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  • Views: 1901. Tags: Batoning Bark River knife and tool emergency wood cutting survival skill wildness skill knife bush craft field craft field safety batoning technique survival shelter survival medicine fix blade folding knife trail boss field skill gardening defence crafts. — “batoning Videos at Asiadog. batoning Free Videos”,
  • REVEALING new video footage of gardai batoning anti-globalisation protesters off the streets has provoked shock and outrage among politicians. — “Caught by the camera - National News, Frontpage -”,
  • Because of design flaws the Cold Steel Pocket Bushman failed abuse tests and broke in the field! Buyer beware, if you are thinking of buying the Pocket Bushman read this review first! I never tried batoning my knife, this may be why I never had a problem. — “Cold Steel Pocket Bushman Reviewed at ”,
  • A Swamp Rat Knife Works 1/4" thick 6" blade M6 knife batons through a log. 0:29 Add to Added to queue Batoning Wood With A Small Knifeby maveraver4,860 views. — “YouTube - SRKW M6 Batoning”,
  • Becker Knives are some of the best survival knives ever made In the first picture you can see me batoning a Becker BK2 Campanion into a thick log, taking out big chunks and not damaging the rugged blade. — “9 Becker Knives For Survival”,
  • Smoke Jumper Review (Batoning & Woodworking) by Reid Hyken Bark River Knives I haven't been getting into the woods very often of late so Field Reports on knives have been a few and far between. Most of that is because in spite of now living in an. — “Smoke Jumper Review (Batoning & Woodworking) by Reid Hyken”, the-knife-
  • I think batoning is a skill that everyone who goes in the field should learn with a smaller knife. However that being said the proper tool for the job always. — “Batoning: How to Safely Baton With Your Knife (With Video”,
  • What most of us think of as "Batoning" is when the edge is set on the Then again, Batoning with a slip joint may be a good example of why the. — “Microsoft Word - Document1”,
  • Large Heavy Bowie w/Sheath - Ka-bar Knives 1277, Knives Combat: - Large Heavy Bowie w/Sheath by Ka-bar Knives, model 1277, UPC 6177172 I've since used it extensively, from everything to basic cutting needs to batoning through firewood, and last weekend trimming up a tree that I had. — “Large Heavy Bowie w/Sheath - Ka-bar Knives 1277, Knives”, 0
  • Bark River Knives: Golok The large knife will take Batoning without a Complaint and it great for use as a Draw Knife for Stripping Bark or Creating a Flat Area of a log. — “Bark River Knives: Golok - ”,
  • Batoning is a technique used to split sections of wood into smaller pieces using only a knife and another stick. It is usually used for making firewood or kindling, as it increases the surface area of the wood, and in a wet climate, exposes dry wood which will more easily ignite. — “Batoning Wood - Wilderness Wiki”, funditor.110
  • Batoning is a quick, easy, and effective way to split wood into smaller, more easily ignitable pieces. Batoning will not cause a large amount of wear on a hardened steel blade (most modern knives). — “Batoning - GPWiki”,
  • Woods Monkey takes a look at the new production models of the Ranger Knives series of blades manufactured by Ontario Knife Company. The Shiv also a handled light batoning just fine and was more than up to the task of prepping kindling and tinder for a fire. — “Ranger Knives RD-9 and Shiv Review”,
  • ka-bar combat survival knife 1095 steel full flat grind batoning survivorman fallkniven wilderness tools woodscraft shelter making m9 bayonet best ka-bar combat survival knife 1095 steel full flat grind batoning survivorman fallkniven wilderness tools woodscraft shelter making m9 bayonet best. — “clipser - video sharing”,
  • batoning. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search This page was last modified on 16 November 2009, at 14:02. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License; additional terms may apply. See. — “batoning - Wiktionary”,
  • Dogfather Batoning Bonanza (56k - look out!!) #35960 - Sat Mar 31 Re: Dogfather Batoning Bonanza (56k - look out!!) [Re: Jerrwhy] #35964 - Sat Mar 31 2007. — “Scrap Yard Discussion Forums: Dogfather Batoning Bonanza (56k”,
  • Batoning - Define Batoning at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Batoning. Look it up now!. — “Batoning | Define Batoning at ”,
  • It shows that it is largely technique while batoning which breaks knives. It shows that it is largely technique while batoning which breaks knives. — “$22 knife is field and stream 'Best Knife 2010' - ETS Forums”,
  • PART 2 of 2 Imbued with seemingly magical capabilities from the 2003 movie "The Hunted," the Tom Brown Tracker T1 has gain stunning popularity. Starri. Watch Video about Ka-bar,Combat,Survival by Full, Flat, Grind, Batoning, Survivorman, Fallkniven, Wilderness,. — “Anatomy of Hype: Tom Brown Tracker Knife Part 2 - Video”,
  • A Mora can do about 90 percent of what I need an outdoor knife to do. And while I've yet to find the ultimate do-everything survival knife, a Mora can come really close! If the knife is not heavy/long enough to serve as a chopper you also want something that can stand up to batoning better than a Mora. — “Survival Knife Review: the Mora | Survival Common Sense”,
  • i did some light batoning on some lose, dry wood that broke easily with my hands and it went right down to bare metal, but otherwise oorah! I was batoning through some cedar with another section of cedar and. — “36548 - 6" Plain Blade Survival Rescue Fixed Knife Black”,

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  • Batoning Wood With The KaBar Becker BK-2 video request by pittrules55, check out his channel
  • Review Cold Steel Kudu. Cutting, slashing, throwing and batoning. Cutting, slashing, throwing, spinewhacks and batoning with an Cold Steel Kudu. A knife which costs only $ 4.95 and which performs better than more expensive knives.
  • Batoning Wood With My Rat 7 Survival Knife I'm currently staying at Dufur City Park in eastern Oregon which is combination park and campground. In this video I test my baton skills with my Rat 7 survival knife. While batoning the wood I held the iPod Nano in my teeth to use both hands and the end of the video is up side down . Thanks for watching!
  • Batoning with Swiss Army Hiker? Yup Although heavy duty batoning is not possible with this knife since it is light and has a folding blade, yet it is very useful for short lengths of wood less than 1 1/2" in diameter. If you are stranded somewhere and have only this knife, here is how it can help you.
  • Batoning with Cold Steel SRK This knife is excellent for batoning.
  • Batoning with a folder knife? The Cold Steel Rajah II vs. a hard wood! (Part II) The Rajah II, El Tigre and me finishing the task.
  • Enzo trapper O1 tool steel - destructive batoning (3/6) Cross grain batoning of seasoned beech wood (a hard wood). This test is done after the flex test (other uploaded vid) to test and show the strength of the knife. The wood is hard. Even with my 19" ax the wood is difficult to process. I did not know of I could trust this Knife. Therefore am I destroying it to gain knowlegde of the knifes capabillities - If I am satisfied with the outcome I will buy a new Enzo Trapper (I recorded this series of test in case others had interest in this to). Blade specs.: - Scandi grind originally but i have convex it to a "convex scandi grind" - Blade length 95mm - total length: 210mm (not sure) - Blade thickness 3.4mm (measured by my with calipers) - weigth of knife: 147g - weight of sheath 60-70g (depending on setup) Bought from (I am not associated in any way with the company)
  • Australian Bushcraft Survival Knife Test on Batoning Hardwood Australian Bushcraft Survival Knife Test on Batoning Hardwood.
  • Batoning with Benchmade Bone Collector (safely). Thanks for watching. Hope you enjoy.
  • Knife Batoning Pt.1 Knife batoning with Vtech Night X - Glacier Bay II - Valor Combat(film was messed up)- Ozark Trail Fixed Pending....
  • Enzo trapper O1 tool steel - more destructive batoning (2/6)
  • Large rounds batoning gerber freeman some larger rounds with the gerber. :) broke the knife later on, never getting another gerber or buck product, broken far too many of them now.
  • Batoning With Ka Bar Machete 2 Part 2. This time in La Pine, Oregon. Just another batoning survival video. :)
  • Cold Steel Bushman Batoning Is the Cold Steel Bushman good for batoning? Watch and find out! BUSHMAN Specifications: Weight: 10.1 oz. Blade Thickness: 3/32" (2.5mm) Blade Length: 7" Handle: Hollow Steel: SK-5 High Carbon Overall Length: 12 1/4" Sheath: Cordura $34.99 95BUSS For the money, the Bushman� knives might be the strongest survival/outdoor knives in the world! Unlike most hollow handled survival knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles that requires a mechanical fastener. Instead, the Bushman'sblades and integral handles are each expertly cold forged out of a single piece of 2.5mm thick SK-5 high carbon steel. The resulting knives are expertly heat-treated and tempered to RC54 and, when subjected to our tests, have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition! Every Bushman blade has been carefully ground to an extra thin edge, and then honed and buffed by hand until razor sharp. The Bushman knives are versatile too! Their hollow handles will accept survival supplies or a variety of handle extensions which can maximize reach, leverage or ease of throwing. They are available in two blade styles (standard and our new Bowie point). Both feature continuously curved blades that are ideal for skinning, and will pierce, cut, slash, slice and shear like you won't believe. They both come complete with our new heavy duty Cordura Survival sheath which features a utilitarian pocket on the front for storing small items.
  • Knife batoning Pt.2 Knife batoning with Vtech Night X - Glacier Bay II - Valor Combat(film was messed up)- Ozark Trail Fixed Pending....
  • Batoning with a folder knife? The Cold Steel Rajah II vs. a hard wood! (Part I) Chopping with my loyal Rajah II.
  • Batoning With The Ka-Bar USMC Fighting Knife video request by pittrules55, check out his channel
  • Blade Demo -- Batoning with The Metolius And Scout I know I promised everyone a vid of this along time ago and well, better late than never! First of all, let me say I am not an expert at batoning, folks. I'm not even all that experienced at it. I hope this quick demo shows you all some insight to the batoning ability of both the Tops Tom Brown Scout and the Gerber Metolius folder. The Metolius lock actually did not fail at all. My palm was simply hitting the lockback and releasing it because I was gripping it so hard. "Supremacy" and its logo ™ MJF Productions.
  • Batoning: Best Knife Batoning Technique Trail Boss Steve Doran shows you how to properly use a knife batoning technique out in the field. it will keep you safe and insure your knife stays in good working order. For the full article and more free information, outdoor articles and videos go to
  • Fallkniven F1 - batoning test (cross grain) This is a test to show if the F1 chips while batoning dry beech wood cross grain. ... and the result: NO CHIPPING (I would call this usage "hard use" or boarder line abuse) I am not trying to be effecient in this vid. Its is only for testing the egde toughness. The short piece of wood its not easy to handle while batoning. I have had this knife for over two years and what is showed in this vid is only a fracture of the batoning the knife as standed up to and it has newer chipped on me. The VG10 steel is prone to chipping on stone/concrete/rocks as "Noss" (channel name) has showed with the Fallkniven A1. If you do not have to chop concrete you should not have chipping problems. Unless you hit a rock while batoning. If you watch the destruction test on the Bark River Bravo1 on and compare what hapens to the Bravo1 during Noss' test. Then I would guess that the Bravo1 would suffer egde damage if I did this kind of cross grain batoning (in this vid) to the Bravo.
  • batoning with cs recon scout my cold steel recon scout put to work
  • Ontario Kukri - Batoning #1
  • SRKW M6 Batoning A Swamp Rat Knife Works 1/4" thick 6" blade M6 knife batons through a log.
  • Gerber Big Rock Camp Knife review: Batoning Review: Batoning I'm cutting through European beech with Gerber Big Rock Camp knife and checking sharpnes of blade afterwards.
  • KA-BAR Large Heavy Bowie Batoning Wood Yup, this works too. Go get one...
  • SRKW Howling Rat Batoning A Swamp Rat Knife Works 3/16" thick Howling Rat knife batons through a small log.
  • Batoning with the Becker BK-2 On Bobtail Ridge batoning a Fir log to add to my fire with my awesome Becker BK-2
  • Sog seal pup elite choping/batoning demo Testing out the seal pup elite.
  • Batoning Wood Method of splitting firewood using a knife and a large stick (baton). Knife is a Gerber LMF II.
  • ESEE Izula - batoning & splitting wood A rand out of memory so there is no point with this vid other than to watch the Izula being use to baton logs with a wedge. Yes I could use a bigger knife or an axe but that was not the point with this vid.
  • Hukari chopping and batoning Chopping and splitting some firewood with Hukari (heavy finn-made chopping knife)
  • Cold Steel Trail Master Modified & Batoning Demonstration The Cold Steel Trail Master is still my favorite large, fixed blade survival knife. I had this one modified by Justin Gingrich of Ranger Knives. The removal of the top portion of the hilt allows me more freedom to choke up and use the knife for smaller tasks. It also means I can baton on the entire spine, even close to the handle. I have damaged the kraton as a result, but this knife will be rehandled soon anyway. I also had Justin add some jimping to the spine. Whereas on smaller blade this can provide a surface to apply thumb pressure, on such a large knife it's really to create an abrasive surface to use as an additional tool - to strike a firesteel, or grind wood. These modifications are a vast improvement to an already exceptional knife, and I rate this a Must Have. 9.5/10
  • Batoning Wood With A Small Knife Batoning wood with a small knife
  • Batoning with Cold Steel Recon Scout This is the best knife I have for batoning.
  • Batoning with leuku Splitting wood with 7.5" leuku with baton.
  • Busse Skinny ASH-1 chopping and batoning Chopping and batonning at ground level with Busse Skinny ASH-1 knife. "ASH" stands for "Aniversary Steel Heart"
  • SRK vs Recon Scout - Batoning Challenge The Cold Steel Recon Scout is a beast, but it is better than the SRK? Watch and find out. Recon Scout 39LRST Specifications: Weight: 15 oz. Blade: 7 1/2" Thick: 5/16" Overall: 12 1/2" Handle: 5" Long. Kraton® Sheath: Secure-Ex® Sheath Steel: SK-5 High Carbon Black Black Teflon Finish $189.99 MSRP 39LRST Comments: The Recon Scout is a splitting tool that also happens to be a knife. It is heavy. SRK Specifications: Steel: AUS 8A Stainless Steel Blade: 6" Handle: 4 3/4" Overall: 10 3/4" Thick: 3/16" Weight: 8.2oz. Sheath: Secure-Ex $119.99 38CK Comments: The SRK is every bit of knife the Recon Scout is only more compact. The stainless steel blade has been easy to sharpen and holds and edge well.
  • Bark River Knives Bravo Necker Point First Batoning PART 2 Part 2 of the demonstration: Point First batoning with the new little necker from Bark River Knives. This knife proves itself to be one tough little knife.
  • Batoning Tests A few blades...
  • Batoning with a folding knife just batoning with my gator II and rat 1 *Will make a better batoning video when i dont have a foot of snow* lol
  • batoning with Cold Steel SRK
  • Bark River Knives Bravo Necker Point First Batoning PART 1 Point First batoning with the new little necker from Bark River Knives. This knife proves itself to be one tough little knife.

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