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  • Atheists are happy to admit their mistakes - except they don't make mistake because they're atheists. People who convert to Islam or Buddhism do so for philosophical or cultural reasons: people who become atheists do so because they got picked on in high school. — “Atheist - Encyclopedia Dramatica”,
  • Atheists definition, a person who denies or disbelieves the existence of a supreme being or beings. See more. — “Atheists | Define Atheists at ”,
  • an open and welcoming community for atheists and atheist-friendly people We are an open organisation led by a Committee whose job it is to enable us all to express ourselves as atheists and atheist friendly people, do good community work and have fun. Major activities in the pipeline. — “Welcome | Sydney Atheists”,
  • In the 18th century David Hume and Immanuel Kant, though not atheists, argued against traditional proofs for God's existence, making belief a matter of faith alone. Atheists such as Ludwig Feuerbach held that God was a projection of human ideals. — “atheism: Definition from ”,
  • atheists: People who lack belief in a god or gods. From the Greek: 'atheos' a+theos "without god" or godless. — “Urban Dictionary: atheists”,
  • And there's a great irony in this because many atheists are also diehard evolution proponents whose mission it is to trace back through time what man has evolved from – back to the very moments after the Big Bang. Atheists are content to start with the Big Bang and work from there. — “”,
  • Atheism and Why do Atheists State They Disbelieve? Atheists claim there are two main reasons for their denial of the existence of Since 1979, many atheists have followed Bradlaugh's thinking further and stated that. — “Atheism - Conservapedia”,
  • I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the is not a registered non-profit organization. Donations to are not tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. Help. — “Darwin Bedford, Atheist Messiah, Destroyer of Faith, and”,
  • Our meetings and membership are open and all are welcome, (both nonbelievers and believers), atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, secularists, skeptics, humanists, separation-of-church/state advocates, and individuals who are questioning and searching beliefs. NYC Atheists Bus Campaign. — “New York City Atheists”, nyc-
  • Atheists attribute all inexplicable phenomena as her doing, such as helping embryos to develop, pushing the Earth around the sun and keeping all physical constants at the right value. Another argument that atheists cite is that Athe is so unspeakably great, perfect, ***y and spiritually. — “Atheism - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia”,
  • All theists are atheists in the sense that they deny the existence of Atheists make up only 1.6% of the adult population; that's fewer than 5 million atheists in the U.S. and are outnumbered by Christians by about 50 to 1. In 2008, the American Religious Identification Survey found that since the. — “atheism - The Skeptic's Dictionary - ”,
  • This is the official site of the American Atheists, an organization that defends the civil rights of Atheists, and calls for the total, absolute separation of church and state. — “American Atheists”,
  • Atheism often buttresses its case on science, yet many modern scientists, far from being atheists, have argued that science is not incompatible with theism. Some traditional religious belief systems are said to be "atheist" or " These atheists may have no opinion regarding the existence of deities,. — “Atheism - New World Encyclopedia”,
  • Guide to Atheism fearturing great quotes, atheist statistics, message board, entertainment guides, atheist multimedia and downloads, videos, music, jokes and much more The Divorce rate among atheists and agnostics is 21% vs. 30% for Jews, 27% for Born again Christians, and 24% for other Christians. — “Atheist Empire”,
  • Atheism is not a moral stance or a moral choice, and individuals (including theists and atheists) adopt morals from their surrounding culture according to their own conscience. 1.2. Is Atheism a Religion to Some People? Some people argue that non-religious atheists are actually religious. — “Atheism and Secularism”,
  • Explicit weak/negative/soft atheists (in blue on the right) reject or eschew belief that There is also a position claiming that atheists are quick to believe in God in times of crisis, that atheists make deathbed conversions, or that "there are no atheists in foxholes."[47] Some proponents of this. — “Atheism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • If atheists only read & studied the bible, they'd be Christians 1.9 Atheists are just angry at or rebelling against God. 1.10 It's better to believe in God just in case he is real rather than risk going to Hell. 1.11 Atheists are trying to use science to disprove God's. — “Misconceptions about atheists - FreeThoughtPedia”,
  • Helps groups of people with shared interests plan meetings and form offline clubs in local communities around the world about Atheists. — “Atheists Meetup Groups - Atheists Meetups”,
  • Hello and welcome to "Atheists for Jesus." The main purpose of this site is to provide a place for religious and non-religious people of good will to come together to discuss various subjects relating to the life and teaching's of Jesus of Nazareth. — “Atheists for Jesus”, atheists-for-
  • This is the belief promoted by the American Atheists and many individual Atheists. There exists massive discrimination against Atheists in the U.S. — “Atheism: Belief in No God, or No Belief in God”,
  • Atheists Online - Atheism Products & Merchandise: Atheist Shirts & Stickers: T Shirt & Bumper Sticker Catalog - Blasphemy at Low as Hell? prices! Atheist Shirts: Evil Atheist Shirts, Offensive Atheist Shirts, Agnostic Atheist Shirts, Infidel Atheist Shirts & Heretic Atheist Shirts. — “Atheists Online - Atheist T-Shirts, Stickers & Atheism”, atheists-

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  • “Will they, like the bishops of old, continue to support the miserable public educational system which atheizes our youth? Enable CommentLuv which will try and parse your last blog post, please be patient while it finds it for you”
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  • “Rubber Band Beliefs Build Your Own Arcade Controls Forum > Main > Everything Else > Rubber Band Beliefs. Pages: [1] 2 All Go Down " previous next " Send this topic | Print. Author. Topic: Rubber Band Beliefs (Read 1073 times) 0 Members and 1 Guest are viewing this topic”
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