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  • The shuttle Endeavour and the ISS in front of the Sun on July 26th 2009. The shuttle Atlantis and the Hubble space telescope photographed for the first time in front of the Sun! Capturing the stars, astrophotography by the masters. Click on the image to see more (in French). — “Astrophotography - Thierry Legault”,
  • Astrophotography: The 100 Best Astrophotography Targets: A Monthly Guide for CCD Imaging with A CCD Astrophotography: High-Quality Imaging from the Suburbs. — “Astrophotography :: Night Sky Observer”,
  • Sky & Telescope, the Essential Magazine of Astronomy. News, observing tips, how-to advice, and more! Astrophotography. Deep-Sky Photography Made Easy. Take stunning portraits of constellations, nebulas, star clusters, and our home. — “ - Astrophotography”,
  • was created for the beginner to expert photographer that loves to photograph the night skys. A Beginners DSLR Astrophotography Guide Astrophotography Astrophotography 101 Astrophotography history Astrophotography starters guide Astrophoto Image Processing Camera. — “Digital Astrophotography ~ Photography of the night sky”,
  • Astrophotography is the art form that entails taking photographs of solar system objects or distant deep sky objects such as nebulae or star clusters. — “Astrophotography | Universe Today”,
  • Astrophotography Tips and Techniques A Beginner's Guide to DSLR Astrophotography - Now Available! An Advanced Guide to Astrophotography with DSLR Cameras. Photoshop for Astrophotographers. — “Catching the Light”,
  • This tutorial was written exclusively for AstroPhotography Tonight by free-lance photographer, Martin Cohen. Anyone who attempts astrophotography will soon learn that every step of it involves a steep learning curve- including the final. — “AstroPhotography Tonight | Capture the Nightlife!”, astrophotography-
  • Why Astrophotography Is Worth the Trouble (And the at-times-disappointing results) By Eric Adams Posted 11.02.2009 at 5:10 pm 9 Comments. Mixed Results: My first attempt at Jupiter [left] demonstrates why it's a tricky first target--the brightness. — “astrophotography | Popular Science”,
  • Gallery and tips. Astrophotography. by. Johannes Schedler. dedicated to all searching for the mysteries and wonders in our universe. new. tips. links. moon. sun. planets. comets. deep sky. constellations. contact. — “PantherObservatory”, panther-
  • Since the Earth is inextricably part of the cosmos there is a strong affinity; photography merges to astrophotography when we aim our cameras above the horizon. Astrophotography is a special form of photography that (uniquely) reveals objects that are invisible to the unaided eye - the. — “Astro Cruise”,
  • Astrophotography is a specialized type of photography that entails recording images of Besides being able to record the details of extended objects such as the Moon, Sun, and planets, astrophotography has the ability to image objects invisible to the human eye such as dim stars, nebulae, and galaxies. — “Astrophotography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Astrophotography is the art of photographing the sky above, bringing faint objects of the cosmos to life, and showing just how beautiful our universe is. Here you will find details of Classic Film Astrophotography, the photographing of deep sky objects of the. — “Classic Astrophotography - Photographing the Cosmos with”,
  • Learn about Astrophotography on . Find info and videos including: Astrophotography Tips, A Guide to Astrophotography, DIY Astrophotography and much more. — “Astrophotography - ”,
  • Getting Started in Astrophotography, What kind of equipement and the steps to get you shooting the stars. — “Getting Started in Astrophotography”, my-
  • Matt BenDaniel's color film gallery, specializing in colorful emission nebulae, and featuring star clusters, remnants, galaxies, and more. — “Starmatt Astrophotography”,
  • Definition of astrophotography in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of astrophotography. Pronunciation of astrophotography. Translations of astrophotography. astrophotography synonyms, astrophotography antonyms. Information about astrophotography. — “astrophotography - definition of astrophotography by the Free”,
  • As I mentioned in the introduction, I have only stared astrophotography. Michael Covington's Astrophotography for the Amateur - Second Edition introduces a more in-depth look at film-based astrophotography and briefly touches on CCD technology - while the print. — “Amateur Astrophotography”,
  • This is part of a larger article series on the basics of astrophotography and its subsection on equipment types. First, let's review some of the terms used frequently when discussing telescopes for astrophotography. — “Astrophotography Equipment: Telescopes - McWiki”,
  • Astrophotography - Blog about astrophotography, astronomy, news, tutorials, equipment, reviews One feature that a DSLR camera offers that benefits astrophotography is a "bulb" setting where the shutter may be kept open for longer than a minute, and possibly in. — “Astronomy Photography- DSLR Astrophotography Tips & How to”,
  • Astrophotography involves taking photographs of objects in space. Learn how astrophotography has been around ever since shutterbugs began looking up. — “Howstuffworks "What is astrophotography?"”,
  • Astrophotography is photography of celestial objects such as the Moon, stars and distant galaxies. — “Astrophotography”,
  • Creating an image. Equipment. Emission nebulae. Reflection nebulae. Galaxies. Star clusters. — “Tom's Astrophotography Prints”,
  • is for anyone who wants to learn more about astronomy events, cosmology, planets, galaxies, asteroids, astrophotography, the Big Bang, black holes, comets, constellations, eclipses, exoplanets, nebulae, meteors, quasars, observing,. — “Astrophotography - Astronomy Magazine”,

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  • better scale It ain t much but after almost a year at least it s an image Meade LX200R G 11 Canon 20D unmodified 800 ISO at f 6 3 16 X 90 sec subs Noel s Astro Tools NH
  • As always this needs more time and I m not there color wise yet I do like the dark nebulosity in this one NH
  • Robert Berta 1 Sharpless II 157 close to Bubble Nebula Taken w narrow band filters Ha SII OIII odd colors which represent different emission bands hoto taken Spring from Cadilac
  • 10 LX200R G 11 20D unmodified 1600 ISO f 6 3 12 X 90 sec subs Noel s Astro Tools M66 Largest of the Leo Triplets NH
  • Astrophotography is a specialized type of photography that entails making photographs of astronomical objects in the sky such as the Moon Sun planets stars and deep sky objects such as
  • A great example is the constellation of Scorpius the scorpion below Other great resources for looking at the sky with your eyes are a sky map from www skymaps com or a planisphere Your eyes are really limited by the diameter your pupils can dilate to when you are adapted to the dark This is a maximum of about 7mm and this limits how much light they can gather
  • a shot The more you play around with this technique the easier it will be to use the laptop and camera together Please look in the Gallery section under the photography category for the Moon picture It was taken this way and without using the laptop I would have never gotten this shot This method is good because you can make changes to the camera settings without havnig
  • on the graph this will insure better color balance It s a good idea to keep the multi channel histogram in view during the entire process to help keep an eye on color balance and clipping
  • moonx1 019L jpg
  • Robert Berta 3 Sharpless II 115 and Abell 71 in Cygnus near Deneb the small round planetary is Abell 71 Taken summer from Cadilac Michigan and Macomb Michigan
  • dust tail curving up to the right as the comet moves to the left and away from the Sun It appears there are outbursts of dust causing the dust tail to vary in brightness along it s length Click on the image above for a larger version On the 20th I didn t have a very good western horizon but did manage the image below
  • Learning Astrophotography jpg
  • Full Moon jpg
  • 407mm Losmandy G 11 Canon 20D unmodified 38 x 3 min 1600 ISO unguided IDAS LP filter Stacked in Images Plus by Mike sircus and finished in PSCS Noel s Actions NH
  • Robert Berta 2 Sharpless II 240 aka Simeis 147 in Taurus and near Elnath Taken in winter
  • August 09 AstroArt Competition Results The judging of all the Caithness Astronomy Group Astroart Astrophotography competition entries http www caithness org posterads2009 astrophotography jpg has now been completed It proved to be an extremely difficult task due to the high
  • astrophotography photoshop1 jpg
  • Jared Wilson 2 Horsehead Nebula 12 1 2007 Oakland CA x6 5 min exp for luminosity x3 5 min exposures for red blue x1 5 min exposure for green Captured in Equinox Image
  • TAK Sky 90 II Losmandy G 11 Canon 20D unmodified 1600 ISO IDAS LP Filter NH
  • great example is the constellation of Scorpius the scorpion below Other great resources for looking at the sky with your eyes are a sky map from www skymaps com or a planisphere Your eyes are really limited by the diameter your pupils can dilate to when you are adapted to the dark This is a maximum of about 7mm and this limits how much light they can gather and
  • Norman Mahan 1 Rosette Nebula 12 Astro Systeme Austria 12 w AstroDon filters SBIG 6303
  • Submit Your Stuff to AstroPhotography Tonight
  • Jared Wilson 1 Flame Nebula 12 1 2007 Oakland CA x6 5 min exp for luminosity x3 5 min exposures for red blue x1 5 min exposure for green Captured in Equinox Image
  • Astrophotography jpg
  • Milky over Mount Safeen in the lovely city of Shaqlawa Arbil
  • click to enlarge The left photo shows a 5 minute exposure at night The closer trees are lit up by a house light and the clouds are lit up with a nearby town
  • optical tube combined with the steady tracking of the German equatorial mount should prove ideal for capturing beautiful views of the universe All I have to do now is wait for dark skies
  • So firstly here s the setup This was daytime so here s the resulting daytime mosaic made up of four images stitched together
  • Astrophotography News Astrophotography Tutorials
  • The Moon
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  • astrophotography photoshop2 jpg
  • Cheryl Schudel 2 Milky Way
  • 1 jpg
  • Cheryl Schudel 3 Orion Nebula
  • Astronomical | Home |
  • lightning3 jpg
  • On the 22nd the clouds frustrated my efforts but I did manage one shot from the footpath in Enmore Many passing people enjoyed the comet through my binoculars in the gaps in the clouds Click on the image above for a larger version On the 23rd those pesky water nebulae clouds spoiled the show again

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  • Astrophotography: Basic Processing in Photoshop. Part 1 - Initial Steps and The Histogram This is Part 1 of a six part series of videos on basic processing of astro images in Photoshop, and covers the initial steps and an introduction to the histo...
  • Astrophotography without a star tracker If you don't have a star tracker, here's what I've so far found the best way to take deep space astrophotography photos. You'll do better with a good tracker...
  • How to make narrowband filter deep sky images with a DSLR and clip filter for astrophotography How to make mapped color or false color images with narrowband clip filters like H-alpha, [OIII] and [SII] and a digital camera DSLR.
  • Astrophotography, Part 1 - Photography with Imre - Episode 32 Episode 32 of my photography series introduces astrophotography (this is part 1 of a multi-part series). Please subscribe and feel free to submit video reque...
  • Astrophotography Tutorial Astropotography might be a big word, but, don't be afraid of it. With the right tools, techniques, and a little bit of "know how", you can be on your way in ...
  • Astrophotography: Deep Sky Stacker Tutorial This is my first Astrophotography tutorial, and covers the basics of Deep Sky Stacker. Although it's a beginner's guide, it does go into some detail, and off...
  • Astrophotography Equipment - Selecting an Astro Camera - Part 4 This is part 4 of a series of instructional videos to help you get started in Astrophotography. In this video I discuss mono and color CCD astro cameras. The...
  • Astrophotography Tutorial (Registax + Photoshop) - Saturn Hey, I wanted to show everyone my image processing techniques I use in my astrophotography projects. In this tutorial I used a great video of Saturn (link be...
  • Astrophotography Equipment - Selecting an Auto Guider - Part 5 This is part 5 of a series of instructional videos to help you get started in Astrophotography. In this video I discuss Auto Guider options. I cover OAG and ...
  • Astrophotography P1: Telescope OTAs I describe each of the common kinds of telescopes, and tell you all the quirks that make one more appropriate than others for your astrophotography efforts. ...
  • An introduction to Astrophotography by Terry Han*** This is a video talk that I did recently for the India Astro-photo Festival, I talk a little bit about my background. Choice and use of astro equipment parti...
  • Introduction to Astrophotography: Refractor Telescopes
  • Adapting a HP HD-4110 Webcam for Astrophotography of Jupiter I modified adpated a HP HD-4110 Webcam for Astrophotography a long time ago which malfuctioned so i bought another one. This is a very easy webcam to modify....
  • Basic Astrophotography Tutorial Questions? Go here: http:///watch?v=0Zls-aAj8EA Here's a basic tutorial on astrophotography (specifically stars and meteor showers). Download ...
  • Astrophotography workshop led by Dale Liebenberg During the 9th ASSA Symposium in Cape Town, Dale Liebenberg presented an astrophotography workshop during which he discussed CCDStack and Photoshop for the p...
  • Astrophotography Equipment - Selecting Accessories - Part 6 (Take 2) This is part 6 of a series of instructional videos to help you get started in Astrophotography. In this video I discuss Dew Heaters, Temperature Gauges, Accu...
  • Canon EOS 40D Live View and astro-photography Full review at: http:///reviews/Canon_EOS_40D/ : A six minute demonstration showing how Live View on Canon EOS 40D's Live View can greatly ...
  • Best astrophoto ever taken Best astrophotos ever taken by my faithful friend orange county astronomers Wally pacholka, Long beach ,Cal.
  • Curves and Levels - Easy 123 - Photoshop Astrophotography Tutorial This tutorial will show amateur astrophotographers the basics of Photoshop's curves and levels.
  • Digital astrophotography Some of my astrophotos taken with Skywatcher 80ED and MAK127 Digital camera:Canon 350D and Fujifilm FinePix S602Z http:///astrophoto07-20.
  • Lunar Astro Photography - How to take Moon Photos! (The Easy Way). Shows how to take basic astronomy photographs using a simple digital camera adapter. Won't be so hot for small planets or deep space stuff, but it does work....
  • Astrophotography Processing in Photoshop - Stretch - Composite - Color Correct - Sharpen Watch in highest resolution. If you would like the raw data in this video to follow along, please paypal $3.00 to David@. I will then send yo...
  • Doing astrophotography with a DSLR on a tripod Presented by Barbara Cunow at the ASSA Symposium, 2012 October 13, at SAAO in Cape Town. "I will present images of the night sky which I have taken with a mo...
  • AstroPhotography This is a short introduction to simple backyard astrophotography.
  • Let's Process Your Astrophotography Image! This Google Hangout original Broadcast date was November 17, 2012. Here we take an Image Donated By Keith and Go through the Steps in Processing an Astrophot...
  • Astrophotography Timelapse - My First Night Out http:///astrophotography-timelapse/ I have always been a sucker for really well done astro timelapse from people like Tom Lowe, TSO ...
  • Astrophotography Equipment - Selecting a Telescope - Part 2 This is part 2 of a series of instructional videos to help you get started in Astrophotography. Brief discussions on the different types of telescopes and wh...
  • t2i astrophotography tips short astrophotography tips for connecting canon t2i / 550d to celestron telescope.
  • Time Lapse Telescope Setup - Astrophotography Tutorials Setting up my telescope at a campsite. I wish it took only 3 minutes to setup! Actual time to setup my telescope = 1 hour. Telescope Equipment: Orion Atlas M...
  • Introduction to Astrophotography - Orion Telescopes http:// In this informative video, we share some and insight into the process of astrophotography. We cover: solar system vs deep sky imagin...
  • Astrophotography with German Equatorial Mounts Astrophotography with German Equatorial Mounts. Visit us at: http:/// http://www.pulsar-/ Presented by Robert J Dalby Produc...
  • Astrophotography Equipment - How Much To Get Started? - Part 1 This is part of a series of instructional videos to help you get started in Astrophotography. Part 1 describes the outline of the following videos to come an...
  • Astrophotography Equipment - Selecting a Mount - Part 3 This is part 3 of a series of instructional videos to help you get started in Astrophotography. Here I discuss the two main types of Telescope Mounts. I revi...
  • Astrophotography How To Guide - Basic processing of star pictures See the full guide at http:///how-to-guide-astrophotography-with-dslr/
  • Process Astrophotography Image, Photoshop, DeepSkyStacker, Nebulosity, Fits Liberator This is a high resolution version of a Google Hangout Originally Aired On November 17, 2012. When Viewed in HD You can see more of the screen processing step...
  • Astro Photography - What is needed to get started How do you get into astro photography? How do you connect to a telescope.
  • Celestron Stargazing, Telescopes and Astro-Photography on Show 22 (31.01.13) is a new media website for photographers and film makers. Each week we feature a LIVE webcast show with guests that you can ask direct qu...
  • Astrophotography Tutorial - Wide Field Here is an old video I recorded - and I may try to bring this one current. But for now I thought it was a start in my personal exploration into astrophotogra...
  • Let`s Talk Astronomy "First Steps To Astrophotography" This is Rother Valley Optics' brand new online show called Let's Talk Astronomy. This episode is all about astrophotography and how to get started. As always...
  • Astrophotography: Adding a Luminance Layer in Photoshop This tutorial covers adding a luminance layer to your astro images in Photoshop.I'm not sure that this function, which uses the Lab colour mode, is available...
  • Astrophotography: Creating a Composite Image Using Layer Masking in Photoshop Blog: http:// Twitter: https:///#!/BudgetAstro Facebook: http:///BudgetAstro Flickr: http:///phot...
  • Beginner Astrophotography; some results using Nikon D3100 and Vixen Polarie mount Here are some results from my astrophotography experiments. I'm using a cheap entry level DSLR, and a Vixen Polarie mount which rotates as the earth rotates,...

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  • “time, tools, weather and location. Time is a key factor for selecting the object that is going to be photographed. Some objects are visible during certain”
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  • “I keep seeing these questions in novice astrophotography forums. time before that was the 10th of October. Now you know why I'm workin on the web site and blog so much”
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  • “For the people hitting my blog in search of a higher resolution image of Saturn and Mars (and Gemini) that featured in June's Sky this Month section of Astronomy magazine here it is: Although the caption Astronomy magazine wrote Categories: Science, Astrophotography Tags: international space”
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