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  • ataghan in on Yahoo! Local Get Ratings & Reviews on ataghan with Photos, Maps, Driving Directions and more. — “ataghan in on Yahoo! Local”,
  • Diablo II Downtime - Nebu. Diablo II will be down September 28, from 10:00 AM PDT until approximately 1:00 PM PDT for Elite Swords (Ataghan: Min Strength, Legend Sword: Min/Max 1h Damage, Highland Blade: Durability, Colossus. — “The Arreat Summit - News”,
  • Professional Conquer Online information platform at MMOsite - http:///, here you can get all the related info about Conquer Online including the lastest events, guides, quests, reborn, rebirth, items, maps, monsters, weapons, Ataghan. — “Items - Blades - Conquer Online - ”,
  • Definition of Ataghan. Ataghan. See Yataghan. Related Definitions: See, Your Favorite Topics: Life Quotes - Love Quotes - Funny Quotes - Friendship Quotes. — “Definition of Ataghan”,
  • Speeds by Class: [-20], Ama, Asn, B, D, N, P - Very Fast, S - Fast * Ataghan may be available for purchase at Lewt. buy diablo 2 items. All base artwork is copyright ©2004 Blizzard Entertainment. All rights reserved. All other images and website are copyright ©2004 D2 Guide. — “D2 Diablo 2 Guide - Diablo 2 Ataghan”, diablo2
  • ataghan - Novice Member Member since May 20, 2007 Last Visit: September 18, 2010 Currently playing: All Points Bulletin Games ataghan wants to play: Have played these games: Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, Dark Age of Camelot, Global Agenda, Lineage 2, Priston Tale,. — “ - Your Headquarters for Online Multiplayer Games”,
  • Ataghan and Mission Cultural Center. — “Ataghan”,
  • Definition of ataghan in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ataghan. Pronunciation of ataghan. Translations of ataghan. ataghan synonyms, ataghan antonyms. Information about ataghan in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “ataghan - definition of ataghan by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Definition of ataghan from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of ataghan. Pronunciation of ataghan. Definition of the word ataghan. Origin of the word ataghan. — “ataghan - Definition of ataghan at ”,
  • ataghan. at·a·ghan. noun. Definition: arms. Same as yataghan. Encarta® World English Dictionary [North American Edition] © & (P)2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. Advertisement. MSN Privacy. Legal. Advertise. Feedback. Help © 2009 Microsoft. — “ataghan definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta”,
  • The Ataghan is the elite version of the Scimitar. It's noticeably more powerful than the original and the first upgrade, but uses the same sprite and inventory icon. — “Ataghan - Diablo 3 Wiki”,
  • At·a·ghan n. See Yataghan. Related Videos: ataghan. Top. Related topics: yataghan. List of English words of Turkic origin. Post a question - any question - to the WikiAnswers community: Copyrights:. — “ataghan: Information from ”,
  • Ataghan definition, yataghan. See more. ataghan or ataghan. —n [C19: from Turkish yataǧan] ataghan (ˈætəˌɡæn) —n. a variant of yataghan. Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. 2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollins. — “Ataghan | Define Ataghan at ”,
  • yeitaghan; sometimes spelled in English " attaghan " and " ataghan " yeitaghan; sometimes spelled in English " attaghan " and " ataghan ". — “YATAGHAN (from Turk. y... - Online Information article about”,
  • The yatagan or yataghan (from Turkish yatağan [1]) is a type of Turkish sword (which The yatagan was extensively used in Turkey and in areas under Turkish influence, such as. — “Yatagan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • 6. Re: The Djinn Slayer Ataghan 08/30/2009 10:40:40 PM PDT 8. Re: The Djinn Slayer Ataghan 08/30/2009 10:48:03 PM PDT. quote reply. Q u o t e: It should have reverted the page to a previous version, which should make most webpages compabitable to view. Ok. And do you have Internet Explorer. — “ - English Forums -> The Djinn Slayer Ataghan”,
  • Archived from groups:, (More info?) USWest, SC, Ladder. I am currently in possession of a Coldsteel Eye (unique cutlass), 247% ED, non-upgraded. I have the Lu I have the Lum and Pul necessary to upgrade it to an ataghan. — “Concentrate barbarian weapon quandry - Games-General”,
  • Find dictionary definitions, audio pronunciations, and spellings for ataghan in the free online American Heritage Dictionary on Yahoo! Education. — “ataghan - Dictionary definition and pronunciation - Yahoo!”,
  • yataghan: Definition and Pronunciation Also,ataghan,yat'a•gan". Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Copyright © 1997, by Random House, Inc., on Infoplease. Yassy. ya-ta-ta. Cite. Print. Email. Bookmark. Add bookmark. Add to — “yataghan: meaning and definitions — ”,
  • ataghan. yatagan [edit] Etymology. From Turkish yatağan,[1] from Old A type of sword used in Muslim countries from the mid-16th to late 19th centuries. 1855, Sir Richard Burton, Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to Al-Madinah & Meccah, Dover 1964, p. 22: The angry-faced official communicated the. — “yataghan - Wiktionary”,
  • ataghan. Ataghan, it turns out, isn't in the free Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, where you just searched. However, it is available in our premium Merriam-Webster Unabridged Dictionary. To see that definition in the Unabridged Dictionary, start your FREE trial now. — “Ataghan - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-

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  • “Explain why below if you wish. Cancel. When the Swiss boys returned home from Africa on Separations piffle medium ataghan obreption degrade trinidad cosmetized. Upchuck”
    — For Swiss Youth, the World Calls - Barbara Golpas - Open Salon,

  • “[Archivio] Lista items only Ladder VtS Clan Diablo II Lord of Destruction Djinn Slayer Ataghan. http:///diablo2exp/images/items/uniques/bloodcrescent.gif. One-Hand Damage: (75-88) To (133-156) (104-122 Avg)”
    — Lista items only Ladder [Archivio] - ProGaming Italia Forum,

  • “[Archive] MLD fury wolf weapons Low Level Dueling unless you can get your paws on a cruel ataghan of quickness with two sockets. The ataghan is just so hard to find, and I'm not”
    — MLD fury wolf weapons [Archive] - Diablo 2 @ Forums,

  • “To the right is a list of Bashiok's posts on the official Diablo III forum that contain relevant info on Diablo III, sorted by month. Some of these posts can be found in Bashiok's list of posts on the old Diablo III forum, list of posts on the”
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  • “Archived from groups:, (More info?) USWest, SC, Ladder. I am currently in possession of a Coldsteel Eye (unique cutlass), 247% ED, non-upgraded. I have the Lu”
    — Concentrate barbarian weapon quandry - Games-General,

  • “ilvls from cube formulas and alvl calculations Ataghan 61 61 31. Elegant Blade 63 63 32. Highland Blade 66 66 33. Hydra Edge 69 69 39. Balrog Blade 71 71 43. Phase Blade 73 73 47”
    — The Lurker Lounge: Diablo II - The Workshop,

  • “does futility insertion jollop -does right leftover gst whenas pst -does pure hanger haploids howbeit [! Ides dulag spots, such ataghan ere could silence adown tea dances is”
    — pivejunのblog,

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