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  • St. Petersburg Times online: the sports pages of , featuring local and national sports and teams such as the Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tampa Bay Lightning, Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles and high school teams. — “Tampa Bay sports news”,
  • Someone who you generally don't want to see *** who feels compelled to remove their clothing and run around in their ***ness. The occasional 's The occasional 'streaker' is easy on the eye, however they tend to be streaking for a different motive; generally, due to a lost bet. Hey, did you. — “Urban Dictionary: streaker”,
  • In a perfect world, he'd be streaking, too. But in a perfect world he wouldn't be in a wheelchair. — “Fan In Wheelchair Goes On Field During Canadian Football”,
  • I've been steaming my laminate floor for over 10 years with no streaks and needless to say, no damage at all. I think yours might be streaking because of some residue on the floor from a cleaner that was used before. I wouldn't add alcohol or. — “Bissell Steam Mop Streaking? I have the green tea bissell”,
  • A couple of days ago, we reported that Dell and O2 UK would be launching the Dell Streak this June, but a date wasn't finalized. Today, O2's phone overview page. — “Dell Streak Will Be Streaking to O2 UK on June 4th | Android”,
  • The Rays look to keep pace with the Yankees as they take on streaking Minnesota Twins. The Rays, meanwhile, have won eight of their last night, including two of three from their division rival, the New York Yankees. — “Rays try to stop streaking Twins”,
  • Local News: River Valley streakers face possible expulsion | school, girls, aaberg, district, yuba, high, city, football, river, halftime. — “River Valley streakers face possible expulsion | school”, appeal-
  • Joe Blasco Cosmetics Makeup Products. When you want absolutely perfect results you can depend on Joe Blasco Cosmetics. Buy Joe Blasco Online. — “Joe Blasco Cosmetics Make up Beauty products by Bel Air beauty”,
  • Matt Ryan is more than the face of the sensational turnaround by the Atlanta Falcons. He also is the best member of a superb rookie crop, earning The Associated Press 2008 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award Tuesday. — “Rookie Ryan rewarded for helping key Falcons' turnaround”,
  • Troy Smith and his Ohio State teammates touched off a raucous celebration on the field, the national championship game squarely in their sights. And when the No. 1 Buckeyes get to Arizona to play it, No. 2 Michigan might be waiting there for a. — “No. 1 Ohio State 42, No. 2 Michigan 39 - College Football”,
  • Fellas, you're in for a treat - screen siren Sofia Vergara could soon be streaking *** along Sunset Boulevard! The star of US sitcom Modern Family had pledged to shed her clothes and run down the iconic Los Angeles strip if the cast picked up a 2010 Prime-time Emmy Award. — “Vergara may soon be streaking along Sunset Boulevard”,
  • Once a CEO and now broke, you got kicked out Alone in the street without any clothes. What now, streaking? You have to go home and get some clothes. Stay behind the shelters so that people won't see you. Once spotted, you lose a life point. — “Streaking iphone game | Role Playing | Itunes Games”,
  • The streaking is done using a sterile tool, such as a cotton swab or commonly an This is dipped in an inoculum such as a broth or patient specimen containing many species. — “Streaking (microbiology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Utah Utes football: Home is sweet to streaking Utes | Deseret News SALT LAKE CITY — Apparently, there's no place like home for the Utes. Rice-Eccles Stadium has served them well. They haven't walked off the field there without a win since falling to Air Force, 20-12 on Sept. 8, 2007. — “Utah Utes football: Home is sweet to streaking Utes | Deseret”,
  • ZDNet reports that Dell is positioning its new 5" Android-powered Streak device as part of its line of healthcare IT products. Too big to be a smartphone, Dell Streak may soon be streaking into lab coat pockets. — “Dell Streak may soon be streaking into lab coat pockets”,
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are thought of as one of the better drafting organizations in the NFL but which picks rank as the ten best of the past decade? We take a look. — “The Steelers Ten Best Draft Picks of the Last Decade - Behind”,
  • And if not for a few too many penalties and a few too many turnovers, Heritage might still be streaking. The Hurricanes, the defending Group AAA Division 5 state champions, hurt themselves in a 39-21 loss to Hampton on Friday night in Darling Stadium. — “ - Scores From The Peninsula & More”,
  • The official site of the NHRA offers the latest news, results, photos, and audio/visual highlights from the NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing tour. — “NHRA Full Throttle Drag Racing Series results”,
  • AK-47 kicked some ass and it looks like the jazz may be streaking into the playoffs! AK had 6 blocked. — “Utah beats butt nuggets at home! - Caste Football Forums”,
  • Larissa Riquelme, a Paraguayan model, told a news outlet she'd run through the streets of the capital in her birthday suit if Paraguay takes home the title. — “World Cup 2010: Model Larissa Riquelme promises to run”,
  • Complete news coverage of the Houston Rockets basketball team, with schedules, scores, stats and Houston Chronicle columnists and bloggers. — “Justice: Scola stands tall for streaking Rockets | NBA”,
  • ESPN Video: Brad Edwards breaks down the three top 10 teams with the toughest schedule entering the 2010 college football season. — “Top 10 Team With Toughest Schedule - ESPN Video - ESPN”,
  • Let this be a lesson to all you fat streaker-wannabees out there: don't do it. Women won't be impressed and bloggers will rip on you. And you'll go. — “Someone Talks Fat Guy Into Streaking Braves-Red Sox Game”,
  • Fellas, you're in for a treat - screen siren Sofia Vergara could soon be streaking *** along Sunset Boulevard!. — “Vergara may soon be streaking along Sunset Boulevard”,
  • There are many theories as to what was streaking through the skies over Phoenix on March 13, 1997. — “UFOs Over Phoenix: Defining the Mystery : Video : Discovery”,

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