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  • The most common pest in Ohio is the bluegrass billbug, Sphenophorus parvulus Gyllenhal, though the lesser billbug, S. minimus Hart, is somewhat common. The adults are The bluegrass billbug is most common in the northern states from New England to. — “Billbugs In Turfgrass, HYG-2502-91”,
  • Hosts: The bluegrass billbug most commonly attacks Kentucky bluegrass, Poa pratensis, but may be found in some fescue and perennial ryegrass lawns. The bluegrass cultivars Merion, Nugget, Windsor, Sodco, Kennblue, and Pennstar are especially susceptible to injury. — “Bluegrass Billbug - MSU Turfgrass Science”,
  • Billbugs and white grubs are insects that damage turf grasses by feeding on the roots. Types of billbugs, methods for control, and recovery from billbug damage are discussed. — “Billbugs and White Grubs”,
  • Heavy billbug infestations can kill grass, with peak. turfgrass injury occurring in mid to Billbug Description. Adult billbugs are weevils or sometimes referred to as "snout beetles" because their chewing mouthparts are. — “Billbugs”,
  • The hunting billbug, Sphenophorus venatus vestitus Chittenden, is a weevil that is also commonly known as the "zoysia billbug" in Florida, where it has been reported as a pest of various grasses, especially in Vaurie (1951) records the hunting billbug from Alabama, Arkansas, District of Columbia,. — “hunting billbug - Sphenophorus venatus vestitus”,
  • The hunting billbug, Sphenophorus venatus vestitus – also known as the "zoyzia billbug" – is a weevil native to the southeastern United States. The hunting billbug was only first reported as a pest of Virginia orchardgrass, Dactylis glomerata, in 2005. — “Hunting Billbug Pest Management in Orchardgrass - Virginia”,
  • billbug ( ) n. Any of several weevils, especially of the genera Calendra or Sitophilus, whose larvae feed on plants such as corn and other cereal. — “billbug: Definition from ”,
  • Encyclopedia article about billbug. Information about billbug in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “billbug definition of billbug in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • Several billbug species occur on turf, but the bluegrass billbug is the most common in our state. Larvae can be sampled with the aid of a trowel or shovel to determine the absence or presence of mature billbug larvae and pupae in the soil. — “Billbugs in Home Lawns — Entomology — Penn State University”,
  • Home >> Weed Pro Academy >> Bugs & Diseases >> Billbug. Get $50 cash for each qualifying referral AND be entered for a chance to win 2 new kayaks or 2 hybrid bicycles! The most common pest in Ohio is the bluegrass billbug though the lesser billbug, S. minimus Hart, is somewhat common. — “Weed Pro - Comprehensive lawn care programs and services”, weed-
  • Distribution - The maize billbug first attracted attention during the late 1800's in the corn fields of Alabama, South Carolina, and Kansas. In North Carolina, this billbug occurs over the entire Coastal Plain. — “Maize Billbug”,
  • ABOUT THE INSECT: The orchardgrass billbug, Sphenophorus venatus confluens, is the key insect pest of orchardgrass grown for seed in western OR. The bluegrass billbug and possibly others damage lawns and infest grasses grown for seed in Eastern OR. — “Billbug”,
  • Definition of billbug from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of billbug. Pronunciation of billbug. Definition of the word billbug. Origin of the word billbug. — “billbug - Definition of billbug at ”,
  • billbug (insect), any stout-bodied beetle of the family Curculionidae (insect order Coleoptera) that has a short snout and body length up to 5 cm (2 inches). Some (e.g., Rhynchophorus) are found mainly in the tropics, boring through the new. — “billbug (insect) -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia”,
  • The bluegrass billbug is a bluegrass pest. The Hunting Billbug causes damage to Zoysia resistant to billbug damage are available and should be considered when establishing a. — “Billbugs”, american-
  • The Hunting Billbug, Sphenophorus venatus vestitus, in North Carolina The hunting billbug was first described as a pest in 1956 on the zoysiagrass of a Florida nursery. — “Turffiles:Insects:Hunting Billbug”,
  • There are several species of billbugs which occur on turf in New England, but the bluegrass billbug is probably the most common species on lawns. In areas where bluegrass billbug larvae have been feeding actively, there will be. — “Billbugs”,
  • 1. Hunting Billbug Damage. I recently took a trip to a golf course in Arkansas to help Both billbug adults (C and D) and larva (D) are small and often go unnoticed. — “Turf Tips - Hunting Billbug Damage”,
  • BILLBUG GRUBS. Billbugs have been reported as serious pests of lawns and other turf areas since the late 1800's. Although preferring Kentucky bluegrass (as its name implies), the bluegrass billbug also feeds on perennial ryegrass, fescue and timothy. — “Turfgrass Entomology”,
  • Billbug life cycle. Life Cycle. Billbugs overwinter as adults in soil, coarse grass, or litter about the fields, becoming active when corn begins to come up. Although winged, billbugs seldom fly, but crawl over the ground in search of food. They will often migrate one-fourth mile or more. — “IPM : Field Crops : Billbug (Calendra spp.)”,
  • BILLBUGS: including MAIZE BILLBUG, Sphenophorus maidis, SOUTHERN CORN BILLBUG, S. callosus, Curculionidae Most of the pesticides labeled for billbug control are applied at planting. A few are. — “FCIIG Billbugs BC framepage”,
  • The maize billbug is a reddish-brown to black snout beetle. The maize billbug overwinters as an adult in soil, coarse grass, or plant litter, becoming active when corn begins to emerge. — “Maize Billbug | Corn | Field Crops IPM at Purdue University”,
  • Billbug definition, any of several weevils, esp. of the genera Calendra and Sitophilus, that feed on various grasses. See more. — “Billbug | Define Billbug at ”,
  • The most common pest in Ohio is the bluegrass billbug, Sphenophorus parvulus Gyllenhal, though the lesser billbug, S. minimus Hart, is somewhat common. The adults are The major problem with billbug damage is that it looks like a variety. — “Billbugs”,

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  • “Zamzows Blog is dedicated to all things lawn, garden, pet, wild bird, pond, aquarium, and green living. If you would like to contact Zamzows with The trouble with grubs (the larval form of the billbug) is that they are underneath the soil. We need a product that will penetrate the surface and”
    — Zamzows | Zamzows Lawn, Garden, Pet, Pond and Wild Bird Blogs,

  • “Billbugs can be a real nuisance. Turf Plus Utah provides useful information on how to recognize and get rid of these pesky insects. You can tell if you have a billbug problem if the grass pulls up easily like a rug and is readily apparent that the stems have been hollowed out”
    — Billbugs | Turf Plus Utah,

  • “Check Out The New University of Delaware Vegetable and Fruit Program Blog lima bean growers to attend a forum on lima bean production practices, disease and”
    — University of Delaware Kent County Agricultural Extension,

  • “Blog. Archives. Contact. Olympic 7's | Atmos x New Balance & K-Swiss. New Arrivals. Air Jordan omeprazole alack billbug. zithromax haymow demethanizer. propecia hypercompensation muldem”
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  • “Life imitates The People's Cube: PRAVDA reports that the FHM cover model Alicia Mayer has affectionately covered her private parts with Vegetable-Americans for the pro-vegetarian”
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  • “ Hose End – Effective on 6 species of white grubs: june bug, billbug, masked and europe chafers, japanese and oriental beetles. Supplies and Care Blog. Shane's Tack Equine Care Blog. The Michigan Business Blog. The Perfect Pet Blog. Wild Bird Hobbyist”
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  • “Nov 14th, 2006 - 9:23 AM. Quote Reply. Re: OT - How do you get rid of moles in your yard. It Annual Bluegrass Weeveil (doubtful), Bluegrass Billbug-adult and grub, very (possibly”
    — Replies:, pub12

  • “Step 3 - Billbug Control Insecticide. One great thing about EMPIRE Turf is that Chinch and in the spring whether you have had issues with the hunting billbug in the past or not”
    — Sod Solutions - News,

  • “ Blog Tom's Digs Sentinel garden columnist Tom MacCubbin shovels up the dirt on gardening year-round in Central Florida. Zoysia does not get chinch bugs, but it does have a pest called the Hunting billbug — it has not become a major pest yet and is manageable”
    — A Zoysia Revolution – Tom's Digs – Orlando Sentinel,

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