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  • "16set10" by Gabriel.ares. >> Shared via SoundCloud. — “Gabriel.ares - 16set10 - SoundCloud”,
  • Ares is certified clean, no spyware site. Ares has unlimited music downloads, over 100 million files. Ares P2P file sharing software news, reviews, and latest version downloads. — “Ares | Ares Download | Ares Galaxy | P2P File Sharing Program”,
  • Though often referred to as the Olympian god of warfare, he is more accurately the god of bloodthirst, or slaughter personified: "Ares is apparently an ancient abstract noun meaning throng of battle, war."[1] He also presides over the weapons. — “Ares - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. Print out this form and mail it to your Section Emergency Coordinator. — “ARES”,
  • Ares, free download. Ares 2.1.7: 100% P2P file sharing and nothing more. Ares is a successful P2P application that will give you free, direct access to a huge file sharing community. — “Ares - Download”,
  • This is the Fresno County Amateur Radio Emergency Service Website October 25, 2010 - ARES/RACES/SATERN Participated in more events this month than any other month in recent history. — “Fresno County ARES - Amateur Radio Emergency Service”,
  • Ares is the most widely used p2p program today. Ares downloads music and video files from peers connected to the Ares network, as well as torrent files. Now available for Windows 7. — “Ares Download - Official Ares Download | Ares Free Music”,
  • ARES has flown more than 250 hours, and demonstrated all of its design performance and handling qualities During November of 1991, tests of the GAU-12/U gun system installed in ARES were performed, with outstanding results. — “Scaled Composites: Projects - SpaceShipTwo Ground”,
  • Ares, the god of war, is described over 13 detailed pages which include an ENCYCLOPEDIA summary, quotes from Greek and Roman literature, and dozens of PICTURES from ancient art. — “ARES : Greek god of war ; mythology ; pictures : MARS”,
  • This site is a tool for getting information and news about South Carolina State ARES to you, Prior to that appointment, I was the Aiken County ARES/RACES Emergency Coordinator from 1997 through 2002. — “South Carolina ARES”, ares-
  • Myspace Music profile for Ares. Download Ares Thrash / Death Metal / Metal music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Ares's blog. — “Ares on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music”,
  • ARES Planning Committee, 7:30pm, Gwinnett Emergency Operations Center 2010 Simulated Emergency Test Highlights Digital Modes - After an eight hour exercise, 38 Gwinnett ARES members had successfully simulated communications from three shelters around the county and used a simulated EOC activation. — “Welcome to Gwinnett ARES”,
  • Built on cutting-edge launch technologies, evolved powerful Apollo and space shuttle propulsion elements, and decades of NASA spaceflight experience, Ares I is the essential core of a safe, reliable, cost-effective space transportation system. — “NASA - Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle”,
  • ARES Software for free p2p music downloads. Find the latest Ares news, reviews, and user information here. Download the latest version of ARES for free. — “Official Ares Download - Ares Free Music Downloads”,
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  • Welcome to the San Diego Section of ARES! The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. — “San Diego ARES - Welcome!”,
  • Ares is a free open source file sharing program that enables users to share any digital You may now easily publish your files through the Ares peer to peer network. — “Download Ares 2.1.7 - ”,
  • Welcome to the ARES Oklahoma website. Here you will find information on all of the emergency management personnel associated with the Oklahoma Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), a branch of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Mission Statement. — “Welcome to ARES Oklahoma”,
  • Ares 2.1.1 is a p2p file sharing program and music download program used to download ares music. With Ares you get unlimited free music downloads. ( Ares Descargar Musica ). — “Ares Destiny - FREE Ares Download, Free Ares Descargar Musica”,

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  • Ares 1-X Rocket Test Flight Launch This is NASA's first flight test for the agency's next-generation spacecraft and launch vehicle system, called Ares IX, will bring NASA one step closer to its exploration goals. The flight test will provide NASA with an early opportunity to test and prove flight characteristics, hardware, facilities and ground operations associated with the Ares I. Rising into the Florida sky, the 327-foot rocket thunders away from the launch pad, marking the first time a new vehicle has launched from the complex since the first space shuttle launch in 1981. The mission will last two minutes, during which constant data received from the rocket. At about the T+2 minute point in the flight, the upper stage simulator and first stage will separate at approximately 130000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean. The unpowered simulator will splash down in the ocean. The first stage will be fired for a controlled ocean landing with parachutes that will allow recovery by one of NASA's booster recovery ships, while the other ship tracks the upper stage.
  • Ares 1-Y_R1 New Kennedy Space Center Launch Vehicle conception Launch and Landing.
  • Be'lakor - The Desolation Of Ares Band: Be'lakor Song: The Desolation Of Ares album: The frail tide year: 2007 Enjoy :)
  • 4. Developing WebOS Apps: Basics, SDK, Ares (April 22, 2010) Steven Feaster presents an introduction to developing apps on WebOS. Gray Norton them demonstrates the Ares development tool. Palm executives including VP, Directors, and Senior Product Managers lead a course on mobile application development on the WebOS. Students have the unique opportunity to attain the technical knowledge needed to create their own apps, get insider information about the application submission process at companies like Apple and Palm, and network with various members of Palm's executive team. Stanford University: Stanford Engineering: Stanford University Channel on YouTube:
  • ASUS Ares ATI Radeon 5870 X2 Limited Edition Graphics Card Unboxing & First Look Linus Tech Tips The fastest single card gaming solution in the world. By a long shot.
  • AATV Video Review: ARES DSR-1 AATV reviews the ARES DSR-1 airsoft sniper rifle and compates it with a real AMP DSR-1
  • Kelly family-Ares Oui (live at lorelei)#1 Kelly family-Ares Oui (live at lorelei)
  • Demonstration of the Ares Armor RAD Pack go to to order yours today! The Patents Pending Ares Armor RAD (Rapid Armor Deployment) Pack is the next level of concealed weapon carry. If your enemy brings a gun to the fight, One up him with a full armor system and a weapon of your own. We will not be displaying detailed images of this pack to protect the customers of this item. The Rapid Armor Deployment Pack is intended to allow one to become a true Sheepdog. You can go from being an average unnoticed citizen and in under 2 seconds deploy a full armor system with a weapon giving you an unexpected advantage over would be shooters or assailants. The Ares Armor RAD Pack features: Molle on the front plate pocket to allow for customized setups Able to accept Front and back armor plates. (not included) Easy lock down system to secure front plate to you should you need to shoot and move. The ability to blend into society. There is no Molle or other military style construction on the externals of the RAD Pack. A back pocket that is fully functional as a normal pack for storage of items away from the weapon. Comes with universal pistol holster
  • NASA Ares V 8 Meter Telescope Mission Check it out
  • Ares Quarterly Progress Report #11 This Ares Quarterly Progress Report, originally released to the public Mar 4th, 2009, includes progress updates on: -Ares I Wind Tunnel testing -Casting of the first stage Demonstration Motor 1 -First stage and Ares IX avionics manufacturing -Roll Control System Thruster Testing -Ares IX Roll Control Hardware Assembly and Shipment -Workhorse Gas Generator Testing -Test Stand A-3 Construction Progress For a closed-captioned version of the video, please visit us on the Web at
  • Ares 1x-V2.1 Test Flight First test flight of the Ares 1 rocket, as envisioned in a NASA CGI video.
  • Ares I Motor Test This is the Ares I motor test. This came in as a 16:9 feed on NASA's SD channel. We have upped the res to 1280x720 to allow for higher quality on YouTube although the source was SD so there's not too much we can do there.
  • Emancipator - Ares Album: Safe In The Steep Cliffs Released: 19.01.2010 Genre: Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Electronic, World, Instrumental Label: 1320 Records
  • Asus Ares WORLD FIRST HANDS ON Asus Ares WORLD FIRST HANDS ON www.overclock3
  • Bloc Party - Ares Lyrics Bloc Party Ares lyrics
  • "Spartan (ARES)...What is your Profession!" SPARTAN BLADES... Spartan Blades, a veteran / service disabled-owned company, was formed by two retired US Army Special Forces NCO's ("Green Berets") to design, make and deliver finely crafted knives. Ares-Fighter (SK-1) Specifications:Knife Name: AresDesigner(s): Lovito/Carey Overall Length: 10 1/2" Blade Length: 5 3/8"Blade Thickness: 3/16"Blade Steel: CPM S30VBlade Hardness: 58-59 HRCBlade Style: Fixed Drop Point—this design allows for strength of the blades tip by placing it in line with the users hand while keeping the upward curve of the cutting edge. Coating: SpartaCoat - PVD - DLC (Flat Black) or ZrN (Flat Dark Earth) Handle Material: CE Canvas Micarta® - Black, Green or Natural Tan Weight: 0.422 LBS MSRP: $308.00 Knives with Intent... •Whether you are a military / law enforcement professional, outdoorsman, or simply a person that appreciates quality knives, Spartan Blades endeavors to create knives that meet your needs. •Spartan Blades is dedicated to the design and creation of innovative and functional knives. •Made in North Carolina, USA of only the highest quality materials (US origin), all Spartan Blades knives are produced with an attention to detail rarely found these days. Spartan Blades delivers a knife that will provide you years of faithful service in the harshest environments, all while maintaining its edge and strength of design. ***FORGOT TO MENTION*** the Spartan "Honor Coin" I also know them as "Challenge coins." Military Units ...
  • Bloc Party - Ares (Villains Remix) Shot over two nights at Londons Olympia by fans with mobile phones. The track is taken from Bloc Party's 'Intimacy Remixed' out now on Wichita Recordings / Atlantic (US)
  • Ares I, Ares V and the Orion CEV (the best animation ever) This is an animation of how Project Constellation will bring us back to the Moon in 2020.
  • NASA's canceled spacecraft and rockets, Orion and Ares 1-X NASA has been busy planning for a new spacecraft, the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), to be able to rendezvous with the ISS and then to take a crew back to the moon in conjunction with the Lunar Surface Access Module (LSAM). A Crew Launch Vehicle, named Ares I, derived from the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster (SRB) will deliver the CEV to low Earth Orbit (LEO) while a larger rocket, Ares 5, will deliver ISS cargo of the LSAM to LEO. Once in LEO, the CEV and LSAM will dock and a J-2X Earth Departure Stage (EDS) will deliver the CEV/LSAM to Low Lunar Orbit (LLO) at 100 km. The EDS is discarded and CEV/LSAM temporarily decouple. The LSAM then performs the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) to deliver the LSAM to the lunar surface will all 4 astronauts onboard. After some amount of time on the surface, an ascent stage from the LSAM boosts the crew back to LLO and the ascent stage docks with the unattended CEV. The ascent stage is discarded and the service module section of the CEV boosts the crew module (with crew) towards Earth reentry, and the service module is then discarded. The crew module reenters the upper atmosphere and an ablative heat shield slows the craft to a point where it is captured by the Earth. Parachutes then slow the crew module for a land (or sea in emergencies) landing. Whew, safe at last from solar storms! Ares V will be able to launch 130 metric tons LEO inclined at 28.5 degrees or it can deliver 55 metric tons to trans-lunar orbit. By comparison, the ...
  • Newegg TV: Supreme Combo Ares Part I - The ASUS ARES The time has finally arrived, and the 2nd edition of the Newegg Supreme Combo is here! We'll be highlighting this bleeding-edge machine with a 3-part video series. Laura kicks things off for Part I by interviewing JJ, the Senior Technical Marketing Specialist from ASUS, about the featured item from the build the limited edition ARES video card. This beast of a VGA goes where no card has gone before, somehow wedging 2 (TWO!) ATI Radeon HD 5870 GPUs onto the same custom-designed PCB. And yes, we'll be using two of these cards for the Supreme Combo, so we'll have a total of 4 (FOUR!) 5870s when all is said and done. Check out the interview for insight on the design from JJ, and stay tuned for Part II -- The Build -- coming soon! The ASUS ARES @ Newegg: - Credits - Host: Laura Special Guest: JJ, ASUS Senior Technical Marketing Specialist Camera, Editing: Lam Production Assistant, Camera 2: Paul
  • NASA Ares I Solid Rocket Motor Test NASA tested the new first-stage solid rocket motor for the Ares I rocket. The static firing of the five-segment solid motor, designated development motor -1 was conducted at the ATK test facility in Promontory, Utah.
  • Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) using D-STAR KE7FTE, N7QQU and W9ERT show us the "drag and drop" flexibility of the Icom D-STAR System. Offering reliable exchange of large image files, email, word-processing and other files that emergency responders and served agencies find invaluable.
  • Ares - "The Ding Dong Song" (Xena: Warrior Princess music video) Yay, prizes! 2nd Place (tied) for "Parody": XOC Video Competition 2008 (run by everhope on Xena Online Community) 3rd Place for "Funniest Vid": Xena Video Contest (run by notmahrealname and hailer09) * * * Hmmm what to say, what to say...Ares is the smexy god of war and he knows just how ***y he is! *gasp* Accordingly he gets it on (or tries to!) with multiple characters of the Xenaverse. Or at least he makes snide innuendo at them. lol Guest-lip-syncing is Lucifer the evil angel in all his studliness. You will also see the likes of Xena, Gabrielle, Aphrodite, Meg, Joxer, Minya, Pointy-hat Cultist, Pointy-helmet Warlord, The Furies, Hope, Callisto, Discord, Random Priest, Dog, and Neighbour Chick. WARNING: This is a Xena parody, basically having fun with the ***ual innuendo all over the series. It even adds some in. If you don't like innuendo becoming overt, please leave now. The music is "The Ding Dong Song" by European-pimp-type-popstar Gunther (or to be more accurate "Gunther and the Sunshine Girls"). I think Gunther is hilarious. I don't know if he's trying to be... VIDEO INSPIRATION: All credit to scortia who made this incredible Utena AMV which I highly recommend: See Akio & Touga from Revolutionary Girl Utena get on their Yaoi! :O (If you don't like Yaoi don't watch it - but hey it's such a cleverly edited vid, you must you must!) So a big thank you to scortia for the song and concept which I've basically re-done to Xena. I couldn't help myself...I ...
  • God of War—Kratos defeats Ares and claims his throne (Sony Playstation 2) The last two movie sequences from God of War for the Sony Playstation 2. Kratos defeats Ares after opening Pandora's Box. He is then saved by the gods as he attempts to kill himself and is granted Ares position, becoming the new god of war.
  • Ares Takes A Realism Photo WIG LOOK Ares Lace Front (Synthetic Hair) Hair Stop & Shop Aqua Bond & Sigma Bond 1800-346-4774 The Look Mac Art Photo Realism Quad Mac Artistic License Eye Liner Mac Spring Bean Lip Gloss Mac BBQ Pencil Sleek Ink Pot (Black) Mac Dark Mineralize...
  • Knight Online Ares 83 LvL Ordeall Pk New (Yeni)
  • Taking Flight: Ares IX Test Flight Presented by — The Source for Space History and Artifacts. NASA's first test flight for the agency's next-generation spacecraft and launch vehicle system is launching in 2009. The test flight, called Ares IX, will bring NASA one step closer to its exploration goals -- to return to the moon for more ambitious exploration of the lunar surface and to travel to Mars and destinations beyond. The Ares IX flight will provide NASA an early opportunity to test and prove hardware, facilities and ground operations associated with the Ares I crew launch vehicle. It also will allow NASA to gather critical data during ascent of the integrated Orion crew exploration vehicle and the Ares I launch vehicle stack -- data that will ensure the vehicle system as a whole is safe and fully operational before astronauts begin traveling into orbit. Video credit NASA
  • Ares 1-X Launch: Liftoff! Booster ignition and liftoff of the Ares IX flight test vehicle! For the first time since 1981, a new rocket is rising from Launch Complex 39. Ares IX is beginning a 20-second "fly-away" steering maneuver designed to guide it away from the launch tower to minimize damage to the pad.
  • H&K Ares G36c review Buy it here! RDAF redragonairsoft.50 Slow motion video FYI I uploaded this and WMG removed the audio because I had a 20 second solo. I speak for us all when I say WMG is nothing but a greedy pos company.
  • Ares Tavor, SA58, ICS L86 Airsoft War Scotland 2011 HD 1 of almost 300 Airsoft War videos filmed in the UK to see more go to or just Google "Scoutthedoggie" FACEBOOK I have almost 20000 followers on Facebook at Filmed at NCIS Airsoft which is close to Edinburgh, scotland, you will need to register on their website to find out game dates, cost to play etc at www.ncis- Filmed on a Canon Sx10is at 1080p HD, edited on an Apple MacBook pro using iMovie 09. There is no camera crew used to make these videos its all done by one person...ME. If you need Airsoft guns in the UK then I usually buy from
  • Anything Ares Can Do, Xena Can Do Better! A fun Xena/Ares video to "Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" sung by Bernadette Peters and Tom Wopat. A WINNER at the 2008 Xena Convention Music Video Contest! This was such a challenging video to make! The lipsyncing was really hard, but I think I did a good job. What do YOU think? :D Disclaimer: I do not own the music or video used in this music video, no copyright infringement intended.
  • Ares IX Aerial Footage An aerial video crew observed the October 28, 2009 Ares IX test flight from a Cessna Skymaster aircraft positioned approx. 10 nautical miles away from the vehicle at an altitude of 12000 feet. The videographer used a gyro-stabilized high-definition camera system mounted to the outside of the aircraft to capture this spectacular footage. This footage provides extremely valuable engineering data, and imagery of the recovery sequence in rarely-seen detail. Ares IX is the first flight test of the Constellation Program and provides NASA an early opportunity to gather critical data during vehicle ascent and during booster deceleration and recovery. If arecognizable person appears in this video, use for commercial purposes may infringe a right of privacy or publicity. It may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by NASA employees of a commercial product, process or service, or used in any other manner that might mislead. Accordingly, it is requested that if this video is used in advertising and other commercial promotion, layout and copy be submitted to NASA prior to release.
  • Ares Quarterly Progress Report #12 This Ares Quarterly Progress Report, originally released to the public June 1, 2009, includes progress updates on: -Dynamic Test Stand modifications -First stage main parachute cluster drop testing -Upper stage manufacturing facilities and tooling -Chemical steam generator testing -Test Stand A-3 Construction Progress For a closed-captioned version of the video, please visit us on the Web at
  • Ares IX Launch on 10/28/2009 To view just the launch jump to 5:07 in the video! The launch of the Ares IX test vehicle from NASA at 15:30 UTC on October 28th, 2009.
  • Airsoft GI - Ares PPSH-41 Sub Machine Gun Blow Back AEG - Real Wood / Stamped Steel We would like to thank our Ares Authorized US Distributor for loaning us this gun to review. The Ares PPSH is an excellent replica of the famous sub machine gun used by Russia during World War II. This AEG features a mechanical blowback and is made of real wood and steel to maintain a realistic construction.
  • WTF is ARES : Extinction Agenda? TotalBiscuit takes a look at a Metroid-style 2d platformer. Ahha, it seems the audio is done by Chris of Hyperduck Studios, go check em out - If you'd like your game featured on our WTF is? series, please contact PR[at].
  • Bloc Party - Ares (Live at Later...) Bloc Party performing 'Ares' at 'Later with Jools Holland'. 21/10-08 War, war, war, war! I want to declare a war My fist breaks your porcelain nose There are other things that hands can do To create or to destroy Mini gods and goddesses First person singular Set it, set it, set it off! War, war, war, war! Keep the past, future's ours Man-made natural disaster Blocking out all of the sun Supermen and mitsi turbo Speed! Agility! Super strength! Wipe the blood off those knuckles Spark it, give me twos on that War, war, war, war! I want to declare a war True say blud that when we ride We don't stop for nobody The Africans and the Bengalis He knows all the rude boys Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Puma "Rer, rer, rer, this *** is long!" It's all getting (it's all getting) Quite highly charged (quite highly charged) Get out of the way (get out of the way) Or get ***ed up (or get ***ed up) We dance to the sound of sirens We dance to the sound And to think that these hands Could work wonders with their touch Listening to dead singers In your '98 We dance to the sound of sirens We dance to the sound
  • NASA Ares IX Rocket Launch Wed, 28 Oct 2009 Sucessfull Ares IX Rocket Test Flight. The launch Video on Wed, 28 Oct 2009 .::Thanks China for censoring us because this video::. xest- Good Work Guys!!!!
  • Ares 1 X Launch Rising into the Florida sky, the 327-foot rocket thunders away from the launch pad, marking the first time a new vehicle has launched from the complex since the first space shuttle launch in 1981.
  • Kevin Smith (Ares) Tribute Kevin Smith (aussie actor) as Ares on Xena Warrior Princess video clip tribute (not my video just preserving it here)
  • xena ares my first video of xena and ares
  • Turbofan Killer Bee: Rutan ARES "Mudfighter" for US Army Close Air Support Legendary aircraft designer Burt Rutan reveals the secrets of his Model 151 ARES turbofan "Mudfighter" developed for US Army Close Air Support (CAS) that should be ground-mobile in its own BATTLEBOX towed by a high-technology M113 Gavin light tank to provide maneuver air support (MAS) now lacking with the centralized, pampered USAF air base & bloated fighter-bombers-need-runways mentality. Killer Bee Clean-Sheet Designs ARES details In 1981, the US Army requested a design study for a Low Cost Battlefield Attack Aircraft (LCBAA). Scaled Composites created the ARES testbed aircraft which used a single Pratt and Whitney Canada JT15D-5 turbofan engine (same as in the Beechjet / T-1A Jayhawk trainer), and a GAU-12/U 25mm Gatling gun. The ARES Mudfighter is cleverly designed so its 25mm GAU-12U 25mm autocannon is on one side of the aircraft fuselage while the turbofan engine intake is on the other--this also puts the nose of the plane forward to prevent birds from going into the engine! Burt Rutan is a genius! The ARES can also carry 2.75" Hydra 70mm rocket pods, small unguided and guided bombs and guided missiles on 4 underwing hardpoints--this could be air-to-air missiles like AIM-9 Sidewinders and conceivable beyond-visual range (BVR) AMRAM AIM-120s to sweep the low-level skies of enemy aircraft for a new US Army Air Corps owned and operated by ground maneuver elements using the FINAB ground ...

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