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  • Large selection of Heavy-Duty Chain Binders for Trucking. Detailed photos and descriptions, Browse and Buy Online. — “Tarpstop® Chain Binders - Ratchet Binders and Lever Binders”,
  • Binders - With superior construction and a lifetime ring guarantee, Bindertek Binders are guaranteed to outlast and outperform other binders. Our European style binders feature: Lifetime Ring Guarantee - We. — “Binders”,
  • Great prices and a huge selection of GBC ClearView Clear Overlay 3-Ring Presentation Binders in Black and White. Choose from standard clear vinyl presentation binders, GBC premium clearview binders and GBC Economy black ring binders. Awesome. — “3 Ring Binder - ClearView Clear Overlay Presentation GBC”,
  • Custom made and printed binders, folders, boxes and DVD mailers from since 1991 800-455-0137. — “Custom printed 3-rng binder,custom folder and custom packaging”,
  • A D-ring three-ring binder. Ring binders (pronounced bin-der) (sometimes called files in Britain) are folders in which punched pieces of paper may be held by means of clamps running through the holes in the paper. Binders come in many standard sizes with respect to both capacity and paper size. — “Ring binder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Regardless if you are looking for just one binder to display your wedding photos or thousands of binders for your sales staff, has information useful to you! On this site you will find useful information regarding how to plan a binder and definitions to various binder terms. — “”,
  • Sells stock and custom view binders and mylar tabs. We have stock view binders from 1/2 inch all the way up to 4 inch spines in stock and. ready to ship at the lowest prices. — “Elken Company”,
  • VIP binders is a leading manufacturer of custom printed vinyl binders, turned edge binders, poly binders, custom index tabs, custom folders, poly index tabs, printed pocket presentation folders and other presentation material. — “Custom Vinyl Binders, Custom Index Tabs, Presentation Folders”,
  • Manufacturer of binders, loose-leaf products, notebooks and various office products. is a registered trademark of American Thermoplastic Company. — “American Thermoplastic Company”,
  • Manufacturer of quality Custom Binders including Vinyl Binders, Poly Binders, Leather Binders, 4 Color Binders (Full Color) and other Custom Binders at affordable prices. — “Custom Binders - Vinyl Binders, Poly Binders, Leather Binders”,
  • Manufacturer of custom and creative vinyl products in Florida 3-ring binders. 6-ring binders. Poly binders. Index Tabs. Stadium Cushions. Foldable plastic binoculars. Certificate holders. Check presenters. Flap portfolios. Poly pockets. Presentation folders. Pad holders. Luggage tags. Passport holders. — “Manufacturer of Custom vinyl products”,
  • Binders Inc. Charlotte, NC manufactures looseleaf binder products ranging from standard vinyl and poly binders, to clear view and three ring binders to custom vinyl binders. — “Vinyl Binders, 3 Ring Binders | Binders Inc., Charlotte, NC”,
  • Supplies for artists, hobbyists and students. Paint, clay, frames, books and easels. BINDERS 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. We've put together some of the most unique and inspiring creative gifts around! Download a PDF of the holiday gift guide and click on any. — “Home - Binders Art Supplies and Frames”,
  • Binders in stock. Free Shipping on binder orders over $99. Most Orders Arrive Next Day. — “Binders - Avery binders, Wilson Jones Binders, Cardinal”,
  • Custom made binders with fast shipping. Make your own 3 ring binder online or choose from thousands of designs in the Zazzle Marketplace. No minimum order size. — “Binders, Custom Binders, 3 Ring Binders”,
  • Buy Small 3 ring binders from top rated stores. Comparison shopping for the best price. Check out bizrate for great deals on Binders from Cardinal. — “Small 3 ring binders Binders at Bizrate - Black Friday 2010”,
  • manufactures custom made poly binders, easel, leather three ring, vinyl, leather presentation, marketing sale, aluminum, printed, legal size, and metal specialty binders including custom marketing kits. — “Custom Binders: Presentation, Leather, Metal, Easel, Poly”,
  • Compare 34576 binders products in Business at , including See-Thru Presentation Binders, 1 Capacity, Blue (AVE10851), See-Thru Presentation Binders, Red (AVE10853), 1/2 Capacity, Black (AVE10802). — “Compare binders in Business at ”,
  • Our vinyl binders will present your message to your customers and make a lasting impression of top quality. Top quality vinyl construction can make these small size binders perfect for date books, diaries, employee manuals and corporate telephone. — “3 ring binders and custom binders from Ad Industries - Binders”,
  • We can process your order and masterfully craft your Custom Binders, Three Ring Binders and Presentation Binders in a timely manner at highly competitive prices. — “Custom Binders : Three Ring Binders : Presentation Binders”,
  • Boring Binders? Customize your binders in a snap online with Avery Wizard. You'll also find a selection of ring binders , business binders, school binders and more at . — “Binders | Business Binders & School Binders | Avery”,
  • - Binders, custom binders, 3 ring binders and wholesale binders for sales presentations, marketing, conventions, meetings and training seminars. — “Binders | Custom Binders | 3 Ring Binders | Wholesale Binders”,

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  • Rosback 882 Perfect Binder The Model 882 Perfect Binder, designed for medium length production runs and quick changeover, meets the requirements for the in-plant shop, commercial printer and trade binders. Fully operator oriented, the 882 combines dependability and flexibility; consistent top-quality professional results are easily achieved.
  • T's Binder Update Nov 2, 2009 Here is T's long awaited binder update! The binder has become pretty large. Please take a look!Please rate/comment/PM/subscribe!!! TeamMinoritySPG: Trade Rules: 1) We do not send first or "at the same time." Once we receive your cards, we will upload a video and send off our part of the deal. 2) Please make a specific offer. 3) You are MUCH more likely to get offers accepted if you offer our wants. 4) All cards are near mint to mint unless otherwise stated. 5) We don't respond to crap offers (not enough time, sorry). 6) All offers go to TeamMinorityTrades!!! T's Wants: Cash $$$ (I accept paypal) Mist Wurm Gladiator Beast Heraklinos (Secret only) Saber Slash Lugia Legend (both pieces) Ho-oh Legend (both pieces) Pot of Greed (Ultimate only) Chaos Emperor Dragon (Ultimate only) Return from the Different Dimension (Super only) Crush Card Virus (Ultimate only)
  • Prop SHop: Star wars Stormtrooper binders / handcuffs Back in the prop shop with a real fun project, Stormtrooper Binders or handcuffs. Feel free to stop by my new website, it is full of pics , info and things for sale. thepropshop.1 Thanks for looking and keep on trooping.
  • Pioneer 12x12 D-Ring Binders Learn more, read reviews and purchase here: • Extra Large 2 1/2" D-Ring Binder • Archival and Photo Safe • Acid, Lignin and PVC Free • Does not include page protectors.
  • New Coupon Binder Giveaway Giveaway is over BUT you can purchase a Coupon Clutch here: I show you my new Coupon Binder... and of course host a giveaway for one too. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment here with your favorite binder from :
  • The Bellagio Italia CD DVD Binder Video Demo Available at the Bellagio Italia CD DVD Binder is a new innovation on a classic idea. Storing 48 discs, the binders help you reclaim your shelf space that has been taken up by CD and DVD cases.
  • Updated Trade Binder (finally) hey kids here is my updated binder, sorry its not that impressive but i do have money to spend :) below are my wants let me know a head of time if you do not live in the USA, and IF YOU COME TO ME, YOU SEND FIRST. WANTS: i will buy stuff i do accept $$$ or paypal yes, i will check your binder GENERAL WANTS: dark rabbit (infinite amount wanted) 3 ghost rare blackrose dragon 3 ghost rare stardust dragon 1 goyo guardian (duel terminal or ultimate) 1 duel terminal brionac 3 pot of duality 2 solemn warning (ultra or ultimate) 3 gravekeeper's spy (champion pack) 2 lonefire blossom (champion pack) 1 book of moon (champion pack) 2 bottomless trap hole (champion pack) 3 morphing jar (ultra rare, tournament pack) 2 scrap dragon (ultra or ultimate) 1 blackrose dragon (tin) 2 absolute zero 1 e-hero gaia 1 shooting star dragonn (ghost) 3 thunder king rai-oh 3 phantom skyblaster 3 scrapstorm 3 fossil dyna 3 rare value 3 red eyes darkness metal dragon (dt, super or ultra) 2 red eyes wyvern 2 totem dragon FOR MY LIGHT CITY DECK 3 e-hero alius (common) 1 e-hero alius (super) 1 e-hero voltic 2 miracle fusion (rare, ultimate, or super) 2 e-hero the shining FOR MY MALEFIC DECK 2 malefic cyber end dragon 3 malefic stardust dragon 3 cyber end dragon (rare, ultra, or ultimate) 3 cyber twin dragon (ultimate) 3 beast king barboros FOR MY ATTACK!!! DECK 2 goblin attack force ( common) 3 goblin attack force (ultra or super) 3 giant orc 3 goblin elite attack force ( super or ultimate) 3 spear dragon ...
  • My Coupon Binder Part 2 I made a few changes once I converted to the binder system. I now use a zipper binder that has a handle and a shoulder strap and I also added dividers to the slots so that I could use both sides of the pages. The list I refer to came from Pinching Your Pennies and is a Price List of general grocery items. It helps guide you in determining if an item is a good deal or not. I don't have a actual camcorder, so this was shot with my camera phone. Please excuse the video quality, but I think you can still get the general idea of the changes I made regardless. This was the 4th attempt at making this video. You never know what's going to happen when kids are around lol If you would like to visit my blog for my weekly grocery shopping trips, which I call, Monday Night Madness, go to
  • Request: Binders and Notetaking This was a requested video to show you how I take notes and how to highlight. I also show you some binder organization tips and study tips. Sorry- the end cuts off. Comment,Rate,Subscribe:) DISCLAIMER: I am not getting paid to make this video. All products mentioned were bought with my own money.
  • Binders harvesting Oats for threshing at National Ploughing Championships 2010 - johnwandersonagain Suncroft and Narraghmore Vintage Club working together with binders harvesting Oats for threshing at National Ploughing Championships 2010
  • Binders Binders are the way of the future. A music video for the song "Binders", created by the LTP crew. Download the mp3 here:
  • T-Kingdom Binder Comparison (1700 and 1980) Pros and Cons on two T-Kingdom Binders 1700: $60 Pros - -Very comfortable (mostly out of cotton) -Light fabric -Only binds chest -Long, goes down past stomach Cons - -Impossible to get off -Chest not positionable -Has a visible band, therefore cannot be worn with open shirts. (Fading band) -Large arm hole leads to "side-***" -X shape back makes hard to wear with some shirts 1980: $69.30 Pros - -Binds chest mostly, but also stomach and back -Special fabric that allows air circulation -Chest very positionable -All one piece, so can be worn under stuff (but back is see through) -Arm hole is in a good place Cons - -Tends to ride up because it only goes down to a little below waist -Hard to get on and off Highly recommend getting a size above if you are in the middle. Always go by biggest measurement (height, weight, chest) Websites: T-kingdom - www.t- Size Chart - http
  • Charade Opening Titles Featured here for reference only are the fantastic title designs for the 1963 movie Charade by the maste title designer Maurice Binder.
  • Back to School Supplies list - backpacks, binders and more Here are the most needed back to school supplies including backpacks, binders, lunchbags and more. We also found a discount link of up to 50% off of North Face and other cool backpacks. There is also a run through on the most needed back to school supply list items and our website has a per-grade list (for example grade 4 school supplies...) all the way up to high school and university. Hope this info is helpful and gets you thinking about all of the school supplies you will need for September. Website:
  • New Binder! showing off my new binder from underworks! talking about how i need to lose weight and feeling more male.
  • Coupon Binders This is a look at my coupon binder and also my little coupon holder! I explain how I use both! *NOTE* Im showing you a 2" not a 3" binder like I mention in the video... =)
  • How To: Organize Your Binder This is a video showing what I do to keep my binders organized for school. The binders and clear sheet covers can all be bought at Wal-Mart, Target, and office supply stores. Comment with any questions. Comment, Rate, Subscribe :) **100 views- 10/12/09 :) **200 views- 10/23/09 :) **300 views- 10/30/09 :) **400 views- 11/6/09 :) **500 viewa- 11/13/09 :)
  • FTM Gear: Binders, Packers, & STP devices Like I said, I woke up and it occured to me just how much gear it takes to get me ready and through the day, and night so I decided to make a video on it.
  • My Coupon Binder Recorded on July 23, 2008 using a Flip Video camcorder.
  • TheFirstHokage6 Trade Binder Yugioh Cards Update 1/11/2011 Just a random binder that I through together for this video. Most of my cards are in deck boxes, tins, or in a stack, so I am working on getting those organized into binders. Mainly looking for Cash right now, but can trade if you want to. Only looking for high end cards like: -Crush...
  • YUGIOH UPDATED TRADE HOLO BINDERS #5!!! MUST WATCH!! Sup guys its Kanyewest315 here with another update vid.... Please read all the description first! --------------------------------------------------------------- Im gonna make another binder update soon so PLEASE SUB! XD I got some new cards so this binder is not very updated... anyways, please OFFER when making a trade with me.. This vid was recorded on October 10, 2009 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- There are 284 holos in the binders: secret rares = 70 ghost rares = 2 ultra rares = 56 ultimate rares = 25 prismatic secret rares = 12 super rares = 119 --------------------------------------------------------------------- rules: 1. I DON'T SEND FIRST BUT I AM 100% TRUSTED GO TO MY CHANNEL I HAVE A LOT OF REFS AND YES THEY ARE ALL 100% REAL REFS 2. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU VALUE YOUR STUFF IF YOU COME TO ME, YOU FOLLOW MY VALUES. I WILL BE FAIR. i only trade for my wants below and pack secrets and ghost rares... HIGH WANTS: playsets money Archlord Kristya (REALLY NEED) blackwing - silverwind the ascendent dark simorgh (REALLY NEED) Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Ally of Justice Catastor shutendoji CP supers dark armed dragons (REALLY NEED) guardian eatos judgment dragon (REALLY NEED) bottemless trap hole charge of the light brigades secret necro gardnas holo crush card virus GLD1 honests secret or ghost black wing armor masters plaguespreaders mirror force Gold Sarcophagus PACK SECRET RARES AND GHOST RARES!!! MEDIUM WANTS: burial ...
  • binder giveaway! i have two ftm underworks binders to giveaway *style:997..double front compression shirt..size small *style:983..tri-top chest binder..size xtra small just leave me a response video down below :) here's the site to check them out: they work wonders :)
  • BigBossYGO's Trade Binders Feb. 8, 2010 My Rules: 1.) If you come to me, you have to send first. If I come to you, I'll send first. 2.) I prefer to send just within the US and Canada. 3.) Cards are to be in mint condition unless other condition is mentioned while the trade is being negotiated. 4.) Once addresses are exchanged, the trade is sealed. If you back out, you will be placed on the bad traders list. 5.) If the cards are not received within 2 weeks of finishing the trade, you will be placed on the bad traders list. WANTS: BIGGEST: ***Money 3x Destiny Draw 1x Dark Simorgh 1x Archlord Krystia 2x Bottomless Trap Hole (Gold) 1x Brain Control (gold) 3x XX-Saber Emmersblade 3x Saber Hole 3x Gravekeeper's Visionary 3x Gravekeeper's Descendant MID: 1x Vayu-the Emblem of Honor 1x Plaguespreader Zombie 2x DH-Malicious 1x BW-Armor Master 1x BW-Armed Wing 1x Stardust Dragon (Ghost or Ulti) 1x Goyo Guardian (ulti) Xx Doomcaliber Knight Xx Dark End Dragon Xx Guardian Eatos Xx Thunder King Rai-Oh Xx Judgment Dragon Xx Miracle Fusion (ANY) Xx Gold Sarcophagus Xx Crush Card Virus Xx Ally Of Justice Catastor Xx Mist Wurm Xx Brionac Xx Honest Xx Dark Grepher Xx Shutendoji Xx Mezuki Xx Necro Gardna Xx Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Xx Elemental Hero Stratos Xx Arcanite Magician Xx DD Crow (Ultimate) Xx Elemental Hero Prisma Xx Gladiator Beast Retiari Xx Allure Of Darkness Xx Lightning Vortex (ulti) Xx Toon Table Of Contents Xx Phoenix Wing Wind Blast (Ultimate) LOW: Blue Eyes White Dragon DDS-001 Dark Magician DDS-002 Dark ...
  • Yugioh Trade Binder Video SUBSCRIBE TO MY OTHER CHANNEL: YUGIOH BLOG EBAY STORE Here's one of my binders, enjoy. oh and if you want to trade, make me an offer first. ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝ IF U WANA SEE MORE VIDZ!!!!!
  • CLOWNS: binder-flipping fun with Sea Water Bliss. 12 binders...3500 pages...2 hours and 40 minutes of flipping condensed to four and a half minutes. Filmed in the lounge at Sig's Place in Vonda, Saskatchewan. "Clowns" is the second track on the first album by the band known as Sea Water Bliss.
  • Binders Atlanta Since 1953, BINDERS has been selling art supplies, creative gifts and picture frames.They have built the business strategically on becoming not only a source of supplies, but of creative inspiration as well. Our commitment is to promote personal growth through education, arts awareness, and by giving back to our creative communities. Take a quick tour of Binders with the passionate owners, Jay Shapiro and Howard Krinsky and see what we're talking about.
  • Presentation & Artwork Binders Univentures Presentation Binder is perfect for delivering a memorable presentation for a meeting with a potential client, like this landscaping layout that allows you to easily navigate between all of a customers options. Its also great to use as a portfolio for designers and artists to showcase their work, as well as for safe storage of large format documents and photos. We offer two different page styles, one holds an 11x17 size document and the second holds two 8.5x11 pages side by side. Our presentation binders are available in eight different colors, and each binder comes with an easel clip that is easy to attach. The clip will conveniently store in the binder itself when not in use. The binder and pages are both made from 100% recyclable polypropylene, an environmentally friendly material that is durable and archival safe. Each binder can be easily mailed in a corrugated cardboard box that meets all USPS requirements and will fit up to two binders. Find out more at .
  • "Coupon Magic Organizer" Binder & Savings System View the Coupon Magic Organizer and available binders at . I've been there with the same frustration you may now be facing...knowing that if I could just find a system that helped me to organize my coupons to always know exactly what I had available, that I could then really start utilizing my coupons to the fullest and take my savings to a new level. I'm a very busy working mom of two and I needed a system that would be easy to use and would not require an advanced degree in "couponing." I wanted something that would help our family during these rough financial times so that my energy could be focused on what really matters most. This is how the Coupon Magic Organizer was created. I have been using this system for a long time and am absolutely amazed at my increased savings. I am saving hundreds at the grocery store with very little effort. I have many customers who report savings up to 50% with a bit more time commitment. But that is the beauty of this system, you customize it to your savings needs!
  • Yugioh Amazing Trade Binder I do not send first, under ANY circumstance. HIGHEST WANT: Playable Foreign Cards, specifically staples. Like common books, torrential, Cold Wave, etc. Wants: Pot of duality XX-Saber Emmersblade Pot of Avarice (ultimate) CP SUPERS TP SUPERS Duel Terminal Cards Gateway of the Six samurai Grandmaster of the Six Samurai Hand of the Six Samurai Allure (ultimate) Solemn Warning Secret Dark Armed Dragon Super sirocco Duelist League Bora Super Book of Moon Elemental Hero Absolute Zero Elemental Hero Gaia Miracle Fusion (any rarity) Lyla, Lightsworn sorceress Ehren, Lightsworn Monk Ultimate rare DD Crow super Debris Dragon Goyo Guardian Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Doomcaliber Knight Thunder King Rai-Oh Black Rose Dragon (any rarity) Ghost Stardust Ultimate rare Zombie Master Gold Series Crush Card Virus Super rare Smashing Ground Glow up Bulb Ultimate rare Cyber Dragon Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Ultimate Rare Caius Ultimate Rare Raiza Formula Synchron Black Salvo Don't be scared to Offer. I always reply
  • collegecouture: making an organized binder thank you so much for watching! i hope this was helpful! feel free to leave any comments, questions, or requests below! : ) watch my first binder organization video: materials needed: a binder scrapbooking paper stickers copy paper page protectors tabs follow me on twitter: read my blog:
  • My Yu-Gi-Oh! Trade/Sell Binder: January 9, 2011 MY TRADING RULES: 1. I do not send first, I have 300+ refs. 2. The card(s) must be in good condition, if not please tell me, also put the card(s) in sleeves and top loaders. 3. When you send out the cards, please include a note of who you are on YouTube & what I owe you. ................
  • Unikeep™ Binders Unikeep™ Binders UniKeep™ binders are the clear winner for students, professionals and virtually anyone who needs to get organized! The revolutionary, 100% polypropylene, patented design keeps everything protected inside. Durable poly rings snap securely for safer, cleaner and easier loading. View Case Binders feature a full wrap overlay that allows for the largest imprint area or single cover insert in the industry. Case Binders have no overlay and offer sleek storage and protection. Both are available in three standard capacities and eight colors. Binders are also available in Large Format for high capacity storage. Unique, multiple compartment binders offer better storage for large documents and great way to package both flat pages and three-dimensional materials together. The Presentation Binder is perfect for delivering a presentation or storing artwork safely.
  • Yugioh $1 Trade Binder Update 12-28-09 1 of 2 All cards $1 This is my $1 binder...or pile. All cards are for sale for $1 each. Rules: 1. $5 buying minimum (or work out a trade and buy these in addition). 2. Buy 10, get 1 free. 3. Some of these cards are damaged (that's the only reason some are here). I will let you know before we confirm a purchase. If you want higher-end cards, check out my normal binders: Binder 1: Binder 2: Binder 3: Also, be sure to subscribe and enter in my holiday contest, just 20 more subs to give away a Brionac and Malicious. My rules: 1. I don't send first unless you have a verifiable large number of references. I have 410 references on Pojo (Pointlessness413), and you're welcome to contact me there to confirm that I am indeed the same person. If you're expecting me to send first, I expect to be able to do the same. (Whether it be sending a message to you via Ebay or something is fine. I will not take "It's the same name" as proof.) Since I've been trading online for 8 years, I will be EXTREMELY reluctant to send first, but will consider if you have convincing credibility. I don't care if you were ripped off or if you need the cards for a tournament. That will not get me to send first. Only reasons why you're reputable matter to me. NOTE: I do not have a blanket refusal to send first, but simply require some sort of verifiable credibility before I do. 2. Not all of my cards are mint, but 99% of them are. I don't expect you to see the damage just from this ...
  • Ace wraps, Binders & Bandages PN students application of ace wraps with circular, spiral reverse, figure 8, thumb spica,
  • I Like Big Binders A white boy rapping about why all AVID students should be proud to carry around big binders
  • SHP Binder The new SHP™ has been engineered to keep up with the faster pace of our technological society. A clean break from the traditions of the past, it leapfrogs the competition. Gone are all the problems inherent with large capacity binders. Dynamic performance is built in. The SHP™ is compact. Crane saves you money. You need fewer binders and less expensive shelf space. Up to six*** features. Show how valuable and important your "book" is, use SHP™ binders. SHP™
  • Ipoke's Updated Yugioh Trade Binder February 2011 Remember! - I will not check binders, You will have to offer from my wants, I will not send first, And please send me a personal message if you want to trade.... Wants: MONEY IN ££££££ (GBP) Duel Terminals: Book of Moon Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Mist Wurm Rares: Blizzard Dragon Shien's Smoke Signal Supers: Deep Sea Diva TU04 Gateway of the Six Legendary Six Samurai - Kizan Miracle Fusion Destiny Hero Diamond Dude Ultras: Elemental Hero Absolute Zero Solemn Warning Injection Fairy Lily (Value Very Low) Treeborn Frog Mirror Force MRD 1st Edition Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En Ultimates: Caius the Shadow Monarch Solemn Warning Miracle Fusion Battle Fader Treeborn Frog Scrap Dragon Secrets: Guardian Eatos Injection Fairy Lily (Value Very Low) Elemental Hero Gaia Maxx C The Golden Apples Chaos Hunter Six Strike - Thunder Blast Mats: (All must be Sneak Peak Mats!) (I value them in £) Raging Battle (£10) Ancient Prophecy (£10) Stardust Overdrive (£10) The Shining Darkness (£10) The Duelist Revolution (£8) Starstrike Blast (£12) Storm of Ragnarok (£15) Remember I send WORLDWIDE - but i live in the UK Thanks! Ipokem0nI
  • my favorate naruto card binder hear are my favorate naruto cards in a binder
  • Adjustable Lever Binder This binder has a built-in adjustment feature for a quick, easy and safe solution to attain proper tension. Simply rotate the adjustable end and extend or retract it to achieve the desired length. No more bouncing back and forth from one link to another trying to a secure fit. The Adjustable Lever Binder comes equipped with a lock pin, making it one of the industry's safest binders.
  • Ring Binders Hi if you're looking for ring binders - then this short video will guide you around this category and give you a few of our recommendations... We have a massive range of ring binders, in all sizes, types and brands but don't let that put you off. Our best sellers might be just what you're after and there you go, no searching needed! The white 5 star presentation ring binder is popular amongst Euroffice buyers, not least because it's great value for money. Just remember this A4 ring binder comes with a 4 ring binding mechanism, so the sheets you're filing away will need four punched holes. Also a favourite in the 5 Star range is the black presentation ring binder. It's pretty similar to the one I've just mentioned, but the binder ring sizes are smaller. So if you don't want to file away lots of paper, then this will do you just fine. If you'd like a stylish A4 ring binder, the Snopake presentation ring binder is the one for you. Importantly it's lightweight, so this is a great ring binder if you carry your projects around to client meetings for example. Plus this ring binder is made from partly recycled material so you're doing your bit for the planet. I hope this has helped your search for ring binders. But if you want to find out all about our brands and types, just take a look at our Buyers Guide. And remember... we won't be beaten on price.
  • How to Use Chains & Binders Video demonstrating the correct how to use use of Grade 70 Chains. Ratchet Binders and Lever Binders on a flatbed truck.
  • My Yu-Gi-Oh! Trade/Sell Binders: April 6, 2010 MY TRADING RULES: 1. I do not send first, I have 300+ refs. 2. The card(s) must be in good condition, if not please tell me, also put the card(s) in sleeves and top loaders. 3. When you send out the cards, please include a note of who you are on YouTube & what I owe you. ................

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