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  • a unique, inspiring shop and workshop environment for people interested in bookmaking, altered books, collage, assemblage and combining unique items. — “The Assemblage Studio”,
  • Definition of assemblage from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of assemblage. Pronunciation of assemblage. Definition of the word assemblage. Origin of the word assemblage. — “assemblage - Definition of assemblage at ”,
  • Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects. Alongside Duchamp, the earliest woman artist to try her hand at assemblage was Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, the Dada Baroness. — “Assemblage (art) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Where similar assemblages are found to be consistently present within a limited time period and area, they can be said to represent a culture. Assemblage is also a general art term that can be used to describe many different art forms, and movements. — “Assemblage - Definition”,
  • will help you to find the best assemblages artist, collage, surrealism, sculpture galleries, mixed media artists, 3d paintings and combined media with the best abstract painter. For more details visit us. — “Tom O'Hara Sculptors and Assemblages Artist : Abstract”,
  • Assemblage art is non-traditional sculpture, made from re-combining found objects. Some of these objects are junk from the streets. It is doubtful that this form of art could have existed before the 20th century. We needed copious stuff to have. — “Assemblage Art, Made From Re-combining Found Objects”, contemporary-art-
  • assemblage (plural assemblages) A collection of things which have been gathered together or assembled. 1749 But scarce was supper well over, before a change so incredible was wrought in me, such violent, yet pleasingly irksome sensations took. — “assemblage - Wiktionary”,
  • a : an artistic composition made from scraps, junk, and odds and ends (as of paper, cloth, wood, stone, or metal) b : the art of making assemblages. Examples of ASSEMBLAGE. — “Assemblage - Definition and More from the Free Merriam”, merriam-
  • Definition of assemblage in the Dictionary. Meaning of assemblage. What does assemblage mean? Proper usage and pronunciation (in phonetic transcription) of the word assemblage. Information about assemblage in the . — “What does assemblage mean? definition, meaning and”,
  • as•sem•blage: 1. A collection of people or things; a gathering. 2. An artistic composition of found objects. Assemblage ltd. Chicago IL 60646. By Appointment. 312.234.9200. Email: [email protected]“Assemblage LTD”,
  • assemblage - connecting the Johannesburg visual arts community Assemblage is about production, participation and the sharing of resources and knowledge. — “Home”,
  • The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is a place that fuels creativity and provides inspiration. Its extraordinary art collection includes modern and contemporary art. In an assemblage the b***, often tawdry materials retain their individual physical and functional identity, despite artistic manipulation. — “MoMA | The Collection | Assemblage”,
  • Assemblage definition, a group of persons or things gathered or collected; an assembly; collection; aggregate. See more. — “Assemblage | Define Assemblage at ”,
  • Definition of assemblage in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of assemblage. Pronunciation of assemblage. Translations of assemblage. assemblage synonyms, assemblage antonyms. Information about assemblage in the free online English dictionary and. — “assemblage - definition of assemblage by the Free Online”,
  • Laura Israel/assemblage has been photographer and filmmaker Robert Frank's editor for nearly two decades, and the films have been screened all over the world. TRUE STORY won a main prize at the 2009 International Short Film Festival in. — “Laura Israel Assemblage”,
  • Definition of assemblage in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. What is assemblage? Meaning of assemblage as a legal term. What does assemblage mean in law?. — “assemblage legal definition of assemblage. assemblage”, legal-
  • All this, lines and measurable speeds constitutes an assemblage. Rather than conceive of the pieces of an assemblage as an organic whole, within which the specific elements. — “Glossary”,
  • Buy assemblage, Art items on eBay. Find great deals on Music, Books items and get what you want now!. — “assemblage items - Get great deals on Art, Music items on”,
  • Mixed media gallery by assemblage artist Ron Robertson. Art utilizes found objects, constructed and painted content to express political, social, mythical and symbolic commentary. — “Ron Robertson - Mixed Media Assemblage”, robertson-
  • assemblage n. The act of assembling. The state of being assembled. A collection of people or things; a gathering. — “assemblage: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Here's what Reflections of Darkness had to say about "Spark", the new single from Assemblage 23: released in 2007, Tom Shear aka ASSEMBLAGE 23 was able to destroy preconceived notions. — “Welcome”,
  • Artist Patricia Chapman creates mixed media, assemblage art, and collage art utilizing found objects and appropriated imagery. She uses text and humor to create social psychological, and political commentaries. — “Patricia Chapman's Assemblage Art, Collage, and Mixed Media”,

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  • Assemblage 23 - Lullaby A relaxing slide show of beautiful-ness. Lyrics May you find solace in the gentle arms of sleep Despite the wolves outside your door In time you will see them all as harmless And their idle threats easy to ignore And if ever fate should choose to smite you Stand your ground, never walk away Please don't ever let the world defeat you Don't get buried in its decay As you drift into the gauzy realm of dreams May you take comfort in the thought that you are safe For it only takes a fraction of a second For all of this to change CH Return to me When slumber's fog has lifted Return to me Stronger than before As you sink beneath the soothing streams of time May you be thankful that you had another day For there comes a time when each of us will enter A sleep from which we will never wake And if ever fate should choose to smite you Stand your ground, never walk away Please don't ever let the world defeat you Don't get buried in its decay Close your eyes now, if only for a moment For it's time you get some rest The wolves are gone and nothing here can harm you Let go of your fragile consciousness (CH) My Blog
  • Assemblage 23 - Skin Skin by Assemblage 23 from their album Storm. I own no copyrights to the music.
  • Assemblage 23 - Damaged Just close your eyes and let that song lead you to a trip full of memories and emotions!!! I am merely the product Of the life that I've lived An amalgam of sorrows And the wisdom they give But the weight has grown heavy And its dragging me down It's so hard not to sink now But I don't want to drown CHORUS I'm damaged But somehow I've managed This far But I don't know if I can find my way back home I'm damaged But somehow I've managed For now But I don't think I can face this on my own There is beauty in hardship There are poems in grief There are trials we must go through Though they may shake our beliefs But I don't know how I got here Lost in the cynical dusk Set adrift in the worry That I've no one to trust (CHORUS) If to suffer is holy I'll take my share of the pain I can swim through this sadness If there's something to gain I can reach for the surface And try to pull myself free But the last thing I want is To drag you down here with me Please rate and comment :) NOTHING WAS STOLEN BY THIS USER!!! THE VIDEO WAS MADE BY ME !!!! THANK YOU
  • UltraViolet - Assemblage 23 - Opened Ultraviolet music video to the song Opened by Assemblage 23. Rate / Comment :) Fan made vid!
  • assemblage 23 - Let me be your armor
  • Assemblage 23 - Anthem We are born of stone And etched by wind Cast aside to live or die We are the pawns in our own game Like refugees Of silent wars We step on ever-shifting ground Promoting what we undermine For countless days We walked alone Directionless and vulnerable Sitting targets wearing smiles CHORUS No one of us will go unscathed By private battles we have braved A vicious circle we have built Constructed from our shame and guilt The flags we wave Are set afire To warm the bones of infant dreams Even as our present is set ablaze The tinderbox We sit upon Decays in churning mists of fog And crumbles down into the sea (Chorus) We lie embraced In the arms of dawn The fading echoes of pointless time Statuettes of Ignorance And even as The clock hand sweeps We pay no mind to where we are Surely we're not allowed to die (Chorus)
  • Assemblage 23 - 30kft Assemblage 23 is an electronic act from the United States, currently based in Seattle. It was founded in 1988 by Tom Shear who writes the music and lyrics and does the recording himself.
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust AMV It is like the title says. oh yeah, and the song is "Awake" by Assemblage 23
  • Assemblage 23 - Disappoint with lyrics Words to music can say such powerful things....
  • Assemblage 23 - Old
  • Assemblage 23 - Disappoint (Funker Vogt Mix) - with lyrics My first upload so far - but I hope not last - so any of You being intrested may subscribe - I will try not let You down.=)
  • Generation Kill Assemblage This is a video I made containing many parts of multiple episodes from the HBO series "Generation Kill." I really liked this show and I wish it had lasted longer but it was only a seven episode thing. If you missed this show you should defiantly look it up and rent it or buy it or something. Some of the clips in the video are enhanced by a full knowledge of the show, but are still funny (in my opinion) without any previous knowledge. I hope you enjoy, Thanks for watching and please leave a comment and tell me what you think, thanks again. Visit my Website www.ekaj88
  • ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Let Me Be Your Armour HD Pictures of the movie Mutant chronicles - Imagenes de la pelicula Cronicas Mutantes Lyrics: Let me take the fall Let me take the blame Let me carry you from hell To home again. Let me walk for you When your legs are weak Let me find the words for you When you can't speak Let me be your armor Let me be your shield Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor) Let me be the light That guides your way through darkest night Let me be your armor. Let me take the blows That were meant for you Let me help you with the trials You're going through Let me keep you safe From the world outside Let me wipe away the tears That fill your eyes Let me be your armor Let me be your shield Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor) Let me be the light That guides your way through darkest night Let me be your armor. Let me keep you from Experience you need Let me bind you with my selfishness And greed Let me stifle you Let me have control Let me smother Every aspect of your soul Let me be your armor Let me be your shield Let me take away the pain you feel (your armor) Let me be the light That guides your way through darkest night Let me be your armor.
  • What is an assemblage point? Learn more about Assemblage Point here What Exactly is the Human Assemblage Point? Human beings are made of energy, and we respond to energy. We emit it and therefore are constantly surrounded by our own electromagnetic field. To understand the Assemblage Point, picture every atom and every particle inside you as a spot that creates, vibrates and resonates with that energy. We're filled with particles that create energy and work in harmony with each other to make up the whole that is our bodies. The Assemblage Point is the epicenter of this energy production. When an earthquake occurs, the epicenter is said to be located just above where the fault began to shift and cause the earthquake. The Assemblage Point is the epicenter of our bodies' energy production, and is located in the central part or the vortex of all of the vibrations within the body. These vibrations are all in different frequencies but they're synchronized, and at the epicenter of that is the Human Assemblage Point. Radiating out from that is the human aura, measurable with certain types of tests like resonant field imaging, discharge visualization and the oldest method of viewing the aura, Kirlian photography. This photography has been used to look at auras for decades by capturing pictures of the energy, with the earliest interpreters diagnosing illness, depression and other maladies through color changes and weaknesses in the appearance of the aura in certain places. This ...
  • New Assemblage My First Project
  • Assemblage 23 - Regret Artist: Assemblage 23 Song: Regret Art: Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto Color: Orthider
  • Assemblage 23 - Human Industrial/Electrónica
  • Assemblage 23 - Purgatory A fantastic though somewhat nihilistic track taken from the album Contempt
  • Cosmicdust Snow Noise Assemblage A solo artist from Tokyo, Japan influenced by My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive amongst others. and
  • Assemblage Art by Lauretta Lowell My art comes alive when I arrange unique antique/vintage findings in unlikely ways: shrines, jewelry, sculptures, mosaics, robots, dolls, & jewelry. See my website at:
  • Assemblage 23- Damaged I basically was going through a tough time with the loss of a loved one and felt really crappy.. I was listening to this song and just decided to put what I feel out there for everyone else. If this video doesn't make you feel anything.. you can't be human. Storyline: Seline is a very jealous girlfriend.. one night while driving home from work she discovers pictures of Michael's past life.. she takes it that he was cheating on her and gets upset.. but when he is killed in a mugging she realizes that you never know what you have until it's gone. Her only hope is to take advantage of the people who still love her to get her through the pain.
  • Assemblage 23 - Cocoon Fan Video for Cocoon by Assemblage 23... first time that i heard this song, my eyes opened wide, my mouth dropped a bit, and my breath stood still. Never did i find a song that explained how i feel so easily.... its like it just flowed so perfectly.... perhaps the song is so general that it would naturally target many people like me, but for some strange reason, I felt something a little bit more. Want to thank of course Assemblage 23 for the freakin awesome song, and for a bunch of friends that helped me find the pictures that i used for it... just so you all know, i didn't make this song, and i didn't take the pictures... all i did was mix them together....
  • Historic Elevator Alley - America's Heartland Explore what once was called Elevator Alley, and you get a sense of just how quickly Buffalo's grain elevators were abandoned. Visit for more of Episode 312. The Monsanto Company - and the American Farm Bureau Federation - http make presentation of America's Heartland possible.
  • Assemblage 23-Decades (V2) A video I made for Assemblage 23's song Decades (V2).
  • Assemblage 23 - Complacent Fan made video for the song "Complacent" by Assemblage 23
  • Audiosurf: Assemblage 23 - You Haven't Earned It This is a Ninja Mono run of Assemblage 23's "You Haven't Earned It". This song has 367 notes!
  • Assemblage 23 - Awake (Imperative Reaction Mix) Ausnahmsweise mal ein Lied das schon auf Youtube stand. Aber ich find einfach so gut dass ichs nochmal hochladen musste ;-) Bild war ich einfach zu faul was anderes zu suchen xD I am lost The footprints that I left have disappeared For now I am driving blind Accelerate Without a destination to welcome me This road is just an endless loop Every time I close my eyes The noise inside me amplifies I can't escape I relive every moment of the day Every misstep I have made Finds a way it can invade My every thought And this is why I find myself awake Directionless The letters on the signs have long since faded The sky conspires to swallow me Paid the price For burning all the maps to warm myself I threw their ashes to the wind Every time I close my eyes The noise inside me amplifies I can't escape I relive every moment of the day Every misstep I have made Finds a way it can invade My every thought And this is why I find myself awake Walk away Time to leave the realm of the familiar To find a place where sleep can come Hesitate For one last time I shout into the sky To wake the ones I'll leave behind Every time I close my eyes The noise inside me amplifies I can't escape I relive every moment of the day Every misstep I have made Finds a way it can invade My every thought And this is why I find myself awake
  • Assemblage 23 - Maps of Reality (Lyrics) This song is awesome.
  • Assemblage 23 - Let me be your armor ASSEMBLAGE 23 Album - Addendum Track - Let me be your armor
  • Assemblage 23 - Regret The Amazing Song by A23 Regret With some Pics!!!! I did my best !!!! :)) Enjoy my friends!!!! Lyrics : Some time ago I checked my conscience And found it wasn't all that clean A trail of people I had hurt A sea of sins left unredeemed Regret is a dull and rusted blade That covers me with scars that never fade These wounds, like a catalog of flaws Serve to remind me of all the pain I've caused So I resolved to make amends To heal the damage I had done But I could never stop the torrent Of those regrets still yet to come Regret is a dull and rusted blade That covers me with scars that never fade These wounds, like a catalog of flaws Serve to remind me of all the pain I've caused This bitter sadness overwhelms me And mires me down with velvet arms It's time for me to face the music It's time to undo all this harm Regret is a dull and rusted blade That covers me with scars that never fade These wounds, like a catalog of flaws Serve to remind me of all the pain I've caused
  • Assemblage 23 - Sorry I love A23 Tom Shear is a genius
  • horizon / assemblage 23
  • AMV: Armitage III - Let me be your Armor This AMV includes footage from Armitage III the Third: OVA, Poly-Matrix the Movie, and Dual-Matrix the Movie. The song is "Let me be your Armor" from Assemblage 23. I thought it was fitting, as that seems to be what Ross and Naomi are. Each others armor.
  • assemblage 23-collapse.wmv Assemblage 23 "Collapse" ........Enjoy it......Buy the album.............
  • Assemblage 23 - Horizon Artist: Assemblage 23 Track: Horizon Album: Defiance http Image: Golden Sea by Tony Elieh
  • Assemblage 23- Impermanence Assemblage 23' song Impermanence track three off of Compass. It is an excellent song hope you enjoy it!
  • 3D engine assemblage an engine assemblage in 3D animation for instructional usage
  • Assemblage 23 - Madman's Dream (Hurricane Katrina)
  • Assemblage 23 Ground One of the best Assemblage 23 songs,enjoy.
  • Let the wind Erase Me - Abarai Renji AMV Made while I was ill. Song: Let the wind Erase Me Artist: Assemblage 23
  • Assemblage 23 AMV: King of Insects - Shino Tribute I found this on and thought it was pretty cool. Its a tribute amv to the King of Insects, Aburame Shino. Didn't make. Hope you enjoy it!
  • 30 000 Feet - Assemblage 23 (9/11 Terrorist Attacks) Pictures found all over internet... sequential ones as well. Photobucket needs more thanks than it is usually given.

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  • “Assemblage: The Sheffield Graduate Journal of Archaeology Blog. About Us. Archaeology @ Sheffield. Home Features Forum. Forum. assemblage wants to be a forum for criticism and debate. This section provides an opportunity for researchers to express their views on a range of archaeological issues, without”
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  • “Assemblage 23, Angel Theory, and Savi0r”
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  • “Hello. I bought a boxed P4 2.53GHz which heatsink came with a black thermal material under it. I had read that no other thermal solution (e.g. paste) was necessary, so I assembled the processor and h”
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  • “Blog of Dale Copeland, assemblage artist of New Zealand Assemblage artist from Puniho in New Zealand. A blog - it's a weird concept. Like leaving your diary on a high shelf in a dark corner of the biggest library you can imagine”
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  • “Aesthetic Grounds. Amon Carter Museum Blog. Art News Blog. Brooklyn Museum. Culture Girl. Eye Foundation for the Arts. Real Clear Arts. Riverside Art Museum Blog. The Artful Manager. The”
    Assemblage Art | Indianapolis Museum of Art Blog,

  • “The Farouche Assemblage. If you read this blog closely, you will have noticed a few mentions of Matt Hughes, You may or may not know that I am running a contest to encourage blog items like yours, that discuss my work and include a link to my page”
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