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  • Definition of assertively in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of assertively. Pronunciation of assertively. Translations of assertively. assertively synonyms, assertively antonyms. Information about assertively in the free online English. — “assertively - definition of assertively by the Free Online”,
  • One of the ways that assertiveness can help you is when it comes to asking for a raise. Almost everyone is nervous and unsure about how to approach the boss in this situation. — “How to Assertively Ask for a Raise”,
  • :PIAGET - Assertively Sport Chic For the Piaget Polo line's 30th birthday, the Piaget fine watch manufacture is reinterpreting this collection in an assertively modern style. — “PIAGET - Assertively Sport Chic”,
  • When we teach ***s to be assertive, we need to also teach them to assess situations and to consider their personal safety. When you introduce the topic of assertiveness, keep in mind that communicating assertively, especially for women, is not considered the norm in. — “Communicating Assertively”,
  • Behaving assertively is a goal of effective communication. We behave assertively when we state our wishes directly and honestly, while simultaneously taking others' needs into account. — “Communicating Assertively”,
  • How to Communicate Assertively. Authentic assertive communication can revolutionize your relationships at work, home, or anywhere else. These are steps to take to master assertive communication. Prevent conflict with others by. — “How to Communicate Assertively | ”,
  • If somebody asked you whether you'd like to be an assertive woman, most of you would probably say yes, but only after a few moments' thought. The thought of being assertive is therefore not very feminine. — “How to be Assertively Feminine”,
  • assertively (comparative more assertively, superlative most assertively) Retrieved from "http:///wiki/assertively" Category:. — “assertively - Wiktionary”,
  • Men behaving assertively are thought to be in control and masterful Men behaving assertively are thought to be in control and masterful - women behaving assertively are thought of as being. — “Types of Communication Behaviour”, rsc-ne-
  • The Assertiveness Skills Unit assists students in developing effective skills to say 'No' in particular situat ions. Assertiveness training, combined with practising a variety of strategies for saying 'No', gives youth the skills to face. — “Health Education: A Curriculum Guide for the Middle Level”,
  • Note: click on a word meaning below to see its connections and related words. The adverb assertively has one meaning: Meaning #1 : in an assertive. — “assertively: Information from ”,
  • It uses many different forms of learning to develop assertiveness skills and lift self-confidence to enable you to work more effectively and reclaim This course provides practical guidance for anyone who needs to develop their assertiveness skills for a range of workplace situations. — “Working Assertively and with Confidence”,
  • An A-B single-subject design replicated across five participants was utilized to determine the effectiveness of PBL in group counseling for increasing assertiveness skills of the victims of bullies. Three students began responding assertively, but then responded inappropriately during a. — “Bullying: Techniques for Dealing with Taunting, Teasing”,
  • Definition of assertively from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of assertively. Pronunciation of assertively. Definition of the word assertively. Origin of the word assertively. — “assertively - Definition of assertively at ”,
  • Ways to say no without saying no Learn how to graciously refuse a request Build confidence in saying Learning how to graciously and assertively say "no" is an acquired skill. — “16 Ways to Graciously and Assertively Say "no"”,
  • Assertiveness is the form of communication in which you express your needs, opinions, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways. Assertive behaviour is respectful of yourself and others. It equalises the balance of power between two parties and clears the way for honest. — “HRM SKILLS Communicating Assertively Workshop”,
  • Assertiveness Training. Communicating in an assertive manner and with confidence is vital Assertiveness is when a person stands up for their rights without violating the rights of the other person. — “Communicate Assertively and with Confidence | Kent Trainers”,
  • Definition of assertively in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is assertively? Meaning of assertively as a legal term. What does assertively mean in law?. — “assertively legal definition of assertively. assertively”, legal-
  • Assertively definition, confidently aggressive or self-assured; positive: aggressive; dogmatic: See more. — “Assertively | Define Assertively at ”,
  • Assertiveness is a key skill for managing your workload and having mature, enjoyable relationships with co-workers. Learn how to get what you want working with people, not against them. — “Assertiveness - Assertiveness training from ”,
  • Handling Anger Assertively By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D. The emotion we call "anger" is a Learning how to be self-supportive and assertive with your anger are the most healthful. — “Handing Anger Assertively By Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D”,
  • BARNES & NOBLE: Managing Assertively by Madelyn Burley-Allen - Save with New Lower Prices on Millions of Books. FREE Shipping on $25 orders!. — “Managing Assertively, Wiley Self-Teaching Guides Series”,

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  • Nod Off Joey and Micah engage in a fierce "nod off" and Micah assertively claims his Cheerios.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Our Diversity mission is to assertively attract, retain and develop the best talent so that we bring thought leadership and insights to our clients and foster a culture whose diversity and inclusion are self-perpetuating.
  • As You Like It (1982 TV) part 9 of 16 Shakespeare's fanciful play, filmed at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival before a live audience. Roberta Maxwell ... Rosalind Rosemary Dunsmore ... Celia Nicholas Pennell ... Jaques Andrew Gillies ... Orlando Lewis Gordon ... Touchstone Elizabeth Leigh-Milne ... Audrey directed by John Hirsch A FEMINIST VIEWPOINT: ...In court, Celia and Rosalind have a completely equal, give-and-take relationship. However, once they enter the forest in their disguises, Celia's part diminishes. Partly this is because Rosalind's involvement with Orlando is central to the design, but partly it functions to allow Rosalind to live out a freer, more assertive and independent role than she could otherwise. This tendency is observable in II, iv, before the women are aware that Orlando is in the forest too. In male garb, Rosalind automatically becomes the dominant figure of the two. It is she who deals with the outside world, who can meet and converse with men, speak and act assertively, even authoritatively. And she is listened to seriously, bantered with, without the deferential, complimentary, and essentially trivializing address that gentlewomen receive from gentlemen in Shakespeare's plays. She is thus able to develop and demonstrate areas of her personality that could not, according to the stage conventions Shakespeare adhered to, be gracefully revealed if she were in female apparel. She restrains Touchstone's arrogance and disparages Jaques' melancholy; she chides Silvius and Phebe; she is ...
  • Pinecone asks for Zydale's hand Pinecone assertively requests Zydale's hand in marriage.
  • AngerCoach Online - Assertive Communication In this video we discuss the importance of assertive communication. Sometimes anger can arise simply because we have not asserted ourselves properly. To communicate assertively you need to be honest and open with the people around you. If your partner does something that upsets you - tell them honestly what they did and offer practical ways to avoid the situation in the future. Often people simply "bottle up" their feelings until one day they explode in an outburst of anger, but by communicating assertively you can avoid these situations and improve your relationships with those around you.
  • Clip from Lesson Six Clip from Lesson Six of a six lesson course," Living Assertively and Compassionately"
  • Dj Hashbrown - Assertively Insertive (dubstep) My first sample dubstep track, made with FL Studio 10 I'm still learning how to make this kind of music so obviously this isn't going to be great but if you like it, please subscribe, I'll be making plenty more soon
  • Foil Fencing : Foil Fencing Footwork: Lunge In foil fencing, lunging at an opponent is a great way to assertively attack an opponent in order to score. Practice the lunge with tips from a fencing coach in this free video on foil fencing. Expert: Gerry Duran Bio: Gerry Duran founded the Tampa Fencing Academy in Florida in 1992 and became a lifetime member of the US Fencing Coach's Association. Filmmaker: Bob Hunt
  • 5 Ways To Say No Assertively Life Coach, BPD and Mental Health Coach, AJ Mahari gives you examples of how to say no assertively, yet with respect for yourself and the person you are saying no to. Mahari points out that saying no is a healthy limit and is needed at times in our lives. We can't always put others first and we can always put ourselves last. You can only be responsibile for your choices and saying no assertively and kindly is a limit-setting and boundary setting way that enhances your self-care.
  • Yarrambat Horse Trials Level 2 cross country 2011 After the 2 stops at Friends of Werribee I had to ride more assertively, so this time every time Occy started to back off or get distracted by his surroundings he got encouragement. No stops this time. We jumped clear and under time on a course that claimed about a third of the field at this level with eliminations. This moved us up from 5th after dressage to 2nd after cross country. Occy did put in an unfortunate stop in the showjumping that dropped us to third but we were still in the top placings for what is renowned as a tough event. We got a hay-bag from Hurstbridge Saddlery and a Saddle blanket from Unicorn Equestrian Center for our troubles. I think the contents of the hay-bag will be most important to Occy.
  • Boulevard Saison-Brett | Beer Geek Nation Beer Reviews Episode 176 Saison-Brett Boulevard Brewing 8.5% ABV Beer Geek Nation Rating: A Beer Advocate Rating: A Rate beer Rating: 99/100 Saison-Brett, based on our very popular Tank 7, is assertively dry hopped, then bottle conditioned with various yeasts, including Brettanomyces, a wild strain that imparts a distinctive earthy quality. Though this farmhouse ale was given three months of bottle age prior to release, further cellaring will continue to enhance the "Brett" character, if that's what you're after.
  • Clip from Lesson Four Clip from Lesson Four of a six lesson course"Living Assertively and Compassionately".
  • iLL-Literacy Experience: The Live Show (EPK) Toggling between daydream and full-blown hallucination, iLL-Literacy is a music and performance collective that fuses elements of funk, hip-hop, spoken word, and interactive theatre for a sound and live experience that draws as much from the rich artistic and political history of its Oakland hometown as it does from the experimental and imaginative inclinations of its current Brooklyn base. In their recorded debut "iB4the1" members Dahlak, NiC, and Drizzletron work everything from the ground up from in-house production, to self-directed music videos, to the development of a new approach to musical interaction that intimately involves the listener throughout the inception, production, and promotion of the final product. Although 2009 marks iLL-Literacy's first studio release, the group has been touring globally since 2006. With contributing efforts of live digital producer Ada Clock, this year's live production directed by Kamilah Forbes (director of "Def Poetry Jam on Broadway" and internationally-acclaimed play "Scourge") assertively invites the audience not only to participate in the experience, but to shift the process and outcome of each show through an "open-sourced" exchange of sound and motion that the group has dubbed "digit.iLL.Funk." The first chapter of iB4the1 releases November 2009, with subsequent chapters unveiling in the spring and fall of 2010.
  • Life coach Kenya Lifeskills Coaching assertive communication Thoughts on communicating assertively
  • The Missing Link No matter what fighting style or system you practice, there's no getting around the fact that the best defense is not having to fight at all. Unfortunately, this missing link in self-defense training has been largely ignored -- until now. In this original Paladin video production, self-defense expert Bill Kipp teaches you the verbal and psychological skills you need to preempt violent attacks and end fights before they start. Kipp first explains the normal human reactions to confrontation and how they can instantly mark you as an easy target. He then reveals proven strategies that enable you to take control of a situation, assertively de-escalating potential conflicts and repelling would-be attackers. Through a variety of dramatic scenarios, you'll also learn when and why to make eye contact, how not to get "hooked" by a predator's taunting words and the secrets of transforming the adrenal rush of a confrontation into an effective, assertive defense. The Missing Link is one of the most important self-protection videos ever produced and is must-see viewing for anyone who is serious about personal safety. Available now from the Paladin Action Library! Visit www.paladin- for more details. Please use code YT08 when ordering.
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  • Can you Communicate effectively? - Watch and learn how to communicate assertively so you can speak from your heart and mind by dissolving the block of Comparison... Then comejoin us in the Sisterhood of Clarity where you will get free and instant access to tips, tools, strategies and resources that will assist you achieve Clarity so you can dissolve the block of Comparison and learn the most effective way to communicate with others.
  • Riding Assertively in a Wide Lane Riding in an assertive position encourages drivers to change lanes and pass more slowly and carefully. This is Goldenrod Road, south of University Blvd in Orlando. The lanes are "standard" width, 14 ft. They are wide enough to share with a passenger vehicle, but not a box truck or utility trailer. It is in a cyclist's best interest to encourage more cautious passing in such a marginally-wide lane. Video by Brian DeSousa of
  • LOVELY Schindler 300A Hydraulic Elevator at Sears & Roebuck in Cross County S/C in Yonkers, NY NOTE: Upon turning the camera off, a rude employee approached me and stated sternly that photography was not allowed. I respectfully apologized for any inconvenience I may have caused and put the camera away. She then stopped me and said "No, I will have to take a look at your camera and delete your photos." I replied assertively by stating "No you are not, and I am leaving now." I then proceeded out of the store and carried on with my business. Sears is not the best when it comes to photography, especially they way they handle it. I heard her talking on her radio afterwards, but it doesn't matter because I had no intention on staying. This thing is HORRIBLE. There is absolutely no excuse for behavior like this. First of all, if this were built like the traction elevator next to it, there would be no problem. However, Sears has a reputation of having elevators that deserve the "lovely" rating. Schindler 300A is not the best hydraulic model, and can become seriously damaged if not maintained properly. Although this elevator has a loud, classic 300A motor I adore, it runs terribly, making excessive vibrations that shouldn't even be there. Sears, FIX YOUR ELEVATORS! Technical Specs: Brand- Schindler Type- 300A Inground Hydraulic Fixtures- MT w/Upgraded Survivor Plus/SSL Lantern Speed- 125 FPM Capacity- 3500 lbs. Installed- 1990's
  • Sally Mabelle - Interpersonal Excellence for Business Leaders Would you like to create high trust relationships within your team and with clients? Reduce stress and increase energy and productivity for you and your team? Foster an organisational culture for greater innovation and creativity? Listen to a short video about this half day course which will help you to: Feel more skilled and comfortable in handling challenging conversations. Experience more successful conversations in terms of your ability to speak up assertively as well as to listen effectively. Increase self-awareness of your own feelings and needs as well as those of others. Gain insight into your personality strengths and challenges to communicate more effectively with a wider variety of people. Manage your uncomfortable emotions and those of others more easily and skillfully. Course activities include: Your behavioural type self-assessment and working with people of different temperaments. Your emotional intelligence self-assessment to gain awareness into your own personal EQ strengths and challenges. Extending your emotional vocabulary to better communicate your own feelings and needs and better understand those of others. Rapport-building practice exercises. Positive, empowered languaging for successful conversations. Active Listening practice Learning and practising five steps to assertive speaking,empathetic listening, and self-empathy.
  • Mario Lanza & Kathryn Grayson "Thine alone" July 24.1948 Music legend Kathryn Grayson dies at 88 Kathryn Grayson (born as: Zelma Kathryn Elisabeth Hedrick; * February 09.1922 in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, US; † February 17. 2010 (aged 88) in Los Angeles, California. US) The great Mario Lanza & Kathryn Grayson sings Eileen (musical) by Victor Herbert - Henry Blossom Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra Conductor - Miklós Rózsa July 24 1948 MGM Night at the Hollywood Bowl *** Mario starts the duet assertively and then is answered by Kathryn. Both sing with confidence, passion, and control. There is a very even balance between the two voices throughout. A bit of very slight distortion on the next to last note leads to a strong ending with Grayson taking a high D while Mario grabs a high B.
  • Executive Assistant, Secretary & Admin. Professional Skills with Harvard University Global System™ Executive assistants and secretaries are highly underestimated and struggling with more work previously executed by managers, in jobs considered among the most difficult, in business and government. This workshop retreat provides the current knowledge and competencies in the practice of this demanding profession. The focus is on practical skills, tools and techniques to improve performance, build a great team with management and peers, maximize value to your organization and advance your career. Seminar Objectives: * Set and negotiate goals and priorities in partnership with your managers, peers, teammates and staff * Organize your day and free up time: balance priorities, deadlines, e-mail, voice mail, meetings, drop-in visitors, interruptions and time-wasters * Learn FIRO-B to improve working relationships; enhance your image and credibility; retain customers; influence with clear assertive communication and appropriate business conduct etiquette * Recruit and select the best employees, motivate staff, delegate * Anticipate and prevent crises, manage conflicts, aggression, difficult people and hot interpersonal situations assertively * Assume more leadership and managerial responsibility without the benefit of authority * Clarify your role, lead and excel in working with multiple bosses and demanding clients * Learn how to express your opinion; ask sensitive questions related to conflict, performance, pay and career issues * Harness the untapped opportunities of virtual ...
  • Clip from Lesson Three Lesson three of a six lesson course," Living Assertively and Compassionately".
  • Blood in The Face [1 / 8 ] Welcome to the Ku Klux Klan, American *** Party and David Duke. In the film, members of the Ku Klux Klan, American *** Party, Aryan Nation, The Order and other radical right wing groups speak openly and assertively about arming themselves to the hilt and preparing for imminent race wars and the overthrow of 'ZOG' (The Zion Occupation Government). With folksy, often dark humor, they address their issues: interracial 'breeding,' the Holocaust 'hoax,' legions of 'colored' foreign troops poised to attach America. In addition to the infamous David Duke, the films cast of right wing radicals includes the American *** Party's George Lincoln Rockwell, former Ku Klux Klan Imperial Wizard Don Black, Ku Klux Klan National Director Thom Robb, Christian Identity Ministers Jack Moher and Allen Poe, Canadian Fascist Western Guard leader John Ross Taylor, The Order leader Bruce Carroll Pierce, and White Patriots Party leaders Alan Berg and Glen Miller. Some are seen only in archival footage, others are interviewed directly for the film. Quotes: "Compared to some aborigine in Africa who eats his own grandmother, and they're still eating people over there, yes sir, I believe you and I are all supermen compared to those cruds." "America did not exist until the coming of the white man."
  • WW2 Russian self-propelled howitzers 1942, Summer. Almost a year the Leningrad siege is following. A number of months the Red Army assertively tried to break the ring. The heaviest clashes happened near Mga railway station, where the German echelon with a new Wehrmacht weapon was arrived. They were heavy Tiger's tanks. Archive Document: "September, 3 for the Army Group 'North' Chief Commander army gen. Rider won-Loeb. Confidential. I delegate you a special mission, you are authorized to test our last generation tanks in battle. Remember: they are our chance for quick and successful outcome of this war. No one of those tanks would be captured by the Russians. Reich's- Chancellor Adolph Hitler". The information about new Germany tanks appearance near Leningrad worried Stalin. He remembered very well the first months of war, when the Red Army lacked enough equipment to counter the Germans' breakthrough. Then too high price was paid to stop the invaders. Stalin personally authorized the manager of 'Uralmash' facility for emergency work: the development of new high caliber self-propelled gun, capable to successfully fight the new German tank. For the desk-drafting work only 8 days were given. No one SPH before was developed by so short time. The brigade of designers was headed by Lev Gorlitzky, the tank gun specialist, that was evacuated to Sverdlovsk from Leningrad. The team made an impossible: already at December, 1942 new 122 mm SU-122 SPH was over all the states testing. This event was so important, that the ...
  • Monday-11/30/09-Monday's New Hope -Tara- Finding and using your voice How to find our voices, and use them assertively instead of using our bodies.
  • Ciabatta Shaping I have seen different methods for shaping ciabatta; the method I use is really more cutting than shaping. In contrast with most other doughs, which are assertively de-gassed during shaping, ciabatta wants to be handled very gently to maintain all those lovely bubbles that have developed during fermentation. For more about bread baking, I invite you to visit my blog, Wild Yeast, at
  • Clip from Lesson Five Clip from Lesson Five of a six lesson course," Living Assertively and Compassionately"
  • most hilarious anime scene A scene from the Japanese "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon S". Episode - 92: "A Beautiful Boy? The Secret of Haruka Tenoh" "Suteki na bishonen? Ten'o Haruka no himitsu" 素敵な美少年?天王はるかの秘密Usagi and Minako assertively question Haruka about her relationship with Michiru. Both Usagi and Minako think Haruka is a boy at this point. Haruka has realized they've both mistaken her for a boy, and at one point, she affectionately teases Minako by flirting with her. By the end of the episode, both Uasgi and Minako find out that Haruka is actually a girl. Minako is shocked and disappointed because she wanted Haruka as her boyfriend. Usagi admits that Mamoru, her boyfriend, was better from the beginning.
  • Monday-2/22/2010-Monday's New Hope-Tara- Assertive Communication Skills for Eating Disorder Recovery How to you communicate assertively to get your needs met in healthy ways. Assertive communication is different then aggressive communication! This is an important piece to eating disorder recovery
  • SO- I'm Ready feat. J. Williams Verse 1: I spent nights trying to save my own life living like my old self proceed for the wealth and the things that would melt, I chased A place with my face as the person and although I been drawn like a curtain, I sat so assertively but was brought on my knees God showed me my certain need for repentance, that sentence brought hurt to me I can't front or flex like I'm Hercules Man I don't know what the future hold But why gain the whole world and then lose your soul Moving in cruise control but the truth is I lose if I choose to stroll While refusing the truth that Jesus showed (yeah), and so you know what's on the menu next I stand in awe of His grace as I genuflect and reflect 'cuz He calls me friend now He wants me to serve do it till my end Chorus: Send me I'll go, I'll serve ya I won't let go, I'm ready (said I'm ready x2) Ready to do Your will, I'll die to my flesh I'm ready (said I'm ready x2) Use me for Your glory Lord, Honour, belongs to You, use me Lord. Verse 2: My mum looked kinda nervous since I aint get a job yet And no its not because I couldn't get no prospects Money aint the object nomore, time spent now Is set up for His kingdom when I step down Step out with His grace, learn from my mistakes Discerning what I'm yearning I'm certain that I am made To serve Him for a purpose and certainly I am changed I aint chasing the change it is Him that I crave And now, I'm living so the glory of the Lord can be seen so my dreams aint living no more I been ...
  • Executive Assistants & Administrative Professionals Seminar with Harvard University Global System™ Management assistants and executive secretaries are struggling with an ever-increasing workload, in jobs considered among the most difficult, in the private and public sectors. This workshop is specifically designed for those competent workers to obtain current knowledge and competencies in the practice of this demanding profession. The focus is on practical skills, tools and techniques to improve performance, build a winning team with management and peers, maximize value to your organization and advance your career beyond the current position. Seminar Goals: * Set and negotiate goals and priorities in partnership with your managers * Organize your day and manage your time: deadlines, e-mail, voice mail, meetings, drop-in visitors and time-wasters * Prevent crises, manage conflicts, difficult people and situations assertively using Fisher's method * Make your boss, peers, teammates and staff; improve your working relationships; assume more leadership and managerial responsibility without the benefit of authority * Clarify your role and excel in working with multiple bosses and demanding clients * Harness the untapped opportunities of new technologies * Practice in a friendly atmosphere * Make your job more meaningful, build trust, and take charge of your growth and career plans. Prework Much of your time during this workshop will be invested to deal with back-home problems, opportunities, and skills to deliver top performance and build a winning team. We believe learning ...
  • Tamara Nosyk Testimonial: Canadian Management Centre Assertiveness Training For Women in Business "...I found myself communicating more confidently and assertively." To learn more about our courses, corporate learning and for loads of free resources like podcasts, articles and more, visit us at
  • 1 An Assertively Compilationed Relationship Journey
  • Part I - 'Say what you mean, mean what you say' by IMD Professor Suzanne De Janasz /home - Have you ever delegated a task, only to find later that your direction was ignored? Do others seem to discount your contributions in meetings? Are you unable to say "no" to others who interpret your politeness or indifference as a "yes"? Do you find it difficult to confront others who are behaving unprofessionally or aggressively? Or perhaps, are in a different category: Do your colleagues cower in your presence and forego your encouragement to "come talk to me; my door's open." In this highly participative session, we will examine how we communicate—particularly in challenging situations—and why. We will discuss and practice ways to communicate assertively, that is, saying what you mean, and meaning what you say.
  • - asserting yourself with confidence Communicate effectively by asserting yourself in positive, non-agressive ways. Watch these tips in assertiveness training from communication experts Speak First and learn how by behaving assertively, you can better achieve your goals. See more business communication courses at:
  • Good Work NOW! - Quick Tip #7: "Toxic Co-workers" In this 100 second clip, Leadership Consultant Steve Sphar and host Dr. Brian Moffitt role play four steps for assertively confronting a "toxic co-worker". A 10 minute version of this topic is available at .
  • Brian Mithen-Professional Experience For almost four years, I have been working in the information technology department at Hill's Pet Nutrition Center. During my time there, I participated in the start-up of a new multimillion dollar canine facility, and helped set up the software to allow our feeding technicians to efficiently feed over 500 dogs daily. Keeping the systems running in such a large scale operation is quite a challenge. My military training and professional experience have taught me to embrace "outside of the box" thinking while approaching technical challenges, and have led me towards new innovative ways to create permanent technical solutions. Every IT situation is different, so a flexible approach can mean the difference between an efficient solution and a drain of time and resources. I have familiarity in working in fast-paced, high-stress situations, achieving my objectives quickly and assertively. Possible Job Opportunity? Contact Brian at [email protected] produced by Innovative Communications http
  • Clip from Lesson Two, A small sample of lesson two "Boundaries", of a six lesson course,"Living Assertively and Compassionately".
  • Women's Style Tips : How to Dress Assertively If your attitude is assertive, your clothes need to be selected very specifically to match. Learn how to dress assertively withhelp from the host of and creator of the fashion series "Style Me Rockstar" in this free video clip. Expert: Erica O'Young Contact: Bio: Erica O'Young is the host of and creator of the fashion series "Style Me Rockstar." Filmmaker: Max Cusimano Series Description: Different occasions require different outfit selections and a certain level of care when it comes to picking your accessories. Find out how to wear specific styles and colors with help from the host of and creator of the fashion series "Style Me Rockstar" in this free video series.
  • Ladies - Got Difficult CoWorkers? Use This Valuable Information & Feel Better! Joy Huber, Author of "You Go Girl! A Woman's Guide on How to THRIVE Around Difficult People," Coach & Business Communications Expert is giving away Valuable information for Women to help them communicate assertively to manage & resolve conflict & deal with difficult people! Lower your STRESS which is Working Women's #1 EVERYDAY Problem! Sign-up at the bottom of http

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  • “Communicating Assertively. Sunday, August 15, 2010 at 9:54AM. I do a podcast series called I just recorded an episode on the topic of communicating assertively”
    — Karel Vredenburg - Blog - Communicating Assertively,

  • “You cannot reply to topics in this forum. You cannot edit your posts in this forum. You You cannot vote in polls in this forum. Provided by phpBB ©2001-2010 phpBB Group. Subscribe”
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  • “Being assertive is not always the easiest thing to achieve and it is often the case that it does not come naturally. We offer a comprehensive 2-day”
    — 5 Ways to Communicate Assertively " Silicon Beach Training Blog,

  • “Discover the latest news and behind the scenes features from designer Jason Wu. Recently, though, this dormant trend has quietly, but assertively, surfaced at fashion shows and on city streets”
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  • “KOKOMO, Indiana (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Tuesday the United States must that you excel at speaking assertively, influencing others, and initiating new projects”
    — Lenox Financial News | Lenox Blog,

  • “Anger and ***: Part 1- ***ual Frustration. As a practicing psychologist and marriage empathy for your partner, communicating assertively with each other, adjusting marital”
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  • “Ben Nadel's web development blog on ColdFusion, jQuery, HTML5, AJAX, SQL, and all aspects of web application development”
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  • “How TaiTran responses assertively and constructively to unsolicited PR on his blog One Response to "How TaiTran responses assertively and constructively to unsolicited PR on his blog"”
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