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  • ExpertBail is the industry's only true National Brand and leading search site, ExpertBail has bail bond agents in every state that bail can be written. Our agents are trusthworthy, responsible, reliable, professional and efficient. — “Bail Bonds Nationwide - Find Trusted Bail Bondsman”,
  • Breach of pre-charge bail conditions pending CPS charging decision Bail and the Human Rights Act 1998 (Law Commission Reports) The UK Statute law Database: Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. The UK Statute law Database: Police and Justice Act 2006. The UK Statute law Database: Bail Act 1976. — “Bail - CrimeLine from Andrew Keogh”,
  • Nationwide Bail Bond Companies and Bondsman - 24 Hour bail bond services call 1-800-824-6614 for immediate bail assistance. — “Nationwide Bail, Bail Bonds, Bail Bondsman”,
  • California Bail Bonds from Alias Bail Bonds. We provide Bail Bond Services throughout the State of California. — “Alias Bail Bonds”,
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. Origin of BAIL. Middle English baille, from Anglo-French, bucket, from Medieval Latin bajula water vessel, from feminine of Latin bajulus porter,. — “Bail - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Definition of "Bail" from the 'Lectric Law Library's Legal Lexicon. — “"Bail" Defined & Explained”,
  • Traditionally, bail is some form of property deposited or pledged to a court to persuade it to release a suspect from jail, on the understanding that the suspect will return for trial or forfeit the bail (and possibly be brought up on charges of the crime of failure to appear). — “Bail - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Call Apollo Bail Bonds now 866-796-2245 Bail Bondsman Standing by! Our staff of professional bail agents services all jails and courts within the state of California. — “Apollo Bail Bonds”,
  • bail n. Security, usually a sum of money, exchanged for the release of an arrested person as a guarantee of that person's appearance for trial. — “bail: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article) from”,
  • Bail bonds bail bondsman 24 hours. Licensed bonded bailbondsman agency - surety bonds, property bonds, assault and battery bail bonds, burglary bail bonds, criminal threats bail bonds, domestic violence bail bonds, spouse abuse and spouse battery. — “Bail Bonds US - Bail Bonds Bailbondsman Bailbonds Bail Agent”,
  • Template:CrimPro Traditionally, bail is some form of property deposited or pledged to a court in order to persuade it to release a suspect from jail, on the understanding that the suspect will return for trial or forfeit the bail ("skipping bail", or "jumping bail", is also illegal). — “Bail - LawGuru Wiki”,
  • Bail definition, property or money given as surety that a person released from custody will return at an appointed time. See more. — “Bail | Define Bail at ”,
  • Definition of bail in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is bail? Meaning of bail as a legal term. What does bail mean in law?. — “bail legal definition of bail. bail synonyms by the Free”, legal-
  • Learn about Bail on . Find info and videos including: About Bail, About Bail, How to Make Bail and much more. — “Bail - ”,
  • Bail Bond Companies search by State, City or County at Nationwide Bail Bond Bondsmen Directory, providing an easy way to locate Bail Bonding companies, bail bond forums. — “Bail-Fish Find Bail Bonds, Bondsman Companies, Bounty Hunters”,
  • Florida Bail Bonds and Immigration Bonds Company serving bonds by Phone 24 Hours A day. Call us for jail and bond information. — “Florida Bail Bonds Open 24 Hours Florida Bail Bondsmen”,
  • Penny Bail Bonds specializes in bail bonds in all of California including LOs Angeles, Orange County, Southern California, and other cities in California. — “California Bail Bonds | Los Angeles Bail Bonds | Orange”,
  • Definition of bail from Webster's New World College Dictionary. to set (an arrested person) free on bail or have (an arrested person) set free by giving bail: often with out. — “bail - Definition of bail at ”,
  • Bail allows people to leave jail and continue their lives while awaiting trial. Learn how bail works, how to pay for bail and what a bail bondsman is. — “Howstuffworks "How Bail Works"”,
  • Many people who are not willing or able to come up with bail money on their own seek the services of bail bondsmen, who post (pay) bail for a fee. A bail bondsman can help you understand your rights and can assist you with the bail process. — “Bail and Bail Bonds - Your Legal Guide”,
  • When you receive bail, you are under the order of the court to reappear at a later time for trial. Depending on the severity of the crime, and the amount of bail assessed by the court, many people contact a bail bondsman in order to obtain release. — “Bail Bonds Lawyers | LegalMatch Law Library”,
  • Definition of bail in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of bail. Pronunciation of bail. Translations of bail. bail synonyms, bail antonyms. Information about bail in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. bail bond, bail bonds, bail. — “bail - definition of bail by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • bail (plural bails) (law) Security, usually a sum of money, exchanged for the release of to bail (third-person singular simple present bails, present. — “bail - Wiktionary”,

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  • A Better Bail Bond commercial A commercial for A Better Bail Bond in Houston, Texas. Yes this is unedited, and yes I did record it with a digital camera. The sounds in the background involve one of my dogs trying to play with my cat on a recliner.
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  • Steve-O: Out on Bail - THE MOVIE Now on DVD and Digital Download! More info at www.Image- By far the most extreme offering of Steve-O's popular Don't Try This at Home series to date! Filmed in twelve different countries, this video features all of the bad behavior that got Steve-O arrested, plus a whole bunch of other crap that should have. Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse -- it does!
  • Assange Bail: 'Hunt for whistleblowers terrifying' The founder of whistleblowing website Wikileaks has been granted bail by a British court. UK prosecutors had appealed an earlier decision to let Julian Assange out of prison. Sweden wants him extradited on *** charges. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • How to Solder a Simple Sterling Silver Bail This video will show you how to solder a sterling silver jump ring to a sterling silver bezel cup to be used as a very simple bail. This easy project will show you the importance of fitting parts together.
  • 2pac - Out on bail at the 1994 source awards 2pac performs 'Out On Bail' live at the 1994 source awards, this is the orginal version of 'Out on bail' and not the ***ty eminem remake! Also in this video at the start shows Deathrow making there winers speach and the famous comment Suge Knight made against P Diddy & Bad boy records saying... ''If you want to come to a record label that doesent have your producer in all your e to death row!'' lol anywayz enjoy !!THUGLIFE!! RIP Tupac Shakur 1971 - 1996 !!WESTSIDE!!
  • 'Germany will bail out every Euro country before collapsing' Another Eurozone country - another threat of an imminent bailout. Italy is the third largest economy that uses the Euro - and there are fears it may start plunging in the same direction as Greece and Ireland. With the Euro falling, the amount of money it costs Rome to lend to debt-ridden countries is rising dramatically. Spain, Portugal and Belgium are also at risk of being pulled into the crisis. Doubts about the future of the single currency and the EU itself have been intensified by fresh protests sweeping across Europe - with people angry at facing savage cuts to pay for it all. To break some of this down RT talks to Michael Mross, a market ***yst and author. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • Bail Out A trio of hapless bounty hunters are recruited by a shady bail bondsman to try to keep a witness in drug trial alive to testify. A Sleazy bail bondsman thinks he has finally gotten his big break when a millionaire heiress is arrested in a drug bust. If she shows up in court, it means a million dollars to him. If she doesn't, he is ruined. When the situation gets out of control, he hires a playboy bounty hunter to keep an eye on his investment. But who will keep an eye on him?
  • 2G scam: Court reserves order on Kanimozhi's bail plea It's a breather for DMK MP Kanimozhi. Patiala House court reserves its order on her bail application till May 14. Kanimozhi asked to appear before court everyday till then.
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  • Ron Paul on CNN 10-1-08 BAIL OUT IS FASCISM!!! SENATE THEY PASSED THE FASCIST "RESCUE PACKAGE" YOU HAVE TO CALL CONGRESS FOR ROUND 2!!! THEY MUST VOTE NO!!! Contact CONGRESS : Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 CALL, FAX, EMAIL, SEND SMOKE SIGNALS, TRY SIGN LANGUAGE! LET'S MARCH ON WASHINGTON!!! THEN GET READY, WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS CALL THE TREASONIST SENATORS AGAIN AND LET THEM KNOW THEY WILL NOT BE FORGIVEN. Take the "CALL 100 SENATORS IN 200 MINUTES!!!" challenge. DO IT IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM!!! YOU MUST CALL ALL REPS, AYES AND NAYS!!! There will be a lot of closed door deal making. Don't let them further devalue the dollar and artificially prop up Wall street by forcing us to Nationalize any more corporate debt (FASCISM)!!! CALL CONGRESS NOW!! IT TAKES ABOUT 1 MINUTE PER CALL!!! GET ON IT!!! Tell them, " A "Yes" vote will be a self induced pink slip. When you nationalize corporate debt that is FASCISM. We do not wnt this or any other socialist or fascist legislation, anythind other than a "NO" note may be construed as an act of TREASON!" - Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 Welcome to the EDUCATIONAL REVOLUTION: If you have not already done so, even if you don't comment, take the 3 extra seconds please SUBSCRIBE, RATE, & FAVORITE my videos... This will build the channels and send this message viral!!! Please rate all relatd videos. THE MESSAGE OF FREEDOM MUST GO VIRAL!!!! WE NEED 1 OUT OF 10 PEOPLE. THAT IS 30000000 AMERICANS ON OUR TEAM. www.campaignforliberty ...
  • Jesus Christ Bail Bonds , Bail Out, Bail Out, Bail Out Take the Bishop with you whereever you go!NEW! Order Your "BAIL OUT RING TONE HERE! Two of my favorite TV Commercial stars, "taped in Baltimore", "Bishop Barry and William R Buie III", doing what they do best.The most difficult part of shooting this commercial was to keep from laughing. Several takes were ruined by me..... you could her me laughing uncontrollably behind the camera.I hope you enjoy this as much as I did producing and directing, "Bail Out! Bail Out! Bail Out! You should have been there, you would have loved it!
  • Julian Assange Speaks After Release on Bail WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke to reporters outside a London court following his bail release from prison, where he has been held since Dec. 7th.
  • Bail outs, bubbles, phony prosperity, and ostriches Unemployment claims reach a 26 year high Vegas gets hammered, down 22% for October, the 10 straight month , first recession ever to hit vegas The perception of a sound dollar will soon end www.marke*** Foreclosures may be up a few hundred percent, but the party is just getting started. Defaults will soar The final bubble, bye bye US Dollar Gold backwardation No matter how you look at it, the dollar is doomed
  • Freerunner sickest bail Ryan Houchin at Red Bull Art of Motion 2009 Vienna, Austria. No injury was sustained except for a minor ankle sprain on the way down.
  • Daniel and Andrew Lutheran Surprise Surprise Daniel and Andrew Lutheran's part in Surprise Surprise
  • Newsnight: Bailed Julian Assange live interview (16Dec10) Newsnight's Kirsty Wark gives a pretty bad interview of Wikileaks' Julian Assange who was released on bail earlier in the day from bullsh1t charges. Wark was not exactly giving a fair interview, trying to put words into Julian's mouth, and not for the first time Wark gives a *** interview. The video has been upscaled to 16x9 PAL size, in the hope that some time in the future, youtube might realise that the world does not revolve around inferiour NTSC video frame sizes. Recorded from Newsnight, 16 December 2010.
  • Thrasher's Bust or Bail Contest 2008 Thrasher's Bust or Bail contest took place August 30th and here's the Thrasher video edit...some busting moves here!
  • Neil Tunnicliffe best crash (Hostias - Bail) trial crash trial-21
  • The Truth About the Bail Out - Lou Dobbs - CFR THEVIPERS IN CONGRESS PASSED THE FASCIST BAILOUT BILL. IT IS TIME TO REVAMP THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES!!! DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO OUST THEM FROM OFFICE. AGGRESSIVELY CAMPAIGN FOR THE 3RD PARTY CANDIIDATES AND CHALLENGERS WHO SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION, WILL STRIVE TO ABOLISH THE FED, AND DENOUNCE THE CFR AND UN!!!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK!! GET ON IT!! Go to for additional contact information. And while you are there, join the Revolution. WHILE YOUR DOING THAT PUT THE TRAITORS ON NOTICE Flood their phones, faxes, emails.DO IT IN THE NAME OF FREEDOM!!! YOU MUST CALL ALL "AYES" and THE "NAYS" that voted only to save their arse!!! Remind them that by further devaluing the dollar and artificially propping up Wall street, forcing us to Nationalize this corporate debt is FASCISM!!! And that vote was a self induced pink slip, and may be construed as an act of TREASON. We do not support this FASCIST legislation. CALL CONGRESS IT TAKES ABOUT 1 MINUTE PER CALL!!! GET ON IT!!! Capitol Hill Switchboard: (202) 224-3121 Congressional contact and scorecard: Stay tuned...more revolution coming soon!! JOIN THE EDUCATIONAL REVOLUTION: Fellow Patriot and modern day "pamphleteer", Robpatozz THIS IS NO JOKE THE MESSAGE OF FREEDOM MUST GO VIRAL!!!! WE NEED 30000000 ...
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  • Unseen footage of the bail out. The IMF has bailed Ireland out but here is a video the media would never have shown you!
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  • BAIL OUT BANK DEMOLISHES NEW MODEL HOMES- HOUSING MARKET COLLAPSE Get cutting edge information at Final Vid part 6 of 6 Wall Street Journal http Victorville model homes being demolished. BREAKING NEWS Developing: Another bank will begin the tear down of 20 Temecula homes in Southern California. NEW HOMES DEMOLISHED By Patrick Thatcher, staff writer for, Daily Press Victorville- The housing collapse is taking a literal form for one bankrupt housing development. Four model homes and 12 nearly finished spec homes at Bear Valley Road and Highway 395 are being demolished. The developer filed bankruptcy about 18 months ago and the foreclosed property went to Guaranty Bank in Irvine. A Guaranty Bank official, Real Estate Officer Dean Smith, said they were facing daily fines from the city of Victorville if they didnt do something with the homes and property that not up to code. He said it was a choice of pumping their own money into property site improvements and additional money to bring the home up to code or tear down the 16 homes. Smith said the bank is not in the building or land development business and because of the current housing market does not see anything happening with the property for at least five years. Our only option is to either proceed with putting more than a million bucks into the land, which weve already taken a huge hit on and lost a lot of money, or, we tear down the houses, Smith said. He said the builder put up the homes before completing the site improvements and failed to have enough money ...
  • Wall St. Gets A Major Bail Out & Gives Taxpayers The Bill Watch more at
  • Fat Kid Fails at Bike Bail If at first you know you won't succeed, why even try, right? For what could have just been a simple, slightly painful (maybe) faceplant into the ground - I'm sure the mud bath was well worth it. All you have to do to win awesome prizes is be a subscriber and email your username to [email protected] Sorry to our international fans - our state's sweepstakes law restricts this contest to most US States. Please read terms and conditions See our main channel page for more info: And check out the Terms & Conditions:
  • Bail Till You Fail: 'Euro collapse programmed' Portugal has announced that it's unable to deal with its economic crisis and has asked for help. The Eurozone is now set to cough up for a third successive bail-out package, which is set to exceed 100 billion dollars. RT talks to Michael Mross from Frankfurt, a market ***yst and author. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • 'It was brutal!' RT crew freed on bail after 32 hours in US jail for filming rally An RT news crew has been freed on bail - after spending around 32 hours in a US jail. They were taken into custody in the state of Georgia, while filming an annual rally near a military base nicknamed the 'School of Assassins'. Correspondent Kaelyn Forde and cameraman Jon Conway were forced to pay a fine after they were accused of taking part in the unlawful rally. Police are still considering another charge against them, for allegedly failing to obey officers' instructions. Kaelyn Forde, who's at the centre of the story, described the police's actions as 'brutal'. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:
  • UKUncut How to do a Bail-in There are many people who'd like to take action but, the reasons that prevent them are: fear of arrest & Police brutality, believe it's a waste of time 'cos they get ignored by the UK dictatorship Gov, can't be bothered/too lazy, complacency, selfish, can't afford travel, weather, photos & videos of them bein smeared as 'thug' 'anarchist' trouble makers by the propaganda media BBC, SKY etc. So, we've a long way to go to stop this demise of UK citizens at the hands of these terrorists. [email protected]
  • Skateboarding Tips : How to Bail Out When Doing Stairs on a Skateboard In order to bail out when doing stairs on a skateboard, it's important to learn the timing involved with popping off and touching the floor. Find out how a bail out can still result in an injury, despite proper form, with help from a sponsored skateboarding in this free video on skateboarding tips. Expert: Carlos Mendez Contact: Bio: Carlos Mendez is a sponsored skateboarder with Shameless Skateboards. Filmmaker: Paul Muller
  • Gina Needs To Borrow Bail Money From Sheneneh. Of course, with out Sheneneh putting up a fight lol.
  • Thrasher's Bust or Bail The 16 stair hammer jam at Paul Revere in San Francisco. Ryan Sheckler, Andrew Reynolds, Andrew Langi, Terrell Robinson, Grant Peterson, Chad Fernandez, Figgy, David Gravette Moose, and more
  • 2Pac - Out On Bail (live 1994) 2Pac's live performance of Out On Bail

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