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  • Powered by an air-compressor, the Einszett Tornador Gun is a pneumatically operated suction spray gun which very finely atomises cleaning fluid and swirls it under high pressure. It removes dirt quickly and guarantees lower consumption of the. — “APM Petrides & Sons Ltd Cyprus - Einszett Tornador Gun”,
  • Definition of Atomises with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. — “Atomises: Definition with Atomises Pictures and Photos”,
  • ChillBooster is an adiabatic air cooling system for use on chillers and drycoolers, for all air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.ChillBooster atomises water into very fine droplets that evaporate spontaneously, cooling the. — “CAREL UK Ltd - chillbooster adiabatic air cooling system”,
  • Articles and daily resources about aftershave, perfume spray and popular perfume Web . LATEST ARTICLES. How To Use The Perfume And Fragrance. Since earliest history, the perfume has always been a part of human culture. It is used on hair, body with oil, flower, herb extract. — “Guide and resources about perfume spray, discount perfume and”,
  • We found 3 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word atomises: on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "atomises" is defined. — “Definitions of atomises - OneLook Dictionary Search”,
  • Asus Atomises Eee PC. By Mendelson Tiu | Thursday | 19/06/2008. Asus is set to roll out a new Eee PC that will run on Intel’s new Atom processor, making the †̃world’s easiest PC’ perform better than ever. Click to enlarge. The Eee PC 901. — “Asus Atomises Eee PC - Smarthouse”, .au
  • Founded by Gary Young in 1993, Young Living Essential Oils is world renowned for exceptionally high- quality essential oils, dietary supplements, personal care products, and other unique products for healthy lifestyles Young Living's Ultrasonic Diffuser atomises cold water and essential. — “Young Living Essential Oils”,
  • Acarines, Affordable, Assigns, Atomises, Attorney, Blank, Dale, Diagram, Dining, Essayist, Ford, Great, Grille, Haemostasis, Happen, History, Hoping, Lacked, Letters, Many. — “Misseats Glossary - ”,
  • [edit] Verb. atomises. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of atomise. atomises" Categories: English third-person singular forms | French verb forms. Personal. — “atomises - Wiktionary”,
  • Upon inhalation, liquid nicotine held in the nicotine cartridge is drawn into the atomisation chamber which is powered by the battery, this atomises the liquid resulting in the user drawing nicotine propylene glycol vapour into their lungs. The. — “i-fags | Electronic Cigarettes | UK”, i-
  • The carburetter proportions and atomises the right amount of petrol with the air that is drawn in by the engine because of the correct proportions of jet sizes and the main choke bore. The float chamber maintains a constant level of fuel at the jets and cuts off the supply when the engine stops. — “Klempfs British Parts - AMAL Carburetter Guide”,
  • Atomises definition, to reduce to atoms. See more. — “Atomises | Define Atomises at ”,
  • Asus Atomises Eee PC. By Mendelson Tiu | Thursday | 19/06/2008. Asus is set to roll out a new Eee PC that will run on Intel's new Atom processor, making the world's easiest PC' perform better than ever. Click to enlarge. The Eee PC 901 will make. — “Asus Atomises Eee PC - Channel News”, .au
  • English Translation for Atomises - German-English Dictionary. — “ | Atomises | English Dictionary”,
  • Avatar director James Cameron is growing increasingly concerned over the impending hurricane season in the Gul If you got oil coming up to the surface, the hurricane atomises the surface, picks it up in the wind, and drives it in land. — “Cameron Fears Hurricane Affecting Oil Spill Clean-Up - Female”,
  • This Ocean Breeze 480ml Air Freshner is a high quality air freshener aerosol which atomises instant This Springtime 480ml Air Freshner is a high quality air freshener aerosol which atomises instantly. — “THALI Outlet - Latest Disposable Catering Supplies Leeds”,
  • Definition of atomises in the Medical Dictionary. atomises explanation. Information about atomises in Free online English dictionary. What is atomises? Meaning of atomises medical term. What does atomises mean?. — “atomises - definition of atomises in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Definition of atomises in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of atomises. Pronunciation of atomises. Translations of atomises. atomises synonyms, atomises antonyms. Information about atomises in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “atomises - definition of atomises by the Free Online”,
  • atomise - definition, usage, synonyms, thesaurus Definition of Options|Tips. 1. [ v] break up into small particles ; "the fine powder had been atomized by air". Usage: "He atomises it" ; "This atomises it" Synonyms [ atomize ] Broader. — “atomise (definition)”,
  • UK Distributor of Airbrushes, airbrush parts, airbrush supplies and compressors. Buy online Iwata, Paasche, Badger and Premi-Air. Support and repair service. An Iwata airbrush atomises well at lower air pressures, giving you more control, less overspray and the choice of using quieter and smaller air. — “Airbrushes, Airbrush supplies and compressors, UK”,
  • No results found for "atomises" Encarta® World English Dictionary Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. — “atomises definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • There is currently no software available which atomises rapidshare downloads. I'm afraid you'll have to just do it yourself for now, unless you want to make the program yourself!. — “Is there a program that???? RAPIDSHARE QUESTION?”,
  • atombat atomises all who stand in his way. Destruction never looked as cool as it does on atombat atomises all who stand in his way. Destruction never looked as cool as it does on this awesome and highly desireble site mascot. — “Design on 31 Unique Products - ”,
  • Requires a PDF viewer such as GSview, Xpdf or Adobe Acrobat The outstanding results show that during the ablation process, ZnO atomises into Zn and O. In the vacuum regime we have shown. — “Field emission of ZnO nano-structures produced by laser”,

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  • Synergy Grill tested in Egham Restaurant Restaurant owner tests out the new Synergy Grill which atomises all fats to give healthy, fast delivery, gas saving, space saving,perfect grilled foods from synergygrill- and it needs NO fat tray! Like going from a propellor to a jet... but in grills. If you're interested in being involved with this revolutionary new cooking technology, then just contact us on
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  • Talos Missile Handling, Cruiser Installation 0800049 - The Defense Atomic Support Agency Presents Technical Training Film Bulletin Number 45, Part II - Talos Missile Handling, Cruiser Installation - No Date - 13:00 - Black&White and Color - The Talos missile, fired from a Navy Cruiser, could carry either a conventional or nuclear warhead. The Mark 30 warhead was designed specifically for Talos. The video shows the warhead being tested and mated with the missile. The missile was then stored until it was connected with the booster. After it was checked out and the wings and fins were installed, the missile was ready to be fired. The Talos had the capability to destroy air or surface targets. -From DOE NNSA/NSO Historical Test Films
  • Let's Play Pokemon Leaf Green 24 - Adventures in Celadon Gym Me and my friend Atomis come to the city for our next badge! Will we complete it, or will the feminist force of the Celadon Gym stop us in our tracks! Also, this video was recorded 2 weeks ago. Sorry bout the delay. One More Thing! A friend of mine has an idea for a new something something in Grand Chase! Subscribe for more info on this development as it happens!
  • Atomis structure- Mucho Ravens Inc I'm just uploading this incase the disk doesn't work when we come to present this project. Basically it is a little movie about atomic structure and electronic configuration. Anyone doing an additional science GCSE may be helped by this. ***x
  • That'so autospray tanning That'so uses exclusively patented MicroCore Technology to apply the self tan solution: the ultimate delivery system for self tanning products that allows an application time of just 6 seconds for an intense and natural looking tan. The Microcore Technology is used with a patented electrostatic system, which attracts the atomised solution directly to the body, beautifully and evenly. 4 self cleaning nozzles atomise for complete and even coverage with almost no overspray. The application is perfect, using less solution and leaving a cleaner cabin. The open design of the unit enhances the quality of the session... no claustrophobia, just the pleasure to wear a tan. The TS 765 A Autospray is easy to use, and completely automatic: a voice guides the customer through the session, from the choice of tanning level, to the spray session, until the final drying session.
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  • DC Norris - Jet Cook - The Fastest Cooking System! For the cooking of Soups, Sauces, Ready Meals, Rice, Pasta, Dressings, Dips, Ethnic Foods, Jams & Desserts Products are cooked and heated at incredible speeds using the new invessel Jet Cooking System which atomises steam to extract the maximum energy. Whilst REDUCING COSTS and PRODUCTION TIMES, customers can also expect to retain a high quality product with enhanced taste, texture and appearance. Benefits: High Quality Product Great Taste, Texture, Appearance Reduced Costs Reduced Cleaning Times Elimination of Burnon Total Incorporation of Powder Ingredients No noise pollution
  • BONEY M in petrosani with lasers Boney M in petrosani with our lasers, the concert was in stadium jiul and hosted by Alin Simota of Atomis International.
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  • Russian power CSKA's first smile was an easy walk against AJ
  • Disifin Animal Surface Disinfectant Spray Presentation Part 1 Wherever animals are kept, viruses and bacteria can not only lead to serious diseases, but also to considerable drops in yield through increasing germ pressure. The most effective prevention is offered by a disinfectant that is safe and easy to handle. DISIFIN® Animal in its concentrated form, acts quickly and reliably, and more than meets modern requirements for effective disinfection. The tablet form prevents over-dosing or under-dosing; simply dissolve in water and flush, spray or atomise. DISIFIN® Animal is absolutely neutral in taste and smell, thus increasing the animals' well being, and is 100% biodegradable, draining away clearly and without leaving residue. VETERINARY PRACTICE Where the most diverse breeds of animal carry the most varied pathogenic germs, a really special disinfectant is required, which will not only reliably prevent microbial contamination, but is also gentle on working surfaces and materials. DISIFIN® Animal attacks only what it is intended to, and that is microorganisms. All surfaces, such as wood, metal and plastic are completely protected by DISIFIN® Animal, which destroys even the most persistent micro-organisms in next to no time, thus ensuring reliable protection against infectious animal diseases for humans too. HORSE KEEPING Wherever animals are accommodated in unheated stables, a disinfectant is required which offers optimum protection and complete efficacy at all temperature ranges. DISIFIN® Animal masters its tasks in this field with ...
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  • Fischerspooner - Sweetness Sweetness Artist: Fischerspooner Album: #1 (2003) Lyrics Violence Paints the sky Was a fearsome joy Shooting blazing bursting Now Im pouring sweetness That I served inside Was this profusion And [wanted] it fills me up Was this profusion And [wanted] it fills me up And I going And Im coming in now And I feel it Cannot be nowhere now And I go Here I am Where I go? I Cannot say You are me and you are where I am You smashed a hornets nest They swarm around inside They hope to seek revenge Slowly suffocate In a bliss fragrance my core atomises Deep in me gardenias bloom (Pop!) For you Splendid confusion Hornets swarm inside Pounds against refusion Splendid confusion And I'm going And Im coming in now And I feel it Cannot be nowhere now And I go Here I am Where I go? I Cannot say You are me and you are where I am
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  • Atomis Wave Hyperspin WIP No themes yet , just the running config.
  • Jamie Lidell atomise la Rock Shool Barbey ! Bordeaux-France - Rock School Barbey - 15 04 2008 -
  • Uropa - Burco Synergy Chargrill - Natural & Propane gas (CE361-N/P) Unique chargrill system which atomises natural cooking fats. As food cooks, the natural fats drop off and are then completely atomized and misted back through the food leading to even moist cooking and no fat deposits. Can be switched off between uses as retains heat and less fat build up reduces the risk of fire. Includes cast hot plate, wire cooking grid, and splashback.
  • My first news story I did on the Local Band Atomis in Calgary
  • C 99 English fuel economy 10% LESS FUEL NEEDED. Stop your money going a up in smoke. C 99 English fuel economy, C 99 eliminates carbon from piston rings and top head,from valves, combustion chambers and air intake manifold. Protects and extends catalytic converters life span. Maintains new engines for optimum Performance. Anti-bacterial - Anti-alguae Reduces dirt and separates agglomerates present in diesel storage tanks and car fuel tanks. Reduce maintenance costs Reduce the noise of knocking Reduce air pollution Increase the performance of your vehicle
  • Atomise - `Walk With Me` Walk With Me is another recent work of dubsteb (2011) with that basschurning edge from Atomise in Prague (Jarda Bednar and Gary Rostock). Dubstep with a soul. Music: Bednar Lyrics and Voice: Rostock Video Editing: Rostock
  • NGBC - Ray~Tundra Vs. Geese Howard Match 1: Hanzo/Athena Vs Washizuka/Kisarah Match 2: Mr.Big/Geese Vs K'/Asura Match 3: Tung Fu Rue/Ai Vs Kaede/Washizuka
  • Secret Story 4 Thomas le relou.avi Thomas atomise Anthony !
  • PSI Titanium Melting and Levitation This video shows Titanium being melted and then levitated using magnetic induction and a water cooled copper crucible. Visit for more information
  • Atomise - `Atomize Me` Atomize Me is the new work of dubsteb with the guru edge from Atomise in Prague (Jarda Bednar and Gary Rostock). Already receiving airplay and great reviews from Radio1 Cz Rep, this piece is a hypnotic, harmonic whirl of sentiment and electronica with a video to match its pulse. Music: Bednar Lyrics and Voice: Rostock Video Editing: Rostock
  • NBC SMX Vs Ray~Tundra Mr Karate/Robert Vs Shermie/Kaede Hanzo/Fuuma Vs Terry/Rock
  • Atomise - `Man On Fire` (Desire Mix) Atomise`s new MOF film - Josef Sedlon, one of the Czech Republic`s best and respected DJs, has described this track as `beautiful` and one of his tracks of the year. Electronica with a heart. All Music: Jarda Bednar, Vocals and Lyrics: Gary Rostock, Film Editing: Roman Krupa (Guru Guitar Honza Glos)
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  • “Moss Motors, Ltd Forum cool stuff for cool cars. Whats genius about suck through systems is you dont need intercoolers as the fuel atomises in the air cooling everything down”
    — Moss Motors, Ltd - Re: Supercharger on a 5 main bearing 66,

  • “Indian Car Blog - . Automobile car industry posts, car news, new car launches and car reviews. The high pressure in the common rail ensures that upon injection, the fuel atomises to a very high degree and mixes consistently with the air, thereby leaving minimal”
    — Indian Car Blog - ,

  • “We use a fogging machine which atomises the product and left in the car with the heater Seems to work quite well, too. The aerosol sprays are a hit and miss affair, quite”
    — Air-con Bacteria | The Back Room Archive | Back Room Forum,

  • “Eurogamer's computer and video game discussion forum atomises due to impotent fury. I had no problem with the first star. Granted I haven't tried the others yet It's the last star and the secret star ;”
    — Super Mario Galaxy - Page 90 - Wii - Forum | ,

  • “hvlp, Fiberglass, Fabrication, and Interiors Forum, Fiberglass Kick Panels, Subwoofer Enclosures, Plexiglas, Fabrics, Materials, Finishes, etc. The Air cap then atomises the paint and sprays a much softer fan. Most HVLP guns work off between 9 and 15cfm. You are talking about the difference”
    — hvlp, the12

  • “JULIA BARD (2007) Faith Schools: minorities, boundaries, representation and control, FORUM, 49(3), 277-280. http:///10.2304/forum.2007.49.3.277 Government claims, increasing the number of religious schools atomises and isolates communities, stifles debate and marginalises complex”
    — Faith Schools: minorities, boundaries, representation and,

  • “Description est une société de Distribution Française, aujourd'hui leader sur Internet. 650 personnes travaillent chaque jour”
    — CDISCOUNT : N°1 de la vente de DVD, Informatique, - Forum PC,

  • “"High-concept war film" is not a phrase that inspires confidence. If "Restrepo" and "The Hurt Locker" are any indication, critics like war films to come with a minimum of artsy futzing. Both of those”
    — WAR UNDER A MICROSCOPE | More Intelligent Life,

  • “As an afterthought, I added a pointer to a recent blog post from Richard Wallis: One Step at a Time. you will know if you have visited WriteToReply, these theme atomises documents so that each paragraph has a separate URL, and”
    — , the blog,

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