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  • ArtistData help artists publish information to a variety of destinations with a single point of entry. Social networks, official websites, and much more. — “ArtistData - Connecting bands with fans―without getting in”,
  • Artist defined, with illustrations, great quotations, and links to other resources. Nevertheless, a distinction is generally drawn between an artist and an artisan, just as there can be merit to making distinctions between the making of art and craft. — “ArtLex on Artists”,
  • Contemporary Art for Sale. Buy quality contemporary art and fine art from thousands of artists. The art history index of famous artists leads to imagery and indepth information such as biographies to over 22,000 artists. — “Art History - Famous Artists - Master Index”,
  • Artist Rising is the premier destination for discovering original art, fine art and photography prints, and limited edition art by living artists. — “Artist Rising - Original Artwork and High-Quality Art Prints”,
  • Huge selection of tole and decorative painting supplies, books, paints and brushes for the busy artist. Large archive of free patterns, too!. — “”,
  • artist (plural artists) A person who creates art. A person who creates art as an artist (comparative more artist, superlative most artist). — “artist - Wiktionary”,
  • Offers MP3 music downloads, music video, chat, merchandise and CDs, concert tickets, news, auctions, and featured stories with music artists. — “ARTISTdirect”,
  • Portrait Artist Lena Walker - Lena Walker is a portrait artist dedicated to preserving life's memories as art. A unique portrait artist service for all aspects of life. — “Portrait Artist – Lena Walker A portrait artist for life”,
  • Provides information on more than 100,000 American artists, including biographies, auction records, bodies of work, valuation, and appraisal techniques. Also provides a glossary of art terms. — “AskART”,
  • Definition of artist in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of artist. Pronunciation of artist. Translations of artist. artist synonyms, artist antonyms. Information about artist in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. graphic artist. — “artist - definition of artist by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • Browse over 180,000 international artists, from Old Masters to Modern and Contemporary Art. Find works of art, galleries, auctions & art prices. — “Artists on artnet”,
  • Resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced artists to learn how to paint and draw better, as well as how to sell their work professionally. — “Artist's Magazine, The”,
  • The net's source for accomplished artists worldwide. — “World Artist Directory”,
  • JERRYS ARTIST OUTLET (JERRY'S ARTARAMA OF N.J.) Your creative resource for over 50,000 discount artist supplies from basic pencils to rare pigments. Everything an artist needs and more. Savings, selection & service!. — “Jerry's Artist Outlet - West Orange New Jersey”,
  • Artist definition, a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria. See more. — “Artist | Define Artist at ”,
  • Offers to Minnesota-based artists a central gathering place on the Web, and will grow to become a marketplace and community hub, with news and featured artists. — “Minnesota Artists Online (MAO)”,
  • Artists make art to express what they are feeling or thinking. An artist's work may show objects, people, nature, or events. Artists fall into one of several groups. Art directors design and look at material that is going to be in magazines, newspapers, and other printed or digital form. — “Artist”,
  • : Free websites for artists and photographers. Join ArtistSites' Free online community of art and photography portfolios and art blogs. — “: Free websites for artists and photographers”,
  • artist n. One, such as a painter, sculptor, or writer, who is able by virtue of imagination and talent or skill to create works of aesthetic value,. — “artist: Definition from ”,
  • Provides an in depth profile of the term, "artist." Features examples of musicians, mechanics, scientists, and more. — “Artist - Wikipedia”,
  • Get the Latest Art Workshops on Watercolor, Acrylic & Oil Painting. Instruction From Top Artists Charles Reid, Nita Leland, Richard McKinley & More. — “Art Workshops, Art Videos, Artist Videos |”,
  • artist and art the-, the major modern and contemporary visual artists, famous, established and emerging with portrait, biography and art resources with artworks, like pablo picasso, martin kippenberger, gerhard richter, basquiat and. — “the-”, the-

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  • Back To Your Roots (Live) | Playing For Change Band - This amazing song was recorded live at the Commodore Ballroom in Vaoncouver, British Colombia on November 19, 2009. It was just released as part of the PFC Band's Live CD/DVD, which is a must-have for all PFC fans! This song features verses by Titi Tsira, Mermans Kenkosenki, and Jason Tamba (who sings in Ngala!), plus a guitar solo by Louis Mhlanga that dares you to blink! If you like this song, be sure to check out the rest of the release!
  • Alesana-The Artist Lyrics What is wrong with her eyes? A glossy stare that won't leave me be starts my blood running cold. A gaze that could make hell freeze over... I have to understand she's gone. But she's not! Don't you tell me she is dead. Watch her lips softly move because she's still whispering to me! And something here is not quite right... Skin so cold beneath my touch as I brush back her hair and close her eyes. But I cannot stand to turn away. When I do, she'll be gone... It's frightening... Sweaty hands will fail to lock the door... They'll be here soon. I wish I could keep my teeth from grinding. I wish I'd stop looking behind me. Running now will only make it worse... They'll be here soon. I wish I could shake the awful feeling. I wish my mind would stop... Maybe I am crazy and my mind is trying to deceive me. As the ground vanishes I wonder will the sky be the next to fail me? Paint abandons canvas. And my brush can't seem to start again from scratch. As I watch everything unravel, why should I even try to stop the collapse? I won't... Shaking as I rest her body down. No one knows, only me... It's frightening... There's a madman glaring straight at me! Oh I know I've seen his face before... I am sure I've seen his face before...
  • We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video Recorded on February 1st, 2010, in the same studio as the original 25 years earlier (Henson Recording Studios, formerly A&M Recording Studios) "We Are The World 25 For Haiti", in which Jones and Richie serve as executive producers and producers, was created in collaboration with executive producers Wyclef Jean, Randy Phillips and Peter Tortorici; producers Humberto Gattica and RedOne; and co-producers Rickey Minor, Mervyn Warren and Patti Austin to benefit the Haitian earthquake relief efforts and the rebuilding of Haiti. Academy Award-winning writer-director Paul Haggis (Crash, Million Dollar Baby), whose own personal efforts as well as those of Artists for Peace and Justice have already saved countless lives in Haiti, filmed the private recording session to create the accompanying video and behind-the-scenes production, and serves as Film Director and as an Executive Producer with Jones, Richie, Jean, Phillips and Tortorici. The 25th Anniversary recording features over 80 artists and performers. The recording of We Are The World 25 For Haiti embodied the same enthusiasm, sense of purpose and generosity as the original recording 25 years ago. Every one of the artists who participated, regardless of genre or generation, walked into the room with their hearts and souls completely open to coming together to help the people of Haiti.
  • HOW I BECAME A MAC ARTIST!!! Subscribe Its FREE!! *SEND ALL MAIL OR PACKAGES TO THE PO BOX BELOW* PO BOX 494 Sewell, NJ 08080 United States Here Are Some Other FAQs I Get Asked How Did You Become A MAC Artist? How Do I Become A MAC Artist? I want To Become A Makeup Artist What should I Do? What Credentials Do I Need To Become A MUA? This video explains how I got to where I am today and how I got my foot through the door at MAC you don't have to be a MUA to work at MAC!!!! but you do need some experience I'll tell you how I did it!! This Is Just My Story Of How I Became A MAC Makeup Artist, Sorry Its A little Long But I wanted To Tell You How I Started From The Very Beginning! I Hope This Helps Somebody
  • Santigold | LES Artistes directed by Nima Nourizadeh
  • Breakup Artist The Breakup Artist is a romantic comedy, set in Manhattan, and written and directed by Vincent Rubino. Starring: Joseph Lyle Taylor, Paula Devicq, Sarita Choudhury, Sabrina Lloyd, Michole Briana White, Lee Allen, Ron Mongeluzzo, Regis Philbin, Edward Burns Jim, 35 and never married, is a chick magnet with a serious problem: Relationship Attention Deficit Disorder. His cure? The breakup as an art form! Jim's hilarious trip down the twisted road of romance to its surprising destination is ***y, hip touching and fresh. Featuring Regis Philbin and Ed Burns, with a background of happening New York, this funky date movie is *** and the City from a male point of view.
  • Young Artists For Haiti - Wavin' Flag Music video by Young Artists For Haiti performing Wavin' Flag. (C) 2010 Universal Music Canada Inc.
  • Art Career Advice : How to Become an Artist Becoming an artist begins with a life-long passion for art, and it is possible with motivation to observe and learn from the world and other artists. Become an artist to fulfill a life calling with tips from a professional illustrator in this free video on art. Expert: Lars Erik Robinson Contact: www.aaart- Bio: Lars Erik Robinson graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design where he received his BFA in illustration in 1994. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
  • Sand Artist This guy makes nice images with sand very artistic.
  • Artists For Haiti - We Are The World
  • Alan Moore #10 ~ Advice for young Artists Alan Moore interviewed by LJ Pindling of Street Law Productions. Final part. Interviewed on 27 June 2008 in Spring Boroughs, Northampton, England.
  • How To Be A Pickup Artist (Project Hollywood Long Clip 1) www.area51 Forfree Mystery vids, 35-page video report exposes Mystery's strategies, much much more. (Including exclusive interviews with Mystery, hidden camera infield pickup with Mystery's play by play commentary, and more.) Enjoy http JDog Avatar Transformation - Style and Dress Clip Pt 2 Tags: Mystery, Matador, Mind of Mystery, Daily Show, Jon Stewart tribute, J dog, VH1, The Pickup Artist, PUA, worlds greatest pick up artist, fear, approach, confidence, sarging, day game, k-close number close kiss close f-close, pickup, mystery method, pickup101, juggler, wayne elise zan, neil strauss, the game, deangelo, real social dynamics, body language, seduction, pick up women, playboy, attract women, seduce women, art of seduction, badboy lifestyle, dating, relationships, women, infield footage, area51lifestyle, area51marketing, venusian arts, seduction.
  • New Exhibit Makes Comic Artist Crumb Uneasy Counter culture comic book artist Robert Crumb says he doesn't understand why his work is on display in New York. (March 31)
  • Alesana - The Artist -the emptiness Alesana - The Artist del albun-the emptiness
  • Autistic Artist A young autistic artist is taken up in a helicopter over Rome, and then, over the next 3 days, draws it ALL by memory.
  • Zoe Keating Plays"Escape Artist" Zoe Keating gives Wired an exclusive performance of a song from her up and coming album.
  • Family Guy - Authentic Voice Artists on Family Guy (Paley Center Interview) Family Guy Creator/Exec. Producer Seth MacFarlane discusses the authentic voices on the show, from celebrities to old cartoon actors.
  • Chalk Artist Goes 3-D (CBS News) Artist Julian Beever has a knack for allowing his works to literally pop off the ground. Hari Sreenivasan speaks with Beever, whose 3-D chalk works have spawned a great deal of internet interest. ()
  • Artist In the Ambulance With Lyrics READ ME!!! ..................................................................................................................... Yay! Your reading me! Okay so, I really like this song. But I didn't make it ALL by myself. A couple of ideas were made by my brother. Please rate and comment! Just incase these lyrics are a little of they are: Late night, brakes lock, hear the tires squeal Red light, can't stop so I spin the wheel My world goes black before I feel an angel lift me up And I open bloodshot eyes into fluorescent white They flip the siren, hit the lights, close the doors and I am gone Now I lay here owing my life to a stranger And I realize that empty words are not enough I'm left here with the question of just What have I to show except the promises I never kept? I lie here shaking on this bed, under the weight of my regrets [Chorus:] I hope that I will never let you down I know that this can be more than just flashing lights and sounds Look around and you'll see that at times it feels like no one really cares It gets me down but I'm still gonna try to do what's right, I know that there's A difference between sleight of hand, and giving everything you have There's a line drawn in the sand, I'm working up the will to cross it and [Chorus] I hope that I will never let you down I know that this can be more than just flashing lights and sounds Rhetoric can't raise the dead I'm sick of always talking when there's no change Rhetoric can't raise the dead I ...
  • Spray Artist 1
  • Mass Effect 2: Part 1 of 5: Concept Artist Mass Effect 2: Part 1 of 5 with rest of episodes exclusively on Xbox Live and on Zune at Search for Art of The Game in the Gamer TV section on Xbox Live to download the full series! In this first episode of the five-part Art of the Game series about the making of Mass Effect 2, BioWare lead concept artist Matt Rhodes unveils never-before-seen art and sketches created during the development of the game. See how the Geth have evolved from the original Mass Effect and how a visual idea on paper is translated into a living 3D universe. From aliens to equipment, the inner workings of the creative processa for the sci-fi masterpiece that is Mass Effect 2 are laid bare while simultaneously examining the role of concept art in video game development. ------------------------------------------ Follow Machinima on Twitter! Machinima Inside Gaming Machinima Respawn Machinima Entertainment, Technology, Culture FOR MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: FOR MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: TAGS: yt:quality=high Mass Effect UPC 882224355254 BioWare Corp Electronic Arts EA MPN M59-00033 Mass "Effect 2" UPC 014633159820 MPN 882224355254 video games headshot All Your History BioWare xbox Shepard EA consequence Lead Concept Artist Matt Rhodes BioWare Edmonton Alberta Canada metal illusive elusive man bartender villains helmets Subject Zero tattoo scar sequel art of the game marvel ultimate alliance me mua space interview ...
  • Alesana - The Artist Lyrics I don't claim the rights to this song
  • Artist - Kseniya Simonova - Sand Animation - Ukraine's Got Talent 2009 Winner Kseniya Simonova is an Ukrainian artist who won Ukraine's Got Talent 2009. She uses a giant light box, dramatic music, imagination and "sand painting" skills to interpret Germany's invasion and occupation of Ukraine during WWII.
  • When Graphic Artists Get Bored PLEASE NOTE: I did not create these pictures! They were from Music: Blue Man Group
  • Meet the Artists - Black Eyed Peas When discussing the characterization of the group, status quo is a term that will more than likely NOT come up during the conversation. As a matter of fact, judging from their distinctive sound and style, one would probably be safe to assume that "outside the box" is the only place they feel comfortable. The Black eyed peas have been able to successfully dodge Hip hop's many pigeon-holes and firmly establish themselves inside a personalized niche amongst the materialism and violence that ofter saturates rap music. A hybrid mixture of hip hop and pop, accompanied by the flair of break dancing, has come to define the group's unconventional form of artistic expression and has helped to catapult them into worldwide super stardom. Grab a plate, earplugs, and your dancing shoes as the Black eyed peas give you a whole hour of noise and phunk.
  • How to Become a Makeup Artist- part 1 Here's a really helpful article with more info! I'm sorry for the delay in this- was having trouble with my video editing software :( I hope you have a great week, MUGS!
  • Essential Makeup Artist Kit Foundation - you want between 10-15 shades Personal favourites - eve pearl hd trio foundations MAC full coverage foundation - Holy Grail Graftobian hd foundation Mehron célèbre cream foundation Corrector - 3 shades in the pinky peach family Personal favourites - Graftobian orange and pink highlighters Eve pearl salmon concealer trio - holy Grail Bobbi brown correctors Cream blush - 3-6 shades Graftobian cream blush - holy Grail Eve pearl cream blush trio Bobbi brown pot rouges Ben nye cream blush wheel Powder blush - 3-15 shades Personal favourites La femme blushes - holy Grail Graftobian powder blushes Eve petal blush trio - holy Grail NARS blushes Bronzers - 3-6 shades Bobbi brown matte bronzers Make up for ever matte bronzers Natural born cosmetics bronzers Powder - loose or pressed Graftobian hd powder foundation - holy Grail MAC mineralize skin natural - holy Grail Eyeshadows 20-45 max Personal favourites - Make up for ever eyeshadows - holy Grail MAC eyeshadows - holy Grail Graftobian - matte shimmer eyeshadow Gel eyeliner 2-6 shades MAC fluideline - holy Grail Bobbi brown gel eyeliner Natural born cosmetics gel eyeliner Cake eyeliner 2-4 shades Personal favourites Graftobian cake eyeliner Natural born cosmetics cake eyeliner Eyebrow pencil/powder MAC eyebrow pencils - holy Grail Natural born cosmetics eyebrow palette Make up for ever waterproof eyebrow Lip Pencils 2-8 shades MAC lip pencils - holy Grail Bobbi brown lip pencils Eve pearl lip pencils Lipstick 14-28 ...
  • Didgeridoo - Jeremy Donovan, Aboriginal Artist About the didgeridoo: Aboriginal artist and musician Jeremy Donovan playing didgeridoo. For more information about Jeremy, his artwork, music, and live multimedia presentations, please visit: .au
  • Extraordinary people, The artist with no eyes, Esref Armagan The blind artist. See and subscribe to my other youtube account for more videos (this is my old one now which I dont use):
  • THS -(THS Jeff Hardy The Artist)-(S7 E5) Matt Jeff Hardy Enjoy the most creative and entertaining process in which Jeff Hardy welcomes you into his Imagi-nation and creates two paintings for The Hardy Show, watch as his artwork comes to life right before your very eyes. With interviews with Matt, Jeff and Shannon Moore reminising on their memories of Jeff and his artwork. Found on The Hardy Show! And in the words of The Charismatic Enigma: Ultimately in the end we will all know what's next.... For now we can only think... and for the love of all...most mportantly yourself... know that you are something special in your own Imagi-nation! Yours truly.... Jeff Hardy.... ours truly...This life.
  • Story of an Artist by Daniel Johnston from the "Don't Be Scared" cassette. video clips from the 2005 documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston".
  • Banksy Graffiti Artist Graffiti done by Banksy around the world. The song is "Women With the Tattooed Hands" - Atmosphere
  • Thrice - The Artist In The Ambulance (read the description please) *** here's my first vid i made with adobe premiere 7 :)..i made this one to pay tribute to all those paramedics,doctors, heroes that dedicate their lives to save others..respect for them...hope you'll enjoy it... *** and thanks for the positive ratings and especially comments *** it's NOT the real's a mix between two vids: Alexisonfire's Accidents and Thrice's Artist In The Ambulance live at Jimmy Kimmel synched with the real song...
  • Fard vs Artist (Full version) in Hagen Fard vs Artist Full Version in Hagen Battle + Entscheidung /mcdymond
  • Kaws, Former Graffiti (Tag) Artist This segment profiles the artist known as KAWS, former Graffiti (tag) artist turned painter and designer of limited edition toys and clothing. This segment also features some cool clips of KAWS' art, displayed in Pharrell Williams' Miami Home and Kanye West's latest album cover and billboard. You can catch his next exhibition, "KAWS, The Long Way Home," February 21,— April 04, 2009 at the Honor Fraser Gallery in LA or "I just started simply through graffiti and drawing on my skateboard and painting on walls and getting that small recognition," said KAWS, known to his family as Brian Donnelly. KAWS graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York with a BFA in illustration in 1996. After graduation, KAWS briefly worked for Disney as a freelance animator painting backgrounds. He also contributed to the animated series 101 Dalmations, Daria and Doug. He began his career as a graffiti artist growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey. Later moving to NYC in the 1990s, KAWS started subverting imagery on billboards, bus shelters and phone booth advertisements. These reworked advertisements were at first left alone, lasting for up to several months, but as KAWS' popularity skyrocketed, the ads became increasingly sought after. In addition to NY, KAWS has done work in Paris, London, Berlin and Tokyo. In the late 90s, KAWS began to design and produce limited edition vinyl toys, "an instant hit with the global art toy-collecting community ...
  • artist paints in 2 1/2 minutes patriotic amazing Amazing artist Dan Dunn paints a painting in just a few minutes live on stage. Watch it come to life before your eyes!
  • Typewriter Artist Paul Smith, the Typewriter artist. Originally aired March-April of 1976 on KOIN-TV in Portland Oregon. At-Large Reporter Ray Summers wrote and narrated. I shot, edited and selected the music. Ray learned about Paul from a newspaper feature in the Roseburg, Oregon newspaper. Ray and I roamed Southern Oregon for a week in February and dropped by the Roseburg nursing home one wintry morn. We were in and out in 90 minutes, but what we captured was an amazing story on many levels. I shot the story with a single system Frezzolini 16mm film camera. I shot daylight Ektachrome with dichroic filters on my lights since so much daylight was coming in the windows. I put an ECM-50 microphone inside Paul's typewriter to capture the sound. I got the music from my personal library. A week or two later, Assignment Editor Norm Gunning gave me a whole day to cut this piece. I synched 4 reels of film and sound and pretaped to 2 inch tape. By the reaction of the crew we knew we had a special piece. I submitted the piece to the National Press Photographer Association's 2nd quarter clip contest in 1976. It won 1st place nationally as the best television news story. It had been lost on 3/4" Beta tape in my hot attic for years. I just bought an used 3/4" deck off EBay and recorded this story to my computer. It suffers a bit from generation loss. I count 3 generations: film, 2 inch tape, 3/4" tape. Enjoy. Mark Gardner is a regular contributor to .
  • Quick change artists A married couple that performs during NBA halftimes by doing quick changes of clothing... kind of unbelievable.
  • Ryan Leslie - How It Was Supposed To Be Music video by Ryan Leslie performing How It Was Supposed To Be. (C) 2008 Casablanca Music, LLC
  • Hardly Working: Interview with Jeopardy Artist Suck it, Trebek. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on http
  • Pop Artist Roy Lichtenstein In life, Roy Lichtenstein was one of the biggest names in pop art. Now, more than a decade after his death, his paintings still get double takes and are worth seven figures. Erin Moriarty reports.

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  • “ the best place to be a digital artist and to become one. Digital art resource. Digital art community”
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  • “{{img:100|width=4,align=left|}} The IMA commissioned eight contemporary artists from around the world to respond to the 100 Acres site with installations that comment on the nexus of art and nature. Hear the artists in dialogue about their work”
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