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  • DSLR Modification Before and After Comparison. Managing White Balance Sample Images from modified DSLR's. MAC-Hunter Observatory Site. . — “Imaging Infinity”,
  • Dreamstime una importante comunidad fotográfica, que proporciona imágenes libres de derechos y la fotografía de archivo para impresión o diseño web. I personally like astrophotographs very much, but I unfortunately don't have the equipment to produce them (yet). — “mysterious astrophotographs - Foros”,
  • You can start taking astrophotographs with a minimum of equipment. You can improve your astrophotographs by using your camera on an equatorial mount in order to follow the motion of astronomical subjects. — “Astrophotography Basics: Tech Pub P-150: Getting Started”,
  • Deep Sky Astrophotography by Scott Johnson. Fine art astrophotographs and images for sale at art fairs and via mail order. — “Deep Sky Astrophotography”,
  • represents the web presence of Willis Greiner Photography. Included are the landscape, wildlife and underwater photographs of Conifer, You will also be able to access some examples of his astrophotography and link to his award-winning web site -- . — “Willis Greiner Photography”,
  • Astrophotographs. Astronomical Data. Moon. Planets. Solar System. Stars Astrophotographs and Images. Spacepics Gallary : NASA / GSFC. NASA Image eXchange (NIX). — “Astrophotographs”,
  • Are you looking for less eye fatigue and better astrophotographs? Then consider the Rigel Systems - PulseGuide Illuminator. Its adjustable brightness and timing, combined with either red or yellow light makes the cross hair clearer and sharper. — “Rigel Systems PULSGUIDE Red/Yellow Illuminator - OPT Telescopes”,
  • The first photographs of an astronomical object (the moon) were taken in the 1840s, but Besides being able to record the details of extended objects such as the Moon, Sun, and. — “Astrophotography - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • This is a web site of Astrophotography, deep-sky astronomical photos, tips for astrophotography. But a clear night sky and a little instruction allows anyone to soar in mind and imagination to the farthest reaches of an enormous universe in which we are but a speck. — “Capturing the Night: Astrophotography by Andy Weeks”,
  • In this post, we've rounded up 40 absolutely mind-blowing, breathtaking and stunning astrophotographs from the Hubble Space Telescope's website, http:/// From brilliant whirlpool galaxies to star clusters containing thousands,. — “40 Mind-Blowing Hubble Astrophotographs | Presidia Creative”,
  • Galleries of astrophotographs. These galleries will grow as I make more images. They're organized according to how they're made (camera on a plain tripod, long exposures through camera lenses, shots through the telescope). Galleries show thumbnails. — “Galleries of astrophotographs”,
  • Home page for Jeffrey, Adrienne, Karl, and Katy La Favre. Astrophotographs. Charles F. Brush. Our Family History - all lines. Christensen Family History. High Sierra Photos. Huntzinger Civil War Diary. Holt Scout Ranch and Camp Cedar Canyon (San Gabriel Valley Council). — “Jeffrey La Favre Family Home Page”,
  • Paul Maxson's Astrophotographs. My Equipment Planetary and Solar Deep The views and opinions on this page represent those of Paul Maxson. The images, unless. — “Astrophotographs”,
  • Astronomical images. Astrophotographs from New Moon Weekend at CSPG Field Chiefland Astronomy Village, 7-10 October 2010. Astro-Tech 10" RC First Light. — “Astrophotographs”,
  • The beautiful colours you see in astrophotographs are only visible in astrophotographs. Typical amateur astrophotographs involved minutes or hours of exposure time, often over several nights, and many hours of computer processing. — “Visual Astronomy and Seeing Colours - McWiki”,
  • 98/65/9 Astrophotographs (2), 'Lagoon Nebula'; 'Eagle Nebula', colour, mounted, paper, Jenni Kay, Australia, 1985-1995. — “98/65/9 Astrophotographs (2), 'Lagoon Nebula'; 'Eagle Nebula”,
  • is an e-commerce web site of astrophotography, astrophotographs of solar and lunar eclipses, comets Hale-Bopp, Hyakutake and Halley's, northern lights, moon, sun, photofantasia and other night sky photographs. — “”,
  • Amateur astronomical observing site consisting of three observatories, each housing two astronomers and their telescopes. — “MAC-Hunter Observatory”,
  • 2011 public stargazes at Keehner Park (West Chester, Ohio) August 13, 2010 (Beach) METEOR SHOWER CAMP-OUT. 2011 public stargazes at Cowan Lake State. — “Gallery of Astrophotographs by P Freeman”, astro-
  • Main Gallery > Astrophotographs > Widefield Gamma Cygni. 13 inch by 19 inch print- $ 40-00 Main Gallery > Astrophotographs > Widefield Gamma Cygni. Photograph Information: Subject: Gamma Cygni Region. — “RSI Photos”,
  • Australian Amateur Astrophotographs. Last updated November 8, 1996. The Hamilton Amateur Astronomical and Murdoch Astronomical Society have created a closeness that has become a very warm relationship. One of the products of this union is the trading of some astrophotographs. — “Hamilton Amateur Astronomers: Australian Amateur Astrophotographs”,
  • Ruggedized data acquisition systems, DCRsi-compatible Disk Recorders, PCIbus interfaces for Ampex DCRsi and Metrum-Datatape recorders, Windows and UNIX software. — “DCRsi and Ampex Data Acquisition Systems by Space Systems, Inc”,
  • Australian Astrophotography by Ray Palmer to catch the jewels of the cosmic sea". Award Winning - Deep Space Photography by Ray Palmer. You are visitor number. Return to top of page? The Cosmic Art Gallery - Best Film Cosmotography. — “Astrophotography by Ray Palmer - Western Australian”,

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  • “BPAA member David Warman's astrophotographs are now gracing the windows of Bainbridge Arts and Crafts on Winslow Way. I'm just starting up my own blog and only hope that I can write as well and give the reader so much insight”
    — The Night Sky . . . Or Not | Battle Point Astronomical,

  • “Blog. Books. Gallery. Latest Book. Monday, April 13, 2009 "Wonder ye then at the fiery hunt" magazine has given us some original astrophotographs over the years, but this one (with”
    — Science Musings Blog,

  • “[Camera] Rumblings on Sony's new CMOS sensor - forum topic to forum 2006-05-08 23:26:21. Topic: Follow · Sitemark · Mark Unread. Forums " Tech and Talk " Technical " Digital Imaging Technology. Perfect for Canon”
    — [Camera] Rumblings on Sony's new CMOS sensor - ,

  • “I managed to take a few images of the lunar eclipse last week, I only used my camera with the standard 55mm lens. I was feeling too weak to drag the telescope outside and set it up. :)There's two more photos and the rest of my astrophotographs o”
    — Lunar eclipse,

  • “So when combining fixed landscape astrophotographs with same exposure value, the result 幾張非常可愛的狗狗版海角七號人物插畫,在她的小blog。 這裡把圖片弄過來:) 小妹的旁白非常可愛,可以去她的blog 看原版。 [阿嘉、友子、茂伯] 更多照片請往下點.. 继续”
    — Graphics/Images - Pedaling Upwards,

  • “"regular" photographer first impressions of PI - a of months ago when I was searching for ways to reduce noise, specifically color noise, in photographs (regular photographs, not astrophotographs)”
    — "regular" photographer first impressions of PI - a,

  • “Astronomical photography, Astrophotography tips and techniques Home | Articles/Blog | Tutorials | About me | My equipment | Favorite locations | Other sites”
    — Multi-scale Processing - Revealing very faint stuff | Deep,

  • “All of the Astrophotographs have been taken by members using the Society's or their own optical instruments. The photographs and graphics on this blog are the copyright of the respective named members, please do not reproduce without prior permission”
    — Doncaster Astronomical Society: IC 434 Horse Head Nebula,

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