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  • Definition of authorities from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of authorities. Pronunciation of authorities. Definition of the word authorities. Origin of the word authorities. — “authorities - Definition of authorities at ”,
  • Authority, from the Latin word auctoritas, means invention, advice, opinion, influence, or command. Essentially authority is imposed by superiors upon inferiors either by force of arms (structural authority) or by force of argument (sapiential authority). — “Authority - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Eigh*** public housing authorities, including New York City's, are suing the Federal Government for $500 million, which they say represents unpaid subsidies appropriated by Congress for fiscal year 1982. The authorities say they have not. — “18 HOUSING AUTHORITIES SUE U.S. OVER $500 MILLION IN UNPAID”,
  • Authorities have destroyed about 4,400 marijuana plants growing on the Pike National forest in central Colorado. Authorities say the growing operation had an extensive drip irrigation system. — “Authorities destroy pot plants found in forest | Washington”,
  • The New York Times is reporting federal authorities investigating whether Lance Armstrong and other top cyclists engaged in doping are examining whether to widen their probe to include other. — “Report: Authorities looking to expand probe into cyclists”,
  • scripps, news service, investigative, journalism, investigation, examine, reporting, celebrities, multimedia Also on Friday, federal authorities drew a distinction between drywall made in China and drywall made outside the country. — “Federal authorities tell homeowners to rip out Chinese”,
  • Authorities - from WN Network. WorldNews delivers latest Breaking news including World News, U.S., politics, business, entertainment, science, weather and sports news. Search News and archives in 44 languages. — “Authorities”,
  • It is important to note that every single authority had overlap with one subcommittee or another. authorities should be approached, regardless of the obvious differences between them. — “Microsoft Word - Authorities”,
  • Authorities: Milwaukee Police Officer Admits Being Illegal Immigrant, A police officer has agreed to plead guilty to falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen for taking his dead cousin's identity as a ***ager, according to the U.S. attorney's. — “Authorities: Milwaukee Police Officer Admits Being Illegal”,
  • Definition of authorities in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is authorities? Meaning of authorities as a legal term. What does authorities mean in law?. — “authorities legal definition of authorities. authorities”, legal-
  • Authorities. Learn about Authorities on . Get information and videos on Authorities including articles on prisons, accepted, codes and more!. — “Authorities | Answerbag”,
  • Authorities in the San Antonio area searched Thursday for a man who drove into a flooded road, making him the fourth person swept away by floodwaters from the remnants of Tropical Storm Hermine. — “Texas authorities seek 4 missing after floods | ”,
  • Due process is 'not' provided to dog owners in animal control ordinances before government authorities remove or euthanize their dogs from private property.Before animal control authorities remove or euthanize your dogs, demand "due process". — “Authorities - Topic - Associated Content from Yahoo!”,
  • Against ALL Authorities. Ticker .-A-. Members. 1535. Corporations. 11. Founded. 2007-02-01 Against ALL Authorities. COL. 0. 13. 78. Security Class > Minerals (not accurate) Class. — “Against ALL Authorities - DOTLAN :: EveMaps”,
  • None of the authorities or Pharisees has believed in him, have they? The name Pharisees sometimes denotes those who were high in honor and authority. — “John 7:48 "Has any of the rulers or of the Pharisees believed”,
  • One that is invested with this power, especially a government or body of government officials: land titles issued by the civil authority. Justification; grounds: On what authority do you make such a claim?. — “authority: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "authorities" is defined. Authorities (V TV series), Authorities: Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia [home, info]. — “Definitions of authorities - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • The Public Authorities Reform Act of 2009, a measure meant to bring increased accountability to organizations empowered to borrow and spend billions on public. — “Authorities reform becomes law in NY”,
  • Authorities (44 Occurrences) Luke 12:11 When they bring you before the synagogues, the rulers, and the authorities, don't be anxious how or what you Acts 16:20 And when they had taken them before the authorities, they said, These men, who are Jews, are greatly troubling our town; (BBE). — “Bible Concordance: Authorities”,
  • Authorities in upstate New York are searching for a missing Pennsylvania college student who disappeared while on holiday break. (Nov. 23) -- Authorities in upstate New York are searching for a missing Pennsylvania college student who disappeared while on holiday break. — “Police Search for Missing College Student Jenni-Lyn Watson”,
  • Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH): the World Organisation for Cross-border Co-operation in Civil and Commercial Matters | Conférence de La Haye de droit international privé (HCCH) : l'Organisation mondiale pour la coopération. — “HCCH | Authorities”,
  • Respect my authorities. Spurred by the International Institute of Social History, which needs to act as a source of authorities to the rest of the world, we hope to implement the following features by the end of August 2010, with Evergreen 2.0 as the integration target:. — “dev:proposal:authorities [Evergreen DokuWiki]”, evergreen-
  • Translations of authorities. authorities synonyms, authorities antonyms. Information about authorities in the free online English a. An accepted source of expert information or advice: a noted authority on birds; a reference book often cited as an authority. — “authorities - definition of authorities by the Free Online”,

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  • Cuộc nói chuyện của Trúc Hồ về Việt Khang (Asia Channel phân 1 - 01.27.2012) To whom we hope are concerned, We are writing to you as fellow songwriters, artists, free expressionists of this great nation in hopes that you will be changed by what you read below and are compelled to help free an innocent expressionist. Very currently, on December 31st, 2011, a year of music and patriotic passion has ended for a fellow songwriter in Vietnam. 2012 is not looking hopeful for him or any of us who believe in human rights as well as freedom of expression for the country. In light of China and Vietnam's current dispute over the Spratly islands Hoang Sa and Truong Sa, Vietnamese singer/songwriter VIET KHANG had written and shared songs of grief over his country's loss. They've spread rapidly online. His songs titled "Anh La Ai (roughly translates to: 'Who are you?')" and "Viet Nam Toi Dau ('Where is my Vietnam?')" spoke on behalf of the Vietnamese citizens hurting from these current events. He has recently been arrested and imprisoned by the Vietnamese government for said actions. With lyrics that ask, why does my country deserve more bloodshed?, from a patriotic soul, many are outraged that a song written to express love and concern for its country would yield such violent reactions from its own leaders. In a world where rapists, murderers, and terrorists roam among us, it begs the question, why are these authorities using precious security resources to arrest a patriotic singer/songwriter? VIET KHANG is still currently held in jail, under an accusation ...
  • The Authorities - Radiation Masturbation Title: Radiation Masturbation Artist: The Authorities Album: Killed By Death (Rare Punk 77-82) Label: Redrum Records (KBD) © Catalog#: 01 Format: Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Unofficial Release, Reissue, Grey,Swirly Country:Norway Released: Genre:Rock Style:Punk i do not own rights to this. all rights go to The Authorities and Redrum Records ©
  • Authorities Know What Killed 13 year old Jessica Funk-Haslam Sacramento County Coroner is confirming that Jessica Funk-Haslam died from blunt force trama, asphyxsia and a stab wound to the neck.
  • Eve Online - AT8 Day 4 - AAA v Rote Kapelle Alliance Tournament 8 - Day 4 Qualifiers Round 2 - Fight 9 - AAA v Rote Kapelle
  • Willie: Authorities destroyed 9/11 evidence to hide truth #2 http RELATED: SEE MORE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO WITH WILLIE AND JESSE IN AN EXCLUSIVE interview with Willie Nelson on his world famous tour bus, former Gov. Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones discuss turns to a number of topics including the family farm, the banker's consolidation, and the 2008 election. But much of the conversation focuses on the lingering questions about 9/11-- still unanswered, in part, due to a government that refuses to answer and a public that is unwilling to question. Wearing a trucker hat that appropriately reads, 'Follow no one,' Nelson says that for himself, it was never a question after seeing the buildings collapse on 9/11. "It's not a clear cut situation; never was to me," Willie commented about 9/11. But, "Is there a reason to investigate?" he said. "Hell yeah." He humbly proclaimed, "Those buildings were blown up internally; I'm not a smart guy, but I can see that." But his point is valid in spite of his obvious intelligence-- it doesn't take anything greater than common sense to see that the story doesn't add up. On the otherhand, that same ***ysis manages to (necessarily) hold up to scientific scrutiny-- so long as the scientists aren't investigating on behalf of government agencies. The work of qualified professionals like Richard Gage, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and many others who have investigated 9/11 from a technical point of view have been ignored by the media, and instead run out of their various positions via ...
  • Hitler running security during G20 Pittsburgh NSSE (Hitler spoof) Secret Service NSSE Hitler Downfall spoof parody G20 summit or 2010 Winter Olympics, CBC News Vancouver police get sonic crowd control device
  • 10-Year-Old Girl Hangs Herself Because Of Bullying!. "Columbus County authorities are investigating the death of a 10-year-old girl who hanged herself Monday night after repeatedly being bullied at school. Samantha West said she found her daughter, Jasmine McClain, dead in her bedroom Monday night. "I just lost it because she took her last breath in my arms," West said Wednesday. "She was a loving child. I just don't understand." Chadbourn Police Chief Steven Shaw said her death was obviously suicide, and he was about to close the case when he started checking posts on Facebook and other social media about Jasmine and her death. "Children started coming forward and making accusations that she was bullied -- and bullied bad -- in school," Shaw said. Jasmine was picked on at Chadbourne Elementary School, West said, noting other children teased her about her clothes or her shoes. She left the school for a while and dreaded having to return about a month ago, her mother said." - 5 News
  • Big Sis' Latest Terrorists: More White Americans - Alex Jones Tv New DHS video ignores previous controversy over deliberate racial overtones Paul Joseph Watson August 17, 2011 Despite causing controversy last month with a video that portrayed white middle class Americans as the most likely terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security has released yet another PSA that depicts an attempt to bomb a subway station not by Al-Qaeda Muslims, but well-dressed white people. A new Public Service Announcement entitled 'The Drop Off -- If You See Something, Say Something' was unveiled by none other than Big Sis herself, Janet Napolitano, on the Homeland Security website today. The PSA, which will be played on television and radio stations, shows a well dressed attractive white woman exiting a taxi before walking into a subway station. The taxi driver -- a white man -- then makes a phone call and sets a timer on a device in the trunk of the car. The woman then leaves her bag in the station. "If you see something, say something -- report suspicious activity to local authorities," states the voiceover as the clip ends with other commuters reporting the incident to a black security guard and a black police officer. In her accompanying statement to the video, DHS chief Napolitano also hints that gun stores could be a prime breeding ground for terrorists, making reference to a recent case where, "the owner of a gun store near Ft. Hood called authorities when an individual in his store was behaving in a suspicious manner." As we ...
  • Geo Reports-Letter to Swiss Authorities-11 Mar 2012 PM Gilani says he will not seek any advice in writing the letter to Swiss authorities.
  • Anh la Ai - Who are you - Viet Khang (English version) I would like to dedicate this English version to our young hero Viet Khang. Who is Viet Khang? Viet Khang -- born Vo Minh Tri - is a young Vietnamese songwriter and singer in his thirties. He was arrested by the Vietnamese communist authorities on December 23rd, 2011 for simply having composed and sang two patriotic songs ( "Who are you" and ""Where is my Vietnam") emphasizing the concern of the Vietnamese people, facing with the gradual invasion of China. During the year 2011, hundreds of people staged multiple anti-China demonstrations in Vietnam to protest against the Chinese incursions into the Vietnamese maritime borders. Ironically, several protesters were incarcerated or brutally oppressed by the Vietnamese police - without trials. Viet Khang, highlighted these tragic moments in his songs which warrant his arrest incommunicado. With my limited english skills, I have attempted to produce an english translation (a mixture of french translated words and some english phrases I picked up from the web about this song) that I could sing. I sincerely hope this effort could help spreading the case of Viet Khang to the english-speaking community worldwide. Let's sing for Viet Khang together and pressure the Vietnamese communist authorities to release Viet Khang- immediately and unconditionally. Our heartfelt Thank You! Who are you? (originally "Anh la Ai" by Viet Khang) Tell me, who are you? Why jailing me, what have I done wrong? Tell me, who are you? Why beating me without ...
  • Girl Dies After Being Forced to Run for Hours Authorities say 9-year-old Savannah Hardin died after being forced to run for three hours as punishment for having lied to her grandmother about eating candy bars. Severely dehydrated, the Alabama girl had a seizure and died days later. (Feb. 23) Download AP Mobile: Associated Press on Facebook: Associated Press on Twitter: Associated Press on Google+:
  • Intel / IT Authorities / Lewis & Clark vPro Technology Case Study Description: Please visit to read further about Intel vPro Technology case studies. IT Authorities has found that PCs based on Intel vPro technology provide new ways to connect and therefore reduce the time it takes to manage and repair PCs. Hardware repair times are reduced 50% and the average OS problem resolution has gone from 72 hours to 3 hours. In addition, vPro's power management capabilities are saving customers $187 per year per PC.
  • New World Order: "Sovereignty is Nuisible" French ex-Prime Minister reveals New World Order agenda to lobbyists and how national sovereigny has become nuisible to globalists. This is why we should stand for the right to govern ourselves, support guys like Ron Paul, Nigel Farage, Alex Jones, Max Keiser, etc. Description: Michel Rocard Original non-translated video here: Former French prime minister, currently member of the EU parliament and a strong proponent of EU policies, Michel Rocard, speaks at the MEDEF Summer University event "the Emergence of New Authorities" on Thursday, the 2nd of September 2012. MEDEF: French entrepreneurial movement, is a lobbying union of business owners and corporations. Translation of what he says: "My conclusion is, we're heading towards the probability of having to take a very urgent and profound decision on public matters. On climate, one day, they'll be telling us from everywhere, 'are you crazy? do something!' My fear is that we will do about anything. My certainty is that we will do very much and very quickly. "And so we come back to a need of stronger policies. And we will have to surmount all this. Because whether it is health issues, finance or the supervision of weapons... no one of the specialised agencies of the new authorities has the necessary powers to deal with problems of this level. Consequently, we must go through with it. "The public opinions must... More particularly, the only human sector that knows something about the outside ...
  • A must watch clip of Hasbe Haal with Another misconduct of Authorities in Pakistan.
  • Authorities - I Hate Cops South of the Border London 14th May
  • Tornado Victims, Authorities On Lookout For Looters Victims of last week's tornado outbreak and area authorities are on the lookout for looters.
  • On the 8th of March, This is my appeal to the world We, the Palestinian Council of Human Rights Organisations (PCHRO), would like to mark International Women's Day by expressing our solidarity with administrative detainee Hana Shalabi. Hana is today beginning her 22nd successive day of hunger strike in protest at her internment without charge or trial and her ongoing ill-treatment at the hands of the Israeli authorities. Hana, 29 years old, previously spent more than two years in administrative detention before she was released in October 2011 as part of the prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas. Less than four months later she was arrested once more by Israeli authorities at her home near Jenin, when she was beaten with the butt of a rifle by an Israeli soldier. Following her arrest, she was beaten, blindfolded and later forcibly strip-searched and assaulted by an Israeli male soldier. Hana was given a six-month administrative detention order and spent the first three days of her internment in solitary confinement. She was later sentenced to solitary confinement for a further seven days as punishment for her continuing hunger strike. Internment, also known as administrative detention, is a procedure under which Palestinian detainees are held without charge or trial for periods of up to six months. Detention orders are usually renewed before they expire, and detainees can be held for indefinite periods of time, with several detainees spending up to eight consecutive years in internment. Administrative detainees ...
  • Jaan Ki Baazi Synopsis : Subhas Chandra Bose (Srihari) is an innocent farmer in a village. Lots of farmers in that village commit suicide because of the failure of the cotton crops. The entire village blames Bose's father for selling bad cotton seeds to the farmers. Unable to bear the false allegations, Bose's father, mother and sister commit suicide. Bose runs from pillar to post to inform the government authorities that an influential man was involved in distributing duplicate seeds. But in the process, he gets thoroughly humiliated by the authorities, concerned minister and other influential people. Bose dons a new avatar and kidnaps the Home Minister of the State (Dharmavarapu Subramanyam). Then he strikes a deal with police authority to help him in eliminating the people who harmed their village. Ashoka Chakravarthy (Vadde Navveen) - a sincere cop does not allow Bose to follow any a relationship and almost adopt him as their own son. marries the daughter. illegal means to achieve his objective. The rest of the story is all about how Bose brings the culprits to book and redeems his father's name.
  • Authorities Search For Man Near Casino KMBC's Jana Corrie reports that authorities believe the man may have escaped.
  • I support the #OccupyWallStreet Protesters Washington DC (October 4, 2011) -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today released the following video and statement in support of the protestors on Wall Street and around the country who have identified themselves with the hashtag #OccupyWallStreet: "To the young men and women who are braving the overreaction of local authorities to raise their voices against the corruption and manipulation of our nation that emanates from Wall Street: I say to you that your presence is making a difference. You are exercising the right every American holds most dear, the right of freedom of expression, and with that expression you are finally getting the attention of the nation. "Wall Street banks got billion dollar bailouts but the American people get austerity. Four*** million Americans are out of work. 50 million people don't have health insurance and a million people a year lose their homes to foreclosure. Our policies take the wealth of the nation and accelerate it into the hands of the few. "We need a government of the people and for the people. We need a financial system that is of the people and for the people. It is time we take our nation back and take our monetary system back from the big banks. "I recently introduced HR 2990, the National Emergency Employment Defense Act, to put the Federal Reserve under the Treasury, to end the practice of fractional reserve banking and to take control of our monetary policy and make sure it works for the people. "We can use our ...
  • Aberdeen and North - Thu, 9 Feb, 2012 Unions are warning thousands of jobs will be axed across Scotland as local authorities today grappled with their budgets. The Scottish Government insist council's have received a fair settlement but some local authorities are questioning their share. In other news: A new study has revealed a widening gap between suicide rates in Scotland and England and Wales; Plans for a huge biomass energy plant in Leith have been scrapped after a massive public outcry. In sport: Peter Houston says he sees new goalkeeper Radoslav Cierzniak as Dundee United's future number one. The Pole will arrive on a two year deal in the summer, after agreeing a pre-contract today. This is an international version of the news that may have been edited for rights reasons.
  • Family, Authorities Unsure How *** Died Authorities hope to learn what led to the death of a Lake County ***ager over the weekend.
  • Talk to Al Jazeera - William Caldwell: Leaving Afghanistan Will Afghan authorities really be ready to take control of their country's own security?
  • Gurpal Singh welcomes a Municipal Authority official - Tedhi Baat - Episode 26 - Full Episode Gurpal welcomes an official of the Municipal department, Subhash Yadav as his guest for the evening on 'Tedhi Baat'. Gurpal accuses the official of turning a blind eye to the problems of the general public. Further, Gurpal probes his guest about the preparations being made by the Municipal authorities for the monsoon season. Watch this episode of 'Tedhi Baat' to enjoy this hilarious farce presented by the much-talented duo of Gurpal Singh and Shekhar Suman! Tedhi Baat Shekhar ke Saath is India's first seriously funny talk show with high value entertainment where there is a host and several guests played by one person. The guests being interviewed are not just imaginary, but completely crazy too! This show draws our attention to things and issues which can be connected to our daily life and sometimes even influence or affect our very survival. What's most important is that there is just one person who plays the many avatars as a guest .. the very talented Shekhar Suman. Shekhar dons many hats for this interview session giving it a very improved and impromptu comedy edge. And all this while he is being interviewed by the poker faced Gurpal Singh. There's loads of characters to catch up .. a fashion designer from London, cab driver from Jalandhar, a popular cricketer, a regular mythology actor, an electrician, a man with no particular talent, a beggar, a corporate bigwig .. just about anyone could be on the hot seat. Each episode is an interview in a question-answer format ...
  • Ga. Authorities Struggle to Find Shooting Motive Authorities say they are struggling to find the motive behind a University of Georgia professor's alleged slayings of his wife and two men. Answers are proving as elusive as the missing professor. (April 28)
  • Panetta concerned about Pashtun Dr. Afridi who helped in bin Laden raid Washington (CNN) -- US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is acknowledging publicly the key role a Pashtun doctor Shakil Afridi who assisted the United States ahead of the strike on Osama bin Laden's compound last May that killed the terrorism mastermind. The doctor who provided key information ought to be released, Panetta told CBS's "60 Minutes" in a segment set to air Sunday. "I'm very concerned about what the Pakistanis did with this individual," Panetta told CBS. "This was an individual who in fact helped provide intelligence that was very helpful with regards to this operation. And he was not in any way treasonous towards Pakistan." Dr. Shakeel Afridi helped the CIA use a vaccination campaign to collect DNA samples from residents of bin Laden's to verify the terror leader's presence there. Pakistan, which expressed its anger over the raid without consulting Pakistani authorities, has charged Afridi with treason. "Pakistan and the United States have a common cause here against terrorism, have a common cause against al Qaeda," Panetta said. "And for them to take this kind of action against somebody who was helping to go after terrorism, I just think is a real mistake on their part." Panetta said Pakistan can discipline Afridi in whatever manner it deems appropriate but the doctor should be released. Many ***ysts felt US officials had kept quiet about Afridi so as to not implicate him. Panetta also told CBS that he remains convinced that someone in authority in Pakistan ...
  • Linkin Park - Points Of Authority don't forget to rate or comment and thx for watching ^^
  • The Other F Word Official Theatrical Trailer (HD) THE OTHER F WORD directed by Andrea Blaugrund Nevins produced by Cristan Reilly and Andrea Blaugrund Nevins IN THEATERS NOVEMBER 2ND, 2011 This revealing and touching film asks what happens when a generation's ultimate anti-authoritarians -- punk rockers -- become society's ultimate authorities -- dads. With a large chorus of punk rock's leading men - Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, Red Hot Chili Peppers' Flea, Rise Against's Tim McIlrath - THE OTHER F WORD follows Jim Lindberg, a 20-year veteran of the skate punk band Pennywise, on his hysterical and moving journey from belting his band's anthem "F--k Authority," to embracing his ultimately authoritarian role in mid-life: fatherhood. Other dads featured in the film include skater Tony Hawk, Art Alexakis (Everclear), Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), Tony Adolescent (The Adolescents), Fat Mike (NOFX), Lars Frederiksen (Rancid), and many others.
  • BlackHat USA 2011: SSL And The Future Of Authenticity Speaker: MOXIE MARLINSPIKE In the early 90's, at the dawn of the World Wide Web, some engineers at Netscape developed a protocol for making secure HTTP requests, and what they came up with was called SSL. Given the relatively scarce body of knowledge concerning secure protocols at the time, as well the intense pressure that everyone at Netscape was working under, their efforts can only be seen as incredibly heroic. But while it's amazing that SSL has endured for as long as it has, some parts of it -- particularly those concerning Certificate Authorities -- have always caused some friction, and have more recently started to cause real problems. This talk will provide an in-depth examination of the current problems with authenticity in SSL, discuss some of the recent high-profile SSL infrastructure attacks in detail, and cover some potential strategies for the future. It will conclude with a software release that aims to definitively fix the disintegrating trust relationships at the core of this fundamental protocol. For more information or download the video visit:
  • Nuclear Boy Scout - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! 2 of 2 ***Update - 08/08/11 Kitchen nuclear reactor leaves Swede handcuffed - Published: 04 August, 2011 Rule No 1 for building a nuclear reactor in your kitchen: don't tell the authorities. This a lesson a Swedish fission enthusiast learned the hard way when the police stormed his house. Richard Handl's DIY project had been running for several months before the police came after him. Handl had also boasted of his achievements in his blog. "I have always been interested in physics and chemistry," the 31-year-old said, according to the Associated Press news agency. Police raided Handl's home in late July and arrested him for possession of radioactive materials. Ironically, the law enforcers' arrival came after Handl addressed a query to Sweden's Radiation Authority. He did an experiment which involved a small meltdown on his stove followed by a small explosion, and wanted to know if it had been legal... ~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~ TEPCO links referenced in the comments: Grid line connection work to offsite power grid (Okuma line) (pictured on March 18th, 2011) Control room for Unit 2 of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station (pictured on March 26th, 2011) Dispersing Dust Protectant, Common Pool Area (pictured on April 1st, 2011)
  • Milgram's Obedience to Authority Experiment 2009 1/3 BBC TV May 2009
  • Ohio Bridge Demolition *Volume Alert* Authorities have successfully brought down the remainder of an Ohio River bridge with a series of planned explosions. The Ohio Department of Transportation closed the 83-year-old Fort Steuben Bridge three years ago because of deteriorating conditions and its limited use. The bridge came down shortly after 7 am Tuesday as scheduled in Steubenville. The bridge crumbled in just a few seconds following a series of small blasts. The state planned to close portions of US Route 22 and state Route 7 Tuesday morning while explosives brought down the rest of the bridge. Officials were also temporarily shutting down traffic near the bridge along the Ohio River.
  • WORONORA DAM 28 FEB 2012 UPDATE Check out the latest updated Fri 9 March visit for a big difference too. In this update we visit the dam and see the effect of a very wet summer where the dam has now reached 75% full but they still let out the environmental flows even though it's been pouring rain! The authorities say that the water being let out of Waragamba Dam is the first time that rivers systems have been flushed in years. How quickly they forget about the environmental flows of millions of litres each day out of the dams!! With a current deluge happening, this dam will be visited within a week or so to see what further levels will be reached and what effects environmental flows will have.
  • Rebecca Cammisa on Fulbright and "Which Way Home" The documentarian discusses how 2005-2006 Fulbright to Mexico helped her in producing and directing the critically-acclaimed "Which Way Home" and how other filmmakers can benefit from the Fulbright experience. "Which Way Home" premieres Monday, Aug. 24, on HBO.
  • Turbowolf with Graham Han***, Pt.3: Question authority! Meaning of 2012; Pt.4: Current Projects Episode 2: Episode 1: In the third and fourth episodes of a series of four, Turbowolf interview Graham Han*** at The Roman Baths in Bath. Graham Han*** is one of the foremost authorities on Ancient Mysteries, having written numerous bestselling non-fiction books on the subject such as 'Fingerprints Of The Gods', 'The Sign & The Seal', 'Heavens Mirror' and 'Supernatural' and, recently, the fantasy adventure novel 'Entangled'. Turbowolf released their self-titled debut album in November 2011, a blend of dirty rocknroll, punked-up riffs & psychedelic noise. The band are about to embark on a European tour starting 23/2 in London. Their shared fascination with the esoteric & the mysterious lead to this meeting of minds. In episode 3 Graham & the band discuss the meaning of 2012. Some have purveyed the notion that the world will end this year but Han*** prefers to see the Mayan calendar end-date of 21 December 2012 in a positive light. For him it is a moment of opportunity for humanity to re-evaluate and re-invent itself, let go forever of fear, hatred and suspicion and take a new path away from cataclysm and catastrophe in which we will reclaim sovereignty over our own consciousness and make choices guided by love. "We have to question authority," says Han***, "because it's authority, the so-called authorities who've got us into the mess that the world is in today -- those bankers, those huge corporations, those malicious, mean-spirited ...
  • Signing the Tribal Law and Order Act President Obama signs the Tribal Law and Order Act, a law that gives tribal authorities greater authority to prosecute and punish criminals. July 29, 2010.
  • OCCUPY OAKLAND Police launch tear gas, flash bang canisters into crowd of protesters OWS Wall Street "Authorities have denied reports that they used flash bang canisters to help break up the crowds, saying the loud noises came from large firecrackers thrown at police by protesters." October 25, 2011 — OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Dozens of police in riot gear and hundreds of protesters in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement engaged in a game of cat-and-mouse in downtown Oakland on Tuesday, with authorities using tear gas to respond to demonstrators' repeated agitations. The latest such skirmish came around 10:30 PDT as some protesters began throwing bottles among a crowd that had reconvened in front of City Hall, where a haze of chemical smoke still hung in the air following a similar clash at the site about an hour earlier. It was the fourth time police used tear gas in three hours. Authorities have denied reports that they used flash bang canisters to help break up the crowds, saying the loud noises came from large firecrackers thrown at police by protesters. Police also report being attacked with rocks. City Hall has been the site of conflict throughout the day. Authorities used a pre-dawn raid to dismantle an Occupy Wall Street encampment that had taken over a plaza outside the government headquarters for more than two weeks. Police removed about 170 demonstrators who had been staying in the area overnight after repeatedly being warned that such a camp was illegal and they faced arrest by remaining. City officials said 97 people were arrested in the ...
  • NYC Authorities Detail Terror Plot New York authorities say four men planting explosives near a synagogue wanted to commit 'jihad,' the AP's Bonny Ghosh reports. But the explosives were fake. (May 21)
  • Dundee and Tayside - Thu, 9 Feb, 2012 Unions are warning thousands of jobs will be axed across Scotland as local authorities today grappled with their budgets. The Scottish Government insist council's have received a fair settlement but some local authorities are questioning their share. In other news: The First Minister has warned that any withdrawl of the promise to move the army into the RAF Leuchars airbase in Fife would provoke outrage across Scotland; An investigation is underway following an attempted armed robbery in Kinross. In sport: Peter Houston says he sees new goalkeeper Radoslav Cierzniak as Dundee United's future number one. The Pole will arrive on a two year deal in the summer, after agreeing a pre-contract today. This is an international version of the news that may have been edited for rights reasons.
  • Moonrise Kingdom - Official Trailer Set on an island off the coast of New England in the summer of 1965, MOONRISE KINGDOM tells the story of two twelve-year-olds who fall in love, make a secret pact, and run away together into the wilderness. As various authorities try to hunt them down, a violent storm is brewing off-shore -- and the peaceful island community is turned upside down in more ways than anyone can handle. Bruce Willis plays the local sheriff. Edward Norton is a Khaki Scout troop leader. Bill Murray and Frances McDormand portray the young girl's parents. The cast also includes Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, and Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward as the boy and girl.
  • Authorities search for man in Montana Lake State Fishery Officials are searching for a man they believe drowned while boating in Marinette County.
  • Chinese Authorities Lose Control as Village Revolts For more news and videos visit ☛ Follow us on Twitter ☛ http Add us on Facebook ☛ As we've been telling you this week, tens of thousands of villagers are protesting in Wukan, in Guangdong Province. Now the situation has become a standoff as villagers have kicked out both local officials and police. That came after the suspicious death of one villager in police custody. Here's the latest. The over twenty-thousand residents of the village of Wukan in south China's Guangdong Province have expelled all local Communist Party authorities, including police, and blocked road access to the village. The British newspaper The Telegraph was able to get a journalist on the ground in Wukan on Tuesday. Malcom Moore called the current incident the first time on record that the Party has "lost all control" in a situation of "open revolt." This marks the latest escalation in an ongoing confrontation between villagers and local Communist Party officials they've called corrupt and abusive. For three months, Wukan residents have been staging occasional large-scale protests against a longstanding series of abuses committed by local Party officials. The villagers' biggest grievance was corrupt officials profiting from illegally selling the villagers' land. The current intensified protest, including the expelling of all police and officials, came after the death in Party custody of Xue Jinbo. He was a Wukan resident who had served as a negotiator with authorities ...

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