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  • Assured Performance Network is really two separate entities that work in harmony. Assured Performance is proud to introduce the VIP Card program. — “Assured Performance Network”,
  • ASSURED REAL ESTATE APPRAISAL SERVICES specializing in residential and commercial Real Estate Property Appraisals in MD, DC & VA. — “Real Estate Appraisal - home appraisal - appraiser - real”,
  • Welcome to the website. Your browser is currently configured to have JavaScript disabled, or is not capable of supporting Javascript. This site makes extensive use of JavaScript for navigation, but also supplements this with navigation aids which do not rely on JavaScript. — “Assured: No Script”,
  • That period of time in which our affairs prosper, our friends are true and our happiness is assured. Whenever you are angry, be assured that it is not only a present evil, but that you have increased a habit. Epictetus. Only seven years ago we made a. — “Definition of Assured”,
  • Welcome to Assured Tax. Assured Tax is a full service tax accounting firm specializing in Federal and State income tax preparation for individuals and businesses. We are here all year to help you with your personal, Corporation, S-corp, LLC and partnership taxes - including all state returns. — “Assured Tax - Home”,
  • As·sured a. Made sure; safe; insured; certain; indubitable; not doubting; bold to excess. As·sured n. — “assured: West's Encyclopedia of American Law (Full Article”,
  • Definition of assured from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of assured. Pronunciation of assured. Definition of the word assured. Origin of the word assured. — “assured - Definition of assured at ”,
  • Assured Complete does the work of job management software, service management software, contact management systems and information management systems all in one package. Designed to be used by both small and large companies, Assured Complete. — “Assured Software - Business operations software for the”,
  • Assured Performance Collision Care is a non-profit consumer advocacy organization. We have also determined key factors necessary to assure you of the quality repair and service you will receive. — “Assured Performance Collision Care & Body Shop Locator”,
  • Definition of assured in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of assured. Pronunciation of assured. Translations of assured. assured synonyms, assured antonyms. Information about assured in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “assured - definition of assured by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Assured Services is a professional, full-service carpet care company serving Northern Illinois, including Chicagoland and suburbs. You can depend on Assured Services for carpet cleaning, carpet restretching and repairs, upholstery cleaning, fiber and fabric protection, hardwood. — “Assured Services”,
  • Luke 1:1 Seeing that many did take in hand to set in order a narration of the matters that have been fully assured among us, (YLT) Acts 7:17 "But as the time of the promise came close which God had sworn to Abraham, the people grew and multiplied in Egypt, (See NAS). — “Bible Concordance: Assured”,
  • Assured Health Insurance Services provides objective information to consumers and small business owners in California, helping them make decisions about their health and medical insurance needs and employee benefits. — “Assured Health Insurance”,
  • Assured definition, guaranteed; sure; certain; secure: See more. to cause to know surely; reassure: He assured himself that no one was left on the bus. — “Assured | Define Assured at ”,
  • Auto Assured Ltd Car Inspections offer the most comprehensive and expert motor vehicle examination services in Kenya. Get A Quote. Share Auto Assured Limited - Stress -Free Driving - P. O. BOX 267-00100 Nairobi. Tel/Fax: 27 27 908/14/15 / 27 11 420/1 Cell: 0722 752543 / 0733 730763. — “Auto Assured - 24 Hour Road Rescue”,
  • Many accounting firms focus on accounting and auditing of larger businesses. At Assured Bookkeeping we specialize in bookkeeping, payroll, and Quickbooks solutions for small businesses assuring accuracy and efficiency improving the overall financial condition, profitability, and cash flow. — “Home Page”,
  • Assured Guaranty Assured Guaranty, through its subsidiaries, is a leading provider of financial guaranties and credit enhancement products to investors, financial institutions and other participants in the global capital. — “Assured Guaranty: Assured Guaranty”,
  • Stop searching and let Assured Solutions develop a comprehensive kitchen exhaust cleaning program that provides you with the peace of mind in knowing that your system is being maintained by professionals and allowing you to focus on other important details such as your guests. — “Assured Solutions :: Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning”, assured-
  • Definition of word from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary with audio pronunciations, thesaurus, Word of the Day, and word games. satisfied as to the certainty or truth of a matter. — “Assured - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • Assured Real Estate is committed to providing you a seamless experience when it comes to Serving the Las Vegas Valley as real estate professionals since 1981, the staff at Assured Real Estate has the market knowledge and experience that is unmatched by any other property management firm. — “Welcome to Assured Real Estate, Inc”,
  • Assured Healthcare in Gurnee IL provides a full range of healthare staffing solutions and employment opportunities throughout Illinois and Wisconsin. — “Assured Healthcare - Healthcare Staffing and Employment”,
  • You can always rely on the insurance experts at Assured Insurance Services, Inc., to be there for you when you need them. Our individual and business insurance policies cover a broad range of industries from manufacturers to law firms to doctor's offices. — “Assured-™”, assured-
  • Definition of assured in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is assured? Meaning of assured as a legal term. What does assured mean in law?. — “assured legal definition of assured. assured synonyms by the”, legal-

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  • "Be Assured" performed by The Swanson Family The Swanson Family bluegrass band performs the gospel favorite "Be Assured" , composed by Ron Block, at the first annual Southern Gospel Jamboree at the Withlacoochee Bluegrass Festival Grounds in Dunnellon, Florida November 8, 2008
  • No Discipline / Rest Assured No Discipline plays this Mike Bazaz original "Rest Assured" Recorded live at REM Studios. Guitar solo by: Robert Melosh. Enjoy...ONE LOVE!
  • Still - Hillsong [Lyrics] lyrics & music for Still by Hillsong. :) Enjoy~
  • Gillan - Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) - Live 1982 Off The Record - Gillingham TVS Studios 17.01.1982 Ian Gillan - vocals Colin Towns - keyboards John McCoy - bass guitar Janick Gers - guitar Mick Underwood - drums
  • Mutually Assured Destruction - Nuclear Winter Mutually Assured Destruction nuclear winter torn flesh records 9/11 Justin Bieber Katy Perry Lady Gaga Lil' Wayne Hitler Charles Manson Al Qaeda horror funny must watch important
  • Mega Man Powered Up - Time Man Perfect Run - Part 2 With a final helping of outtakes and difficulty ***ysis, it's time to bring the Mega Man Powered Up Perfect Run series to a close. Rest assured, I will be returning to MMPU in the future for a few more things, such as the construction pack guide and possibly Challenge Mode, but while I'm still in Perfect Run mode, I will be launching into the MM10 Perfect Run series next. After that I will probably return to MMPU for those features. With this series finished, I'm going to be taking a week's break for some relaxation and decompression, but rest assured, I'll be happily getting to work on MM10 soon enough. For those wondering, here's probably the upcoming schedule of projects for the next little while : Mega Man 10 Perfect Runs Mega Man Powered Up - Construction Pack Guide Mega Man Powered Up - Challenge Mode Secret of Mana Silent Hill 2 The MMBN2 demo stuff, I still need to get to work on Hard Mode, I've been so focused on this currently, but I'll try to work on that in the background. Rest assured, the rest of the MMBN2 footage will occur, I just need to get around to getting all the footage I need in the background. With that however, the MMPU Perfect Run series is done! Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed the series, and I shall see you again for my next project! Until then, faretheewell! My thanks to cooljobsrule and GandWatch for the 8 bit Time Man sprites. Looking for the Perfect Run itself? That would be here : Perfect World Outtake Song ...
  • The Big Moment He assured them all this normally never happens. They nodded and nodded and nodded.
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition # 59-Discretion Assured Mission 59: Discretion Assured Well, like the Preps, there is still one Jock member doesn't hate Jimmy just yet - or, Mandy was downed terribly and she couldn't think of everything else. The fact is, her "naughty pictures" are scattered all over Bullworth, and everybody now laughs at her!!! Damn, Jimmy never expected what Earnest does with those photos - he wants to take down the Jocks, not to take down a gril's life, even Mandy stays close to the Football team! At last, Jimmy determined to correct his fault by getting rid of these dirty pics for Mandy - he won't request anything else. Just pray mates, it still moved Mandy so much and convinced her to become Jimmy's girlfriend - finally he owned ALL the girls in this school! Sound perfect, no? Notice: You don't need to beat up Thad before going to the remaining photos, just be quick and get rid of those before any other is placed. Also, there's a texture bug in SE version making the replaced photo Thad placed is "tagged" instead of clean. What's wrong with this game anyway, so many bugs!!!
  • unipay2u presentation [B]GOLDEN CHANCE KNOCKED ONCE I am an agent for a Bullion Gold trade Company trading in 999.9 Brig Gold. 1. Investors : Assured 20% return on their investments per month on tenure of 10 months. 2. Purchaser: Assured 15% return on the purchased value of gold; per month 2.5% on tenure of 6 months. As per the rules of RBI act on New Gold Policy we provide Gold Bonds from HSBC BANK. Registerd under or We strictly abide RBI & Corporate of ministry affaris rules & regulations. If you find us interesting please write a mail to me: [email protected] or visit our company website: www.unipay2 Thanks & Regards ANISH KHAN 09981964361 :: Ministry of Corporate Affairs :: "To be a leader and partner in initiatives for corporate reforms, good governance and enlightened regulation, with a view to promote and facilitate effective corporate functioning, investor protection.
  • Laszlo Bock Testifies on Immigration at House Judiciary Cmte Laszlo Bock, Vice President for People Operations at Google, testifies before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration on June 6, 2007. Topics of discussion include H-1B visas, employer-based green cards, and the impact of immigration policies on Google.
  • Green Day - Restless Heart Syndrome Green Day - 2009 click here for the warning alternate music video :
  • Lullaby - The Spill Canvas Lullaby by The Spill Canvas is (c) to The Spill Canvas. For entertainment purposes only. Lyrics: It's the way that you blush when you're nervous. It's your ability to make me earn this. I know that you're tired, just let me sing you to sleep. It's about how you laugh out of pity, 'Cause lets be honest I'm not really that funny. I know that you're shot, just let me sing you to sleep. If you need anything, just the say the word. I mean anything. Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in, Plant my lips where your necklaces close. It's those pills that you don't need to take, medicating perfection, now that's a mistake. I know that you're spent, just let me sing you to sleep. It's your finger and how I'm wrapped around it. It's your grace and how it keeps me grounded. I know that you're weak, just let me sing you to sleep. If you need anything, just the say the word. I mean anything. Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in, Plant my lips where your necklaces close. While you were sleeping I figured out everything, I was constructed for you, and you were molded for me. Now I feel your name, coursing through my veins. You shine so bright it's insane, you put the sun to shame. (Oh) If you need anything, just the say the word. I mean anything. (I really do) Rest assured, if you start to doze, then I'll tuck you in, Plant my lips where your necklaces... If you need anything, just the say the word. I mean anything. Rest assured, if you start to ...
  • Modern Bank Runs It always amazes how calm and self assured news journalist are when commentating about the collapse of the 2nd largest Bank in US history. And the sheer fact that many will lose a considerable portion of their life savings. The economics correspondent makes reference to the Massive losses (on the stock market) by Washington Mutual and National City bank. Washington Mutual alone lost 34.8 (Monday July 14208) So one has to ask , what's next? considering the massive losses by Washington Mutual, I will refer to an Article by Jonathan Stempel (REUTERS) SEPTEMBER10,2007 quoting WASHINGTON MUTUAL INC. "Washington Mutual Inc said on Monday that most US housing markets are weakening, creating a "near perfect storm" that may force the largest US savings and loan to set aside more money for bad loans". Well that has obviously happened, which is why there was such a run on INDYMAC because of their staggering default rates on the loans packaged by the company. SO is WASHINGTON MUTUAL next? David Goldman from CNNMONEY writes "WaMu responded after the market close with a statement, saying it is sufficiently capitalized, with more than $40 billion in excess liquidity after it recently raised $7.2 billion in capital. That statement is nearly identical to the statement made by INDYMAC before their collapse. I closed my account with WASHINGTON MUTUAL over a year ago, so none of this surprises me. Regarding INDYMAC, I was becoming so frustrated by the outright Blackout with video and photo ...
  • Paradise Lost - Over The Madness With Lyrics Taken from the album Paradise Lost. I added theyr lyrics. Enjoy! I've fallen down there once before I've fallen down there once before I'm always down there rest assured I'm always down there rest assured Falling, hands are tied Anyone else but me Falling, hands are tied Anyone else but me Calling out to end disgrace Calling out for death's embrace All around seems so obscure All around seems less than pure Falling, hands are tied Anyone else but me Falling, hands are tied Anyone else but me Getting over the madness Getting over the strain Getting over the madness Getting over the strain
  • Bully - Mission #50 Discretion Assured Bully - Mission #50 Discretion Assured Check it out: From the dude who brought you
  • Mutually Assured Destruction - Nuclear Winter
  • A-LEAGUE MAJOR SEMI FINAL 2009: 1st Leg - Adelaide United V Melbourne Victory - Highlights - 7feb09
  • Bully: Scholarship Edition - Discretion Assured Mandy is brought low because the nerds took those photos that Jimmy snapped in Paparazzi and turned them into posters, and then put them in the school and around town. Now Jimmy has to go take care of it. Listening to Mandy talk makes you really feel for the characters. Rockstar did a great job of making us care about these people. There's a few pieces of great random dialogue in this mission. One of the bullies says "I'll ask her out one day. We'll wind up married and divorced, just like ma and pa!" and Algie says "I think I've got some mayonnaise on my pants!" Yuck! *shudders* This was played strictly for fun, so please don't judge too harshly. Playlist for Bully: Scholarship Edition:
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers - Midnight RHCP - Midnight - By The Way LYRICS Things will never be the same Still I'm awfully glad I came Resonating in the shape of things to come Never waiting when I know there's only one Messed it up but rest assured No one ever thinks they're cured Just a minute while I reinvent myself Make it up and then I take it off the shelf Over the laws of light Over the moon by midnight Let's do it all this time Everyone wishing well we go and Everyone knows anything goes and now We are the lotus kids So better take note of this For the story The rising moon is on the shine The blood of scorpio's a nine Life the fear that's in eyes of every doe Say it now 'cause John and Jane would like to know Is it safe inside your head Songs to serenade the dead All along I said I know no enemies Mix it up until there are no pedigrees Over the laws of light Over the moon by midnight Let's do it all this time Everyone wishing well we go and Everyone knows anything goes and now We are the lotus kids So better take note of this For the story Over the laws of light Over the moon by midnight Let's do it all this time Into the shadow showing Enter the rolling tide Over the ocean so wide Let's do it all this time Everyone wishing well we go and Everyone knows anything goes and now We are the lotus kids So better take note of this For the story Everyone knows anything goes and now We are the lotus kids So better take note of this For the story Everyone knows anything goes and now We are the lotus kids So ...
  • Grimlet - "MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction)" Album: Grim Perceptions Recital Records 2010
  • The More Assured - All In Your Head The More Assured - All In Your Head. Video Directed by Jacob Perlmutter
  • Gillan- Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) Mutually Assured Destruction, aka MAD, was the GILLAN band single that continued the bands incredible run of chart hit singles and become a great GILLAN live classic and features Ian Gillan and Bernie Torme'.
  • Reporter unloads on McCain Neverland
  • Rosenmüller - Sinfonia Quinta JOHANN ROSENMÜLLER (1619-1684) "Sinfonia quinta" for three violins, viola, and basso continuo 1. Grave 2. Allegro-Adagio 3. Allemanda 4. Correnta 5. Intrata 6. Ballo 7. Sarabanda Performed by Tafelmusik Directed by Jeanne Lamon *Johann Rosenmüller was a German Baroque composer who played a part in transmitting Italian musical styles to the north. Rosenmüller studied at the University of Leipzig, graduating in 1640. He served as organist of the Nikolai Church from 1651, and had been assured of advancement to cantor. However, in 1655 a scandal concerning homo***ual activities involving Rosenmüller and choirboys emerged and he was imprisoned. He escaped from prison and fled to Italy, and by 1658 was employed at Saint Mark's in Venice where he later composed. He composed many vocal works while teaching at an orphanage for girls, the Ospedale della Pietà, the same institution where Antonio Vivaldi taught in the following century. The works of Giovanni Legrenzi and Arcangelo Corelli were among his Italian influences and his sacred compositions show the influence of Heinrich Schütz. In his last years he returned to Germany with Duke Anton-Ulrich of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, at whose court he served as choir master. He died at Wolfenbüttel on 10 September, 1684, and is buried there.
  • Government shutdown averted, fiscal crisis assured! Schiff Report Video Blog, April 9th 2011
  • Envy Assured - Reverence (In memory of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan) Download link: Lyrics: There's so much say but I I don't know where to begin After hearing the news you're no longer here it's been a struggle for those who know you to get by I guess it wasn't to be Words can't express the way you've inspired me I've been searching for answers it isn't where you belong Reverence for you will always remain We'll look to you in hope to find our own way and how I wish you were alive Lord I would be fine I came to find that there's no remission of sin I do my best to move on but I'm tearing within Now I feel it burning inside It cuts to the quick like a knife Since your death I've learned a few things I have to live my life It's been so hard Hard to let you go Cos what you have left We will never know Talking Interlude: Now we look back a year since this tragic day took place And as we do we realise just how much you meant We realise the thin line between life and death What you left behind wasn't just a memory of a life It was a ***ing legacy Now we all learn the hard way that there is no replacing you We learn that just a spoonful may not have been enough for the world People are moving on now but I don't give a *** I'll always remember stallion duck Your life was cut short Left me and others distraught But I know you're up there kicking arse Drinking a cold Guinness from a glass and raising hell in heaven So from the world and I Jimmy Thank you /envyassured In memory of Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan.
  • Dr. Zakir invites W. Campbell to pass the test live! Dr. Zakir Naik invites Dr. William Campbell to pass the test (Gospel of Mark, Ch. No.16, Verse No.17 and 18) live; to be sure that he is a true Christian believer I have read the book 'The Qur'an and the Bible in the light of history and science' written by Dr. William Campbell. And I assume - that he is a true Christian believer, and at least I would like him to confirm to me about the falsification test. Please be rest assured... Please be rest assured, I will not ask Dr. William Campbell to have deadly poison - Because I don't want to jeopardize the debate. What I'll do - I will only ask him to speak in foreign tongues... In new languages. And as many of you may be aware that India is a land, which has more than 1000 languages and dialects. Only thing I request him is, to say these 3 words... 'One hundred rupees', in the 17 official languages. There are only 17 official languages in India and to make it easier for Dr. William Campbell, I have got a 'One hundred-rupee note.' And this has all the 17 languages mentioned here. Besides English and Hindi, I will help him. I give him a beginning --'Ek sav rupaiya, In Hindi. The remaining 15 languages are here - I request him to read. I know the test says... 'They will speak foreign languages on their own, without the help of reading' - but I want to make the test easier, I want to see someone passing the test - I've not seen any one. So if he cannot say it on his own, or from his memory, at least read it. I don't mind I'll ...
  • MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction cheat (Ragnarok) I show how to cheat in MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction with Ragnarok Cheat(s): Combo Score Resources Accuracy Encounters "Deadeye" Kills Disabled/freefallers Downloads: ragnarokcheats.110 Demos: Forum: Website:
  • Stick To Your Guns - This Is More Band: Stick To Your Guns Song: This Is More Album: For What It's Worth Lyrics: This is more than a pulse beneath my wrist or a beat beneath my ribs this is something that cant be given away because whats life for some is not right for some but either way we can overcome and not be killed by our own mistakes we cant let this be our death because our differences will be our expenses too relieve us and achieve something for us to believe we have been put up on the shelf its such a sad day when we need to save each other from ourselves rest assured that with a heart thats pure well be victorious and not let our hate get the best of us
  • mutually assured destruction (TF2 Submission) I So Happen To See 2 Soldiers Kamikazi into eachother. (I am the medic in the backround)
  • Link Family Be Assured
  • The Fall Of Troy - 12 - A Man. A Plan. A C***. Panama. 12 - A Man. A Plan. A C***. Panama. Manipulator ___________________________ LYRICS The turn of the century, that's turning out wrong. No matter what words they say, you can rest assured. The stinging wind, surrounding is. Pulling strings, and clipping wings, I knew there was no time. We can dream, and speak through sleep, and in our minds, pick out the signs. I ruined all the lines. The turn of the century, that's turning out wrong. No matter what words they say, you can rest assured. She comes over to me, and takes a seat right across from the sea. She answers questions and pulls from the deep. Calling out to the sun, to the sun. Freeze frames were intended, but lacking funds. If you knew you'd suffer. I'm making it up. Eyes that speak when feeling, nothing's solved. Lost my sense of direction, de-railed, eject, off the starboard side. Who am I to demand their lives? Their fate is mine. Will I survive? So sweet you called, but I won't answer... So sweet you called, but I won't answer... Force-feed your ego compactor... And let go! And let go! If my reputation precedes me, then I'm staying here comatose. You get your way, I'll get on mine! Shutter at the sight of the front door, my heart might stop. As thin as innuendo I stare through her windows. Play the night away, I play the night away for fear of nothing to win. You asked for my opinion? I'm keeping my hands to myself!
  • Collapse Assured If the best hope for recovery is non cutting tax cut then collapse is assured
  • Corruption and poverty in Russia's far east - 28 Feb 08 Dmitry Medvedev, the man assured to be elected as Russia's next president on Sunday, has made the battle against corruption a top priority. One of the worst regions affected is Russia's Far East. Al Jazeera's Jonah Hull has been traveling across Russia to find out what problems the new president will face. He reports from the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok. It is a city mired in poverty despite being rich in mineral resources.
  • I want your Despair Music video for 'I want your Despair' - The More Assured. Video by: Jacob Perlmutter, Max Lincoln and Adam Pollack
  • MAD - Rocket Arena Developer Diary - Part 1 ( StarCraft 2 Custom Map ) MAD v1.1 - FX released on both US and EU. This is part 1 of a developer diary describing some of the features in the Starcraft 2 custom map MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Part 2 here: Map information: www.sc2 Music: Mt Eden - Let Go
  • Fish Scenes 8-31-09 Oliver admitted to Layla and Cristian that he was gay, but he hates it. Oliver apologized for having hurt them. Layla could tell that he was struggling. "There is nothing wrong with being gay," Layla assured him. Olivier had his doubts about how the guys at the police station would react. Cris and Layla assured him that they didn't feel any differently about him. Oliver started telling them about his father's close-mindedness and his tough upbringing. He told them about meeting Kyle and how amazing it was "and then it wasn't." Oliver offered to move out but Cris and Layla said it wasn't necessary. "I'll get over it," Layla said with a smile. Oliver thanked them. Oliver got a call from his father with news that his parents were going to pay him a visit in Llanview.
  • D/\\/|D GUETT/\ & Rihanna - Who's That Chick?! [Best Quality Assured] Here is the best quality possible :D Great song, but bad quality everywhere. I do not own this music.
  • MAD - Rocket Arena Developer Diary - Part 2 ( StarCraft 2 Custom Map ) MAD v1.1 - FX released on both US and EU. What's your powerup? This is part 2 of a developer diary describing some of the features in the SC2 custom map MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Map information: www.sc2 Music: Mt Eden - Let Go
  • Cold Steel AK-47: Masculinity Assured This is a chunky and heavy tactical folder. These two examples have seen some hard use and show some interesting battle scars. Upsides are fast deployment, big handles with impact capabilities (using the extended Grivory butt), good steel, feels great in the hand, and it has a tractable grip. Downsides are a loose lockup (over time apparently), heavier weight (7 oz), and too short of a blade for this weight and type of defensive folder. Better options might include the BM 710, BM Dejavoo, or Extra Large CS Voyager is you want or need more defensive reach. But this knife does make a statement and might reassure your buddies that indeed you are a man.
  • rant. NEW TOUR FALL 2010 tickets here: new CD! lyrics by me. music by garageband. all the seats at the sunday masses, filled with the mass's massive asses, classes pass as fast as molasses. ceremonial reading glasses. read a little bit of leviticus. all the kids are a little too little for this. all the parents nod in agreement - "i think i can vaguely see what he meant." it's too early in the morning glory to read another allegory story, the father, reads a little bit farther, assuring the assured that they need not bother "when god, in verse 45, said the slaves are okay to buy, he meant that people, all from the start each have slaves within their hearts. things, that we have sold or boughten, that are forced to pick our moral cotton god calls us to set these free, free our hearts from slavery... and then as god goes on to explain the logistics of buying and selling slaves..." in the back, i sit and i nod to the beats that are bumpin from my ipod my god, they're starting to pray and over the music i can hear them say "dear god, dear lord, dear vague muscular man with a beard or a sword. dear good all-seeing being, my way or the highway yahweh. the blue-balled anti-masturbator, the great, all-loving faggot hater, i'd like to thank your holy might for making me both rich and white and though this is your day of rest, i come to you with one request there's so much pain beyond this steeple, wars and drugs and homeless people. sadness, where there ...

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