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  • Transmission of action potentials across electric and chemical synapses. iv) Modulatory - modulates the postsynaptic cells response to other synapses. — “Synapses”,
  • Synapses definition, a region where nerve impulses are transmitted and received, encompassing the axon terminal of a neuron that releases neurotransmitters in re See more. — “Synapses | Define Synapses at ”,
  • Chemical synapses are specialized junctions through which the cells of the nervous system signal to each other and to non-neuronal cells such as those in muscles or glands. Chemical synapses allow the neurons of the central nervous system to. — “Synapses - Psychology Wiki”,
  • Synapses Inc. is an innovator in personalized 401(k) education products, 401(k) plan sponsor ***yses, and developer of custom-built business solutions for the retirement services industry. Synapses has earned a reputation for providing results-oriented, custom-built solutions. — “Synapses Inc. - Igniting Connection”,
  • SYNAPSES. The nervous system consists of billions of neurons, each one Synapses on somas are termed axosomatic synapses; those on dendrites are termed. — “Chapter 13 - Synapses”,
  • At chemical synapses, impulses are transmitted across microscopic spaces via chemical substances called neurotransmitters. Electric synapses are found mainly in invertebrates and lower vertebrates; they transmit messages faster than chemical synapses. — “synapse: Definition from ”,
  • At Synapses Adventures' we organize and conduct Mountaineering Expeditions in the Indian Himalayas, River Rafting Expeditions on major Himalayan rivers, Himalayan Treks, Overland Safaris to Ladakh, Cultural and Tribal Tours to North East India,. — “Synapses Adventures, India, Himalayas, Adventure, Expeditions”,
  • When measuring the discharge of the styryl dye FM1–43 from electrically stimulated synapses in rat hippocampal tissue cultures, a strong positive correlation between the number of neighbouring synapses and recycling vesicle pool sizes was observed. — “PLoS ONE: Synapse Clusters Are Preferentially Formed by”,
  • Intended for elementary and secondary school students and teachers who are interested in learning about the nervous system and brain with hands on activities, experiments and information. ending is a dendrite (axodendritic synapse), but synapses can occur on axons (axoaxonic synapse) and cell. — “Neuroscience For Kids - synapse”,
  • There are two types of synapses and the difference is based on how the signal is transmitted from one cell to the next. Electrical synapses are formed when two cells meet and form gap junctions in between their membranes. — “Neuroscience/Cellular Neurobiology/Synapses - Wikibooks”,
  • Synapses are essential to neuronal function: neurons are cells that are specialized to pass signals to individual target cells, and synapses are the means by which they do so. In many synapses, the presynaptic part is located on an axon, but some presynaptic sites are located on a dendrite or soma. — “Synapse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Synapses are specialised interneuronal contacts which can be electrical or chemical. Chemical synapses, in contrast, utilise various substances-neuro­transmitters and neuropeptides-for intercellular communication: this chemical transmission requires a. — “Synapses”,
  • Synapses. The coordination of cellular activities in animals is usually considered to involve. an endocrine system: where the response is to hormones: chemicals secreted into the blood by endocrine glands and carried by the blood to the responding cell. [ Link to introductory page on hormones]. — “Synapses”,
  • Synapses is a Training Consulting Company founded in 1999 in Greece and recently expanded in SE Europe, specializing in professional training. — “SYNAPSES-The Creative Training Company”,
  • These synapses have neuroreceptors that are chloride channels. These synapses have neuroreceptors that are not channels at all, but instead are membrane-bound enzymes. — “Synapses”,
  • Synapses recycle proteins for the release of neurotransmitters. Reclaimed proteins enable the fusion of transmitter vesicles with the cell membrane.Neurons communicate via chemical transmitters which they store in the bubble-like synaptic vesicles and release as required. — “Synapses News - insciences”,
  • Science and technology news stories tagged with keyword: synapses. All science news about synapses Chemical synapses are specialized junctions through which neurons signal to each other and to non-neuronal cells such as those in muscles or glands. — “ - synapses”,
  • A new brain imaging method highlights all the synapses in a mouse cortex, allowing scientists to count these connections between nerve cells in the brain with unprecedented detail. The high-resolution synapse map could help neurologists better understand how brain cells communicate. — “synapses | Popular Science”,
  • Definition of synapses in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of synapses. Pronunciation of synapses. Translations of synapses. synapses synonyms, synapses antonyms. Information about synapses in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “synapses - definition of synapses by the Free Online”,
  • Some 90 percent of the cells in your noggin are not neurons but glia_ brain cells that until now were credited with the organ's most unglamorous work. Indeed, scientists guessed that glia served only as scaffolding for the more important. — “Glia Cells Help Neurons Build Synapses: Scientific American”,
  • Definition of synapses in the Medical Dictionary. synapses explanation. Information about synapses in Free online English dictionary. What is synapses? Meaning of synapses medical term. What does synapses mean?. — “synapses - definition of synapses in the Medical dictionary”, medical-
  • Biophysics of computation is a new field that attempts to characterize the role in information processing of the several biophysical mechanisms in neurons, synapses, and membranes that have been uncovered in recent years. This article reviews. — “synapses: Topics by ”,
  • Focusing on humanity and its foibles - particularly our inclination to take various forms of bull*** seriously. — “Synapses”,
  • Tutorial on the ultrastructure of chemical synapses in the brain written by Karin Sorra. — “Structure of Chemical Synapses”,

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  • “WordPress blog about What Is Synapses. What Is Synapses. Goshe morn afterning on salm of al syna0pses synaopses synalpses xsynapses zsynapses asynapses qsynapses wsynapses esynapses”
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