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  • From 'Elizabeth - November 1559, 26-30', pp.142-153, Joseph Stevenson (editor) (1865) conservation of amity between the two realms, (certain rebellars having avaunted that they have received, and hope to receive, support against. — “Elizabeth - November 1559, 26-30 | British History Online”, british-
  • The blessed virgin Saint Agnes was much wise, and well taught, as Saint Ambrose witnesseth, and wrote her passion. Upon that the provost demanded who was her first husband, of whom she so much avaunted, and in his power so much trusted. — “The Golden Legend: The Life of Agnes”,
  • AVAUNTED (1) AVAUNTYNGE (1) AVAWNTEDE (1) AVAYLE (2) AVAYLEN (1) AVENTURE (3) AVENTUROS (1) AVENTUROUS (1) AYEN-LEDYNGE (1) AYENS (24) AYENWARD (4) AYR (1) BACHUS (2) BADDE (4) BAK (2) BAKETH (1) BAKKES (1) BAR (2) BARE (2) BAREYNE (2). — “Boece - Boethius' Consolation Of Philosophy”, umm.maine.edu
  • 8 letter words beginning with A: aardvark, aardwolf, aasvogel avaunted. avellane. avengers. avenging. aventail. aventred. aventres. aventure. averaged. averages. averment. averring. aversely. aversion. aversive. averters. averting. avgasses. avianize. aviaries. aviarist. aviating. aviation. aviators. aviatrix. — “8 letter A words : 8 letter words beginning with A”,
  • abarticulation abasedness abashedness abashedness's abashlessly abasic abasio abassi a*** a***ize abastral abatage abbest abbevillian abbeystead abbeystead's abbeystede abboccato abbogada abbotnullius abbotric abbott abbozzo abbreviatable. — “”,
  • Note that Peter Robinson (the Inspector Banks series) has been replaced by Michael Dibdin. sit in the tea shop, looking over the pages of a slender volume into the distance whither your heart-sure paramour has avaunted. — “The Vancouver International Writers Festival”,
  • but now for fortune cloudy hath chaunged hir deceyvable chere to meward myn unpietous lif draweth along unagreable duellynges o ye my freended what or wherto avaunted ye me to be weleful for he that hath fallen stood noght in stedefast degre. — “Middle English (words)”, ruf.rice.edu
  • The following list is based on TWL2006 and CSW2007. abactors abanding abatures abdicant abearing aberrate autovacs auxiliar auxocyte availful avantist avaunted aventred aventres aventure avianise aviettes avoidant. — “SOWPODS-Only Eight-Letter Words”, math.toronto.edu
  • A bible story: The Life of St. Peter the Apostle Then Simon Magus, as Hegesippus and Linus say, elate in pride avaunted him that he can raise dead men to life. — “Bible Story: The Life of St. Peter the Apostle”,
  • 52 GODETIAS# 52 DARRAINE# 51 DERACINE# 50 OILERIES# 50 FOETIDER# 49 LITEROSE# 48 TENEBRIO# 48 SOTERIAL# 48 INORNATE# 48 ACOEMETI# 47 STOVAINE# 47 29 EPIZOANS# 29 CRINATED# 29 AVAUNTED# 29 AEGROTAT# 29 ACIERAGE# 28. — “top-osw-eights.txt”, pages.cs.wisc.edu
  • Born in Portugal, Roderigo Lopez arrived in London in 1559. Richard Topcliffe, the rackmaster, avaunted he could stretch a man one foot longer than ever God intended. — “Queen Elizabeth's Dr”, www2.cedarcrest.edu
  • [edit] Verb. avaunted. Simple past tense and past participle of avaunt. /wiki/avaunted" Categories: English simple past forms | English past. — “avaunted - Wiktionary”,
  • Definition of Avel with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. avaunted. avaunting. avaunts. ave. avel (current term) avellan. avellane. Avellis. Avellis' syndrome. avels. avena. Avena. avenacinase. — “Avel: Definition with Avel Pictures and Photos”, lexic.us
  • The Canterbury Tales and Other Works of Chaucer (Middle English), by Geoffery Chaucer, [14th cent.], full text etext at sacred- 30 my frendes, what or wherto avaunted ye. — “The Canterbury Tales and Other Works of Chaucer (Middle”, sacred-
  • is a search engine for English words. The dictionary used contains more than 460,000 English words. searches for partial words (both crossword solver and part of word), anagrams, palindromes, words in word, and. — “vau :: Information about vau :: -- Crossword”,
  • Translations had to be fluent, and the best translations, whether conservative or slightly more daring, were those that were And avaunted with voices of valiant bernes, Priased with princes in presence of lordes. — “Midterm Translation Test Results”, faculty.arts.ubc.ca
  • Many others of my acquaintance have endeavored to maintain a diary, but have only advanced so far as the second week in January. I then, as she did not act upon my suggestion, avaunted her myself. — “Remarks - John Adams' Diary (by Bill Nye)”,
  • Originally published by the Free Lance press (Cleveland, Ohio), 1970. Reading Copy Only: facsimile available at http://english. The avaunted hills of leaving. The coach in a blue of arriving. The coach in a shadow of. — “THE NAIL”, english.utah.edu
  • Upon that the provost demanded who was her first husband, of whom she so much avaunted, and in his power so much trusted. Then one of her servants said she was Christian, and that she was so enchanted that she said Jesu Christ was her espouse. St. Agnes Taken Before the Prefect. — “The Golden Legend or Lives Of The Saints”, aug.edu

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  • Inside The NFL - Jets vs. Patriots FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (AP) -- Shine a spotlight on Tom Brady and he makes nearly everyone else disappear. Especially opposing defenses. Brady doesn't lose many big games, certainly not at home and definitely not with so much on the line. He threw for four touchdowns and 326 yards Monday night in New England's 45-3 romp past the New York Jets for his NFL-record 26th straight regular-season home victory. It was the most anticipated matchup of the year - and it was a rout from the outset. "We don't listen to the hype," Brady said. "I don't think we ever have. We really take after our coach (Bill Belichick), and he says 'When you win, say little. When you lose, say less."' Instead, Brady said it all with yet another magnificent performance. The three-time Super Bowl champion surpassed Brett Favre 's mark for consecutive wins in the comforts of his own stadium, lifting the Patriots (10-2) to the best record in the AFC. If this was for bragging rights in the conference, Rex Ryan and the Jets (9-3) will have to be silent for a while. "I came in here to kick his butt," Ryan said of Belichick, "and he kicked mine. There are a zillion things to correct." The Jets, who had won eight successive road games, five this season, came in with a vaunted defense and an offense that had come alive behind second-year quarterback Mark Sanchez and big-play receiver Santonio Holmes . But Brady didn't have to sweat anything in his second straight game with four TD passes and no interceptions - and ...
  • Child *** Trafficker in Chief Obama: Blacks Probably Don't Watch 'Meet the Press' www.breitbart.tv conducts a STING on ACORN exposing their great training in evading tax laws, prostitution laws, and international child *** trafficking laws. Barack Obama was a vaunted Community Organizer for ACORN and its hundreds of subsidiaries and affiliates. He was their lawyer, and trained their leadership. Is this the kind of person the trainers and management of ACORN produce?
  • Hooligans - Trojans Period 1 Hooligans take on a vaunted Trojans squad. First period action. Music: "Wake Up Call" by Authority Zero and "Oh... Canada" by Classified.
  • Insane Clown Posse "Chicken Huntin" Insane Clown Posse is a cartoonish metal/rap band with a vaunted live show that features open fires, chain saws, liters of soda dousing the audience (Faygo being the group's favorite brand), and more emphasis on performance art than the performance of music. In the world of the late '90s, that was more than enough to get them a recording contract with a major label, though the release of their 1997 album The Great Milenko came with a bit of controversy. Now just a duo, ICP was originally formed in 1989 as a *** Detroit rap group called Inner City Posse. After combusting in 1991, the only members left, Violent J (born Joseph Bruce) and Shaggy 2 Dope (born Joseph Utsler), slightly altered the name to reflect the fact that they had been visited by the Carnival Spirit, which ordered them to carry word of the impending apocalypse by touring the nation and releasing six "Joker Cards" (popularly known as LPs) with successive revelations of the final judgment. The first, Carnival of Carnage, appeared in 1992 on their own Psychopathic Records label. The group became notorious in Detroit's underground scene, but several tours around the region failed to ignite much more than the rage of area leaders.
  • Kate's Solo (Puppini Sisters) A soul there floats on the river A saintly soul to see For Lenore she had died and the light from her eyes Had de-parted no more to be seen They had loved her for her fortune But did loathe oh womanly pride And her husband to be of his young love to see Couldnt muster a tear from his eyes. Her indignant soul a vaunted From Hell up to the sky From grief and groan to a golden throne She ascended Lenore goodbye. Let her go let her go god bless her May she float out with the tide Let no bell cast a note for a soul so remote She ascended Lenore goodbye Soul there floats on the river a saintly soul to see For Lenore she had died and the light from her eyes Had de-parted no more to be seen Her indignant soul a vaunted From Hell up to the sky From grief and groan to a golden throne She ascended Lenore good-bye. Let her go let her go god bless her May she float out with the tide Let no bell cast a note for a soul so re-mote she ascended lenore good-bye
  • Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Strike On Computers Here's another legend whose records I never pass up on, the inimitable Johnny "Guitar" Watson. I won't stop until I have everything he's ever recorded. I have also ordered a few DVDs recently too. Thankfully most of his DJM and Fantasy albums are out on CD, and this record too. There is nothing I can write about this man that hasn't been written before. He was just great and it's sad that he is gone. Johnny was ahead of his time with this, even though the word "home computer" isn't used much anymore and the picture of the PC's on the cover looks ancient. The album was quite a surprise and a welcome come-back in 1984, it was the first I'd heard by "Guitar" since the 1981 release "Johnny "Guitar" Watson And The Family Clone ", which I can also highly recommend. Bio by Bill Dahl, AMG: "Reinvention" could just as easily have been Johnny "Guitar" Watson's middle name. The multi-talented performer parlayed his stunning guitar skills into a vaunted reputation as one of the hottest blues axemen on the West Coast during the 1950s. But that admirable trait wasn't paying the bills as the 1970s rolled in. So he totally changed his image to that of a pimp-styled funkster, enjoying more popularity than ever before for his down-and-dirty R&B smashes "A Real Mother for Ya" and "Superman Lover." Watson's roots resided within the fertile blues scene of Houston. As a ***, he played with fellow Texas future greats Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland. But he left Houston for Los Angeles when ...
  • The Spy Collection Link: This clandestine collection brings together four cult-favorite crime series. The international hit THE PERSUADERS stars Roger Moore and Tony Curtis as swinging playboys who solve tough cases. THE CHAMPIONS, a UK program from the 1960s, tells spy stories with sci-fi flair. The set rounds out with THE PROTECTORS, starring Robert Vaughn as a London sleuth, and THE PRISONER, a vaunted spy thriller starring Patrick McGoohan. THE SPY COLLECTION includes every episode of each classic series. See individual titles for additional details.
  • Eric Schmidt, Alec Ross & Jared Cohen on 21st Century Statecraft Google CEO Eric Schmidt speaks with Alec Ross and Jared Cohen of the US Department of State at Google's Mountain View headquarters. Alec and Jared have spent the past five years advocating for improved access to the web and other digital resources in war-torn and underdeveloped areas of the globe, including the Middle East, Africa and Central/South America.
  • Overman King Gainer Trailer - Bandai Entertainment, Inc. In the distant future, mankind is forced to live in domed cities called Domepolis after an environmental cataclysm ravages the Earth's surface. These cities are maintained and supplied by private corporations, but at what cost to the inhabitants living within them? In a Siberian Domepolis, virtual game champion Gainer Sanga is arrested on suspicion of "Exodus", an unauthorized venture beyond the dome walls and strictly prohibited by the government, but why? In prison, he meets Gain Bijou, a mercenary bent on escaping and together the two will lead an Exodus out of the city and to a vaunted land known only as Yapan. OVERMAN KING GAINER
  • CARRIER | Focs'le Follies | PBS Focs'le Follies is a vaunted tradition in naval aviation. At the end of each line period, the squadrons on the ship gather to recognize which pilots have performed the best and to make fun of each other. One squadron is selected to perform a skit — in this case, VMFA-232, "The Red Devils." This scene did not make the final cut ofCARRIER, which follows a core group of participants aboard the USS Nimitz, from the elite fighter pilots to the youngest sailors and everyone in between, as they navigate personal conflicts around their jobs, families, faith, patriotism, love and the war on terror. CARRIER premieres Sunday-Thursday, April 27-May 1, 2008, 9:00-11:00 pm ET on PBS (check local listings). For more information, visit Help us tell stories like CARRIER on-air and online. Support PBS

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