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  • Definition of Babingtonite in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Babingtonite. Pronunciation of Babingtonite. Translations of Babingtonite. Babingtonite synonyms, Babingtonite antonyms. Information about Babingtonite in the free online English. — “Babingtonite - definition of Babingtonite by the Free Online”,
  • Babingtonite on prenite. Scorodite. scorodite. Pyromorphite on plumbogmmite. fluorite on 7 8 NEXT. Sphalerite. Our Price $55.00. Babingtonite on prenite. Our Price $185.00. Tourmaline. — “Welcome to ”,
  • No. 13956: Babingtonite, Outstanding specimen of rich, black babingtonite crystals (Massachusetts state mineral) completely covering the inside of a cavity. Collectors get excited about finding just one babingtonite crystal - this specimen is ALL. — “No. 13956: Babingtonite from Lane's Quarry, Westfield”, johnbetts-
  • Babingtonite mineral data, information about Babingtonite, its properties and worldwide locations. — “Babingtonite: Babingtonite mineral information and data”,
  • babingtonite. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to: navigation, search babingtonite. A mineral occurring in triclinic crystals approaching pyroxene in angle, and of a greenish black color. — “babingtonite - Wiktionary”,
  • Bab·ing·ton·ite n. [From Dr. Babbington .] (Min.) A mineral occurring in triclinic crystals approaching pyroxene in angle, and of. — “babingtonite: Information from ”,
  • Babingtonite + Pronunciation. Synonym: ICSD 2932. PDF 45-1385. Babingtonite Image. Images: © Lou Perloff / Photo Atlas of Minerals. Babingtonite Crystallography. — “Babingtonite Mineral Data”,
  • babingtonite definition from the mondofacto online medical dictionary. — “babingtonite - Definition”,
  • Français : Babingtonite : espèce minérale, du groupe des silicates sous groupe des Português: Babingtonite: espécie mineral, do grupo dos silicatos subgrupo dos. — “Category:Babingtonite - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • Mineral Information on the WEB babingtonite. Class: Silicates. Chemistry: Ca2Fe2Si5O14 OH. Color(s): Black. Hardness: 5. SpecGrav: 3.25-3.35. Fracture: uneven. Cleavage: perfect- 2 directions. Crystal: triclinic, thick and tabular or short and prismatic. Envronment:. — “babingtonite”,
  • Babingtonite definition at , a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now!. — “Babingtonite | Define Babingtonite at ”,
  • Babingtonite is a mineral that was unknown to science before the start of the twentieth century. Babingtonite is somewhat scarce and its presence in a specimen tends to raise the value of the specimen considerably. — “BABINGTONITE (Calcium Iron Silicate hydroxide)”,
  • Babingtonite. Origin of name: For William Babington, Irish physician and mineralogist (1757-1833) Cleavage: 2; {001} perfect, {1-10} imperfect. Tenacity: Streak: Synonyms/varieties: Comments: Series with manganbabingtonite. — “mineral general info”,
  • Babingtonite is a calcium iron manganese inosilicate mineral with the formula Ca 2(Fe,Mn)FeSi 5O 14(OH) Babingtonite contains both iron(II) and iron(III) and shows weak magnetism. — “Wikipedia:Babingtonite - Global Warming Art”,
  • This is the formula for pure Babingtonite. However, it usually contains a small amount of manganese replacing some of the 2+ iron. Babingtonite is a rare mineral, and is usually associated with zeolites. — “The mineral babingtonite”,
  • Babingtonite is a calcium iron manganese inosilicate mineral with the formula Ca2(Fe,Mn)FeSi5O14(OH). It is unusual in that iron(III) completely replaces the aluminium so typical of silicate minerals. Babingtonite contains both iron(II) and iron(III) and shows weak magnetism. — “Babingtonite”, scientific-
  • The tabular crystals of babingtonite measure 3 to 4 cm, opaque and black. SPECIE : Babingtonite. HISTORY : Species dedicated to the Irish mineralogist William Babington (1757-1833). — “Muséum national d'histoire naturelle _ The species _”, museum-
  • Babingtonite is a calcium iron manganese inosilicate mineral with the formula Ca 2(Fe,Mn)FeSi 5O 14(OH) Babingtonite contains both iron(II) and iron(III) and shows weak magnetism. — “Babingtonite - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Enter Word Verification in box below (This helps us prevent spam) Minerals : Babingtonite. This catalog has no sub-catalogs. Babingtonite Mineral Specimen. — “Babingtonite”,
  • BABINGTONITE Specimen: Grouping of small, lustrous Babingtonite crystals Back to the mineral Babingtonite Back to the Image Gallery Image file help Babingtonite From Wikipedia, the free Babingtonite Babingtonite from Baveno, Piemonte, Italy General Category Inosilicate Chemical formula .025. — “ - Babingtonite”,

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  • “Not sure if this was previously discussed on mindat, but today's photo of the day [] reminded me a question that I had some time ago: What is that lovely, fuzzy alteration product of babingtonite?”
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  • “Babingtonite is another name for druzy and it was first described in 1824 in Norway and Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests”
    — • Sterling Silver Pendant Druzy Freshwater,

  • “Hardwick Hall National Trust England Bone China Thimble. 3.94. 1969 Hardwick Everkleen Gas BABINGTONITE 11669 Hardwick, Massachusetts. 7.49. Mollie Hardwick/Upstairs Downstairs x 3:”
    — By Mollie, Rittenhouse Pba, Mollie Hardwick, Billy Hardwick, build-blog-

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  • “tiffany jewelry on sale occurrence producing what are clearly the world's best-so-far specimens of babingtonite, in extremely sharp, lightly striated, short-prismatic black crystals exceptionally to 5 centimeters”
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