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  • In modern scientific use, the term baboon is restricted to those primates that are members of the genus Papio. A baboon liver has even been transplanted into a human. Nonetheless, the gulf between humans and baboons is immense, as people exhibit complex. — “Baboon - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • They travel around these habitats in large troops (groups) searching for food .The two most common baboons occur in East Africa, the olive baboon and the yellow baboon. The larger and darker olive baboon is found in Uganda, west and central Northern Tanzania and Kenya. — “Baboon - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science”,
  • The Baboon is the largest non-hominid member of the primate order. The English word Baboon is thought to derive from that of the Egyptian baboon-god Babi. — “Baboon - Academic Kids”,
  • Get information, facts, and pictures about baboon at . Make research projects and school reports about baboon easy with credible articles from our FREE, online encyclopedia and dictionary. — “baboon Facts, information, pictures | ”,
  • baboon ( ) n. Any of several large terrestrial African and Asian monkeys of the family Cercopithecidae, especially of the genus Papio or. — “baboon: Definition from ”,
  • The Guinea Baboon is 50 cm (20 inches) and weighs only 14 kg (30 lb) while the largest Chacma Baboon can be 120 cm (47 inches) and weigh 40 kg (90 lb) Baboon to be more closely related to the northern baboon species (the Guinea and Olive Baboons) than. — “Baboon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Read this piece on baboon facts describing different species of these African and Asian Old World monkeys and their close relatives Baboon Facts. — “Baboon Facts”,
  • The five baboon species are some of the largest non- hominid members of the primate order; The word "baboon" comes from "babouin", the name given to them by the French naturalist. — “Baboon”, schools-
  • Notes and images of baboons, updated from the Canadian Museum of Nature's Natural History Notebooks series. — “Baboon (Papio ursinus)”,
  • The last two leg segments resemble the finger of a baboon hence, the common name, baboon More than a hundred years later in 1832 the first baboon spider Mygale atra was described from South Africa and only in 1871 the first genus Harpactira was established for Southern African baboon spiders. — “The baboon spiders of South Africa”,
  • This may not be helpful: it is based on the argument that the Hamadryas Baboon is behaviorally and physically distinct from other baboon species, and that this reflects a separate evolutionary history. Baboon to be more closely related to the northern baboon species (the Guinea and Olive Baboons) than. — “Baboon - Reference”,
  • Distribution There are four subspecies of baboon. they occurr south of the Sahara from west Africa across to the Horn of Africa and down through east and southern Africa. P.c. cynocephalus – Yellow baboon of east Africa and theHorn. — “African Species Guide - Mammals - Baboons”,
  • The baboon, of all the primates in East Africa, most frequently interacts with people. Baboons usually leave their sleeping places around 7 or 8 a.m. After coming down from the cliffs or trees,. — “AWF: Wildlife: Baboon”,
  • The five baboon species are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the Mandrill and the Drill are larger. The word "baboon" comes from "babouin", the name given to them by the French naturalist Buffon. — “Baboon - Facts, Pictures, and Videos”,
  • Baboon definition, any of various large, terrestrial monkeys of the genus Papio and related genera, of Africa and Arabia, having a doglike muzzle, large cheek See more. — “Baboon | Define Baboon at ”,
  • Definition of baboon in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of baboon. Pronunciation of baboon. Translations of baboon. baboon synonyms, baboon antonyms. Information about baboon in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. hamadryas. — “baboon - definition of baboon by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Baboon - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Baboon”,
  • Baboon is a term that applies to five different species of primates. Learn more about the term baboon at HowStuffWorks. — “HowStuffWorks "Baboon"”,
  • A Baboon is a type of monkey commonly found in parts of Africa and Asia. The buttocks of a Baboon are nerveless and the extended tissue provides comfort for the animal while in a sitting position. — “Baboon”,
  • Learn all you wanted to know about baboons with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic. — “Baboons, Baboon Pictures, Baboon Facts - National Geographic”,
  • The five baboon species are some of the largest non-hominid members of the primate order; only the Mandrill and the Drill are larger. In modern scientific use, only members of the genus Papio are called baboons, but previously the closely related. — “Baboon | ”,
  • Meet the baboon! View pictures, watch video, read facts, explore interactives and more. The two most common baboons live in East Africa — the olive baboon and the yellow baboon. — “Baboon : Facts, Pictures, Video : Animal Planet”,

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  • Baboons Hold Up Cars Like Facebook: Follow Twitter: Follow Tumblr: Some South African baboons have become sophisticated highway robbers. To see your pets on our channel send in your videos to: [email protected] _______________________________________________________ For more Uzoo videos check our playlists below! Cheeky monkeys! Cream of the crop: Most recent U-zoo videos.
  • THIS TOWN NEEDS GUNS - Baboon This town needs guns - baboon
  • Baboon Moon Medley From the recording sessions of Baboon Moon
  • Baboons wading through water - Planet Earth - BBC animals & wildlife Sir David Attenborough and the natural history team behind BBC natural world epic 'Planet Earth' examine life on the Great Plains in this animal video. Watch as the African plains move from a desert wasteland to a world of feast and plenty with so much water flowing onto the barren ground that the baboons are forced to wade uncomfortably through the water.
  • Baboon adopts bush baby Turning to strange events in the animal kingdom, a baboon in the Nairobi Orphanage has baffled many after it adopted a bush baby. Despite the two animals being so different in character, the baboon has taken on the responsibility of caring for the bush baby. Vincent Oduor reports...
  • Leopard Nurtures Baby Baboon After Killing It's Mother An amazing video showing the natural disposition of all creatures having mercy. The leopard kills the baboon as prey, then realises it had a day old baby. The Prophet (S) said: 'The one who isn't merciful, isn't shown mercy (by Allah).'
  • Orange Baby Baboon Check out this bizarrely-colored baboon baby from Israel. Whydon't you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos and other animal stories!! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Tumblr: For more cute animal videos: For more baby animals: Piggy Gets Warm Bath:
  • Animal Act with Baboon, Dog, and Monkey from Spanuth's Original Vod-A-Vil Movies SUMMARY Opens on a closeup of a baboon "playing" a violin, then cuts to a medium shot of the same. The baboon wears a white short-sleeved shirt with a loose bow tie and tweed pants. Cuts to a closeup of the baboon in a circular mask or iris effect, without the violin but with a collar around his neck and a striped kitten that he places on his shoulder. Another iris effect opens to a long shot of a stage with a painted backdrop of a river. Standing at stage left is a woman in a spangled, sleeveless dress to the knee and high laced boots, holding the leash of a dark donkey. The baboon stands center stage, near a man in a white animal trainer suit with dark piping and a white cap. On a chair stage right sits a black and white spotted dog. A series of cuts show the baboon performing various tricks, including roller-skating in a circle around the man, doing a walking handstand, circling the stage atop a large ball, and riding the ball down a ramp with the kitten in his arms. The dog then creates figure-eights through the woman's legs as she walks, and jumps a rope held by the woman and baboon. Cuts to the baboon riding a bicycle in a circle around the man. Cuts to the baboon leading the donkey onstage, and then to the donkey apparently play-biting and kicking two men. The gag of the men trying to mount the donkey--only to be bitten, kicked, or thrown off--is repeated, with one intertitle: "A 100% kick." Ends after the baboon jumps on one man. CREATED/PUBLISHED United States ...
  • Leopard cuddles Baby Baboon An amazing piece of natural history footage. Lakadema a 3 year old Leopard cuddles a baby baboon whose mother she has just killed. ANY comments preaching political hatred will be removed from this page. Whether they be written in english or arabic, I will translate them
  • Steve Ballmer - Dance Monkey Boy! The CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer, prances around the stage like a monkey, hence the name 'Monkey Boy'.
  • Baboon vs. Flamingo Hungry baboons in Kenya's Lake Bogoria find themselves a million unsuspecting, and unprotected, flamingos.
  • Baboon - This Town Needs Guns Baboon - This Town Needs Guns, From the album Animals.
  • Baboons vs chimpanzees - BBC wildlife Chimpanzee and baboon monkeys fight in the African animal kingdom from the BBC wildlife team. An investigation into animal behaviour and welfare in the animal kingdom. Watch more Chimp Family Fortunes clips with BBC Worldwide here:
  • Baby cheetah vs baboon - BBC wildlife Cute baby cheetah cub is in danger when a wild baboon emerges in the African jungle. From the BBC.
  • Lion vs. Brave Baboon Fight-West Serengeti Safari I am sharing this because 1) this was unusual behavior and 2) "shut up sharon" is pretty funny. In my defense, I am ONLY rooting for the baboon because they are a little too close to the human race. You can call me stupid all you want BUT please I do not tolerate any racist comments.
  • baboon eats flamingos baboon attacking a heard of flamingos
  • Baboon attack: ripps off woman's shirt Unfortunately, this couple leaves their car unlocked as they walk away to take pictures of the Cape Point baboons- despite being warned just 5 minutes before... The only thing hurt was the man's pride. Later, out of embarasement and anger, he pointed and zapped a tazer at them from a distance. Way to go champions.
  • Baby Baboon by www.weebls- Check out the site to see the never-ending loop.
  • Baboons in Their Natural Habitat () ****CLICK HERE for RELATED CONTENT**** Baboon - Hamadryas - Primate - Ngorongoro Conservation Area - Tanzania - FREE NEWSLETTERS -
  • The Baboons It's Dark The Baboons It's Dark directed, filmed and edited by Bart Beckers - Screensavers
  • Baboon in Heat Niels Schumm saw this baboon at the Amsterdam Zoo. And the baboon saw Niels! Thank you commenters for telling me this is is Celebes Crested Macaque and not a Baboon.
  • African Baboon, Relentless Pursuit Tim Wells takes on the challenge of killing an aggressive Baboon who has been terrorizing the local goat farmers. Also includes a fabulous shot on a lightning fast Steinbok and Double-Banded Sand Grouses join the dinner menu.
  • Baboon Adopts Bushbaby A big-hearted baboon has decided to look after an orphaned bushbaby. In Nairobi Animal Orphanage officials have been taken aback by a baboon and a bushbaby anmed Gakii becoming good friends. ______________________________________________________________ Why don't you come and join Uzoo on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with our videos and other animal stories!! Like Uzoo on Facebook: Follow Uzoo on Twitter: Follow Uzoo on Tumblr: Playlist: Animals adopting animals! Baby animals: Cute animal videos: Most recent U-zoo videos.
  • Gang Flamingo Versus Team Baboon - NEVER SEEN BEFORE (original narration by Randall) ***GET ONE OF RANDALL'S AUTHENTIC HONEY BADGER TEES RIGHT NOW, STUPID!!! ONLY HERE: *** VISIT: *FOR MORE OF RANDALL'S ANIMALS!!! East Africa's 'great rift valley" is home to flamingos and baboons and sometimes, the two may not get along. Watch rare footage of a baboon + flamingo attack! To learn more about these beautiful animals, please visit:
  • Fooled by Nature - Baboon Harems On this episode of Animal Planet's "Fooled by Nature," competition reigns supreme in the Ethiopian Highlands as gelada baboon harem leader fights off rival bachelor baboons for control of the harem.
  • Rogue Baboons Cause Havoc South Africa's crime problems have taken a new twist - with a gang of baboons being blamed for a series of break-ins.
  • Deucie the baby baboon The baby baboon that was at Moholoholo Rehab Centre for about a week or two :)
  • Hungry baboons hunting - Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert - BBC An insight into the food chain hierachry with footage of baboons hunting newly hatched chicks. Great video short from BBC wildlife show Elephant Nomads of the Namib Desert. Visit for all the latest animal news and wildlife videos and watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Earth YouTube channel here
  • Baboons kidnap and raise feral dogs as pets From the documentary "Animals Like Us"
  • The Thirsty Baboon How to find water when you have a monkey available to torture, some salt and a tree to hide behind for hours.
  • Baboon Vs Crocodile. Baboons Destroy Crocodiles,Baboons wins
  • somersaulting baboon a baboon. that somersaults.
  • NATURE | Clever Monkeys | Baboon Hunts Baby Gazelle | PBS When monkeys left the forest and began living in open grasslands, they had to adapt. Baboons, for example, became more aggressive and predatory. Baboons will move around in groups of about 80 individuals for defense. Often, the larger males will go on offense as well -- chasing away predators or taking down a young gazelle. "Clever Monkeys" airs on PBS Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 8 pm (check local listings). Narrated by F. Murray Abraham, "Clever Monkeys" ispart of the 28th season of the Peabody and Emmy award-winning series produced by Thir*** in association with for PBS. Major support provided by Canon USA Inc. For more information, visit
  • Baboon Vs Crocodile in fight Kenya safari from Travel Kenya Travel Kenya safari fights. Between a baboon and crocodile - the croc loses and other fights with warthog vs lion, the warthog wins . Hundreds of Kenyan guides, reviews, photos and videos from the Kenya experts at Travel Kenya Before travel to Kenya visit the FlightCenter Kenyan site.
  • Baboons attack a car with roof luggage This is why you should never take your roof luggage around a safari park. Footage shot at Knowsley Safari Park.
  • Baboons on a Hot Tin Hood Safari footage of baboons mating on the hood of a moving jeep.
  • Leopard Slays Its Most Feared Enemy The Baboon A particularly poignant and unexpected chapter occurs as Legadema nears the cusp of adulthood and kills a mother baboon only to find the young baby still clinging. To the Jouberts' amazement, instead of killing the baby baboon, Legadema lies down protectively around it and even gently lifts it to safety at the approach of a scavenging hyena. "It was as if nature had turned on its head completely," says Dereck Joubert, a filmmaker who followed Legadema for three-and-a-half years in her natural habitat, the Okavango Delta of Botswana - the verdant flood plains known as Africa's Garden of Eden." "She had killed the mother primate, but then found this live new-born on the ground. The little baboon called out, and we thought we were going to hear a major crunch and the leopard smacking its lips, but instead the baby baboon put its paws out and walked towards the young leopard." "Legadema paused for a moment, apparently not knowing what to do. Then she gently picked it up in her mouth, holding it by the scruff of its neck and carrying the infant up a tree to keep it safe." Africa is so good at divulging little secrets, just when we think that we know it all so well. There are many myths and legends dancing around these ancient forests, where the Owls call your name and the distant Hippos speak to the gods. Another layer of mystery was added the night the Leopard lay down with the Baboon. Full documentary: Playlist: 1 of 8: 2 of 8: ...
  • Mandrill Baboon EXTREME Close Up at The Bronx Zoo's CONGO From the amazing Congo Gorilla Forest at the Bronx Zoo. He's still being naughty, but you don't get to see that here.
  • Baboon vs Hyrax 'Hall', a subadult male olive baboon, attempts to slap a Hyrax near White Rocks - the sleeping site of both the baboon troop (Nabo troop) and the Hyrax's group. While adults usually ignore the Hyrax, younger baboons sometimes interact with them. Of all my observations (4-5) I never saw a Hyrax back down once!

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