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  • Autobomb's page - general information, complete discography (including lyrics), links and reviews. — “Encyclopaedia Metallum - Autobomb”, metal-
  • The Autobomb is a cart-like enemy in Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Advance. It has a cannon attached to it. A Shy Guy is always riding on these. Autobombs move around shooting fireballs at your direction. The fireballs can hurt you. — “Autobomb - MarioWiki - Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario”,
  • I also find it preferable to version 1.0's system which had an autobomb in Power-style, but not in Bomb or Strong-styles, and instead gave you a Restarting a failed Bomb or Strong-style run is an unnecessary chore as you have to autobomb away all your bombs before you can suicide. — “Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Version 1.5”, cave-
  • I also find it preferable to version 1.0's system which had an autobomb in Power-style, but not in Bomb or Strong-styles, and instead gave you a Restarting a failed Bomb or Strong-style run is an unnecessary chore as you have to autobomb away all your bombs before you can suicide. — “CAVE-STG DAIFUKKATSU: A review of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu ver 1.5”, eoj-sh3
  • (After a lot of inappropiate sound effects, Autobomb drills onstage, breaking the floor under him due to its weight. Autobomb: We can also use Autobombs to cross inaccessible places and duck under hazards that we can't go through otherwise. — “MARK P interviews AUTOBOMB”,
  • Download or subscribe to free podcast episodes from The Dance Off Podcast by Propadata Films on iTunes. Explicit VideoDance Off 2007 - Autobomb Ass Society. — “The Dance Off Podcast - Download free podcast episodes by”,
  • If the player could dodge the projectiles shot by an Autobomb and threw the machines Shy Guy pilot off it, they could ride it. An Autobomb from The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!. In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Autobombs, never referred to by name, only made one appearance, in the episode ". — “Autobomb - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia”,
  • Autobomb. Autolance. Awazon Genie. Axem Black. Axem Green. Axem Pink. Axem Autobomb. AUTHOR: King Boo Nic (Revision History) GAMES: SMB2. TYPE: Mechanical. TURF: Arctic. AFFILIATIONS: 8 Bits Club. CLOSE. — “Mario Monsters - Monster Archive Autobomb”,
  • Autobomb was formed in San Diego in 2003 as an alternative/thrash metal group. Knowing the music needed a more melodic vocalist with higher range, the band instead asked Tony to become Autobomb's singer and frontman. — “Autobomb”,
  • Autobomb - Define Autobomb at a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms, and translation of Autobomb. Look it up now!. — “Autobomb | Define Autobomb at ”,
  • i used to play with a group called autobomb, whose name i derived from an enemy in mario 2. we did several sold-out shows over our 3 year run, including performances with andrew wk, avenged sevenfold, thrice, atreyu, saosin, guttermouth, and the vans warped tour. — “User:Spinecraft - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Tattooed goth pinup girls. girls, tattoos, autobomb, blog, pictures, social, profile makes me happy: Those winter days where the air is cold but the sky is blue and the snow sparkles all pretty. — “autobomb blog, pictures, social profile”,
  • Keep me logged in. Forgot password? Login. Search. Home. People. Music. Video. Games. TopicsNew Michael Brea Kills Mom. Prince William's Wedding. Tony Parker - Erin Barry. Megan Fox. Lady. — “Myspace”,
  • the official site of san diego / portland musician and mad scientist cyrus ghahremani. — “cyrus ghahremani : ”,
  • is the CNN of heavy metal and hard rock news, reviews and music featuring the latest news, reviews, tour dates, release dates and rss heavy metal and hard rock feeds COMMENT | /AUTOBOMB. — “ - BEATALLICA Bassist To Sit Out Fall Tour”,
  • Listen to autobomb Songs, Albums, watch Videos, view Pictures, find Tour Dates and News on . — “autobomb on ™”,
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 is a platformer game released for the NES in 1988. It is not a direct sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. released in the United States in 1985; rather, it is based on the Famicom game Doki Doki Panic, retaining all of Flurry, Trouter, Shy Guy, Autobomb, Hawkmouth. — “Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) - Wikia Gaming - Walkthroughs”,
  • In Bomb and Strong styles, when you get hit and release an autobomb, it kills your chain just as a death would, and the bomb only lasts two I also find it preferable to version 1.0's system which had an autobomb in Power-style, but not in Bomb- or Strong-styles, and instead gave you a. — “Insomnia | Reviews | Custom | Dodonpachi: Daifukkatsu”,
  • Blue Wish Resurrection Blue Wish Resurrection Indie There's an autobomb option in the config screen, and pressing space will bring you back to the main menu even when you're playing. — “Blue Wish Resurrection Indie | | ”,
  • Visit for more performances. Subscribe with RSS: /podcasts/danceoff/danceoff.xml Or in iTunes: /WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=185803764&s=143441. — “Dance Off 2007 - The Autobomb Ass Society on Vimeo”,
  • To make things worse, enemies like Flurry and Autobomb and you old pal Shyguy will be on your heels. Here's another hint: get rid of Shyguy and get above Autobomb. — “Super Mario Bros. 2/World 4-1 — StrategyWiki, the free”,

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  • Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label Stage 1-3 Random scrub play. Black Label DLC for Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 is now available through the JP Market Place for 1200 MSP. Love the music.
  • X360 Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu ver1.51 ALL 1/3 Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Ver.1.51 Differences with 1.5: -3 buttons instead of 4, just like Daioujou. Bomb button doubles as hyper button. -hyper mode time has been reduced. -Kill enemies with laser and you get more points than with shot. -When the autobomb triggers, all of your bomb stock depletes (similar to Ketsui DS) -Combo doesn't cut off when you use bombs. -Bombs increase when some as of yet unknown requirement is reached. -Stage layouts, enemy positions, and other aspects of the game system are exactly the same as ver 1.5 -You have to destroy a boss while in hyper mode, otherwise you don't get the star items to collect afterward. -Use a lot of hypers, and it will go to the 2nd loop patterns
  • Dodonpachi Daiffukatsu Black Label Strong mode B-type stage 1-2-3 Top japanese player performing a score attack play on Dodonpachi Daifukatsu Black label. Strong mode, B-type, auto-bomb Off Originally posted on nicovideo
  • SSBE(0.3) Dark Bones VS AutoBomb -
  • Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu black label A type strong Zatsuza one-miss only Top japanese player beating Zatsuza, Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label strong mode final boss. Only one life missed. Strong mode, A-type, auto-bomb Off Originally posted on nicovideo.
  • auto bomb 12 piccolo petes
  • Lbp2 auto bomb launcher
  • Super Mario Bros 2 - Walkthrough - World 4 World 4 is the fourth of the seven worlds in the game Super Mario Bros. 2 / Doki Doki Panic. The world has a unique snow and ice theme to it, and introduces the player to the Flurry and Autobomb enemies. The boss of this world is Fryguy, who is an intentionally out-of-place boss for this world, being a fire creature in an ice-covered world.
  • pyro sand auto bomb pyro sand auto snowman bomb
  • eXceed 3rd -JP- BP - True Final Boss Normal - Autobomb The game up 'til now is not difficult. Celestia's true form is where the difficulty spikes. Her last couple of spells in particular are nightmarish. I still don't know how to unlock the new Extra stage so we'll just leave it at that for the time being. Oh yeah, Celestia has some extra bits of dialogue at the end. Boss Theme: The Fate Of Name: Celestia Lindwurm Attacks: - Dragoon Tempest - Carnage Heaven - Enhance Pain - Magma Diving - God Sacrilege (ZETSUBOU NASAI!)
  • Let's Play Mountain of Faith - 4 - priestess of something vs goddess of wind, rain and snakes Well technically she isn't a goddess of snakes but yeah... Kanako's an easy final boss. Considering my only death was mainly caused by me actually trying to beat the next to last attack (I usually autobomb it) for the show's sake. That final attack... most definitely my favourite in this game.
  • JAPJAC PLAYS Ketsui Death Label DS Vid Onto-the-screen-footage. No chitchat. DS Lite. Japanese. COURSE-VERY HARD SHIP-1 BOMB-0 AUTO BOMB-OFF VINOGRADOV JAMADHAR EVACCANEER Cheers. Follow me on twitter:
  • powder toy - auto bomb mixture maker
  • Let's Play Super Mario Bros. 2 (Toad Only) - World 7 Today we take on the sky world 7 of Super Mario Bros. 2! This is the final episode of this series, and I hope you guys have enjoyed the endeavors of Blue Toad but he's gonna finish this up once and for all! Will I finally succumb to death by Birdo this episode? It's highly probable, but you'll have to watch to find out. Thanks guys for watching Super Mario Bros. 2!
  • Bomb Shop Testing - The GTA Place MTA Script The GTA Place MTA script currently a work in progress. Video credits: Bomb Shop Script: SkunkPops, rockstarrem (edits) Graphics: rockstarrem, Sherman Ownage: rockstarrem, Sherman and...
  • autobomb - spiral eyes radio edit of "spiral eyes" from the album "march of death". you can download it for free at written and performed by cyrus ghahremani and autobomb.
  • GundeadliGne - Novice/Eryth/Chapter 1 Game: GundeadliGne, a horizontal danmaku-type shooter produced by Platine Dispositif, 2004. Settings: Eryth w/ MatrixDiamond, Novice Difficulty, No Autobomb. Player: Leviathean, a reasonably skilled gamer who was bored one day and decided to show off some of his abilities on youtube, plus show off a relatively obscure game.
  • Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu 1.5 - Hibachi 1-Life clear some unknown player defeats Hibachi with miracolous dodging, in one life, i've never seen such a great battle against Hibachi auto-bomb was on
  • eXceed 3rd -JP- BP - Stage 5 Normal - Autobomb I have no idea how to deal with some of these attacks. Unlike the original eXceed 3rd where you wouldn't get the full fight unless you reached the end without continuing, here you get to fight Celestia's second form all the time. The stage can feel long but don't despair; it's not that bad. Stage Theme: Capital Punishment Place Boss Theme: Intersect Thunderbolt Name: Celestia Lindwurm Attacks: - Demise Mare - Burning Desperate - Sacred Ex Terminator - Doom Devour - Pantheon Swarm
  • 7 Servant's Blade (2010) Stage 3 Some random F/SN shmup. Fairly decent. Also the first tateable doujin I've seen. oh goddammit I suck
  • fluke - auto bomb only audio fluke - auto bomb only audio mp3
  • Incredible Daily Tale - Extra Clear - Part 1 Incredible Daily Tale is a danmakufu script that seems pretty well made. The game has no music of it's own, so have some Ketsui. The extra mode is basically an "arrange mode" of the normal game. Bullet density and speed is much higher but to make up for the difficulty the recovery rate for borders is much faster. The developer intended for you to abuse borders like crazy in this mode as you can see. A bit about the mechanics. Using a border takes up 1.00 power, after a certain amount of time the border will disapear and clear the screen of bullets. If you get hit while a border is up you will autobomb. Alternatively you can also cancel the border to clear a small area of bullets. Bombing while a border is active gives you a much more powerful bomb. You can download the script here:
  • eXceed 3rd -JP- BP - Stage 1 Normal - Autobomb I had a stupid death on this stage. Despell Counter Exerion and Cluster Comet are easy to screw up on. On a funny note, they forgot to change the name so it appears as Celestial Float on the health bar. Apologies for video quality. Also, you'll just have to take my word for it that slowdown was caused by fullscreen and FRAPS (this game has ungodly requirements for a doujin shooter, even a danmaku game). Stage Theme: Wind Wings Boss Theme: White Beelzebub Name: Lugh Ciel Attacks: - Twin Seraphim - Starmist Lancer - Celestial Float - Cluster Comet - Despell Counter Exerion
  • Pyro sand 2 semi auto bomb just sumthing i made
  • eXceed 3rd -JP- BP - Stage 2 Normal - Autobomb Sria's patterns are all metal references of some sort. Except for Discharge which is more punk-ish. I had another retarded death on Deathrash Bound and for the record, that bomb I used when I clearly didn't need to was when I went to hit C and hit X instead. Stage Theme: FlY UP Boss Theme: High Tension Beet Name: Sriabell Orphknight Attacks: - Chaos Blaster - Discharge - Napalm Death - Dimmu Borgir - Deathrash Bound
  • Super Mario Bros 2 - World 4-1 This world is an ice land. The floors are slippery and a Flurry will be coming along on these icy surfaces. Trouters will come out of the water. Keep passing the Flurries and Trouters until you reach the end of the area. Go to the area under the icy surface and pick up the plant to reveal a rocket ship. The rocket ship will take you to higher ground. You'll see Shy Guys ride on Autobombs. They chase if you are in sight. The Autobomb will launch fire if the Shy Guy is on. Pass the Flurries and Autobombs and you'll get the pearl to escape with the portal. Here's a map of this level: Officially remastered in true HD (1080p). Please rate and comment. If you have a video from Super Mario Bros 2 (NES version) of challenging World 4-1, please post it as a video response to this video. Please subscribe.
  • eXceed 3rd -JP- BP - Stage 3 Normal - Autobomb A couple of stupid deaths but I also got pretty lucky in some places too. The hitboxes in this game are a little small compared to other shooters. The stage itself is pretty fun but get used to spamming Wurm Air Raid. If Raine is to be believed, the midbosses so far have all been Giee's familiars. Stage Theme: Alice in the Deep Forest Boss Theme: Feast of Frenzy Name: Giee Attacks: - Strumgewehr (did they mean Sturmgewehr?) - Luftwaffe - Siegfried - Stuka - Ewigkeit
  • Daifukkatsu black label C type strong mode final bosses Zatsuza play Top japanese player performing a Zatsuza score attack play on Dodonpachi Daifukatsu Black label. Strong mode, C-type, auto-bomb Off Originally posted on nicovideo, xbox 360 version.
  • GundeadliGne - Standard - Chapter 2 - All Alter Breaks and Bosses (Please start from my first video's description if you want to learn about how to play on Standard) Continuing on, I will talk about Standard mode. There are 3 small differences from Novice, but they change the game drastically: * Life-ups only increase your lives by 1 instead of up to the maximum. * You begin on Phase Level 6 instead of Phase Level 1. * The upper limit for Phase Level is now 21 instead of 11. That last one is by far the most important difference! Phase Level 21 is Demonic mode by definition, the hardest difficulty, so unless you enjoy eating suicide bullets to the face you definitely do not want your Phase Level to rise that high! So, how can you control the Phase Level? There are several things that can change it: +1 for each Alter Break +1 for each Boss Lifebar depleted +1 for using a Bomb during the "Death-Bomb" window -1 for getting Hit (auto-bomb hits count too) -1 for using a Bomb Since I'm trying to get every Alter Break and beat all the bosses I see, the only way I can keep my Phase Level at a manageable level is by intentionally ramming into bullets as much as I can and bombing at opportune times. I can take advantage of the fact that every boss and Alter Break provides a Life-up to get hit far more than I would normally do. Also for this, I highly, HIGHLY recommend turning off the Auto-Bomb option, since you only lose 1 Phase Level when the auto-bomb goes off, but you can lose 2 Phase Levels by getting hit and using a bomb sometime later! Also ...
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 WALKthrough 7-2 (Part 2) & Ending FINALLY THE FINAL WT VIDEO FOR THIS GAME! Thank you ALL who supported and liked my videos. In this video I finally take the fight to Spark Mandrill... Excuse me Wart! That fatass frog you'll never see again cause he probably dies because of his severe allergic reaction to vegetables! The credits and a special preview of my next PLAYthrough are included too. Enjoy!!!
  • Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom - Lunatic 1cc Stage 6 Game - Touhou 7: Perfect Cherry Blossom Stage 6, Lunatic Mode Character: Marisa Type A The final battle approaches as we arrive in the cherry blossom gardens of Hakugyokurou. And how are we greeted? With what is perhaps the best example of why randomness sucks in danmaku. My God, ZUN, you must have been high, not drunk, if you thought putting in this many random bullets was a good idea. It is the very definition of an "autobomb", though I have to survive a few seconds of this hellish attack before any bombs would be considered "well timed". Youmu herself is pretty easy though, allowing a short breather before the final boss... Enter Yuyuko Saigyouji, the ghost princess of the Netherworld. The reason she enlisted Youmu to steal Gensokyo's spring was so that every cherry tree in Hakugyokurou, including the youkai cherry tree Saigyou Ayakashi, would bloom perfectly. If this happened, then a seal on the youkai cherry tree would break, releasing the soul of an unknown person trapped within it. But considering this tree has a nasty habit of luring people to their deaths (it is a youkai, after all), we can't let Yuyuko's plan succeed, no matter who's sealed inside it. And so the climactic battle begins! Yuyuko's danmaku heavily feature the then-brand-new "butterfly bullets", and combined with their color arrangements and the backgrounds for the fight, Yuyuko has one of the most visually appealing boss fights in the entire series. But compared to other final bosses, some would ...
  • X360 Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu ver1.51 ALL 2/3 Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Ver.1.51 Differences with 1.5: -3 buttons instead of 4, just like Daioujou. Bomb button doubles as hyper button. -hyper mode time has been reduced. -Kill enemies with laser and you get more points than with shot. -When the autobomb triggers, all of your bomb stock depletes (similar to Ketsui DS) -Combo doesn't cut off when you use bombs. -Bombs increase when some as of yet unknown requirement is reached. -Stage layouts, enemy positions, and other aspects of the game system are exactly the same as ver 1.5 -You have to destroy a boss while in hyper mode, otherwise you don't get the star items to collect afterward. -Use a lot of hypers, and it will go to the 2nd loop patterns
  • Autobomb Trip from Frankfurt airport to hotel in Schweinfurt
  • eXceed 3rd -JP- BP - Stage 4 Normal - Autobomb I made a few mistakes, but I also think I got lucky a few times on this stage as well, especially against Irias. Most of the stage is either streaming or some other form of aimed attack so it can look intimidating at first but it's really not. The abundance of bullet-clearing enemies also helps. Stage Theme: Maid to Order Boss Theme: Fierce Fight Name: Irias Reginleif Attacks: - Whirlwind Wave - Dawn Hammer - Ancient Cogwheel - Gloster Meteor (Gloucester Meteor?) - Slaughter Algorithm
  • Yume Koujou Doki Doki Panic - A Original Look This is a picture slideshow of the Famicom Disk System game Doki Doki Panic. As some of you might know, in the US, this game was Super Mario Bros 2. There are a few differences between the two, such as the characters you can play as, some items, and the opening and ending of the game. Also, the crab boss from SMB2 isn't in the game, the boss instead is just a white Mouser. The pictures you see were all taken by me, and are hosted in the image section for the game at The music you hear all comes from the game.
  • Grand Theft Auto - Bomb da Base Acts I-II Just an old mission in Grand Theft Auto III that I liked. Sorry for the bad sniping. Yes, I used the character cheat. It only changes my character.
  • Little Big Planet Gameplay-Auto Bomb Here's me playing a level called auto bomb. PSN ID: Peutredrat created this level. His youtube is: Stsk7. Add him as a friend and subscribe to him. He has alot of videos coming soon. Enjoy! PS Don't pay attention to the voices in the background. It's just my little bro. Comments and ratings are appreciated.Subscribe too!!!
  • [BGM] eXceed 3rd _ Jade Penetrate Black _ Stage 4.wmv Stage-4 theme. (I know it's quite lame just to put a screen shot here) (but I'm trying to find a goodsoftware to record the gameplay ... [Fraps don't work on this game -_-]) (Any suggestions?) { I told you to read this because you may want the MP3 file for this ~ } { but the download link (MP3) is not available yet... } {I'll update this once I've got them uploaded somewhere} It gives me the feeling of vastness... Perhaps the fairy land is a good place to visit afterall (?) - v - You may be able to meet Remedy (the Extra Boss) in this stage as a mid-boss if you fulfill ALL of the following requirements: 1. Must NOT be in Easy Mode (which means you have to play in Normal / Hard / Exceed Mode... the Exceed Mode will be unlocked once you have cleared the Extra Stage in any mode) 2. Beat the machine-type mini-bosses (only those with an HP bar at the top) in the first three stages, without dying AND without using a bomb 3. Graze point = 1000 (or above) when you reach the middle of this stage. This is the easiest to achieve since you have your lovely stage 2 ~~ (* smile *) If you succeed, Remedy will come out, have a brief conversation with the main character, and then fight you. If you want to unlock the extra stage, you will have to: 0. DO NOT CHOOSE "AUTO-BOMB" MODE!!! 1. Beat her without dying AND without using a bomb 2. Completely deplete her HP bar WITHIN THE TIME LIMIT!! (This is proved to be quite difficult unless you know a little "trick") If you fulfilled points 1 and ...
  • SMW Autobomb A group effort between myself and mario90. The Autobomb functions as it did in SMB2. It moves left and right and every so often, turns to face Mario and shoots flames. Mario can jump on it to ride the Autobomb over dangerous terrain. Released Spring C3 '10 for SMWCentral
  • 怒首領蜂大復活Misc Player: としまと-HUU Stage2: We can see that your laser can push back the purple laser but it's impossible to pass through them. Stage3: If you no miss the previous stage, you can see the score is increasing alone...this works at every stage if you no miss. Next you see that you can pass through the laser of the ura mid boss 3, if you hold your laser button, you can stay in them. Next when the music boss start, if you get hit and autobomb, the hit counter will not be cancelled. Works at every stage.

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  • “049 - Die with a full bombstock while having turned the autobomb feature to OFF nor autobomb. 052 - Make a replay with the autobomb feature turned”
    — EVAC report (unlock conditions), cave-

  • “News Projekte Publikationen Content Über mich Links Kontakt Bilder Blog Heisse-News mit'm Ablaßhandel glei en Hemmel komma, wia die radikale Palästinenser mit dr Autobomb”
    — African: Africa should stop blaming others - nomeata's mind, joachim-

  • “You cannot post new topics in this forum. You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You delete your posts in this forum. You cannot vote in polls in this”
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  • “RoCards - dein deutsches Ragnarok Portal! Hier gibs Datenbanken und eine freundliche Communtiy zu RagnarökOnline! Thanks for all the fights (ingame or in forum), alliances and good times”
    — International Odin WoE Thread - Page 16 - War of Emperium,

  • “There's an autobomb option in the config screen, and pressing space will bring you back The Heaven difficulty is probably too easy for most players, while Normal is the best one”
    — - showcasing the best in independent games,

  • “Oh hey those guys making the crazy jet player characters finished. Dunno if the reduction in the invulnerability time on autobomb is implemented in these custom characters as well”
    — Oh hey those guys making the crazy jet player characters finished,