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  • Wedding Dresses CA - Soft organza strapless neckline Empire line chapel train Wedding Dress WD-11029 - Description: A soft organza makes this style absolutely stunning! The strapless, fitted bodice is ruched asymmetrically as an embellished. — “$236 - Soft organza strapless neckline Empire line chapel”,
  • The "Asymmetrically Crowned" solid Sitka spruce soundboard creates a warm full tone. The "Asymmetrically Crowned" solid Sitka spruce soundboard creates a. — “Young Chang pianos sold”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb asymmetrically has one meaning: Meaning #1 : in an. — “asymmetrically: Information from ”,
  • Asymmetrically draped empire waist. Flared A-line skirt. Tea length This gorgeous doress has a pleated deep v-neckline accompanied by an asymmetrically draped empire waist that wil cinch and flatter your frame. — “Mori Lee Chocolate Tea Chiffon Dresses”,
  • An option is asymmetrically dominated when it is inferior in all respects to one option; but, in comparison to the other option, it is inferior in some respects and superior in others. The asymmetrically dominated option is therefore a decoy serving to increase preference for the dominating. — “Decoy effect - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • CCM Vector V06 Shin Guard - $54.99 The Vector 06 two-piece elbow pad combines a streamlined construction with asymmetrically molded caps for a comfortable fit Inner Liner - Segmented comfort pad with Vector Dry anti-microbial treatment Elbow. — “CCM Vector V06 Shin Guard - Youth's - ”,
  • Numb protein is asymmetrically distributed to the progeny of the MP2 precursors in the Like Numb, α-Adaptin localizes asymmetrically in dividing SOP cells and preferentially. — “Interactive Fly, Drosophila”,
  • Soft colloidal particles play an important role in large-scale and microfluidic industrial processing applications, as well as in a variety of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Soft colloidal mixtures freeze asymmetrically. — “Materials Today - Soft colloidal mixtures freeze asymmetrically”,
  • Definition of asymmetrically in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of asymmetrically. Pronunciation of asymmetrically. Translations of asymmetrically. asymmetrically synonyms, asymmetrically antonyms. Information about asymmetrically in the free. — “asymmetrically - definition of asymmetrically by the Free”,
  • CT scans show asymmetrically enlarged left gonadal vein (arrow, A) anterior to psoas muscle, continuously and asymmetrically enlarged left gonadal CT scans show asymmetrically enlarged left gonadal vein (arrow, A) anterior to psoas muscle, continuously and asymmetrically enlarged left gonadal. — “"Ovarian Vascular Pedicle" Sign Revealing Organ of Origin of”,
  • Welcome to the Phoenix Knife House, we are a Scottsdale based culinary supply store specializing in Japanese cutlery. Owned and operated by culinary professionals, we The blade is sharpened asymmetrically at an 80/20 ratio. Carbon steel is not stain resistant and should be kept dry as possible. — “Masahiro VC”,
  • asymmetrically during mitoses of these cells need to be identified. tively different daughter cells and thus divide asymmetrically. Since we raised the cells in stroma-free suspension cultures, and. — “segregating proteins progenitor cell compartment”,
  • Disclaimer: This paper is released to inform interested parties of research and to encourage discussion. the question of how to asymmetrically extend the X-11 filters to the boundaries of the sample. — “A Nonparametric Method for Asymmetrically Extending Signal”,
  • A mouse homologue of Drosophila pins can asymmetrically localize and substitute for pins function in Drosophila neuroblasts Mouse PINS is asymmetrically localized as an apical crescent when ectopically expressed in Drosophila NBs. Because PINS can interact with Insc, we. — “A mouse homologue of Drosophila pins can asymmetrically”,
  • Synthesis and characterisation of asymmetrically bridged calix[4]arene and tetrathiacalix[4]arene mono amido crown derivatives The synthesis of asymmetrically bridged calix[4]arene and tetrathiacalix[4]arene amido. — “IngentaConnect Synthesis and characterisation of”,
  • A charged coupled device is disclosed including an asymmetrical split with independent control over the regions on opposite sides of the split. The charge coupled device is configurable for use in mul Asymmetrically split charged coupled device. — “Asymmetrically split charged coupled device - Patent 6175126”,
  • Carmen by Maggie Sottero. A-line gown with corset closure. This Bordeaux Taffeta gown features an asymmetrically ruched waist with embellished lace embracing alternating sides of the bodice. Gathering at the side seams, and the asymmetrically. — “Carmen - by Maggie Sottero”,
  • We offer all kinds of KART CAT including Cheap KART CAT, new KART CAT and wholesale shoes at our store. With its attractive, asymmetrically cut upper, the product definitel. — “KART CAT, cheap KART CAT, wholesale KART CAT”,
  • Definition of asymmetrically in the Medical Dictionary. asymmetrically explanation. Information about asymmetrically in Free online English dictionary. What is asymmetrically? Meaning of asymmetrically medical term. What does asymmetrically mean?. — “asymmetrically - definition of asymmetrically in the Medical”, medical-
  • Definition of asymmetrically from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of asymmetrically. Pronunciation of asymmetrically. Definition of the word asymmetrically. Origin of the word asymmetrically. — “asymmetrically - Definition of asymmetrically at”,
  • In data-hiding the issue of the achievable rate maximization is closely related to the problem of host interference cancellation. Asymmetrically informed data-hiding optimization of achievable rate for Laplacian host (Proceedings Paper). — “Asymmetrically informed data-hiding optimization of”,
  • Methods, systems, products and apparatuses are disclosed herein relating to registration and asymmetrically deposited films, and more specifically, to reducing asymmetrically deposited film induced registration measurement error. Inventors: Erik Byers, Steve W. Bowes. — “Reducing asymmetrically deposited ... - Google Patent Search”,
  • We show that by integrating a second, asymmetrically dominated choice problem in a random incentive mechanism risk behavior can be manipulated systematically. This implies that the isolation hypothesis is violated the random incentive mechanism does not elicit true preferences. — “EconPapers: Asymmetrically Dominated Alternatives and Random”,

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  • Brandon Boyd-Courage and Control I do not own any of this. Al credits go to the amazing Brandon Boyd :) Enjoy... LYRICS: The boulevard is bustlin' A vast and wrinkled muslin is pulled over my eyes and I know I don't belong There is a noise inside of me That bustles asymmetrically Oh how have I to balance those sounds into a song? It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission It takes courage and control But you start by letting go, oh The city's an ***ogy for things building inside of me There's chaos in this discord, but still we move along The chaos sings of symmetry and all her words are poetry That's the kind of city which i want to belong It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission It takes courage and control But you start by letting go, oh Oh, i think, i feel, i see Oh, that this place is not me I want to belong but be wild and free Oh, he who asks receives It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission It takes courage and control But you start by letting go, oh It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission Oh, it takes courage and control! But you start by letting go, oh
  • Summer NAMM '09 - Breedlove Guitars Mark II Synergy PG's Chris Kies is On Location in Nashville, TN, for Summer NAMM '09 where he visits the Breedlove Guitars booth. In this video, we get to check out Breedlove's newest electric model, the Mark II Synergy. The Mark II resembles a soft-cutaway Breedlove C25 in profile. The guitar features an asymmetrically chambered figured maple body. Also, its features include a bound ebony fretboard, Tone Pros hardware and the Synergy pickup that can help a guitarist create piano-like tones. For more Summer NAMM '09 coverage or to view all things gear, please visit http
  • BMW Cornering Brake Control 彎道煞車控制系統CBC For greater safety when braking on curves - Cornering Brake Control stabilises your BMW by applying braking pressure asymmetrically despite physically difficult conditions (eg the car swerving towards the inside of the bend when the wheel load changes). Cornering Brake Control (CBC) reduces the danger of vehicle instability that can arise when the brakes are applied while taking a bend at speed. Without CBC, the load shift caused by braking can reduce traction on the wheels on the side towards the inside of the bend, thereby applying excessive load to the other side. This load imbalance may result in a loss of directional control, causing the vehicle to skid out of the curve. CBC counteracts this tendency by asymmetrically distributing brake pressure to the left- and right-side brakes or by reducing pressure (to the rear axle), even if the driver brakes outside the normal range of ABS. The result: a significant improvement in stability and safety when applying light brake pressure, even on bends.
  • ReinRaus by realities:united It is an error of civilization that it attempts to completely subdue the wilderness and to turn it completely into 'culture space'. It is more intelligent to just change the proportion between the two realms. No Either-Or, but Both-And: cultural space and wilderness coexist. In any case the loss of wilderness will at last weaken society, then surrounded entirely by cultural space. Without this contrast how can you really appreciate culture? Any struggle between self and the physical environment turns into a conflict between self and culture space and the society that it represents. Therefore we need to take measures to compensate for the growing lack of wilderness in modern urban life: by creating new border zones between cultural space or by making such existing zones better accessible. reinraus is the prototype of a standardised and serially producible mobile space extension for city apartments. The appliance can be installed on a wide variety of windows, apartments and types of dwellings. It is one-sided, hangs asymmetrically and thus can be mounted either left or right of a wall strut next to a window. Its operation is also generally independent of window types and sizes. This feature is a premise for the economic serial production of the appliance. For use in concrete situations, the entire appliance must be mounted inside the user's own appartment and, by virtue of its conception, can be operated only temporarily. Consequently, operating the "extreme furniture" lies ...
  • War Troll Session: Detail Stating to teach ZLA Students on how to sculpt asymmetrically.
  • Behind the Scenes: Barn Owl Training Academy biologist Eric provides a behind the scenes look at training the Academy's Barn Owl (Tyto alba). Barn Owls are native to the San Francisco Bay Area and are the most widely distributed species of owl. Their body length can reach 40 centimeters (15.5 inches) with a 110 centimeters (43 inch) wingspan. These nocturnal birds have excellent low-light vision but they find prey using asymmetrically placed ears that localize sounds generated by voles, pocket gophers, mice and rats. For more information about the California Academy of Sciences, visit .
  • A. Burrows @ NU: Core Collapse of a Supernova (excerpt, 5-22-09) Princeton Astronomy Professor Adam Burrows gives a lecture on the core collapse (and subsequent EXPLOSION) of a supernova at Northwestern University, courtesy of NU Physics Colloquia Spring 09. Don't be afraid if this goes over your head. I'm in college, and most of this stuff went over MINE, but I think it's pretty cool! The excerpt contains his examination of neutrino-driven and magnetic-field-driven supernova explosions. What's really cool is that BOTH of them can explode even BETTER when they explode asymmetrically -- one side exploding, while the other accretes more mass (fuel) for more explode-y. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! You may want to turn your volume up.
  • Asymmetrical angled A-Line BOB HAIR CUT featuring Sharon Sovinski - PART 1 Sharon Sovinski takes the A-Line angled bob to a new level when she places the A-Line asymmetrically from behind the left ear down to the right side of the chin. This video is Part 1 and shows My Bella Color Studio owner, and Stylist cutting in the perimeter of the asymmetrical a-lined short bob hair cut she is designing. For those of you who may perhaps be more cynical, please note that Sharon was filming this on herself at the studio in a live setting at night. The light could be better, and a few times her head gets in the way... but overall, this is one heck of a wonderful bob hair cut! With every video I film, with every edit I edit, I get better and better! Fairly soon, we're going to have it down pat! And when that happens, there will only be more videos to come!
  • Red plating EL34 This is what you DON'T wanna see in the back of your amp - red plating power tubes! In this example I turn up the bias up way too hot on a worn-out set of EL34's I had laying around, to show you what to look for. Notice that one valve red plates more than the other - this is because this particular amp is of a Marshall-design where the phase inverter is working very asymmetrically.
  • Reversing Mechanical Quartz Clock Direction - Playing Pranks on Friends A very simple way to reverse a quartz mechanical clocks by flipping the laminated metal electromagnet core. The core is asymmetrically shaped which determines the rotation direction. Here is a link to Make where they've done this also. backwardstime- Could be used for counterclockwise motion, pranks or novel custom clocks.
  • ((Area of volcanic geology in Saudi Arabia.)) Volcanism is distributed asymmetrically with respect to the Red Sea. Large areas are covered with basalt on the Saudi Arabian Plate. No volcanism has occurred at similar latitudes on the African Plate. A large (70000 square miles; 180000 square km) alkali basalt province is located on the Arabian Plate in Saudi Arabia. This volcanism is related to the rifting of the Arabian and African plates and the formation of the Red Sea. Prior to rifting, the area was a stable craton. Volcanism began about 40-50 million years ago as the crust was stretched laterally. Most of the rifting and volcanism has occurred in the last 30 million years. In the last 5 million years, volcanism along the divergent plate boundary beneath the Red Sea has produced tholeitic basalt, similar to basalts at mid-ocean ridge..
  • Zpalette Review: Large Size Palette in Leopard Make Up Worn: From Tutorial: Ben & Jerry's: Stawberry Cheesecake: Hot Pink Smokey Eye Zpalette was purchased from , an awesome website about all things beauty... offers a discount of $20.00 off an $80.00 purchase when you make your first purchase from them... Zpalettes are also available at Zpalettes come in pink, black, zebra, and leopard and are available in small and large... $15.00 for small-holds about 5 shadows if one is placed asymmetrically $20.00 for a large palette that holds twice the amount of MAC shadows than a MAC palette, and approximately 18 Stila or MUFE eyeshadows, can also be used to hold testers/samples that come in pan form, or depotted blushes or shadows, Urban Decay shadows are the same size as MAC shadows once depotted, so that answers that! PROS: Magnet is super strong, window is clear, so you can see what you have! Holds more than the average palette I've seen, better deal since it holds more than the average palette, palettes typically run around the same price, and hold far less than the Zpalette, plus the average magnet is weaker. The plastic window is thick, it would take a lot to severely puncture it CONS: Remove pans on a flat surface, very cautiously so that shadows stay in good condition, magnet is very intense, magnet over time can get worn out or the polarity of the magnet can change, is only available online What you can do to change the polarity of the magnet from good to weak: Severe age, and keeping ...
  • Spore Creature Creator Video - Asymmetric creature Asymmetric creature created using Spore Creature Creator. Add a limb and join the first two joints into a T shape, with the remaining joints spread to the side. Place an object (head, eyes, whatever) at the top of the "T". Split the T near the object. The object should remain asymmetrically on one side of the split unless you click the object, so you'll want to set the object's properties BEFORE you split the T.
  • Cave Wars This map was designed for the concept of having two independent cave areas for each base as well as having interlinked tunnels that link to the outside world that is outside of the cave. You start outside the cave and then go inside of it. This map allows for all game types. I mean all of them. I have tested them with asymmetrically and symmetrical game types. Even infection is going to be a blast on this level. You can have a few players or many players. On this map both is fun. Have fun. Download Map Here:
  • Breastfeeding Shifting the Baby to get a Good Asymmetrical Latch with Dr. Jack Newman Please subscribe, vote and comment! The mother shifts the baby around on her own, at about 30 seconds and 38 seconds into the clip, with the baby obviously starting to drink more once she is positioned more asymmetrically.
  • 1 Arm Dumbbell Power Snatch This is a great, relatively easy to teach Olympic lift variation that offers the benefits of expressing power through triple extension, teaching the body to decelerate forces, and to load the body asymmetrically. Runners can benefit a great deal from the inclusion of power exercises.
  • Loading for boat/drift discharging Demonstrates how to wind lines asymmetrically which reduces pull on the kite and allows for a controlled water launch.
  • 9/11 victims' families need justice, reject whitewash lies - spsyed ***ysis 9/11 victims' families reject whitewash lies -- spsyed anaylysis. 11 September 2001 was a tragic day in New York City for victims and their families who are still waiting for justice and closure. They reject US government's whitewash and lies. Three of the World Trade Center (WTC) buildings were demolised and the rubble shipped out of the USA. Since 2001, the US governments have failed to conduct full idependent public inquiry, and the families, architects, engineers and lawyers continue reject whitewash and lies. Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper that was part of the WTC complex. It would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states. It collapsed at 5:20 pm NY time on 11 September 2001. It was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers. Here are eight facts about WTC Building 7: 1) If fire caused Building 7 to collapse, it would be the first ever fire-induced collapse of a steel-frame high-rise; 2) Building 7's collapse was not mentioned in the 9/11 Commission Report; 3) According to a Zogby poll in 2006, 43% of Americans did not know about Building 7; 4) It took the federal government seven years to conduct an investigation and issue a report for Building 7; 5) 1400+ architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation that would include a full inquiry into the possible use of explosives for the collapse of Building 7; 6) Numerous witnesses say the possibility of demolishing ...
  • Miranda-GFP in a neuroblast in Drosophila Miranda-GFP is asymmetrically localised to the basal side of the neuroblast. As the cell divides Mira-GFP ends up in the small daughter cell, away from the neuroblast. Video from the research group of Dr Cayetano Gonzalez. IRB-Barcelona. Spain.
  • Asymmetric mitosis of a neuroblast in Drosophila The large cell is a neuroblast, a neural stem cell that divides asymmetrically generating two daughter cells of different size. The small daughter enters a differentiation program. The large daughter is a self-renewed neuroblast that can undergo further cycles of self-renewing asymmetric mitosis Video from the research group of Dr. Cayetano Gonzalez. Cell Division Group. IRB-Barcelona. Spain
  • Cosmic Blast N49 What is that strange blue blob on the far right? No one is sure, but it might be a speeding remnant of a powerful supernova that was unexpectedly lopsided. Scattered debris from supernova explosion N49 lights up the sky in this gorgeous composited image based on data from the Chandra and Hubble Space Telescopes. Glowing visible filaments, shown in yellow, and X-ray hot gas, shown in blue, span about 30 light-years in our neighboring galaxy, the Large Magellanic Cloud. Light from the original exploding star reached Earth thousands of years ago, but N49 also marks the location of another energetic outburst -- an extremely intense blast of gamma-rays detected by satellites about 30 years ago on 1979 March 5. The source of the March 5th Event is now attributed to a magnetar - a highly magnetized, spinning neutron star also born in the ancient stellar explosion which created supernova remnant N49. The magnetar, visible near the top of the image, hurtles through the supernova debris cloud at over 70 thousand kilometers per hour. The blue blob on the far right, however, might have been expelled asymmetrically just as a massive star was exploding. If so, it now appears to be moving over 7 million kilometers per hour. This beautiful image shows N49, which is the aftermath of a supernova explosion in the Large Magellanic Cloud. Optical data from Hubble shows bright filaments where the shockwave generated by the supernova is interacting with the densest regions in nearby clouds of ...
  • Drosophila. Asymmetric division of a neuroblast DIC microscopy. Single cell culture The large cell is a neuroblast, a neural stem cell that divides asymmetrically generating two daughter cells of different size. The small daughter enters a differentiation program. The large daughter is a self-renewed neuroblast that can undergo further cycles of self-renewing asymmetric mitosis Video from the research group of Dr Cayetano Gonzalez, IRB Barcelona & ICREA. Spain More Info:
  • Brandon Boyd - Courage and Control FULL LYRICS BELOW: Brandon Boyd - "Courage and Control"from the album "The Wild Trapeze" covered live by Singer/Songwriter David DiMuzio. Written by: Brandon Boyd http The boulevard is bustlin' A vast and wrinkled muslin is pulled over my eyes and I know I don't belong There is a noise inside of me That bustles asymmetrically Oh how have I to balance those sounds into a song? It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission It takes courage and control But you start by letting go, oh The city's an ***ogy for things building inside of me There's chaos in this discord, but still we move along The chaos sings of symmetry and all her words are poetry That's the kind of city which i want to belong It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission It takes courage and control But you start by letting go, oh Oh, i think, i feel, i see Oh, that this place is not me I want to belong but be wild and free Oh, he who asks receives It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission It takes courage and control But you start by letting go, oh It's time to let your hair down and give yourself permission Oh, it takes courage and control! But you start by letting go, oh
  • Learn to Draw: Boxes & Tubes : Drawing Lesson: Asymmetrical Box Watch an art expert teach you the basics for drawing an asymmetrical box in this free illustration video. Expert: Craig Browder Bio: Craig Browder started drawing at an early age. He has a Degree from Kendall College in Industrial Design. Filmmaker: Travis Waack
  • Musicman Sterling AX40 Axis Trans Gold Guitar Demo - Sam Bell @ Nevada Music UK Buy this guitar here... Most will recognise this guitar as the one designed by Eddie Van Halen. Eddie was wooed away by Peavey but Music man continued to manufacture the guitar as the Axis. This all new Sterling range is an affordable halfway house between the USA models and the budget OLP range. The "crème" bound body is fashioned from Basswood that has a highly figured Maple veneer applied. Round the back of the body there's a generous "belly cut" for added player comfort. A separate Maple fret board fitted with 22 medium jumbo frets has been glued to the asymmetrically carved Maple neck which is secured to the body with no less than 5 bolts. Truss rod adjustment is via the excellently designed spoke wheel located at the body end. The 4 + 2 headstock is home to six quality chrome locking machine heads, a string clamp and a body matching gold finish. Two Music Man Sterling A5 Zebra Humbuckers are controlled via a three way toggle switch and a single volume control. The bridge/tremolo is a double locking unit with the usual compliment of fine tuners. A Music Man padded gig bag is included in the price. Massive thank you to Sam Bell from "Mask Of Judas" for some damn fine improvising. Check out his band on Myspace Check out for useful backing tracks, tips and technique.
  • Perioral Dermatitis cases Dr. Thomas P. Habif, MD discusses Perioral Dermatitis cases. See more at PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!! This is a typical case of perioral dermatitis. There are pinpoint papules on a red base. Papules are symmetrically distributed around the mouth and involve the nasolabial folds. Papular pustular acne has a similar appearance. The papules are larger and there is little erythema. Small scars are present on the right chin. Lesions are frequently asymmetrically distributed in perioral dermatitis. Here tiny papules are concentrated on the left chin and appear eczematous. Involvement of the nasolabial folds and area adjacent to the left nostril help support the diagnosis of perioral dermatitis. Here erythema, papules and pustules extend from the nostrils onto the nasolabial folds and the upper lip. The chin and lateral eyes are sparred. This patient had only a few papules that responded to a two week course of doxycycline 100 mg once each day. Attempts at self treatment with over the counter benzoyl peroxide caused irritation with erythema and some scale. This sensitive area does not tolerate drying therapy. A group 6 topical steroid applied twice each day for 5 days cleared the erythema. The pustules cleared with oral antibiotics. Diffuse erythema and pustules cleared following a two week course of tetracycline 500 mg twice each day. There had been no attempts at self treatment. A few pustules were confined to the area adjacent to the nostrils. The eruption had ...
  • All About Picture Framing : Use a Mat Kit to Frame a Picture Asymmetrically Tape measures, mat cutters and clamps are all necessary tools that will assist you in framing your photo, regardless of whether you'd like to hang it symmetrically or not. Learn more in this free video series. Expert: Debbie Reeves Bio: John and Kathleen Mudersbach have been in the framing business for 40 years and their children, Larry and Debbie, joined them in their business in Cottonwood Arizona. Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler
  • Yuri Soloviev - 'Spectre de la Rose' Okay last one today! But Yuri Soloviev (1940-1977) is such a great great dancer it's hard to stop uploading stuff - even though you've seen most of these videos before I'm certain, it's nice to have them on my channel. This is 'Le spectre de la rose' - it's really good to see Soloviev in a whole ballet drama and not just a de-contextualised solo or pas de deux. Love seeing him do the Fokine porte de bras - the way the arms curl round asymmetrically in fifth position. Again, I wonder if someone could identify the ballerina performing 'The Girl' just home from the ball - Tamara Karsavina role?
  • Building 7: Truth & Lies of 9/11. Architect Richard Gage Speaks of Freefall Speed Explosions WTC 7 collapsed rapidly and symmetrically, even though fires were randomly scattered in the building. WTC 7 fell about seven hours after the Towers collapsed, even though no major persistent fires were visible. There were twenty-four huge steel support columns inside WTC 7 as well as huge trusses, arranged asymmetrically, along with approximately 57 perimeter columns. A symmetrical collapse, as observed, evidently requires the simultaneous pulling of most or all of the support columns. The Second Law of Thermodynamics implies that the likelihood of complete and symmetrical collapse due to random fires as in the official theory is small, since asymmetrical failure is so much more likely. On the other hand, a major goal of controlled demolition using explosives is the complete and symmetrical collapse of buildings. Concluding remarks in the FEMA report on the WTC 7 collapse lend support to my arguments: The specifics of the fires in WTC 7 and how they caused the building to collapse [official theory] remain unknown at this time. Although the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy, the best hypothesis [fire/damage-caused collapse] has only a low probability of occurrence. Further research, investigation, and ***yses are needed to resolve this issue. - Steven Jones "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" Department of Physics and Astronomy Brigham Young University
  • Jovani Beyond Prom Dress B5484165, Modest and Regal This elegantly dramatic gown combines simplicity with an asymmetrically draping neckline, beaded straps and an off-center low back with a gathered drape that embellishes the dress all the way to the floor. The bodice is shirred and the skirt slim with a train. The stretch jersey knit fabric is matched with thick tank style straps with beads and sequins encrusted on those straps and around the unusual cut out back. This gown is both simple and a standout. It is perfect for prom or any formal occasion. The dress is available in Black, Royal and White and sizes 0-24.
  • Reaching for Baskerville -- trying landing asymmetrically A jump off the flagpole platform, towards Baskerville Hall, where my club is located. I made this video primarily for self assessment.
  • Easy Asymmetrically... SkyTrip Tandem Paragliding - Flug in Savognin am Solo -
  • asymmetrically distributed four-omni-wheel base Asymmetrically distributed omni wheels and open loop control results in Webots. Little drift there, but once the control loop is closed it's not gonna any trouble at all...
  • 2011 BMW X3 xDrive20d Interior design - BMW Group- A generous and variable spatial concept, high-grade materials and a characteristic three-dimensional surface design provide the interior of the new BMW X3 with a modern, premium ambience and intelligent functionality. Brand-typical driver orientation is emphasised by the asymmetrically designed centre console. The raised seating position facilitates convenient entry, whilst optimising the overview of the traffic situation. The 8.8-inch high-resolution screen of the navigation system Professional featured in the new BMW X3 is the largest on-board monitor in its segment. Both up front and at the rear the new BMW X3 has a multitude of large storage compartments, trays and cup holders. The three rear seats offer outstanding comfort for travelling long distances. With a volume of between 550 and 1600 litres, the luggage compartment of the new BMW X3 is the best in its segment. At the same time, the variability with which available space can be adapted to suit each personal requirement, is also unrivalled. The rear seat backrest can be split at a ratio of 40 20 : 40 and the three segments can be folded down either individually or together.
  • A Weighty Matter for a Fly River Turtle at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's Animal Care staff helps a Fly River turtle born with a defect in its shell. The defect caused the soft-shell turtle's lungs to grow asymmetrically, resulting in a buoyancy problem. You'll see the improvement after the Zoo's vet staff invents a method to attach lead weights to the turtle's shell using "rivets" (human body jewelry) and cable ties.
  • D 400 DISCOUNT LINK Product Description D 400 D 400Bookshelf SpeakerForm that follows function and elegance combined with technology are the keywords for D 4.The slimline design and choice of finishes makes it easy to integrate these speakers in any home. With its flat-profile design and high-end sound quality, the D 400 is the perfect match for any flat screen. Use five to seven D 400 speakers in a complete home cinema setup for the front, surround and centre channels, or use them as surround speakers in a system with the larger D 430 and D 450 floorstanders as front speakers.Double Curved Front baffleThe most rigid construction of all is a round shape. Cut from a giant ball, the Double Curved front baffle is a foamed ABS shell mounted on an MDF board. Both materials have excellent acoustic properties that provide high internal damping, while preventing vibrations from travelling from one driver to another.The planar design also provides optimal working conditions for the asymmetrically placed tweeter.Due to the asymmetrical design, no distances from cabinet top and sides to the tweeter are identical, and thus edge reflections do not accumulate.The result is a crystal-clear treble reproduction that is essential for conveying from the extended treble content of new multi-channel sound formats.Dual concentric diaphragmThe totally unique tweeter features a clamped dual-concentric diaphragm and ventilated magnet system. Among other benefits, this extends the ...
  • Giorgio Armani 2010-2011 - Part 1 Women's Collection Fall/Winter The audience walked into Giorgio Armani's latest presentation down an avenue lined with the works of Richard Hambleton, whose graffiti-graphic black "Shadowman" paintings from the early eighties are looking mighty good of late. Armani took that black and ran with it, all the way through a show whose guts were darkest velvet. He talked about "the New Chic," but what that boiled down to was a very particular precision: a short wrapped skirt, a jacket with a broad shoulder—sometimes peaked—and seaming that evoked Joan Crawford's exaggerated tailoring from the forties. And most of it in that black velvet. The two gowns in you-guessed-it that closed the show were surprisingly funereal as a red-carpet statement, but otherwise, almost everything slotted effortlessly into the category retailers then and boozehounds now think of as after-five. Examples included the one-shouldered dress floating away asymmetrically on one side, or the jacket coated in black paillettes (an echo of the Emporio collection earlier this week). Given that the mood was predominantly black, it made sense that the standout pieces were in color: a coat-dress in vibrant red ponyskin, an orange mohair jacket, a funnel-necked coat in green velvet. Armani has often seemed most attached to the exceptions to his own rules. It's perfectly conceivable that we saw something like that today. The needle-heeled stilettos and the fringed berets that suggested a sea creature dropped from a great height onto the models ...
  • 2011 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG The Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG, featuring a powerful 375 kW (510 hp) AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine, unveils its updated exterior takes on a more attractive appearance thanks to some subtle but effective changes. From the front, the eye is immediately drawn to the new bonnet with power domes, and the darkened bi-xenon headlamps with active light function. The rear, meanwhile, also contributes appropriately to the new look: the performance SUV now features darkened tail lamps incorporating a clear-lens design and LED technology. The subtle changes to the exterior coordinate perfectly with the high-gloss, chromed front and rear underguard, and afford the Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG an even more powerful and distinctive appearance. Powerful and torque-laden AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine Still boasting a power output of 375 kW (510 hp) at 6800/rpm as well as 630 Nm of torque, the Mercedes ML 63 AMG is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.0 seconds, and achieves a top speed of 250 km/h (electronically limited). At the renowned International Engine of the Year Awards in 2009, the AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine took the top places in both the "Best Performance Engine" and "Above 4 litres" categories. As before, power transfer is taken care of via the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC automatic transmission with three drive modes. The permanent all-wheel drive is decidedly sporty: the power is split asymmetrically 40:60 between the front and rear wheels to provide optimum agility. The AMG sports ...
  • bicycle trailers Extrawheel and bike panniers Extrawheel A large wheel placed close to the centre of load gravity, record-breaking lightweight performance and the quick and super rigid fastening turned out to be a watershed solution not only where the car remains a luxury. Riding your bike, even with a great load, in the city as well as on narrow lanes, you just forget about the trailer. The cyclist quickly gets used to the somewhat different than usual reactions of the vehicle; even when the luggage is placed asymmetrically. Carrying a smaller load will even cause anxiety to the cyclist; he will look behind to make sure it's still there.
  • 2010 Houston Auto Show: 2011 Toyota Sienna Adam Barrera at speaks with Greg Wrobleske inside the all-new 2011 Toyota Sienna minivan. Learn about its widescreen/split-screen rear entertainment system, its asymmetrically designed "60/60" dashboard, and an available appearance package. 24x7 car culture updates:
  • Pantheon Dome - modelled in SketchUp, Rendered in Cheetah3D The dome of possibly the greatest piece of architecture ever (discuss), the Pantheon in Rome. Built around 125 CE, this is a poured concrete structure. The coffers remove weight, and help break up the surface visually. I know this looks quite simple, but it really was a pig to model. I've never been able to get hold of a good, hi-res section to work from, and that can be a bit limiting. The coffers are not as regular as they seem -- each one is asymmetrically shaped, so that the centre 'gound' remains centered visually from wherever you stand. Originally, these would have had gilded bronze rosettes in their centres. I'm considering a tutorial for this on my website. You can indicate in the comments if you think this would be helpful.
  • Studio Barse Multigemstone and Mother-of-Pearl Cluster E... For More Info or to Buy Now: Studio Barse Multigemstone and Amethyst Asymmetrical NecklaceLet color work its magic! A myriad of pink and purple shades tumble asymmetrically to make this piece bewitchingly distinctive. Work a... Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View to view the current selling price. HSN Item #959545

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