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  • Peer review within science journalism The Tracker, having once aspired to astronomizing, is a sucker for big telescope stories. So a batch out now on the Gran Telescopio Canarias, or Giant Canary Telescope — on the Canary Islands — catches the eye. — “Knight Science Journalism Tracker " Blog Archive " AP”,
  • a curd made by pouring old beer over boiling milk *alung o' because as well, in addition to (and all) aneend. on end, upright. anny end up. whatever, in any. — “dialect”,
  • First Principles, Intercollegiate Studies Institute's online journal, is where college and university faculty and students access original and archival content on American intellectual conservatism. geometrizing upon earth, measuring its surfaces, astronomizing in the heavens; tracking down by every. — “First Principles - Last Things: The Life of the Philosopher”,
  • The Messiah, with His Divine mission proved by miracles which all might see who chose to look, is degraded into a prototype of James Laurie, ingeniously astronomizing upon ignorant geometry and false logic, and comparing to blockheads those who expose his nonsense. — “The Project Gutenberg eBook of A Budget of Paradoxes, Volume”,
  • I plan on taking the Tiger out again tomorrow evening astronomizing if it's not too cold & windy. Jim, "OK, so what's the speed of dark?" '06 Tiger CX 'C Minus' on a Silverado 2500HD 4x4, 8.1 & Allison (aka 'Loafer's Glory') . — “Motorhome Magazine Open Roads Forum: Class C Motorhomes”,
  • Physics in the Twentieth Century: Selected Essays, MIT Press, 1972 Astronomizing at ST ScI. Anne Kinney, in "Women in Astronomy" From "Surely You're Joking. — “Gem40, vt 96”,
  • In the middle was placed a person who played on the lyre, and seated around him in a circle were those able to sing. As Pythagoras was astronomizing he happened to meet this Phrygian piper at an. — “Music and poetry”,
  • radio astronomizing in the appalachains. back to the main page. so this is us, the motley erira crew, which consisted of a handful of nerdy astronomy kids from across the country. we're standing in front of the dish we took over for the week,. — “radio astronomizing in the appalachians”,
  • contemplate the heavens from. various elevations. Each place the Beloved has set her foot astronomizing the night sky, Mount Meru in blue mist at the Tantric center of. neither. — “Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore Poetry”,
  • Mark your calendar for a meteor watch on the morning of Tuesday, August 12th. Whenever you're out astronomizing during this time of year, you're likely to notice an occasional meteor that streaks away from the direction of the constellation Perseus, which is rising in the northeast during late evening. — “ - Observing Blog - Dodge the Moon, See”,
  • Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time is astronomizing. 9:10 PM Jan 12th from web. thinks Ann Veneman should be seriously considered as Obama's VP. — “Twitter / JesseBHolmes”,
  • The Secularist's Corner is an interactive forum for people of no faith or any faith to discuss religious issues impacting society with Susan Jacoby a prototype of James Laurie, ingeniously astronomizing upon ignorant. — “Secularist's Corner: A Conversation on Religion, Politics and”,
  • Astronomizing at STScI -- Anne Kinney. PREFACE. The idea of having a meeting to discuss the situation of women in astronomy was suggested to me by Goetz Oertel, President of AURA (the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy), over. — “Women at Work: A Meeting on the Status of Women in Astronomy”,
  • Don't tell me that I'm the only one who has periodic bouts of insecurity and thoughts of, 'This whole thing March (11) Followers. Astronomizing. Reading List All Things From My Brain. Random Thoughts for Monday, September 27th, 2010 - /begin random. — “Wistful Nebulae: Getting my Fight on with Nagging Doubt”,
  • acrylonitrile actinobacilli actinomorphic actinomycosis actinotherapy action-taking actualisation actualization acupuncturist adaptableness addle astrocytomata astrodynamics astronomising astronomizing astrophysical atheistically atlantosaurus. — “abbey-counter abbreviations abnormalities abolitionists”,
  • astronomised astronomized astronomises astronomizes astronomises astronomizes astronomising astronomizing astronomising astronomizing atheise atheize atheise atheize atheised atheized atheised atheized atheises atheizes atheises atheizes atheising. — “_z”, zen6741
  • Olympus_Digital_SLR_Astrophotography: Olympus Digital SLR Astrophotography Re: Astronomizing e-410/510. I recently read that that many celestial objects including M42 emit strongly in the 480 to 500nm range. In the case of M42 the intensity level in this. — “Olympus_Digital_SLR_Astrophotography : Messages : 1288-1317”,
  • pythagoras According to his fourth century A.D. biographer, Iamblichus, Pythagoras spent his time in Egypt "astronomizing and geometrizing, and was initiated, not in a superficial or casual manner, in all he mysteries of the gods. — “fUSION Anomaly. Pythagoras”,
  • What is a astronomy, definition of astronomy, meaning of astronomy, astronomy anagrams, astronomy synonyms Try the following resources for astronomy: astronomy. astronomizing " astronomizes " astronomized " astronomy " astrophel " astrophels " astrophotograph. Word lists: All. — “Word astronomy meaning. Word astronomy definition. Free”,
  • - Canada's Online Information Source In recent years, something in the order 3,000 of asteroids a month are being found by astronomizing computers. — “CBC News - Viewpoint: Stephen Strauss”,
  • expiation and in order that you make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood It is said that Pythagoras as he was astronomizing, happened to meet with the Phrygian. — “NEWSLETTERS”,

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  • “Kerry's 5 Jul 2008 composite photo of the summer Milky Way over Binbrook Conservation HAA brochures and expressed interest in astronomizing once their kids get a little older,”
    — Reports - Archives for: July 2008,

  • “Read Some robot stories ^_^ by Neil Slorance on MySpace Blogs! New blogTopics added every minute. Every now and again i like to write a little stor”
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  • “The primary reason is that anything I present in this type of forum is tremendously incomplete and fails to demonstrate the subtleties of belief and decision. The Motion Sick Blog - http://”
    — Michael J. Epstein and Sophia Cacciola: September 2008,

  • “OkCupid Free Online Dating - The fastest growing free dating site for singles. Astronomizing. Something I enjoy. I find that doing something I enjoy really helps me get my mind off things enough to relax”
    — OkCupid | Forum / General / How to avoid going to sleep upset?,

  • “'Souls is an advanced forum RPG with a post-apocalyptic werewolf theme. Since 2001, we've provided an interesting roleplaying environment along with a laid-back and friendly out of character atmosphere. Luz makes a trek into this particular apltly-named neck of the woods, and sets to astronomizing”
    — just exceptionally good at small-talk, baby. @ 'Souls RPG, bleeding-

  • “Any individual with any helpful tips regarding visual telescope techniques (for cosmological observation). I have a good Zhumell Z10 Dobsonian. Focuser works fine on the Astronomy Beginners Forum - Visual Telescope Techniques. Welcome to the Astronomy Forums | Telescope Forums & Reviews | Astronomy”
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