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  • Chess automata (1 C, 2 F) E [+] Enigma (6 C, 2 P, 80 F) H [+] Humanoid automata (2 C, 44 category "Automata" The following 159 files are in this category, out. — “Category:Automata - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • study of quantitative games on (non-probabilistic) timed automata by synthesis In this paper we consider quantitative games over probabilistic timed automata. — “Quantitative Games on Probabilistic Timed Automata”,
  • Encyclopedia article about automata theory. Information about automata theory in the Columbia Encyclopedia, Computer Desktop Encyclopedia, computing dictionary. — “automata theory definition of automata theory in the Free”, encyclopedia2
  • explained in terms of operations on automata (e.g., automata intersection), or The connection between automata theory and other research areas, and the. — “Model Checking Using Automata Theory”,
  • Shop for Automata at Target. Choose from El misterio de la mujer automata/ The Mystery of the Automaton Woman (Paperback), Elements of Automata Theory (Hardcover) and other products. — “Automata : Target Search Results”,
  • A machine could be a Turing Machine, a pushdown automata, a finite state machine or any other restricted version of a Turing M = (Q, Sigma, delta, q0, F) is a definition of a Finite Automata. — “Automata Definitions”,
  • Automata, Inc. has been manufacturing complete system solutions including telemetry, software, and sensors used in a wide variety of light industrial and agricultural applications since 1975. As of December 31, 2010 Automata will no longer be offering the. — “.: Automata, Inc :. .: A world leader in agricultural”, automata-
  • Automata (or sometimes 'automatons') is the plural form of automaton. There are a limited number of professional automata-makers. They are difficult to make -- requiring woodworking, carving, mechanics, and many hours. — “Automaton - Mechanical Wood Sculptures”,
  • automata Mythical, manlike monsters permeate the folklore of all cultures, and the dream of building an artificial man has long captured the Western. — “automata: Information from ”,
  • The Digesting Duck by Jacques de Vaucanson, hailed in 1739 as the first automaton capable of digestion. An automaton (plural: automata or automatons) is a self-operating machine. The word is sometimes used to describe a robot, more specifically an autonomous robot. — “Automaton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This prospective report will focus on linguistics, and more precisely the automata needs of the natural First, we will briefly introduce some general notions about automata and transducers that. — “Automata in Natural Language Processing”,
  • Definition of automata from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of automata. Pronunciation of automata. Definition of the word automata. Origin of the word automata. — “automata - Definition of automata at ”,
  • Course notes from the University of Kentucky with sections on finite state automata, pushdown automata and linear bounded automata. — “AUTOMATA AUTOMATA AUTOMATA AUTOMATA”,
  • The following is a list of our recent papers related to evolving cellular automata with genetic algorithms. A Genetic Algorithm Discovers Particle-Based Computation in Cellular Automata. — “Evolving Cellular Automata: Papers”,
  • Automata on Infinite Words. Automata: Theory and Practice. Paritosh K. Pandya (TIFR, Mumbai, Theory of omega Automata. Topics: Buchi Automata: Deterministic and Nondeterministic. Omega. — “Automata on Infinite Words”,
  • Automata theory - Definition. A field of computer science which studies Finite state machines, by means of mathematical representations of them (automata, Turing machines). Below you will find a brief reference on how general automata are constructed and how they "work". — “Automata theory - Definition”,
  • We introduce monadic second-order quantum logic and prove that the behaviors of finite automata based on quantum logic are precisely the quantum languages definable with sentences of our monadic second-order quantum logic. The determinazation of finite automata based on quantum logic is. — “finite automata: Topics by ”,
  • Definition of automata in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of automata. Pronunciation of automata. Translations of automata. automata synonyms, automata antonyms. Information about automata in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “automata - definition of automata by the Free Online”,
  • The theory of formal languages (or automata) constitutes a cornerstone of the theoretical computer science. The latest applications of the automata and formal languages are in cryptography and computer graphics. — “Automata and Formal Languages”,
  • AUTOMATA DESIGN! See the latest in modern lighting. — “- Automata Design -”,
  • Introduction to cellular automata and other types including the Game of Life, and their applicability to artificial life, nanotechnology, mind and society. We also cover the various classes of CAs. — “Automata - Agents of Life Within”,
  • home. — “Dan T. Kawasaki's online portfolio - home”,

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  • The Little Man This is my first humble attempt at an automaton, constructed mostly from a piece of nice plywood, along with dowels, sticks, brass tubing, wire, lead, and glue. My primary tools were a band saw, a hand drill, and a disc sander. The finished product is referred to as The Little Man around the house, though the official title is Sisyphus in Training. Since these crank-operated automata inherently cycle through their action, I liked the idea of a task that's never finished, like Sisyphus and his stone. But I didn't want it to be purely grim, so I chose Sisyphus as a young man, in a more pastoral and relaxing posture (perhaps after a picnic), trying to swat a pesky fly. And always missing. Still photos can be seen at
  • Automata - Teddy Thursday radio show Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I wasn't expecting to have nearly 50k views of this at all. I expected a limited audience of PA forumers. Gulp. PA Forum name - Bacon-BuTTy For anyone else wondering where the music at the end came from. It's from the original opening score of Bladerunner. It's probably on youtube somewhere. ------------ Teddy Thursday presents an edition of his radio show, in the world of Automata created by Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik. www.penny- Transcript written by Jerry Holkins. Used without permission. (please don't kill me)
  • Leaping Lion Automaton A Roullet and Decamps leaping Lion. Paris C.1900. Nowhere near as scary as the Tiger (see other videos) but much better hair style.
  • Automata (Page One) The guys at Penny Arcade (www.penny-) made this great comic called "Automata". The artwork and story really inspired me, so I wrote a soundtrack specifically for it. Thanks to Mike and Jerry for letting me post it. You can find more details about this music and more at http
  • AUTOMATA - Short Film Dave was assembled by Octavio Villegas, Eduardo Hueso, Alberto Lara, Francisco Berrizbeitia, Pedro Omedas, Diego Bauducco and Carl Zitelmann
  • Automata iPhone Dock iPhone Dock inspired from wooden Automata machines. It can be changed from portrait to landscape mode by rotating the crank wheel. visit my website to see complete details of how it was made.
  • Motion: The Automata of Steve Armstrong - Part 1 The Automata art of Steve Armstrong
  • Weekend Project: Cellular Automata This easy to construct kit is a fun way to play with cellular automata and video synthesis. When complete you will be able to uncover endless visual and sound patterns on any TV, no programming necessary. Available in the Maker Shed.
  • Automata Sampling Cecilia Schiller's automata woodcarving being assembled.
  • Singing Bird Automaton A mechanical singing bird by Bontems of Paris dating from 1870. The clockwork motor drives a bellows and whistle to make the sound.
  • "Chameleon Chronicles" Automaton Box by Thomas Kuntz This piece was a Commissioned automaton box for Ron Grant, author of the forthcoming beautifully illustrated childrens book "The Chameleon Chronicles".Absent from this clip are the 22 handpainted Eggs (each corresponding to a Taro card) painstakingly painted by Luba Mittelman, an excellent illuminated m***cript artist. The book itself which is still in the process of production/ binding is also missing in these clips ... in it's place for demonstrative purposes in this clip is John Dee's a "true and faithful..." The piece has 16 different functions and is completely mechanically cam and lever driven with the aid of chains pulleys and linkages,additionally (but not shown ) the dragon smokes with incense which is placed in his body through a door in the back . The piece is about three feet all with figures in roughly 1/9 scale.The footage was shot VERY quickly in less than 20 minutes before the frieght truck picked it up and took it to its owner in Texas!...Still the basic functions are shown
  • Cool Cellular Automata Step 1: Matlab simulation This is a Matlab simulation of a complex cellular autómata. Its like the original Game of Life but each cell has 8 grades of life. SOURCE CODE (MATLAB) www.2 On the next step we will implement it on a FPGA
  • "The Alchemyst's Clocktower" Automaton by Thomas Kuntz Shop Test Video for The Alchemysts Clocktower. In this "lights on" demonstration this we see the Alchemyst in his lab .This piece was designed for low lighting in a parlour setting ,this footage was taken for insurance purposes before it left for its new home in Oregon . This particular show is called "Pillars" It took many years to realize this automaton and care was used to make the advanced technology below stage adaptable in the future while keeping the figure itself purely mechanical.The Alchemyst is only 12" tall and consists of hundreds of hand machined brass and steel spieces.The tower itself consists of thousands of pieces was built from scratch out of wood, steel brass and fabric and just about any other high quality material where needed.The industrial machinery includes pneumatic valve's ,servos,clockwork,and lighting and fountain (water) systems
  • Cellular Automata See
  • Automaton Harpist by Vichy This bust of a Harp player is in unrestored but working condition. Dating from 1880, she was made in Paris by Gustave Vichy. She is one of my favourite automata, just as she is.
  • Cellular automata music on Novation Launchpad I wondered what it would sound like if I tried to turn "Conways game of life" into music. With help from wikipedia I found several of these cellular automata algorithms and coded some of them to use the launchpad as a display and input to toggle cells as the program ran. The buttons on the right select between different algorithms. The bottom row of buttons is mapped across a major scale and the scale is also moved by the program in a kind of 12-bar progression. The output is MIDI piped into Reason via midi yoke. See my other clips for midi source code... Its interesting how these rules come up with intricate semi-random repeating patterns which map well to music.. worth more playing i think Download it for yourself hotchk155
  • Automata (Pages One Through Six) This is the continuation of the Penny Arcade's Automata and includes all six pages, complete with soundtrack and background audio. Many thanks again to Mike and Jerry for giving me permission to post it. More details about how the video and music was put together can be found at .
  • Nancy - The Automaton A late 19th century stage automaton, designed to be driven by a hand crank from under the stage. She is larger than life. Made of Papier Mache, she moves her eyes, eyelids, head turn and nod, heaving chest, bend at waist, cross legs, both arms and right wrist. Nancy is sewing! I have photos of Nancy's restoration on the House of Automata website Nancy also has her own Facebook profile under "Nancy Turner" she welcomes friend requests! (additional search help on Facebook "London" & "papier mache" ).
  • Henri Maillardet's Automaton at The Franklin Institute Scien Stored in the brass memory of The Franklin Institute's automaton built by Henri Maillardet in 1810 are four drawings and three poems. In this video, the automaton reproduces a poem.
  • Automaton Pig Automaton walking pig by Roullet and Decamps Circa 1890 -
  • Automata Doll girl teaching her bird how to sing.
  • Timberkits Caterpillar - Wooden Automata (Close View) Transport yourself back in time to when Alice fell down the Rabbit Hole and met the Caterpillar. He is a very unusual creature to watch as he looks at the Butterfly hovering above his head as he moves along the ground. This is a very good teaching aid as it shows some basic principles of both physics and engineering. It can be used as a school teaching aid as well as it demonstrates levers, cams and crank mechanism all easily related to day to day experiences. Some items are subject to the whims of fashion but wooden toys have a timeless quality and they are instructive. The creative delight in constructing our models is something that can be passed on from one generation to the next. Build the friendly Caterpillar and watch with fascination as both friends and family cannot help but turn the handle time after time.
  • Jase's Automata by Jim Jenkins A hand cranked wooden sculpture depicts an ocean scene with a rocking boat, flying bird and jumping fish. ()
  • KARAKURI AUTOMATA WRITER JAPAN karakuri ningyo japanese automata mojikaki writer tanaka hisashige
  • Electric Monkey Automaton This automaton was made by the Fife Engineering Company in 1946 using war department surplus motors. The body, head and hands are cast brass and about 100 were made, based upon a Phalibois original.
  • Cats in a Milk Churn Automata This shows one perfect Cat in a milk churn automaton by Roullet and Decamps Circa 1950 and one removed from its churn and with the fur taken off the papier mache head.
  • "The Great Kundalini, Thelemagician" levitation/magician automaton by Thomas Kuntz This is a very unusual automaton sculpture by Thomas Kuntz circa 1999.The beginning of this video gives a small glimpse of the spiritroom where this figure has lived since it was made . This is a one of- a- kind automaton from the original Spiritroom.This automaton and others were borrowed from Thomas Kuntz and filmed for the movie "Parasomnia".it is an actual brass constucted automaton with its own logic mapped out on solid brass cams which relay the movements through levers wires and pulleys. ..and is NOT a film prop! The numerous and complex parts were hand machined engineered ,sculpted and painted by the artist. the background music exceprt is from Wendy Carlos' Heaven and Hell
  • sand clock automata horology chronometry kinetic object scul sand clock automata horology chronometry kinetic object sculpture art
  • Franklin Institute's Maillardet Automaton Demo 11/04/07 A demonstration of the Maillardet's Automaton at The Franklin Institute after a book signing of The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick, 11/04/2007. Andy Baron, who restored the machine with Charles Penniman in April, 2007, operates the machine.
  • Automata What if ad-hoc, self-organizing mesh networks were all we needed to communicate? This is a first draft, prepared for discussion at the Networked Publics Conference (Annenberg Center for Communication, April 28-29, 2006.). We welcome comments and ideas about how to improve this video. We would particularly appreciate specific suggestions about how to change the scenario and improve the narrative, or contributions of images and clips we could use. Please comment below.
  • Automata Scroll Saw Project Part One
  • paper automaton This design is one which I bought at : www.
  • First steps in hardware Cellular Automata Just this hardware circuit:
  • Mechanics Alive! Cabaret Mechanical Theatre Automata Exhibition Automata exhibition called Mechanics Alive!!! organised by Cabaret Mechanical Theatre at the Scotland Street Museum in Glasgow. Kinetic art models by Paul Spooner, Keith Newstead, Ron Fuller, Peter Markey and Matt Smith. I forgot to fully charge the camcorder, so the video is missing the final four pieces in the exhibition.
  • Paul daniels Orange Tree automata illusion Invented by Robert Houdin Father of modern magic in France.Performed by Paul Daniels on his BBC Tv series.Refurbished by John Gaughan. Posts revealing trick secrets will not be approved.
  • Return To Earth "Automata" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) Return To Earth's video for the title track from their second album, "Automata". Return To Earth is: Ron Scalzo, Brett Aveni and Chris Pennie. Buy: iTunes:
  • Andrew Meyer Automaton Handcranked automaton of the "Don't Tase Me Bro'" incident.
  • Flying swan automaton This automaton is made out of paper. I found the pattern on the internet: I made it by looking at the photos....
  • ARTIST AUTOMATON You can buy the wonderful 'ARTIST AUTOMATON' kit at He really draws! Visit our site and see all the models...
  • Cellular Automata: Conway's Game of Life This is an example of how a simple intial condition with simple rules, can spawn chaos (Chaos Theory), and how in turn that chaos can settle down into a stable shape. It is "played" by having spaces on a grid, that either turn off or on, at each moment based on the numbers of currently on neighboring cells, invented by John Horton Conway, software used is winplot32 for rules and more examples see /lifepage/
  • Cellular Automaton This is an experiment through Rhinoscript to recreate an a Cellular Automaton.

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