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  • Statheist Richard Dawkins;Infanticide,Slavery,Bestiality. NOW,how much did RD make selling his opinion that other peoples opinions aren't facts? ~The elite totally didn't replace "god" with "gov" =-)
  • Whatcom County man arrested in animal cruelty/bestiality case
  • MSS - 2 October 2011 - Part 2 - bestiality, cannibalism and chewing gum.
  • [YTP] Tyler the Creator (of Bestiality) is Gay for The Game's Dinosuar Dick I'm actually not too happy with how this came out, but I figured I'd upload it anyways. Sources: Pusha T (Feat. Tyler the Creator) - "Trouble On My Mind" Spose - "I'm Awesome" Additional Audio: Montgomery Gentry - "Gone"
  • Evil Emperor - Devoured By Inner Bestiality A special video of this black/death metal band from Brazil.
  • Wretched: Consenting Bestiality??? See more at:
  • Rick Santorum Explains His Stance On Bestiality & Blah People CNN Jan 5, 2011 Nothing more needs to be said.
  • Bestiality Vs. Paedophilia Please watch my original video at this link:
  • Legalize Prostitution, Polygamy, Bestiality and Incest In objecting to all of these phenomena, people say they're concerned about the welfare of the individuals. But they're really just interested in imposing their own social or religious values on other people. Check out the rest of Jacob Appel's interview at
  • Games, worthless child hoods and bestiality O_o. Check them out: If you don't your a raciest. JKZ LOLZ cats. Music from Thanks for watching.
  • Bestiality suspect arrested
  • Late Night Gimp Fight - Bestiality Late Night Gimp Fight present... Bestiality.
  • Jay Carney Gets Asked About Bestiality
  • Norm Macdonald on bestiality Norm will make anything funny. Thanks to go there for more stuff.
  • CDC Doc Hit With Molestation, Bestiality Charges An official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been charged with child molestation and bestiality for what authorities say were ***ual acts involving a 6-year-old boy. (Oct. 12)
  • Bestiality Not just a provocative title. Ricky Gervais on mermaids:
  • Monylol & Firepowa 5.04 Battlegrounds - NO BESTIALITY BRAH! Monylol (Christian) and Firepowa (Brandon) take on the horde in PvP action destroying the opposition one horde at a time (and sometimes 3 at a time). World of Warcraft 5.04 We're Too Powerful Ret Paladin and Frost DK Tags:Playthrough Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Mission "Man (Ethnicity)" "Playthrough Part" Playstation "Evil (Quotation Subject)" XboxWoW World of Warcraft Kiirik Monylol Mony Blizzard funny PvP 85 DK Frost Deathknight Paladin Ret Retribution Battleground BG Arena HD "World Of Warcraft (Video Game)"Overpowered Were Too Powerful Warrior Rogue Mage Hunter Level Lvl Warlock Horde Shaman Alliance "Wow World"
  • Howard Stern - 1985-09-20 - Bestiality Dial-a-Date (2/6) The Howard Stern Show 1985-09-20 Bestiality Dial-a-Date Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: This segment happened on 20 September, 1985. Howard got into trouble by management, and had to re-name it to "Dog Lover Dial-a-Date." On Friday 27 September, Howard and Robin were scheduled to be fired from WNBC, but Hurricane Gloria stopped management coming in that day. Stern did his final show there, slagging off management more. The following Monday on September 30, Howard and Robin were fired.
  • Bestiality: Girl Dumps Boyfriend and Horse on Video This one time I partook in bestiality. Originally titled "Horse Whisperer" Follow me on Twitter! Like me on Facebook! Add me on Facebook! Check out my website! Follow my Tumblr! http Ask me questions! I DON'T KNOW WHAT ELSE!
  • Billy Bragg & Phil Jupitus - bestiality(***uality - alternative words) & motoring what a way to close a set Billy and Phil do it in style at chalkfield park saturday 26 sept 2009
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  • Bestiality Rant One in 5 men find the tortured souls in a fanta can. Please set free all these tortured souls
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  • Bestiality is LEGAL in America in 2012! The Days of Lot Have Are Here! Obama IS An Antichrist! Reflected from RTHORNE2 - So you love Obama Huh? If you voted for him (even though he was already selected years before, so your vote was inconsequential) this proves you are not as wise as you may have thought you were that there is a ONE PARTY SYSTEM, and that you were a victim of the Mind Control Weapons that put almost every single man and woman and child into a trance of romantic love for him when he was campaigning for your 'support' for 'change', just go back and look at all the videos of the looks and expressions and behaviour of the people in the crowds who went ape-crazy over him, talk about being fooled and mind controlled beyond public awareness of these weapons to the point of being a complete puppet. You wanted "change"? Well you got it, the charlatan who was presented as the messiah has now almost fully dismantled and destroyed the very fabric of the protection of the man/woman and child from such demonic laws. Maybe now is the time you should get in touch with Jesus Christ and realize, now is the time to repent and pray unlike ever before for He is the only way out of this NWO. This is why mankind can not be trusted to 'solve the problems' because the SECOND you take GOD out of the equation of doing what He commands, then we curse OURSELVES and we bring destruction upon ourselves for NOT doing what Father says. Matthew 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and ...
  • Proclamation - Execration of Cruel Bestiality March to hell victory or death inexorable savagery oath of hate atomic heart storming nuclear warheads burning smoke overkill is near sound of a thunder reckoning bells chime tyrants from desolation strike savage behemoth roar leviathan wrath omega doom funeral satan's vengeance rape of innocence the fierce mutilates antichrist ascends infernal call of war EXECRATION OF CRUEL BESTIALITY forging is the fear of failing revenge mercy is the infection of your enemies pain seed the sterile ground with entrails and blood commanding the legions over skulls and bones
  • Vaccine Propagandist Arrested For Bestiality & Child Molesting! Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality. Dr. Lindsey, who joined the CDC in 1999, is currently the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office. She's second in command of the program office. Dr. Lindsey, who joined the CDC in 1999, is currently the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office. She's second in command of the program office. By Dr. Mercola _________________________________________ http http SIGN UP FOR A MEMBERSHIP (FULL ACCESS to all files and content on _________________________________________ The Light of the World,Movie(Full Length)
  • Bestiality This video shows bestiality in its greatest form. Enjoy
  • Divine Eps 5 - Bestiality A beautiful young woman of ill repute faces things that are beyond her control when Divine rescues her from the clutches of a demon in the depths of the inner city mayhem. A dark figure with mysterious powers reveals himself unto the night and the world of Divine gets more dangerous than ever before. Episode 1: Episode 2: Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 6:
  • Opie & Anthony: Bestiality Forum (1/2) yechh.
  • My Little Nickums - Bestiality is Tragic Nick comes out about his strange equine fantasies. My first Gmod video in what seems like eons. This was originally going to poke much more fun at the whole My Little Pony craze than it currently does (if at all) but I have other ideas for that ;3
  • Woman Under Investigation For Possible Bestiality Of Eight Rescue Huskies *WARNING: Video is graphic and may not be suitable for children.* A shocking video on Facebook has gone viral showing a Manchester Township woman located in York, PA allegedly abusing her huskies by striking them, kneeling on them and yanking and whipping them with their leashes. The most shocking parts of the video however clearly display the woman forcing her fingers into the dog's rectums, in an attempt to make them produce a bowel movement -- an act that some in the woman's community are calling bestiality. At least eight dogs are in her care; two of them are blind. She apparently attained the huskies through shelters and rescue groups. A neighbor named Sandy McAfee reported the incidents after videotaping Nena Wise abusing her animals twice a day, every day. After witnessing the abuse over and over, the neighbor decided to videotape the incidents last August. The SPCA said they could not help until there was solid proof that what was being claimed was happening. Once McAfee submitted the video, York SPCA asked McAfee to remain quiet to not hinder the investigation; however, she could not sit back and watch the abuse any longer. "I love animals, dogs, cats, whatever and it's just the right thing to do," McAfee explained. After posting the video through Facebook and YouTube, the video was spread all over the nation. Animal advocates and concerned citizens began sounding off, hoping that action will be taken against the woman. The video has sparked outrage and many want ...
  • Eddie Bravo talks Bestiality on Joe Rogan Podcast requested by Leprechaun06 =) If you like Jiu Jitsu check out my website:
  • The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time Part 37: Epic Bestiality Fail We start the Water Temple, the most tedious, annoying, long, and other fancy words temple in existance!... By finding none other then Ruto, who was actually serious about 7 years ago, her perceptions of gender deluded. Follow me on Twitter! Link in my channel.
  • Howard the Duck: Bestiality? ::THIS IS NOT OUR WORK:: A scientific experiment unknowingly brings extraterrestrial life forms to the Earth through a laser beam. First is the cigar smoking drake Howard from the duck's planet. A few kids try to keep him from the greedy scientists and help him back to his planet. But then a much less friendly being arrives through the beam.
  • Senate Approves Bill that Legalizes Sodomy and Bestiality in US Military **HELP SPREAD THIS VIDEO AND MESSAGE!** Please Visit: fight4 For Web Hosting or Design from a Liberty-minded company, visit and use coupon code MatLarson10 for 10% off any service or product. Link to news article:
  • Congress Approves Bestiality 93-7 Whaaaaaat? What will President Obama do with this bill? Will he sign it into law? Jesus is coming soon!!! Pastor Begley just can 't stand the sin......
  • Animal Urges: Bestiality banned by Bundestag amid zoophilia rise Germany's lower house has passed a ban on bestiality, which has been considered technically lawful in the country since 1969. The act has split the nation, as some complain the decree would make gossip enough to land one with a hefty fine. READ MORE: RT LIVE Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Google+ RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 500 million YouTube views benchmark.
  • 036: "Bestiality is way against park regulations" Puppets are fun. Fun Schtuff: aim- chasontalks /justchason /justchason
  • "Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality" by Disgorge(Mex) Cancion/song: Macabre Realms of Inhuman Bestiality Album: Necrholocaust Banda/band: Disgorge Año/year: 2003 Origen/origin: Mexico Bloodthirst i only feel Melting my rancid emotions of squirm Sharpening my blades, neverending fullfill Of this inhume pleasure to kill Macabre realms of mental ill Torrid pleasance maiming the skin Enemized corrupted your rancorous sewage Maim the skin through drainage Trash and hack through the steaming avulsion Necromantic psychedelic high convulsion Macabre realms of inhuman bestiality Mazy and vulgar cankerous monstrosity Frenziedly inhaling this unpleasant reek Gouging to satisfy my wasted teeth Culinary carrion purulent rush Splitting and splattering innards in husk In this demented lust Incinerating shocks of ecstasy Blobs impure blistering fantasy Curves this necrosanctity Blurs my conception of insanity Blessed repulsive initiation For the most rotted of the deaths
  • Re: Bestiality Push Ups Video Cam Direct Upload

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  • “Home >> Blog >> Hollywood and Bestiality. Hollywood and Bestiality But to Hollywood insiders who always see the breaking of taboos as something "brave," a film about bestiality, a taboo, is laudatory”
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  • “Report a bestiality blog Help forum > Blogger > How Do I? > Report a bestiality blog. Report a bestiality blog. Report abuse. bicoastalguy. Level 1. 6/19/10. http://wish-/ contains comercially produced bestiality videos. Replies 1 - 2 of 2”
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