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  • World Sites Atlas features a collection of maps of world regions, countries, and states as well as destination guides for tourists. — “World Sites Atlas”,
  • Home of the Atlas line of Welding Positioners, Pipemates, Jack Stands and Weld Chipping Atlas Welding Accessories. Introducing U.S. Made Torches. DHC 2000. Oxy/Acetylene Welding. and Cutting Torch Kit. DHC 2000. Oxy/Acetylene Welding. — “Atlas Welding Manufacturing Home Page”,
  • World Atlas is an educational resource for world maps, atlases, and in-depth geography information. Teachers and students: free maps of Europe, USA, Canada, Florida, Caribbean Islands and much more. . — “World Atlas including Geography Facts, Maps, Flags”,
  • is your online source for finding cheap Atlas Maps. Quality Atlas Maps at cheap prices. — “Buy Cheap Atlas Maps Online | Atlas Map Shopping Site”,
  • Atlas, a World of Warcraft instance map browser Copyright 2005 - 2010 Dan Gilbert Copyright 2010 Atlas Team Email me at [email protected] About Atlas For some reason, Blizzard decided to include beautiful. — “Atlas - Addons - Curse”,
  • atlas Collection of maps or charts, usually bound together. The name derives from a custom — initiated by Gerardus Mercator in the 16th century. — “Atlas: Information from ”,
  • Capital : New Delhi. 23.30 | 26° Loading Atlas. Help. Feedback. Products. . Mobile Solution. Route Planner. Gas Prices. Solutions and Technology. Developer Network. Licensed Solutions. API Demos. Additional Information. About MapQuest. Press and Media. Advertising Opportunities. Careers. — “MapQuest Atlas - Home”,
  • Web-based mapping and searching: the geospatial web revolution, simplified. — “Atlas - Fresh Logic Studios”,
  • An award-winning Cincinnati web design company, Atlas designs world class websites, develops ecommerce solutions and content management systems, creates dynamic interactive applications, provides redundant client web hosting, and helps manage seo. — “Cincinnati Web Designer, Cincinnati Web Developer, Cincinnati”,
  • Atlas definition, a bound collection of maps. See more. a Titan, son of Iapetus and brother of Prometheus and Epimetheus, condemned to support the sky on his shoulders: identified by the ancients with the Atlas Mountains. 2. a person who supports a heavy burden; a mainstay. 3. — “Atlas | Define Atlas at ”,
  • The official outreach page for the ATLAS Experiment at CERN The ATLAS detector is searching for new discoveries in the head-on collisions of protons of extraordinarily high energy. — “ATLAS Experiment”,
  • Definition of Atlas in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of Atlas. Pronunciation of Atlas. Translations of Atlas. Atlas synonyms, Atlas antonyms. Information about Atlas in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. road atlas, natacha. — “Atlas - definition of Atlas by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • The ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software) project is an ongoing research effort focusing on applying empirical techniques in order to provide portable performance. If you download the software, it is critically important that you check the ATLAS errata file. — “Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software (ATLAS)”, math-
  • Use MapQuest for driving directions and maps. See local traffic and road conditions, find nearby businesses and restaurants, plus explore street maps and satellite photos. — “MapQuest Maps - Driving Directions - Map”,
  • Atlas Pipeline is a full service midstream company providing reliable gas gathering, compression, processing and treating services to its customers. — “Atlas Pipeline - Midstream Natural Gas | Atlas Pipeline | Home”,
  • For 60 years, Atlas has been a leader in the world of model railroading. Atlas has a proud reputation as a family-owned business and is well-known for quality and excellence. — “Atlas Model Railroad Company”,
  • Online store offering digital and paper worldwide maps, travel accessories, atlases, driving directions, and more. — “”,
  • The Wikimedia Atlas of the World is an organized and commented collection of geographical, political and historical maps available at Wikimedia Commons. Discuss • Update the atlas • Content and Index of the AtlasAtlas in categories • Other atlases on line. — “Atlas of Argentina - Wikimedia Commons”,
  • An atlas is a collection of maps; it is typically a map of Earth or a region of Earth, but there are atlases of the other planets (and their satellites) in the solar system. Atlases have traditionally been bound into book form, but today many atlases are in multimedia formats. — “Atlas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • World Atlas with links to regional, country, and state maps. — “World Atlas: Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East”,
  • Interactive map of the world featuring detailed maps for each continent, world region, and various ocean floors. — “World Altas”,

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  • Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox - Walkabout (Music Video) Music video made for the amazing song Walkabout. A collab with Bradford Cox and Panda Bear! Stock footage from
  • 'Atlas Hands' Official Video (HD) - Benjamin Francis Leftwich Buy here The official music video for 'Atlas Hands' the lead track from 'A Million Miles Out' EP by Benjamin Francis Leftwich released on October 25th 2010.
  • Natacha Atlas - Gafsa [music video] Enjoy the video. Took me a long time to make it. Beautiful song, beautiful movie. And btw, please rate and share the video. Thanx! ps Can anyone tell me what does "Gafsa" mean?
  • Massive Attack - Atlas Air (Heligoland)
  • Atlas Shrugged: The Documentary In this trailer for an upcoming documentary, see why Atlas Shrugged continues to have a major impact on American society fifty years after its publication.
  • John Stossel Fox Business 01-07-10 Atlas Shrugged 1 of 6 John Stossel on Fox Business Channel. Thurs, Jan 7, 2010. Atlas Shrugged Special.
  • Battles - Atlas (from the album Mirrored) Music video for the single 'Atlas' by Battles. The track is taken from their debut full-length album 'Mirrored', out now on Warp Records. http
  • Natasha Atlas - Mon amie la rose Natasha Atlas
  • Battles - Atlas (3-30-07, Empty Bottle, Chicago) Rainbo Video presents BATTLES - ATLAS Live 3-30-07 Empty Bottle Chicago Camera: Rainbo Video & Chris Prost Directed & Edited by Rainbo Video Entire concert available here: - RV
  • Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, Ed Snider Speech At the forum celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. Ed Snider, Chairman of Comcast Spectacor gives his impressions on meeting and working with Rand and his thoughts on objectivism as it relates to the modern world.
  • Battles on Later! Battles - Atlas (live on Later! with Jools Holland)
  • Atlas Shrugged Trailer Demand Atlas Shrugged to your town: The Official Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer. Atlas Shrugged Part 1 opens in theaters April 15th, 2011. Sign up for the Atlas Newsletter: facebook: twitter:
  • Atlas Plug - Truth Be Known Atlas Plug - Truth Be Known Available through the Fixt (.com) store
  • Massive Attack - Atlas Air Music video by Massive Attack performing Atlas Air. (P) 2010 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Virgin Records Ltd
  • Atlas Shrugged Movie Clip: Henry Rearden Comes Home Demand Atlas Shrugged to your town: In response to the overwhelming reception, and seemingly endless debate, accompanying the unveiling of the Atlas Shrugged Movie trailer, we are proud to share with you this very special clip pulled directly from the film. The scene shows steel maven, Henry Rearden (Grant Bowler), giving his wife Lillian (Rebecca Wisocky) a gift made from his controversial new metal. Sign up for the Atlas Newsletter: facebook: twitter:
  • Atlas Shrugged Movie Trailer This movie trailer of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged is FAN-MADE... which means it is NOT real. It "stars" Michelle Monaghan as Dagny Taggart, Jeff Bridges as Hank Rearden, Brad Pitt as Ragner Danneskjöld, Javier Bardem as Francisco D'Anconia and Patrick Dempsey as John Galt.
  • ATLAS - Episode 1 -A New Hope ATLAS, A New Hope is the first episode in a three part series that uncovers the mysteries of the ATLAS experiment. A DVD containing Episode 1, Episode 2, the ATLAS movie and "From Virtual World to Real World" in higher resolution can be obtained at
  • Carter Emmart demos a 3D atlas of the universe For the last 12 years, Carter Emmart has been coordinating the efforts of scientists, artists and programmers to build a complete 3D visualization of our known universe. He demos this stunning tour and explains how it's being shared with facilities around the world.TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes. Featured speakers have included Al Gore on climate change, Philippe Starck on design, Jill Bolte Taylor on observing her own stroke, Nicholas Negroponte on One Laptop per Child, Jane Goodall on chimpanzees, Bill Gates on malaria and mosquitoes, Pattie Maes on the "Sixth Sense" wearable tech, and "Lost" producer JJ Abrams on the allure of mystery. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and TEDTalks cover these topics as well as science, business, development and the arts. Closed captions and translated subtitles in a variety of languages are now available on , at http Watch a highlight reel of the Top 10 TEDTalks at
  • Modest Mouse Live - Trucker's Atlas part 1 of 7 Modest Mouse - Trucker's Atlas 1998-09-23 RKCNDY Seattle, WA I synced a lossless SBD audio over the video because the video audio was very distorted. I think everything synced up right. Enjoy. Edit: Since I only see negative comments on here now I'm going to disable the comments. 12/07/2008. Update: Comments have now been enabled. 02/09/2011
  • Atlas Graffiti Documentary Los Angeles by moonlight. We go out painting with legendary Los Angeles Graffiti Artist, Atlas One. He talks about growing up, and painting in East Los Angeles. Featuring music by The Antarcticans, The Burning Softies, Pure Pleaser, and Aquaflesh. Originally appeared in issue #2 of The West Video Magazine. ©2006 East of the Angels
  • Battles - Atlas Artist: Battles Song: Atlas Album: Mirrored Lyrics People won't be people when they hear this sound That's been glowing in the dark at the edge of town People won't be people, no The people won't be people when they hear this sound Won't you show me what begins at the edge of town The singer is a crook The singer is a crook The singer is a crook The singer is a crook The kitchen is the cook The scissors are the barbers The singer is a crook The chorus, full of actors* *The chorus doesn't matter (last verse)
  • natacha atlas-gafsa the song "gafsa" by natacha atlas - from the album "halim"
  • Natacha Atlas -Amulet song from Natacha Atlas Amulet video clip
  • Natacha Atlas - I Put A Spell On You great cover
  • ATLAS experiment assembly Time lapse video of the ATLAS cavern during construction. This shows the cavern in which the ATLAS experiment is being assembled since 2003. The LHC and ATLAS are due to turn on in September 2008. Thank you to the ATLAS Eye. Some more facts at: trash-
  • Fanfarlo | Atlas [official video] This is the music video for "Atlas" by Fanfarlo (us). We shot it backstage at the Enmore Theatre while on tour in Australia. Edited by the eminent Brian Gonzalez (). http PS Lyrics to Atlas and all our songs can be found here:
  • Atlas Sound w. Noah Lennox - Walkabout From the upcoming album LOGOS. (Release Oct 20, Kranky)
  • ATLAS - Episode 2 -The Particles Strike Back (Part 1) ATLAS, The Particles Strike Back is the second episode in a three part series that uncovers the mysteries of the ATLAS experiment. Don't forget to watch Part 2 of Episode 2! A DVD containing Episode 1, Episode 2, the ATLAS movie and "From Virtual World to Real World" in higher resolution can be obtained at
  • Marc Romboy vs Stephan Bodzin - Atlas
  • Truckers Atlas - Modest Mouse The TwelfthSong From The Album " The Lonesome Crowded West ". Also i didn't put any pictures besides the album cover because it would be kind of pointless and also it saves you time! Song List 1.Teeth Like Gods Shoeshine 2.Heart Cooks Brain 3.Convenient Parking 4.Lounge (Closing Time) 5.Jesus Christ Was An Only Child 6.Doing The ***roach 7.Cowboy Dan 8.Trailer Trash 9.Out Of Gas 10.Long Distance Drunk 11.*** Luck 12.Truckers Atlas 13.Polar Opposites 14.Bankrupt On Selling 15.Styrofoam Boots\It's All Nice On Ice, Alright i didn't write any of these songs! nor do i claim i did, i paid for the album (unlike some people) and all of that other legal You Tube Stuff
  • Atlas Is Shrugging Millions of Tea Party supporters have rallied over the past two years, many have brought with them signs like those above—referencing Atlas Shrugged. As you rally on April 15th for your local Tax Day protest, I urge you to go see this important film. The film is set in a not-so-distant future in which government has taken control of the means of production, bureaucrats have impose harmful regulations on businesses and turmoil in the Middle East has sent oil prices skyrocketing. Sound familiar?
  • The ATLAS Experiment - Mapping the Secrets of the Universe 1 Part 1 of 2 This award winning film gives a glimpse behind the scenes of building the ATLAS detector. It asks: * Why are so many physicists anxious to build this apparatus? * Will they be able to answer fundamental questions such as: Where does mass come from? * Why does the universe have so little antimatter? * Are there extra dimensions of space that are hidden from our view? * Is there an underlying theory to find? Major surprises are likely in this unknown part of physics. A DVD containing Episode 1, Episode 2, the ATLAS movie and "From Virtual World to Real World" in higher resolution can be obtained at
  • Massive Attack - Marakesh (Atlas Air) (Moscow) 14 october 2009 Luzhniki
  • Atlas Sound - Quick c*** (featuring Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab) from Atlas Sound Logos album with Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab on vocals. Thanks to Samuel Strang and 4AD this has become the "approved" video for Quick C*** and can be viewed on their website 4 Video is from "American look" pt. 1 and 2 used under the Creative Commons public domain licensing
  • The ATLAS Boogie The "Canettes Blues Band" performs an original piece about the ATLAS Experiment.
  • *SPOILER* Portal 2 STORYMODE COOP (GLaDOS vs. P-Body + Atlas) Coop mode working in Portal 2 Storymode. Here's what you'll need: This zip contains the "fixed" commentary files for 36/64 singleplayer maps. I'll fix more maps in the future but for now this should do it. To use them, just extract the contents of the zip in your portal2\maps folder, host a coop game and when in the lobby open the console, type "commentary 1" and then "changelevel *map*" (replace *map* with a singleplayer level of your choice). Later on I'll edit the lobby so that you can choose singleplayer maps from there. Notes: Sometimes you might get stuck, just enable cheats and use noclip. The host will not be able to move until the other player connects, don't worry. If you notice that both players can't move then it means that the level is not fixed yet. After you've hosted a singleplayer map, if you try to create a coop session, your partner will disconnect with a "#Valve_Hidden_Game" error. Just restart the game and it should be alright.
  • Battles-Atlas [email protected] Jools Holland
  • On the Set of Atlas Shrugged: 53 Years in the Making Many actors and producers have talked about adapting Ayn Rand's classic Atlas Shrugged for the big screen, but 53 years after its publication no one has dared tackle the ambitious project—until now. heads to the set of Atlas Shrugged Part One to offer viewers a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse of this most anticipated film. Director Paul Johansson (One Tree Hill) and Grant Bowler (Lost, True Blood, Ugly Betty), who plays Henry Rearden, discuss the perils, pressures, and pleasure involved in telling the epic tale of a society where the "men of the mind" go on strike and refuse to contribute to a collectivist world. Produced by Ted Balaker and Hawk Jensen. Camera by Austin Bragg and Hawk Jensen. Production support by Sam Corcos. Music: "Eu Nao Sabia" by Anamar available from Magnatune Records. Approximately 5.3 minutes. Go to for downloadable HD, iPod, and audio versions of this and all our videos and subscribe to's YouTube channel to receive automatic notification when new material goes live.
  • Fanfarlo, "Atlas" Fanfarlo plays a stripped down acoustic set at the SPIN HQ in NYC on December 18, 2009
  • Atlas Air Cargo Movie Nice video capturing the life of a "Freight Dog" aboard the B747-200 Jumbo of Atlas Air Cargo. Thanks Ed "Saber" Shipley (Copyright he runs ) who heads up "Heritage Flight" which perform displays at airshows using Warbirds and current USAF aircraft. His F-86 formerly belonged to Apollo Astronaut Frank Borman. See more here:
  • Atlas Shrugged - Now in Theaters Atlas Shrugged is now in theaters: Sign up for the Atlas Newsletter: facebook: twitter:

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  • “Travel Blog for insider travel Tips, Specials, News and everything travel ! Were I to list all the stops and sights, this article would read like an atlas: Tozeur, Kairouan, Ksar Ghilane, Douz, Sousse, Gafsa and more!”
    — Travel Blog :: Travel news, advice and deals,

  • “These days, most people working on ATLAS spend most of their time above ground — in the 28. 29. 30. Control Room. Welcome, Guest. Register. Log in. ATLAS Control Room Blog is powered”
    ATLAS Control Room Blog,

  • “ is a surfing community providing information on surfing locations, surf travel and surf forecasts. Register today”
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  • “We have created a new blog site - please visit us at http://. From RPoldrack about nine months ago. (0 About the Cognitive Atlas. The Cognitive Atlas is a collaborative knowledge building project that aims to”
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  • “This blog will focus on topics related to the role of informatics in cognitive neuroscience, as well as updates and highlights regarding the Cognitive Atlas project”
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  • “You are here: Home " Blog. Fractured Atlas Blog. Latest Posts | Archives | Subscribe: About Fractured Atlas. Fractured Atlas is a non-profit organization that serves a national community of artists and arts”
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  • “I know it is rare to see a non-dessert table on this blog, but as soon as I saw this fruit and veggie table by Esther Kim of My I shared on my blog and linked back! "Oh my gosh – how can I download”

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