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  • In modern scientific use, the term baboon is restricted to those primates that are members of the genus Papio. Baboons are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the mandrill and the drill are larger. — “Baboon - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Distribution There are four subspecies of baboon. they occurr south of the Sahara from west Africa across to the Horn of Africa and down through east and southern Africa. The four subspecies are: P.c. anubis – Olive baboon from west and east Africa. — “African Species Guide - Mammals - Baboons”,
  • Photographs and information about the savanna baboons of Africa. — “Baboons - Africa on the Matrix”, on-the-
  • Baboons are African and Asian Old World monkeys belonging to the genus Papio , part of the subfamily Cercopithecinae. There are five species, which are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the Mandrill and the Drill are larger. — “Baboons”,
  • Baboons - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Baboons”,
  • The baboon, of all the primates in East Africa, most frequently interacts with people. Baboons usually leave their sleeping places around 7 or 8 a.m. After coming down from the cliffs or trees,. — “AWF: Wildlife: Baboon”,
  • Baboons are African and Asian Old World monkeys belonging to the genus Papio, part of the subfamily Cercopithecinae. There are five species, which are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the Mandrill and the Drill are larger. — “Baboon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • When a confrontation occurs between different families or where a lower-ranking baboon takes the offensive, baboons show more interest in the exchange than exchanges between members of the same family or when a higher-ranking baboon takes the offensive. — “Baboons - Psychology Wiki”,
  • baboon ( ) n. Any of several large terrestrial African and Asian monkeys of the family Cercopithecidae, especially of the genus Papio or. — “baboon: Definition from ”,
  • The baboons are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the mandrill and the drill are larger. The word "baboon" comes from "babouin", the name given to them by the French naturalist Buffon. — “Baboons - info and games”,
  • The five baboon species are some of the largest non- hominid members of the primate order; In modern scientific use, only members of the genus Papio are called baboons, but previously the closely related Gelada (genus Theropithecus) and two species of Mandrill. — “Baboon”, schools-
  • There are several different kinds of baboons, including the Savanna, Hamadryas, and Chacma Baboons. Baboons spend the day on the ground looking for food and the night sleeping in trees or on cliffs. — “Baboons facts and pictures on Yahoo! Kids Animals”,
  • These include the five forms listed here as species, as well as Kinda and Ibean baboons (which are here included with Papio cynocephalus), Heuglin's baboons (which are here included with Papio anubis), and Transvaal and gray-footed baboons (which are here included with Papio ursinus). — “ADW: Papio: Information”,
  • Learn all you wanted to know about baboons with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. — “Baboons, Baboon Pictures, Baboon Facts - National Geographic”,
  • In an effort to promote comparative studies across baboon populations that will inform our understanding of baboon behaviour, ecology, and evolution, we are in the process of establishing a comprehensive database for baboon research. — “Baboon Research Online and Baboon Field sites and Baboon”,
  • There's a battle underway in the suburbs of Cape Town, South Africa: people versus baboons. Troupes of baboons are roaming suburban neighborhood streets, looking for food and scaring residents. In some cases, they've broken windows and locks to. — “Living on Earth: Home Invasion, Baboon-style”,
  • The baboons are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the Mandrill and the Drill are larger. All baboons have long dog-like muzzles (cynocephalus = dog-head), close-set eyes, heavy powerful jaws, thick fur except on their muzzle, a short tail. — “Baboons | The Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute Project”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about baboon at . Make research projects and school reports about baboon easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “baboon Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • Egypt: The Baboons and Monkeys of Ancient Egypt In ancient Egypt, baboons and monkeys often play a significant and mysterious role in religion and elsewhere. — “The Baboons and Monkeys of Ancient Egypt”,
  • Encyclopedia article about baboon. Information about baboon in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. hamadryas baboon, savanna baboon, baboon species. — “baboon definition of baboon in the Free Online Encyclopedia”, encyclopedia2
  • The grieving baboons surrounded her body in the middle of the road and refused to move for 30 minutes, blocking the highway completely. Experimenters at Columbia University caused strokes in baboons by removing their left eyeballs and using the. — “Baboons in Laboratories | ”,
  • Baboons, however, live their entire lives in close and continuous proximity not only to friends and family but also to opponents. When a female baboon reaches adulthood, she typically ranks just below her mother in the adult dominance hierarchy of the group. — “Baboon social life”,
  • Baboons live in a variety of habitats from hills, woodlands and the large savannas. They travel around these habitats in large troops (groups) searching for food .The two most common baboons occur in East Africa, the olive baboon and the yellow baboon. — “Baboon - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science”,

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  • MY NEIGHBOURHOOD HAS BEEN OVERRUN BY BABOONS - Tropfest Finalist What if you woke up one morning and your neighbourhood had been overrun by baboons? What if there was nothing you could do and nowhere you could hide? Directed by Cameron Edser & Michael Richards Tropfest Australia 2010 2nd Prize Winner
  • Animal Act with Baboon, Dog, and Monkey from Spanuth's Original Vod-A-Vil Movies SUMMARY Opens on a closeup of a baboon "playing" a violin, then cuts to a medium shot of the same. The baboon wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a loose bow tie and tweed pants. Cuts to a closeup of the baboon in a circular mask or iris effect, without the violin but with a collar around his neck and a striped kitten that he places on his shoulder. Another iris effect opens to a long shot of a stage with a painted backdrop of a river. Standing at stage left is a woman in a spangled, sleeveless dress to the knee and high laced boots, holding the leash of a dark donkey. The baboon stands center stage, near a man in a white animal trainer suit with dark piping and a white cap. On a chair stage right sits a black and white spotted dog. A series of cuts show the baboon performing various tricks, including roller-skating in a circle around the man, doing a walking handstand, circling the stage atop a large ball, and riding the ball down a ramp with the kitten in his arms. The dog then creates figure-eights through the woman's legs as she walks, and jumps a rope held by the woman and baboon. Cuts to the baboon riding a bicycle in a circle around the man. Cuts to the baboon leading the donkey onstage, and then to the donkey apparently play-biting and kicking two men. The gag of the men trying to mount the donkey--only to be bitten, kicked, or thrown off--is repeated, with one intertitle: "A 100% kick." Ends after the baboon jumps on one man. CREATED/PUBLISHED United States ...
  • Baby Baboon by www.weebls- Check out the site to see the never-ending loop.
  • 99 Dead Baboons With baboon there, and baboon here. Thier ba, here a ba, everywhere a baboons at.
  • Baboon vs. Flamingo Hungry baboons in Kenya's Lake Bogoria find themselves a million unsuspecting, and unprotected, flamingos.
  • Baboon vs Hyrax 'Hall', a subadult male olive baboon, attempts to slap a Hyrax near White Rocks - the sleeping site of both the baboon troop (Nabo troop) and the Hyrax's group. While adults usually ignore the Hyrax, younger baboons sometimes interact with them. Of all my observations (4-5) I never saw a Hyrax back down once!
  • Baboons vs chimpanzees - BBC wildlife Chimpanzee and baboon monkeys fight in the African animal kingdom from the BBC wildlife team. An investigation into animal behaviour and welfare in the animal kingdom. Watch more Chimp Family Fortunes clips with BBC Worldwide here:
  • Gelada Baboons These gelada baboons are found only in the Ethiopian highlands-and they're the only primates that graze on grass! See All National Geographic Videos
  • PLANET EARTH -- Baboons in the Water In this clip from PLANET EARTH, a baboon takes some unusual steps upright in the water. Discovery Channel's 11-part series PLANET EARTH will amaze viewers with never-before-seen animal behaviors, startling views of locations captured by cameras for the first time, and unprecedented high definition production techniques. Award-winning actress and conservationist Sigourney Weaver joins Discovery Channel as narrator. PLANET EARTH airs on consecutive Sundays from March 25 through April 22, 2007 on Discovery Channel and in high definition on Discovery HD Theater.
  • Baboon Woman Baboons are the most vicious primates on the planet, but that hasn't stopped Karin Saks from forming a unique bond with them. Having rejected human society, she has been able to enter and gain the trust of wild troops throughout South Africa, even learning to speak their language. But with baboons now regarded as vermin and being shot by farmers, Karin is being forced back into human contact as she desperately tries to save their lives. With Karin as our interpreter and guide, this sensitive and moving documentary offers a unique insight into the life of baboons: from their family structures and feuds to their courtship rituals, turf wars and individual personalities. Karin, with her overwhelming preference for baboon society over human, shows us what it's like to live as one of them. Five 1 x 60mins
  • gazelle vs baboon gazelle fights baboon to save her baby
  • baboon vs flamingo flamingo gets owned
  • Leopard vs Baboon A kill with a twist.
  • 2 Baboons having *** on the Car Two baboons having *** on the bonnet in front of people, they are laughing hysterical..!
  • Baboon attack: ripps off woman's shirt Unfortunately, this couple leaves their car unlocked as they walk away to take pictures of the Cape Point baboons- despite being warned just 5 minutes before... The only thing hurt was the man's pride. Later, out of embarasement and anger, he pointed and zapped a tazer at them from a distance. Way to go champions.
  • Baboon in Heat Niels Schumm saw this baboon at the Amsterdam Zoo. And the baboon saw Niels!
  • The Baboon Show - It's a sin Video of swedens finest punkrockers, The Baboon Show.
  • Baboon Video taken in Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania
  • somersaulting baboon a baboon. that somersaults.
  • Gang Flamingo Versus Team Baboon - NEVER SEEN BEFORE (original narration by Randall) VISIT: *FOR MORE OF RANDALL'S ANIMALS!!! East Africa's 'great rift valley" is home to flamingos and baboons and sometimes, the two may not get along. Watch rare footage of a baboon + flamingo attack! To learn more about these beautiful animals, please visit:
  • 99 dead baboons made it
  • Knowsley Safari Park baboons cause chaos Knowsley Safari Park has served Anti Social Baboon Orders on the inhabitants of its monkey jungle whose mischievous behaviour has recently reached new heights.
  • Baboons Hold Up Cars Some South African baboons have become sophisticated highway robbers.
  • MONKEYS & APES (Baboons/Chimps/Vervets) This is a short look at just three of the many primate species that live in Africa. Baboons (along with Mandrills) are the largest members of the monkey family. The Olive Baboon featured here, has a large range spread across central Africa. New reports show they at times will cross breed with other baboon species. Also on this video are curious Vervet Monkeys, and the animal most closely related to us, the Chimpanzee. PLEASE REMEMBER- PRIMATES ARE NOT PETS! To help all of Africas old world monkeys check out groups like African Wildlife Foundation, Conservation International and Wildlife Direct. Baboon rescue & rehab .za Vervet Monkey Sanctuary http Ol Pejeta/ Chimp Sanctuary Jane Goodall http *For an interesting discussion on primates from Conservation International: Thanks for watching, and be sure to support wildlife conservation. (*Brians Art for Animals has so far sent over $850.00 to conservation efforts from its You Tube account alone) ------------------------------------------------ I realize some of you may have found this video due to the recent Chimp attack in Connecticut, so please read about some of the Chimp sanctuaries we have here in the US. It is a shame that these places have to exist, but please do read up on them and help if you can. Center for Great Apes (FL) Chimp Haven (TX) http Chimp Sanctuary Northwest (WA) Save The Chimps ...
  • THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS - Baboon This town needs guns - baboon
  • BABOONS IN ERITREA While in Eritrea I took this shot of a mob of baboons on the road. at one point in the video rocks can be heard falling from the mountain onto the roof of the bus, would welcome comments on what type of baboons they are. The driver of the bus threw food to them.
  • Baboons! Baboons at a safari park go mad - pity the man in the car!
  • Wild Kingdom- Baboons Feed and Fight For more, visit | Watch out Desperate Housewives, the Wild Ladies of Viramba are ready to take over your spots! From politics to fighting, there's never a dull moment in baboon society. (From "Wild Ladies of Viramba," Season 2)
  • Lion vs. Brave Baboon Fight-West Serengeti Safari I am sharing this because 1) this was unusual behavior and 2) "shut up sharon" is pretty funny. In my defense, I am ONLY rooting for the baboon because they are a little too close to the human race. You can call me stupid all you want BUT please I do not tolerate any racist comments.
  • Attack of the baboons Car gets taken over by a colony of *** baboons
  • Animals Are Beautiful People 3
  • Are Baboons Evil? The Graham Norton Show - BBC Two Find out more: Graham Norton Show playlist: Joining Graham Norton are Eddie Izzard and Harry Shearer.
  • Baboon Attack
  • Baby Olive Baboon Video taken at the zoo of baby olive baboon. The little one is approx. 2-3 weeks old.
  • Baby cheetah vs baboon - BBC wildlife Cute baby cheetah cub is in danger when a wild baboon emerges in the African jungle. From the BBC.
  • Fooled by Nature - Baboon Harems On this episode of Animal Planet's "Fooled by Nature," competition reigns supreme in the Ethiopian Highlands as gelada baboon harem leader fights off rival bachelor baboons for control of the harem.
  • Baboons in Their Natural Habitat () ****CLICK HERE for RELATED CONTENT**** Baboon - Hamadryas - Primate - Ngorongoro Conservation Area - Tanzania - FREE NEWSLETTERS -
  • Lion cubs vs baboon - BBC wildlife The lions get outsmarted by the baboons as they protect themselves in the trees and throw missiles at the predators to discourage them from attack. Amazing free nature photography from BBC Worldwide.
  • Baboon's Wade Through Water
  • NATURE | Clever Monkeys | Baboon Hunts Baby Gazelle | PBS When monkeys left the forest and began living in open grasslands, they had to adapt. Baboons, for example, became more aggressive and predatory. Baboons will move around in groups of about 80 individuals for defense. Often, the larger males will go on offense as well -- chasing away predators or taking down a young gazelle. "Clever Monkeys" airs on PBS Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 8 pm (check local listings). Narrated by F. Murray Abraham, "Clever Monkeys" ispart of the 28th season of the Peabody and Emmy award-winning series produced by Thir*** in association with for PBS. Major support provided by Canon USA Inc. For more information, visit
  • Caravan Up Baboons Pass? These are extracts of the first 3 episodes of the KykNET show "Kamp Dit Uit". The show is hosted in South Africa with commentary in Afrikaans. This video shows a group of 4x4 'gurus' attempting to take a caravan up Baboons Pass in Lesotho using a Cruiser 70 SW and Land Rover Defender 110 as a back-up vehicle. See the background article by Leisure Wheels at:
  • Rogue Baboons Cause Havoc South Africa's crime problems have taken a new twist - with a gang of baboons being blamed for a series of break-ins.

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  • “As a firm believer in Integrated Pest Management, might I suggest that the vineyard owners introduce lions and hyenas - who are of course baboons' primary predators - to the vineyards? Curious: The Curious Wines Wine Blog " Blog Archive " The baboons are back, this time they're drunk!”
    — Curious: The Curious Wines Wine Blog " Blog Archive " South,

  • “Health and Wellness Blog - New York Times. Anthrax, Baboons, and Dialogue—Dec. 30, 2009 Tags in Blog Tags. Clark University conferences conflict resolution conversations dialogue health care higher education Israel”
    — Anthrax, Baboons, and Dialogue—Dec. 30, 2009 | Public,

  • “Mary never thought any thing of the card that said "Dr. Baboons" sent by the new government proposed in-car, health care system. It didn't bother Rachel so much that the baboons had gotten in her clothes, but when the one baboon in front”
    — " Those Crazy Baboons... Dvorak Uncensored: General interest,

  • “Authorities have announced that people caught feeding the baboons around Cape Town will be fined. Some tourists feed the animals to tempt them closer to take”
    — Leave the Baboons Alone ! | African Safari and Travel News,

  • “Largely undeterred by electric fences, hundreds of wild baboons in South Africa's prized region devastated large swaths of land, burning up the baboons' normal foraging areas”
    — Robert Hurley - Baboons gobbling up South African vineyards,

  • “”
    — Baboons, baboons, baboons! | Luka Esenko's blog,

  • “Blog home " baboons. Stress Is Very Bad For Your Health- Whether You're a Human or a Tags: baboons, health, Jonah Lehrer, longevity, Robert Sapolsky, scientific studies,”
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  • “Baboons Typing. Other blog names. Posted in Inspiration by grounddwellingprimate on January 22, 2009. Welcome, friends! This is Hence, Baboons Typing. Now, that may seem a tad uninspired — like we decided our blog's name on the way to the delivery room”
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  • “South Africa's premier good news website, highlighting the progress of a remarkable nation Home Blog Baboons, elephants and value. Weekly Blog. How Outoilet was taken out. Author: Arthur Goldstuck. Wednesday, 24 November 2010. It was the most abusive environment for children yet uncovered in South Africa,”
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  • “Simonstown Guest House, Baboons like Butternut!, Cape Town”
    Baboons like Butternut! | Simonstown Guest House,

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