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  • In 1923 the town of Telmessos changed its name in his honour, and became Fethiye. Every Tuesday there is a market in Fethiye that bestraddles the sides of a shallow and limpid c*** that carries the water of the. — “Sur Fethiye " Le journal de Joli Rêve”,
  • Edward VI's reign was a time of unparalleled destruction. But the treasures that survive show that the middle ages also produced some of our most astonishing works of art a delicate frill of carved wood, separating the old Lady Chapel from the chancel, so that his tomb effectively bestraddles them. — “The light fantastic | Art and design | The Guardian”,
  • , is generic propecia fda approved, offers comparison and pricing online, g b inc steroids, wide range of high end products, by order phentermine pm, prescription drugs and generic alternatives. of seeing how the bestraddles metaphase chromosome themselves sooner. — “Is generic propecia fda approved, g b inc steroids, by order”,
  • The Parish is most noteworthy for it's scenery and as befits a coastal Cornish parish which bestraddles a Cornish river, the wildlife complement and the variety of habitats displayed is second to none. LINK TO MAP courtesy of Caradon District Council. — “Deviock Parish Area”,
  • There aren't many books about the history of videogames, but if you look inside the best ones, you'll find scant mention of the Great British contribu It bestraddles the world of videogames and entertainment like a colossus, colonising the globe in the name of the British videogame empire. — “The Best of British - Games Feature at IGN”,
  • Words that contain DD : Words containing DD bestraddles. bestraddling. bestridden. bestudded. bestudding. betrodden. biddabilities. biddability. biddable. biddableness. biddablenesses. biddably. bidden. bidder. bidders. biddies. bidding. biddings. biddy. birddog. birddogged. birddogging. birddogs. bladded. bladder. — “Word dd meaning. Word dd definition. Free crossword dictionary”,
  • EVE allows you to discover, explore and dominate an amazing science fiction universe while you fight, trade, form corporations and alliances with other players. and the curious, criminal futurism of the Angel Cartel, Stillwater comfortably bestraddles the two in a combination of dangerous potential. — “EVE Online | EVE Insider | Forums”,
  • This article includes a list of references, related reading or external links, but its sources remain unclear because it lacks inline citations. to "someone sawing away the branch he bestraddles".[2] He was re-elected a member of. — “John Biggs-Davison - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Microsoft accused of fear, uncertainty and antitrust doubt The giant of software companies, which bestraddles the globe like the Colossus bestraddled Rhodes, has backed off from an oral hearing in European Union capital Brussels. — “Microsoft accused of fear, uncertainty and antitrust doubt”,
  • Zhangshu is located in the middle part of Jiangxi Province , the plain south edge of It also bestraddles the middle reaches of a river the state of being middling s two banks. — “YiChun China”,
  • IMANI Alert: PetroPolicy Under Trial Ghana's energy sector never ceases to fascinate. The fact though is that a cascading column of debt bestraddles the industry like the coils of a tropical python. — “IMANI Alert: PetroPolicy Under Trial Ghana's energy sector”,
  • Once more onto the banana leaves That grows on the red mud floor beside the paw-paw green over a patient rain gully and its coming murderous deluge On a night, that bestraddles the between. — “Delta | Poems at The Poetry Showcase”,
  • This week he talks about his ***ytical education and how it led him to the study of some very continental The person we're going to be talking to this week, Max Deutscher, foundation professor of philosophy at Macquarie University, bestraddles this divide with no evident sense of discomfort. — “Philosophers Zone - 13 October 2007 - The great divide”, .au
  • In bleak, late-1970s Britain, a regional newspaper circulation manager by the name of Peter Field was down on his luck. " There In Australia, Penguin (joined at the hip with Pearson Education) bestraddles the market—both as number-one publishing group and the distributor. — “Field of dreams | ”,
  • IMANI Alert: Petro Policy Under Trial The fact though is that a cascading column of debt bestraddles the industry like the coils of a tropical python. — “Ghana News :: IMANI Alert: Petro Policy Under Trial”,
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the semicolon. A number of writers – Robert McCrum, Lynn Truss, and Maud Newton among others – have recently Martin Amis bestraddles the style-divide between the US and the UK. — “Me Three”,
  • Ian Hamilton wrote that MacDiarmid made enemies largely because "he makes his own rules, contemns categories, cracks open water-tight compartments, bestraddles disciplines, scorns social, cultural, and academic cliques and claques, and affirms. — “Hugh MacDiarmid : The Poetry Foundation : Find Poems and”,
  • To get me out of the doggerel house, let me begin with a motto in Latin which the English essayist William Hazlitt found on a sundial near Venice: One defends and the other conquers' states the rather Delphic phrase that often bestraddles the escutcheon of Nova Scotia. — “Motto of Canada and Provinces from Casselman's Canadian Words”,
  • Kinkaleri is a collective that has been working in the performing arts since 1995; its work bestraddles the border between theatre and reality, on stage and off, constantly probing the opportunities available to humanity to boost its experience of reality. — “Kinkaleri > Artists .::. Open Studios 2 .::. Visiting an”,
  • The Soft Boys live at The Junction, Cambridge, April 18, 2001 Personally I enjoyed Robyn's rap about the A505 during UM as I was brought up in a town which bestraddles that very road. — “fegMANIA! - The Soft Boys, 4/18/01, The Junction, Cambridge”,
  • allAfrica: African news and information for a global audience The OKLNG project as it has been called has huge potential for employment generation, job and wealth creation within the two States of Ogun and Ondo which it bestraddles. — “: Nigeria: Ogun Creates Database for the Jobless”,
  • Airsoft Everything has a huge selection of airsoft guns and airsoft gear. From CO2 to AEG's. These guns were originally developed in Japan, and the Japanese model giant Tokyo Marui bestraddles the market today with many grace models. — “Gas”,
  • To some listeners, Irish folk music suggests a vista of the Wee Folk prancing in a Donegal sunrise, described in the sad sweet tones of John McCormack. But Ireland is currently in the middle of a bullfrog with a hangover, bestraddles the line with occasional forays. — “Folk Singers: Long Gone Macushla - TIME”,

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  • ALPHA AND OMEGA, Yet Another Love Poem WORDS HERE (Down Cursor Button) ~~ OR ~~ ~~ OR ~~ http *NEED SUBSCRIPTIONS* **Rate, Comment, PLEASE** ALPHA AND OMEGA, Yet Another Love Poem, Etta, what do you want from me? I fell in love with you. What can I do? I care for you; you're beautiful. No explanation, it's not rational. I'm older, you're younger. I'm an American, you're European. I was raised on the Great Plains. You grew up on the thin soil of a limestone island. The matter reduces itself to the basic. Try as hard as I can, I can not end my love for you. To me, this love continues as though it folds onto itself, Looking more like one of those new images, Drawn from highest theoretic of current cosmology, Space-time systems overlapped, bestraddled, Universes within multiple universes, Dimension upon dimension, Inexplicable, unimaginable paradox, Beginning and ending all at once, At one point, all to one point, no sides, no dimensions, Alpha and omega, and ultimately Sine qua non of my existence. What else do you want me to say? I'm at a loss. Right this moment, No one else, no one else but you! Darling, I want only the best for you. Would you, would you, please forgive, Condone my presumption, since yet, It seems, the same holds true for you, too.

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  • “Nosmo King's blog. 4 comments. Read more. 153 reads. this poem is called let's make love On a night, that bestraddles the between. Dr No's blog. Login or register to post comments”
    — Poetry blogs | Poems at The Poetry Showcase,

  • “Tolbooth and tanka since is facile at the long-nosed osteoblast. Toothier hydramnioses This free images western theme bestraddles the prewar fruit-spur of hospitaller and”
    — Arrosion " dealers,

  • “Upon reviewing the ministerial and other appointments made by President Umaru Musa Yar Adua, it Read the full article. View Forum Posts. View Forum Threads. Show All Albums. Private Message. View Friends. View Blog Entries. Villager”
    — Umaru Musa Yar'Adua Socks It To Igbos,

  • “Impala Publishers Blog Page. Thursday, July 8. 2010. Dr Paisley (Lord Bannside) Visit: Part Ireland by Edward Heath as equivalent to someone" sawing away the branch he bestraddles"”
    — Dr Paisley (Lord Bannside) Visit: Part 3, by Councillor Dr,

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