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  • < Middle English < Old French < Latin articulus ("a joint, limb, member, part, division, the article in grammar, a point of time"); prop. a sales article (grammar) A part of speech that indicates, specifies and limits a noun (a,. — “article - Wiktionary”,
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  • Article definition, a written composition in prose, usually nonfiction, on a specific topic, forming an independent part of a book or other publication, as a ne See more. — “Article | Define Article at ”,
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  • Paulsen Says 10-Year Yield May Reach 4% By Year End Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) -- James Paulsen, chief investment strategist at Wells Capital Management, discusses the outlook for the US economy and Treasuries market. Paulsen speaks from Minneapolis with Margaret Brennan on Bloomberg Television's "InBusiness." Tobias Levkovich, chief US equity strategist at Citigroup Inc., also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)
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  • Riz Khan - A second look at microfinance is there a downside to microfinance? Critics say it might help entrepreneurship, but it does not help with basic education and healthcare where people need it. Does microcredit spiral borrowers further into debt? What happens when people cannot repay their loans? And why is a country such as Bangladesh, which has a high microcredit penetration (up to one in four households has a microloan), ranked 146th on the UN's Human Development Index?
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  • How To Scare Girls! (9.25.09 - Day 148) our facebook: our twitter: and dailybooth: So, a lot of you new-comers are wondering what these videos are all about or, what the "point" is.... Well, my girlfriend and I are doing a video every day for the next year (possibly longer)... We document our travels around the country (and world) and share it. We'd love it if you would subscribe and join everyone! Hope this helps! ALSO... check out alli and I's brand new app for the iPhone and iPod touch! it's called, That's What She Said: Worldwide! let's get it to the top app list on iTunes, that would be amazing! get it today, get your friends to download it too! download it here: ______ theme song by: charlie puth
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  • Articles - Lesson 22, Part 2 - English Grammar An introduction of overview of English articles: a, an, the, and the zero article. Level: Intermediate to advanced. This is a lesson in TWO PARTS. Part 2 summarizes the basic rules for using English articles and offers practice. STUDENTS: Additional practice is available at . TEACHERS: Related teaching ideas are posted on my WordPress blog: Music acknowledgments: "Ambiental" by DAFILEMAN retrieved from "Sunday Night" by MPDeluxe retrieved from
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  • Girl MAKES OUT with Computer! (9.24.09 - Day 147) Yup, first girl to make out with computer... EVER! More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:
  • onnu vilichal Onnu vilichal.... one of the beautiful devotional songss ever, thats why I created this video!!!!
  • Article A - Find A Way Find A Way by Article A. (c) 785 records. Article A. /articlearock
  • Evans Tuning GSR Engine Build Tech Article - Part 2 Evans Tuning shows you how to build a B-Series Honda engine. Need an engine built? Visit www.evans-
  • Witness - Witness - Shukri: A New Life A Somali migrant in Italy survives grim conditions to send money home to her four children in Mogadishu. A glimpse into the realities of life in Europe for thousands of migrants, the challenges they face, and the future they seek.
  • Grammar - Articles - When to use A, AN, or no article In this grammar lesson, I teach about one of the most common problems that new English speakers have. There are a couple of very basic grammar rules you can follow to help you know when to use "a," "an," or no article. Don't forget to take the quiz at
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  • Pallikattu Sabarimalaikku-K.Veeramani Swami saranam........Here is the song sung by the ace singer K.veeramani-PALLIKATTU SABARIMALAIKKU-music Arrangement by S.MANIBARATHI(son of veeramani somu)
  • Shout Out Sunday - Episode 19 **ThAnKyOu SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING/SUBBIN/FAVIN/THUMBS UP-ING** Thank you for being a huge part of my life guys!--XoXo--BLT :) CLICK TO RE-TWEET MY VIDEO!! :) STARRING/EVERYTHING DONE BY Brittani Taylor ANIMATION BY ART PIECE BY CHECK OUT MY COOL SHIRTS! (USA and Beyond) (UK and EUROPE) http (EMAIL me pics of you wearing my shirts to [email protected]) TWITTER WEBSITE MY OTHER CHANNELS http DAILYBOOTH FACEBOOK MYSPACE MUSIC UK Tube Paris Love Funny Honey Kitsch
  • Vishnu Sahasranamam MSAMMA VEnkateshwara Vishnu Sahasranamam MSAMMA
  • Girl Attacked By Armadillo! (8.25.09 - Day 117) Whoah! Armadillo attack! First time?! More Super Duper Stuff: Download our iPhone/iPod App here:
  • English Grammar - Articles - How to use A, AN, THE This English lesson teaches you how to use 'a', 'an', and 'the' correctly. Many English students make mistakes with these simple words (articles), so make sure you learn how to use them correctly.
  • NASA Tests Effects Of Space On Fat Astronaut Mission specialist Robert Barrett first became suspicious when he noticed most of his tasks involved measuring his waist and eating cookie dough.
  • Ian's First Girlfriend Anthony will stop at nothing when Ian's super hot new girlfriend threatens their friendship. A love affair for the ages: You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll never want pudding again. With a superspecial guest star! http
  • Shout Out Sunday - Episode 20 **ThAnKyOu SO MUCH FOR COMMENTING/SUBBIN/FAVIN/THUMBS UP-ING** Sundays rule, Mondays drool, you are cool!--XoXo--BLT :) STARRING/EVERYTHING DONE BY Brittani Taylor ANIMATIONS BY CHECK OUT MY COOL SHIRTS! (USA and Beyond) (UK and EUROPE) http (EMAIL me pics of you wearing my shirts to [email protected]) TWITTER WEBSITE MY OTHER CHANNELS http DAILYBOOTH FACEBOOK MYSPACE MUSIC UK Tube Paris Love Paisley Beat Giglanio
  • Study: Alzheimer's Patients Say They Do Not Have Alzheimer's Interviews with Alzheimer's patients indicated that an overwhelming majority are, in fact, perfectly fine.

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