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  • Atelectasis is a collapse of lung tissue affecting part or all of one lung. Atelectasis can result from an obstruction (blockage) of the airways that affects tiny air scas called alveoli. — “atelectasis - definition of atelectasis in the Medical”, medical-
  • atelectasis (at-uh-LEK-tuh-sis) Failure of the lung to expand (inflate) completely. This may be caused by a blocked airway, a tumor, general anesthesia, pneumonia or other lung infections, lung disease, or long-term bedrest with shallow breathing. Sometimes called a collapsed lung. — “Definition of atelectasis - NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms”,
  • Although frequently described as a collapse of lung tissue, atelectasis is not synonymous with a pneumothorax, which is a more specific condition that features atelectasis. Acute atelectasis may occur as a post-operative complication or as a result of surfactant deficiency. — “Atelectasis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • List of 22 disease causes of Atelectasis, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Atelectasis. Diagnostic checklist, medical tests, doctor questions, and related signs or symptoms for Atelectasis. — “Atelectasis - ”,
  • Overview: The term atelectasis is derived from the Greek words ateles and ektasis, which mean incomplete expansion. Atelectasis is defined as diminished volume affecting all or part of a lung. Pulmonary atelectasis is one of the most. — “Atelectasis: eMedicine Pulmonology”,
  • Atelectasis definition, incomplete expansion of the lungs at birth, as from lack of breathing force. See more. — “Atelectasis | Define Atelectasis at ”,
  • Atelectasis is the collapse of part or all of a lung. See also: Pneumothorax In an adult, atelectasis in a small area of the lung is usually not life threatening. — “Atelectasis Information on Healthline”,
  • Atelectasis of the lung can be congenital (present since birth) or acquired (occurring after birth). Collapse of the lung may be acute (obstruction of bronchus by a foreign body) or chronic (compression by lymph nodes surrounding a bronchus, scarring due to repeated infections). — “Atelectasis - Pharmpedia”,
  • Atelectasis — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and causes of partly or completely collapsed lung. — “Atelectasis - ”,
  • Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of Atelectasis Atelectasis - a collapsed or airless state of the lung - may be acute or chronic, and may involve all or part of the lung. — “Atelectasis - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention”,
  • Atelectasis is a condition in which a part or parts of your lungs collapse or don't inflate properly. — “Interstitial lung disease, atelectasis, how the lungs work”,
  • Atelectasis is a condition in which all or part of a lung becomes airless and collapses. Shortness of breath is the only symptom that atelectasis itself causes. — “Atelectasis: Lung and Airway Disorders: Merck Manual Home Edition”,
  • Atelectasis is the collapse of part or all of a lung. See also: Pneumothorax. Alternative Atelectasis. Depending on the severity of the atelectasis, there may be no obvious signs or symptoms. If you do experience signs. — “Atelectasis - Kosmix : Reference, Videos, Images, News”,
  • Atelectasis is the collapse of part or all of a lung.See also: Pneumothorax Partial lung collapse Atelectasis is caused by a blockage of the air passages bronchus or bronchioles or by pressure on t. — “Atelectasis | ”,
  • Atelectasis is caused by a blockage of the air passages (bronchus or bronchioles) or by pressure on the outside of the lung. It is common after surgery, or in patients who were in the hospital. Risk factors for developing atelectasis include: Anesthesia. — “Atelectasis: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia”,
  • Find out how you can prevent Atelectasis from occurring as well as common symptoms and ways to treat it. — “Get Information on Atelectasis Including Causes, Symptoms and”, med-
  • When the alveoli cannot stay open, atelectasis occurs and the lung cannot pass oxygen to the blood. Atelectasis due to surgery should have no long-term effects. — “University of Illinois Medical Center:Health Library”,
  • Atelectasis Symptoms, Treatments and Medications The primary cause of atelectasis is obstruction of the bronchus serving the affected area. — “Atelectasis- Health Encyclopedia and Reference”,
  • Atelectasis. You don't need to be Editor-In-Chief to add or edit content to WikiDoc. You can begin to add to or edit text on this WikiDoc page by clicking on the edit button at the top of this page. Next enter or edit the information that you would like to appear here. — “Atelectasis - wikidoc”,
  • atelectasis n. , pl. , -ses ( ). Total or partial collapse of the lung. A congenital condition characterized by the incomplete expansion of the Obstructive atelectasis may be caused by blockage of a major airway or when pain from abdominal surgery keeps breathing too shallow to clear. — “atelectasis: Definition from ”,
  • Atelectasis. Atelectasis. Atelectasis occurs when there is a lack of gas and oxygen exchange within the alveoli, caused by the alveoli collapsing and being deflated or because of fluid in the lungs; it may affect all or part of an entire lung. — “Atelectasis”,

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