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  • Most of anglers were originally fishing the Big Bay, one who did not fish Big Bay was Gerald Woodard, from Detroit Bass Club. Bass Federation Nation News B.A.S.S. Announces their Authorized Vendor List for BASS. — “Michigan B.A.S.S. Chapter Federation”,
  • Kevin Van Dam KVD Wins 2010 Bassmaster Classic Bass fishing at it's finest. Friendly, fun, and informative fishing community loaded with images, videos, articles, fishing and tournament news, lure crafting, hand pouring, tackle making, boating,. — “The Greatest Bass Fishing Forums - The B***s: News”, theb***
  • UAC Bass Club, UAC Bassmasters are the biggest BASS club in NE Minnesota and the Only Duluth BASS club. All UAC BASS Club events are run within Ultimate Angler Challenge tournaments. — “UAC Bass Club - Duluth BASS - UAC Bassmasters - Ultimate”,
  • ProBass Fishing, The Complete Professional Bass Fishermans resource. Featuring Lake reports, Free Boat Ads, Live Chat, Message boards, links and more. — “ProBass Networks”,
  • Official home of Bass ale - learn how Bass has helped some of the most famous names in history get to the bottom of it all. — “Bass Ale - Red Triangle Pub”,
  • BIG BASS. World Records. State Records. Archive. COMMUNITY. Conservation. Fed Nation. Youth : Advertise with BASS | BASS Sponsors | ESPN Outdoors Media | Interest. — “BASS Times Archive - ESPN”,
  • Official site for G.H. BASS shoes. Classic and edgy styles of shoes for women, men and kids. Exclusive - G.H. Bass Earth collection. Free Shipping. — “G.H. Bass & Co. Official Online Store - Classic and edgy”,
  • Phil Brewer Benefit Tournament On November 14th, Virginia Bass Federation Region 8 held a benefit tournament for Region 8 and TBF Wounded Warrior Bass Fishing Event On Sunday, October 3rd, Virginia Bass Chapter Federation, Region 8 volunteers conducted the Wounded Warrior Bass Fishing Experience on. — “”,
  • AURORA, Colo. -- 11-year-old Conner Peitsmeyer of Aurora has found a place in Colorado’s record books after catching the largest smallmouth bass in state history. — “Record Fish: Aurora boy reels in record smallmouth bass - KDVR”,
  • Boats and adults from the Iowa Bass Federation Nation provided their services to safely guide these youth and prizes were donated by Cabelas. Iowa Bass Federation Nation Youth Tournament Scheduled for June 26,. — “Iowa B.A.S.S. Federation”,
  • I am doing this column a little earlier than usual because of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and the effect it has on the production schedule of the newspaper. As a result I will be speaking in Don't forget the first annual striped bass fishing contest coming up this weekend, Nov. — “Hutchinson column: Bass still here in very good numbers | APP”,
  • Striped Bass .org brings you news, reviews, blog posts, photos and videos related to Bass Fishing 1. — “Bass Fishing 1 - Striped Bass .org”,
  • Bass Pro Shops. Browse your store's. current information. Receive information about Bass 1-800-227-7776. COMPANY INFORMATION. About Bass Pro Shops | Career Center | Company News. — “Bass Pro Shops”,
  • Big Fat Bass is home to many Canadian Bass Tournament Anglers Big Fat Bass is not affiliated with or indebted to any individual tournament series or sponsor. — “Big Fat Bass”,
  • A draft plan for Macon’s regionalized transportation planning unit calls for planners to study growth around Bass and Sardis Church roads. — “Bass, Sardis Church roads to be studied - Local & State”,
  • Lance Bass says that fans shouldn't feel hopeful for an 'N Sync reunion. Lance Bass has admitted that he and his former 'N Sync bandmates have no plans to reunite in the future. — “Music - News - Bass: 'We're not planning 'N Sync reunion”,
  • Big Sandy Creek Bass Tournament reels in funds for nonprofit | News 8 Austin provides viewers with the latest news, weather, sports, and traffic 24 hours a day for the Austin, Texas market. — “Big Sandy Creek Bass Tournament reels in funds for nonprofit”, news8
  • With all the hub bub surrounding the reunion tour featuring beloved boy bands New Kids on the Block and I love being on the stage," Bass told E! "So yeah, anytime the guys would want to do an album, I'm in!. — “Lance Bass: Justin Timberlake's Too Busy for an *NSYNC”,
  • Covers the sport of pro bass fishing with news on anglers, tour statistics, and event calendar. — “BassFan”,
  • The bass guitar is similar in appearance and construction to an electric guitar, but with The four string bass—by far the most common—is usually tuned the same. — “Bass Guitar - Wikipedia”,
  • Get the latest BASS Fishing, Membership and Bassmaster Tournaments news, information, standings, photos, videos, blogs and more on . — “Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.)”,

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  • Puretones - Addicted To Bass All the way from sunny Australia, the Puretones stormed the charts with this addictive, drum n bass laden pop track, fronted by a fun loving, if slightly mad, lady driver. Enjoy.
  • Slappin Da Bass - I Love You, Man FULL High Quality I Love You, Man best scene Slappin Da Bass Man Rush
  • DJ Chuckie - Let The Bass Kick @ Sensation!
  • 20000 watt window shake - Tremendous Bass #15 dropped of a few co-workers off to pick up a few fords for our company fleet. The manager of the fleet center wanted to hear it so i let him and the building have it :)
  • Robert Trujillo and Bass Auditions for Metallica Robert Trujillo became Metallica's bassist on February 24th, 2003 after auditioning for the band and fitting in with fellow band members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett. Trujillo received 1 million dollars from the band as an advance on the percentage he would earn by being in Metallica. Check my website:
  • Geddy Lee bass line to YYZ Sean Andrews, bassist of Redemption & indica trichome project, demonstrates the bass line to YYZ by Rush. The bass is an Ibanez SR506BM mahogany body & 5-piece wenge neck. Strings are GHS Bass Boomers. The audio was recorded using CubaseSX, EQ settings flat, plugged Directly Into a Tascam US224. Just to clear up any confusion-- I am only using the 4 middle strings [EADG], the same 4 that Geddy uses. I'm available for webcam bass lessons via skype, send me a message if interested. Thanks!
  • Bass Test - Ultimate Subwoofer Test
  • Stanley Clarke upright bass solo. Great solo on upright bass by Stanley Clarke.
  • Bass tips-Hand and tendon excercises -Comment on this [email protected] my blog -Main site tons of free lessons
  • p-bass slap funk I now give online "One on one" lessons: : My most recent purchase - Fender Precision 1976 A tad chorus and a lot of compression And as always, just jamming.... Go to for more FREE grooves, fills & basslines.
  • Brooklyn Bounce - Bass Beat and Melody The best music of Brooklyn Bounce. Please Comment, but I will only publish comments that I only allow
  • Paul McCartney teaches bass The Bass Master himself teaches a little of his playing technique in this "fair use" excerpt from a promo vid for his latest album (you can buy the full video at ). I think it's interesting because of the closeups showing his fingering style. Also interesting I think is even though it's "very simple" root notes, he still slips in little flourishes to give it some shape, like at 00:51 where he goes C-"F"-D (instead of straight CD), and how he slides down from FE at 01:07 keeping the string open instead of muffled like the rest. The most interesting part though I think is his discussion at 02:27 of how he was "tempted" to put in "fiddly bits" at the one part -- jumping up an octave -- and why you might do that if you're feeling "adventurous." I guess that's what musicianship is all about, when to do things like that and when to show restraint (he didn't do it in the final mix).
  • Basshunter : Now You're Gone Buy Basshunter's new single 'Saturday' from iTunes: BUY DANCE NATION LIVE 2010 TICKETS HERE: Buy Bass Generation from iTunes here: Or from HMV here: Want to know what happened next? Check out "3 Weeks Later..." and "Last Night..." coming soon "All I Ever Wanted!!".. Official MySpace site: One of the biggest internet success stories - ever! Basshunter is a Swedish bedroom DJ/producer, a cyber geek who wrote a song about an experience with meeting a girl on the internet. The girl was called Anna, and the song 'Boten Ana'. Basshunter sent it to his friends on the web, who forwarded to their friends, and so on until it ended up in the hands of a local radio DJ who played it out on air. After its first airing the station was inundated with phone calls to play it again and they added it to their playlist. The track then went crazy, the whole of Sweden got caught up in the story about his love for a girl on the internet, and when it was released in Scandinavia it became the fastest selling debut single since Abba, and Basshunter their biggest selling debut artist ever! Through word of mouse, the track spread and it became number 1 in Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg - the first ever Swedish language hit in these countries. Germany were next, the song went top 10, something only Cascada & Eric Prydz have managed from the dance world, the track then hung about in the top end of the charts for 6 months.. ..Fast ...
  • Amazing Bass Guitar Player! Gustavo Dal Farra Amazing bass player!
  • Bass Boat Crash We were out filming Greg in his boat when he hit the wave behind the boat at the wrong angle and too fast. Boat speed was around 70 mph. Greg's Life Vest and kill switch SAVED HIS LIFE. He was unconscious for about 10 minutes. As you can see the boat never turned over. Greg suffered a broken collarbone. I'm showing this in hopes that a lot of you Bass Boat Drivers have gotten lazy about putting your Vest on and hooking up your kill switch. All of you have hit a suprise wave from out of nowhere at speeds of 70 mph or more. Don't let this happen to you.
  • funk bass strumming My strumming technique tries to emulate funk rhythm guitar. The hardest part is to mute the strings you dont want to ring :-D Fore more strumming se my videos "Rhythm guitar bass", "Rhythm slap bass?". Go to for more FREE grooves, fills & basslines.
  • Bass tapping lesson (Introduction) -Comment on this [email protected] my blog -Main site tons of free lessons Hi guys, here's the lesson that some of you have asked me for. It's a nice little riff designed to give you an introduction to tapping, and a bit of confidence to carry on to something a little more advanced in the future. There are many ways and approaches to tapping, but I find this one is the most helpful for beginners in the technique. Don't forget, like all of my videos, don't get frustrated if you can't do it right away! Start real slow, and build up your ability and confidence. You're training your brain to understand something new. It takes time...
  • Guy Pratt's great disco bass lines Go to www.ts- for more videos Guy Pratt pulls out his beloved Fender jazz bass, also known as Betsy, to play the classic disco basslines for t5m, including ‘Good Times’ by Chic, and ‘Staying Alive’ by the Bee Gees.
  • Bassnectar - Bass Head (Official) Just in time for Spring comes Bassnectar's 'Timestretch EP ', a seven-track roller coaster ride through the amusement park of amorphous bass music. The face-melting banger 'Bass Head laughs in the face of genres as it pounds you with bass. Watch-out! It's like dubstep at warp speed, or more of that crazy mutant half-time jungle with hyphy 808 bass and a mega-sticky hook. Amorphous Music has teamed up with Basshead Music for the limited edition vinyl release of Bass Head, as well as the Bassnectar remix of Teleport Massive from his chart topping Cozza Frenzy album release. Visit to purchase the digital tracks in high-quality format, as well as exclusive bundles including CD's, T-shirts, collectors items, and vinyl pre-orders. Subscribe to the Bassnectar Labs channel to be the 1st to receive notice of new exclusive music and video content from Bassnectar and Amorphous Music. http
  • Super Mario Bass
  • How To Play Bass Guitar - Lessons for Beginners - Open Strings FULL COURSE: More guitar lessons - On Twitter - On Facebook - In this section I will introduce you to the wonders of written music, starting with the most basic things to play on your Bass, open strings. I strongly urge every beginning Bassist to learn how to read. Not doing so will only shut you out of a great deal of information and knowledge. So the best way to start is to get used to looking at the music while you play some very simple exercises. Well learn to understand what the differences between whole notes, half notes, quarter notes, triplets and six***th notes are, and how to establish good practice habits to familiarize yourself with them. Ill also talk about the need to learn how to mute the strings that you are not playing and give you some tips to start working on. I will also give you some tips on right hand technique to help you get a nice consistent tone out of your Bass.
  • John Entwistle bass solo John Entwistle bass solo Royal Albert Hall 2000. Song is called 5:15
  • drum and bass street drum and bass
  • Drum N Bass Mix (EXCLUSIVE REMIX) Drum N Bass Mix TO DOWNLOAD NOW AND GET 2 FREE POSTERS! ============================== ========= #1 Drum N Bass video on YouTube * 2000000+ views @ 2 May 2010 * 2500000+ views @ 16 July 2010 * 3000000+ views @ 21 September 2010 Watch the official Podcast now in promotion of Panda's new album Retake Manhattan. Press [email protected]
  • Bass Fishing Sweeping Method Join me on a little outing where I catch bass in a most unconventional way. I call it 'Sweeping' and in this episode of 'Another Walk with Mike' you'll discover how exciting this method can be. I came up with the technique after having bass hit my buzz bait just as I was pulling it out of the water. Finally, after one such strike I pushed my pole back in the water and Bam! A method was born. Similiar to doodlesocking or jigger pole fishing, sweeping is best done from a kayak. Watch my video and see for yourself. It is as exciting as it can be. Also, enjoy my other wildlife walks and nature tour videos.
  • The Bass Player One of the best KITH clips ever!
  • 500 Pound Bass Goliath Grouper Jewfish Chew On This! In this episode you will see a 500 pound Goliath Grouper landed that looks like a big bass in Sanibel, FL. http The Goliath eats a 5 pound Jack Crevalle. This is a 10 minute clip from the Chew On This Sal***er Fishing Show hosted by Captain Ben Chancey.
  • Night Bass Fishing Don't let the cover of darkness keep you from catching that Bass. School's in session at .
  • Giant 600 Pound Goliath Bass breaks rod. CHEW ON THIS Fishing Videos http:// for all of your fishing tackle needs! Watch Captain Ben Chancey get man handled and nearly pulled overboard by an estimated 600 pound Goliath Grouper. http The fish breaks his rod and he lands it by hand after the rod is broken. Chew On This Sal***er Fishing Shows and Videos. Fishing Charter and Guided trips available.
  • Green Day pulls me onstage to play bass for 12000 people October, 2005, Live in Albuquerque, NM. Green Day likes to pick people from the crowd to play their instruments for this Operation Ivy cover, Knowledge. I lucked out because I managed to get Mike's attention. After 2 failed attempts to find a capable guitar player, they picked my guitar-player friend, Joel, who I briefly played music with years before. This experience reunited us and led to the formation of the band we play in today called Flood The Sun: ----------------------------------------------- They picked two people before the guitarist you see in the video. The first one was a girl, but she couldn't play the guitar well enough, neither could the second kid. Billie Joe sent her to the side of the stage and later gave the guitar to her saying, "This is for you. Now practice, Dammit!". I had to edit the video down because it was too long for youtube, and it's a little boring sitting through the other two guitarists. The drummer and I were on stage 10-15 minutes. ====================== You can visit my personal blog at:
  • Hard Bass 2009 Official Aftermovie The official aftermovie from Hard Bass 2009 @ The Gelredome Arnhem. Presented by b2s.
  • How To: Balloon Bass More Balloon Bass at inflatableminute on youtube and Balloon twister Addi Somekh shows us how to make and play a Balloon Bass. The instrument is based on the balloon resonator originally concieved by Canadian twister Sean Rooney.
  • Metrik Drum and Bass Mix (half hour long) ► ◄ Metrik - Dcember 2010 Artist Mix - Exclusively for Panda Drum N Bass TV============== Panda presents Metrik. The London producer known for his euphoric and energetic music both in productions and live sets has been pushing out Drum & Bass music since 2007 when his first release Your World was released and quickly picked by Drum and Bass' biggest names from London Elektricity to Pendulum. For this success, Metrik was quickly signed exclusive on Futurebound's Viper Recordings. From then on, Metrik has released an array of succesful tunes, many of which reaching high into download charts and featuring extensively on BBC Radio One and many Drum N Bass compilations. Now Metrik is arguably at the most important phase in his musical career, as he is about to drop his debut album entitled The Departure. The EP has already received extensive airplay from the scene's biggest names and has been featured in Danny Byrd's latest Radio One's Essential Mix. Out now and available from all good record stores near you. In this mix, Metrik brings you 16 of his latest exclusives in just over 30 minutes. Lock in and leave your appreciation for the illustrious Metrik in the comment section! ►TRACKLISTING◄ 01 - Eric Prydz - Niton (Metrik Remix) - Ministry 02 - Smooth - Calling - Viper 03 - Arno Cost & Arias - Magenta (Unknown Remix) 04 - Metrik - Learn To Fly feat. Jan Burton (Acapella) - Viper 05 - Metrik - Anthem 09 - Viper 06 - Metrik - Lightspeed - Viper 07 - Sasha - Xpander ...
  • bass tester bass
  • Drum and Bass (Impressive street performer) Impressive street performer - One million views!!
  • DRUM N BASS TERMINATOR STYLE Some of the finest Drum N Bass tracks direct from New Zealand's own STATE OF MIND and also feat. XAMPLE & CONCORDE DAWN, all perfectly timed to futuristic action blockbuster - TERMINATOR 3
  • Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld Bass Duet New York 2009 Jeff Beck and Tal Wilkenfeld play a bass duet at The Fillmore New York at Irving Plaza April 10 2009. At one point early in the piece, Tal Wilkenfeld moves Jeff Beck's fingers out of the way as they both reach for the same note.
  • DJ Splash - Bass Is Kicking (REMIX) DJ Splash - Bass Is Kicking (REMIX) I came across this site a few months back's I thought i'd give it a try - only cost me a few bucks! Im now making easily a good 600-1200 each month, which barely take's much work after you have everything in place! Just wanted to advice to all my viewers ! Its only 2$ and you will make lots of money!. Enjoy
  • chemical brothers - Under the influence chemical brothers - Bass Test
  • Flea Bass Solo w/ Chad Well a good technique video!

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  • “Stringing The Bass Web Together Hello and welcome to the Upton Bass blog. Did you hear we now have a second showroom in Boston. 1108 Boylston Street, Boston MA. We are very excited to be in Beantown and look forward to seeing you there, Thursday through Saturday from 12-6pm”
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  • “¹ Lopes has been mentioned a number of times in this blog. I had written a previous article about them, after I discovered that they were the company that did the modifications to the vintage Buescher bass that I play-tested at Quinntheeskimo's place”
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