Metacafe”,
  • Photo sharing and photo printing is easy with our online photo album. Create your digital photo album online, share and sell your photos and prints, use our digital photo printing service to order prints, photo gifts, photo books and more. — “Search Photos - bluesy”,
  • Bluesy music, commercial songs, music for videos and background music tracks at . — “Bluesy Music, commercial songs, music for videos, background”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. — “Bluesy - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Bluesy Susie has performed on BBC TV and Radio and at many festivals and venues including the Royal Albert If you are looking for a professional, sophisticated band that can provide Swing, Rock and Roll, Pop, Soul and R'n'B classic hits then book the Bluesy Susie band. — “WEDDING SINGER south wales 5 piece wedding band Bluesy Susie”,
  • Wikipedia authoratative entry on blues music includes a well-researched introduction to the history, form, etymology of the term, subgenres, fusion genres, and numerous links. At the end of the 1950s appeared the very bluesy Tulsa Sound merging rock'n'roll, jazz and country influences. — “Blues - Wikipedia”,
  • Listen to bluesy radio. Free bluesy mp3 downloads available. Top bluesy artists: Tom Waits, Joan Osborne, Aretha Franklin, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, The Magnetic Fields, Odetta, Martina Topley-Bird, Janis Joplin, Morphine, B.B. — “Bluesy music - Listen free at”,
  • BLUESY GUY Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos by BLUESY GUY at ReverbNation. — “BLUESY GUY | Aquitaine, FR | Blues / Pop Folk | Music, Lyrics”,
  • Myspace profile for Bluesy. Find friends, share photos, keep in touch with classmates, and meet new people on Myspace. — “Bluesy on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Bluesy is Bonnie Weinstein Crowe, author, artist, YA novelist, graphic artist, tshirt guru, online entrepreneur, blues music critic, film critic, screenwriter, hip writer mom, humorist, janet blue relationship advice columnist, author of. — “Bluesy”,
  • Bluesy music, slideshow music, television music, royalty free music library and music stocks at . — “Bluesy Music, slideshow music, television music, royalty free”,
  • See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "bluesy" on Bandcamp. — “Tag "bluesy" | Bandcamp”,
  • bluesy use in phrases and idioms. Idioms with bluesy. bluesy in expressions. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. The bluesy 4-minute song provides a sound track for a slide show of vintage black-and-white photographs of. — “bluesy - Idioms - by the Free Dictionary, Thesaurus and”,
  • Shop bluesy t-shirts. Choose from hundreds of unique bluesy tees. Large selection of shirt styles. Satisfaction guarantee. — “Bluesy T-Shirts | Buy Bluesy T Shirts & Clothing Online”, t-
  • Definition of bluesy in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bluesy. Pronunciation of bluesy. Translations of bluesy. bluesy synonyms, bluesy antonyms. Information about bluesy in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “bluesy - definition of bluesy by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Bluesyworld has funny vintage tshirts, vintage christmas gifts,cool stocking stuffers,cool xmas stockings,christmas ornaments,unique christmas tree ornament,funny xmas cards,christmukkah gifts,retro christmas shirts,,musician gifts, funny holiday Bluesy Maternity. — “Funny T shirts,Retro Shirts,Blues shirts, Pop culture tshirts”,
  • We found 17 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word bluesy: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "bluesy" is defined. General (13 matching dictionaries) bluesy: Compact Oxford English Dictionary [home, info]. — “Definitions of bluesy - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Bluesy. This is Reggae Music. — “bluesy”,
  • AudioJungle files tagged with bluesy. — “bluesy - tags - AudioJungle”,

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  • Bluesy and DogHouse Collaboration This is a Song Created and Composed By DogHouseDave,Solo's Created By Bluesy13 and DogHouseDave:)This is My First Collab with another Musician,and I am Honored to Just Be Able to Play along with an Individual Who Happens to Be an Idol of Mine. Music=Peace and is The Universal Language,To Be able and Communicate with People Around the World is a Blessing:)Peace and Happiness:) Randy
  • Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan - Bluesy Jam Paul Gilbert and Billy Sheehan jam in a bluesy mood.
  • Seasons Greetings from BJ - Bluesy X-mas 2009!! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, see you in 2010!!!!!! Wishing y'all, friends and fans a wonderful Christmas time!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR COMING HERE WATCHING MY VIDEOS, you're a great audience from all over the world! Just made a little video jammin' the song: "Please come home for Christmas" on my old 1935 Dobro.. And of course... The KAZOO!! A cool and almost forgotten blues instrument tha deserves to be brought back, haha!! Read about the kazoo here
  • EXTRA EXTRA BLUESY GUITAR RIFFS ( Guitar Lesson ) WITH TABS! This guitar lesson shows how to play some really blusey riffs, with tabs in the video. My guitar lesson website:
  • Bluesy is Alive!!!!!!! I Hit 26 Years Old Today and Im Feeling Those Blues!!!!!!!
  • Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing with Marty Schwartz Blues Domination DVD'S
  • Chord Subsitution or Comp in Jazzy Bluesy guitar rhythms Click thelink above to receive free exclusive videos, newletters, and lots of free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this lesson we teach more rhythm techniques - how to subsitute or "comp" chords in a bluesy jazzy progression. Many more full on video lessons at the full on instructional website at:
  • Vitalic - Bluesy Tuesday
  • Bluesy Blue Sea Bluesy Blue Sea performance from the start of the Gillan's Inn Tour in Buffalo
  • The Bluesy voice of Charlie Parr - live performance (ABC Radio National) .au Our featured album of the week When the Devil Goes Blind, comes from US singer-songwriter Charlie Parr. Tim Ritchie describes his sound as 'authentic blues' - he also sings folk - and works with both a banjo and a guitar... and a wonderful raspy bluesy voice Well, we received a listener email via our website yesterday from Lyn in WA. She wrote: "Hi There, Caught Charlie Parr's show last night at the Perth Blues Club. Fantastic. I'm a regular member but was particularly interested as you had highlighted his work this week on RN. Just wanted to say what a great choice. As a member we got to see the show for $15. Unbelievable value for live music of that quality. Keep up the album of the week idea. Cheers, Lyn" So to give the rest of you a taste of what Lyn enjoyed, Charlie Parr has now joined us in our Sydney studios. Charlie Parr is currently in the middle of his tour. He's been to Western Australia, Darwin, Adelaide, Victoria and is now in Sydney tonight. Tomorrow is heading to Newcastle, then Maitland.
  • 240209 E7 fast bluesy bass run Starting with a combination of major pentatonic scale with chromatic notes (reminiscent of ***town or country music guitar runs), going into the mixolydian / minor pentatonic bluesy vein. I now give online "One on one" bass lessons, read about it here: bass lessons, marlowedk
  • DIY guitar amp... muddy, bluesy, swampy demo this is a demo of my Do It Yourself amp, i made it with things that i found in my house like an old computer speaker and stuff. i tested the amp with the zoom G1 (the cheepiest multiFX pedal), and with the DOD deathmetal FX86 (the most hated pedal in the history of guitar playing). the guitar its anl old korean dean guitar that i bought in a pawnshop for 50 dollars, when i get the guitar it was falling into pieces, so i had to repair and save the poor axe! i play some blues in the demo but my guitar licks are stiff and sloopy so dont kill me! instead check the sounds that comes out of my DIY little green monster i built it when i didnt had a real amp inspired by those crazy and incredible people that build Cigar Box Guitars!! so enjoy and send your feedback cheers to all the blues lovers...rock on! saludos from south america!
  • 3 octave D7 bluesy bass lick Always sounds good to repeat your licks in different octaves This lick mostly use notes from the mixolodian scale ( 1 2 3 4 5 6 b7), except for the minor third (b3) used as chromatic leadin to themajor third (3) L254 get the backing track from I now offer online "One on one" lessons:
  • Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing Click here For a Brand New Blues Lesson & Ebook for Free Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing Click the link above to receive free exclusive videos, newletters, and lots of free guitar and music goodies from Next Level Guitar. In this lesson we teach an acoustic blues lesson on how to spice up some blues progressions and move around the guitar neck. Works with electric guitars also Many more lessons at:
  • Bass tapping - Tapped bluesy groove - from A little tapping with a rootsy bluesy flavor. Go to for this video in a better downloadable version and other FREE grooves, lesson, fills & basslines.
  • Gitaroo Man OST - Bee'Jam Blues Game: Gitaroo Man Track No.: 5 Title: Bee'Jam Blues I am not uploading this soundtrack for profitable purposes. Merely for entertainment purposes. All copyrights belong to the creators of Gitaroo Man and COIL Gitaroo Man (c) Koei
  • Georgia On My Mind - Bluesy licks and Phat chords This lesson follows the Standards in Three format. In fact, I've updated the format to now include a new section on Creating The Improvisation. Let's go through the four steps to this lesson. Step One: Reharmonization & Arranging In this step, I teach you how to arrange the song using big jazz piano chords. You'll also learn my steps to effectively re-harmonizing this song and others. With the skills you learn in this step, you are on your way to creating more rich arrangements on your own favorite pieces. Step Two: Learning The Arrangement Simply put, I will show you every note of the arrangement. After step one, I create and arrangement for the song, write it out and save it as both a MIDI file and PDF file (which you can download for free, of course). Now whether you read music or not, you will learn every single note of this arrangement because I 1) teach it slowly and 2) have a "virtual" on-screen keyboard that makes it easy for you to see every note that I am playing. Step Three: Creating The Improvisation In this new step, you can now see my "process" of creating an improvisation. It's really like getting inside my brain for an hour while we create licks and phrases together. Now, this is not just creating a lick. This section is also designed to teach you improvisation skills that you can take across a variety of songs and styles. Step Four: Learning The Improvisation If you want a "less talk...more playing" section, well look no further ...
  • Heavy bluesy bass in D Distortion bass sounds best played with a pick IMO, notes cut through better Notice the use of the D and A open strings and plenty of pullofs From I now give online "One on one" lessons
  • Phil Keaggy, Adam Nitti, Zoro: Bluesy Jam @ CMS '07 Phil Keaggy, Adam Nitti, and Zoro performing at their Groove Lounge Concert at the Christian Musician Summit in 2007
  • Bluesy Finger Style Guitar An acoustic finger picking version of something similar to Stormy Weather, in dropped D tuning, by Kirk Lorange. Visit my site if you want to learn the fretboard backwards and forwards.
  • Volcanoes - Damien Rice - Bluesy Cover Jamming with my friend Ali, decided to improvise on Volcano - he's playing blues and I'm singing and providing guitar riff. The view is of my glass of scotch, camera position was accidental but thought it looked cool so I left it :-)
  • Merry ~ Bluesy Night (live) from Shambara to the Core Act 1. This is my favorite song by them and it's so damn hot here. Gara's scatting is rabu. XD Please comment and rate if you want more.^^
  • Squier 51 (99$) - the bluesy sound of the year Just kidding with "sound of the year". You have to say it is or it's not. Another video with Buddy Guy's song "Mary Had a Little Lamb". This time with Squier 51. No effects - just guitar. I played this song 3 times on video. Sorry for all mistakes!
  • Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing - Finger Style - Traditional Marty's Blues Course Ben Powell's Music word
  • Octaver funky bluesy bass practice Noodling with my MXR M288 bass octave deluxe pedal with a little talk about what I usually play when improvising over a minor tonality. I'm playing a Fender Precision 70's bass with flatwound strings I'm "babysitting" for a friend. Regarding "fret noise": Its the acoustic sound of the bass strings you hear getting picked up by the microphone, im playing with a very low volume on the amp, hence the string noise
  • Tata bluesy jam (Fractal Audio Axe-Fx ) a jam with the axe-fx. thanks to Redant for the backing
  • Bluesy bass lick w chords in D Quick and dirty Bluesy lick with chords tutorial. Three bars of D7 then one bar of C7 Just recorded straight into Quicktime player with macbook webcam from Sandberg bass California JJ to Tc electronic rh450 amp to Apogee soundcard. New Fender Nickel-plated steel roundwound strings, gauge 45 -105 Its a mono recording but unfortunately saved as stereo recording, so you will only hear one side, i told you its was quick. I will from time to time do these "low quality" recordings when i dont have patience or time for HD, audio and videoediting. Be sure to visit for more licks, grooves and lessons I now give online One on one lessons at
  • Old Bluesy - Marco Rodi Marco Rodi Twitter: This is one of my song, Old Bluesy, it is on my solo record Edounardo. Thank you for watching my videos!
  • Some Bluesy Thing Midi file of solo and backing track file available at www.Lot2 This is a short piece I wrote based on a simple chord progression to demonstrate some "outside" playing. I chose a simple chord progression to make it easy to keep track of where I am during my solo. This gives me freedom to roam both harmonically and rhythmically yet always knowing where I am within the framework of the chord progression so that at any moment I can come right back in. The key for me is to keep coming back in just enough to accomplish 2 things Number 1, so the listener doesn't get totally lost and Number 2, so I don't get totally lost. ;-). Some of the lines I play may not make sense harmonically but must be taken within the context of the entire piece. Ask any questions about this style of playing and I'll try my best to answer for you. Obviously, you must first be very comfortable playing "in" before you try to take it "out". The Piano patch you are hearing is provided by Pianoteq VSTi . The Pianoteq engineers liked this song and have placed it on their web site as a demonstration for their Pianoteq 3 software. The web page is here: The backing track was created with Band in a Box using their Real Tracks for bass and drums.
  • T-Man Is A Bluesy 8-Yr-Old Labor laws in Wisconsin prevent Tallan "T-Man" Latz from playing guitar in bars and clubs. Maggie Rodriguez talks to the prodigy and he plays some bad blues guitar.
  • Bluesy licks with Strat and Super Champ XD Me, my gold Classic Player '50 Stratocaster and modded Fender Super Champ XD ( Jensen C10q speaker and JJ tubes)
  • cigar box guitar lonesome bluesy improvisation Just a quick vid to show my latest hand made CBG and mainly my cigar box amp. The clip starts with the amp switched off and guitar purely acoustic. Second bit with amp on and volume half way giving a clean sound. (Hard to tell on this but it is louder than the guitar on it's own). Then I turn amp up full to show the nice natural distortion. Lastly turned back down to clean sound.
  • Bluesy Song by one of the great Torch Singers - 1930 Helen Morgan sings "It Can't Go On Like This" from 1930. A really Bluesy rendition. Excellent!
  • Bluesy bass lick using open strings Download transcription /TAB from here: Another go at using the open strings more creative , this time a bluesy lick that can be played in G, D and A. Unfortunately the video is a bit out of focus, i think i moved accidentally Bass: Sandberg California JJ with front pickup only for a "Pbass" like sound Reording chain: Avalon U5 DI (used a kkind of preamp) into the RH450 and then xlr out to a firewire Apogee Duet sound card into Logic pro on a macbook Rhythm is a drum pattern form the Korg Pandora px5d
  • Bluesy's Blues I Live The Blues,Learn From the Blues and Create From the Blues,These Feelings are Real,I Take whatever Has Occured in My Life,Good or Bad and Ventilate Through The Music I Create,I am Dedicating This Song To EVERYONE Here On YOUTUBE,My Family,Friends,and Subscribers,Thank You all for Inspiring Me,I Learn Something New Everyday of My Life and Have Made Friends that I Consider Family From all Parts of the World,these are My Feelings and I Choose to Express them Through This Song,Peace,Love and Happiness to ALL:) Truly Yours Randy(Bluesy)
  • Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing Free chord Ebook here Acoustic Blues guitar lesson spice up that bluesy playing
  • Easy Blues Piano Lessons - Bluesy 4ths Riff (Part 1) - This is part 1 of a 3 part video series where you learn an easy blues piano lesson that you should be able to figure out in about 10-20 minutes! Just rewind the video a couple times. GO to the blog for the other two lessons and to download the handout!
  • # 1 - Dobro Lesson - A7 Bluesy Lick FREE Dobro Lessons
  • Bluesy bass fill-lick in A Download Transcription/TAB here: Another lick inspired by my (re)discovery of using the open strings more creatively. Im playing acanadian built Fbass VF5 Try to play around with this idea using the open D string for other basslines / fills where D occurs, gives it another flavor and in some cases makes the lines more fluent. Dont get confused because of the 5 string (Fbass) bass used, Im not using the bottom B string at all and the transcription /tab is written for 4 string bass. Bass:Fbass VF5 Amp: tc electronic RH450 Cab:tc electronic 2x10 Camera: Canon 550D with 18-50mm lens Microphone: Zoom Q3HD
  • Ian Gillan - Bluesy Blue Sea Ian Gillan Bluesy Blue Sea Gillan's Inn
  • Bluesy guitar playing in the Gary Moore style Chang Gon Park plays the Swing Classic II guitar in a Gary Moore style - Swing Guitars.
  • Jimmy Johnson (Bluesy)Take Five "Take Five" is a jazz piece written by Paul Desmond and performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet on their 1959 album Time Out. Here performed by a great blues guitarist Jimmy Johnson,twenty years later,back in 1979 taken from his Whacked album . Made for educational reason only. Hope you enjoy. Peace [email protected]

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