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  • Ardent Health Services is a premier provider of health care services, delivered with compassion for patients and their families, with respect for employees, physicians and other health professionals, with accountability for our fiscal and ethical. — “Ardent Health Services | One Burton Hills Blvd., Ste. 250”,
  • Ardent Studios is a professional recording studio located in Memphis, Tennessee. Ardent Records and Ardent Music are the in-house labels. — “Ardent Recording Studios - Memphis, TN USA”,
  • An ardent can blast foes with energy attacks, be stealthy or subtly persuasive, serve as a healer or protector, or even function as a melee combatant. When you chose an ardent, you have access to psionic powers and a few other useful abilities. — “Character Class: Ardent”,
  • Definition of ardent in the Online Dictionary. Meaning of ardent. Pronunciation of ardent. Translations of ardent. ardent synonyms, ardent antonyms. Information about ardent in the free online English dictionary and encyclopedia. — “ardent - definition of ardent by the Free Online Dictionary”,
  • And at Ardent, we couldn't agree more. Whether you need new plant automation, fast-track construction services, specialty project management or objective process monitoring systems, we bring intensity, ingenuity and experience to get your job done fast and right the first time. — “: : ardent services : :”,
  • Ardent Creative, Inc. is a professional award winning design firm specializing in website design, video production, graphic design, search engine optimization - SEO and interactive marketing. Based in Fort Worth and Dallas. — “Web Design | SEO | Video Production | Graphic Design”,
  • As a NARI certified Green Building Professional, Ardent works with clients to improve energy efficiency, comfort and indoor air Ardent Home Services is a Virginia Class A building contractor operating a family of companies: Ardent Construction, Ardent Decks, Ardently Green,. — “ardenthome”,
  • Ardent of the 1960s and 1970s featured pop music acts and was distributed by Stax Records from 1972 until 1975. It is best remembered today for Big Star, whose first two albums, released in 1972 and 1974, helped define the style known as power pop. — “Ardent Records - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia”,
  • Ardent Sound, Inc home page. Ardent Sound proudly recommends Panasonic Toughbook® and Dell® Computers. You are welcome to contact us at our e-mail address: [email protected]“Ardent Sound, Inc”,
  • In fact, Gorbachev told me, a schoolboy essay he'd written on the virtues of Stalin was considered so ardent and exemplary that "for years thereafter other children were made to read it." —David Remnick, New Yorker, 18 Nov. 1996. — “Ardent - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster”, merriam-
  • We have considerable expertise and accreditation including LINKUP (Fully Audited), BRE, FIRAS; Let Ardent share these skills and expertise with your project. At Ardent Services we pride ourselves on a focused approach to compliment our clients business. — “Ardent ServicesLtd”,
  • Ardent Canada, Heating, Air Conditioning and Water Treatment Specialists serving Barrie, Innisfil and Simcoe County. — “Ardent|Barrie Heating|Air Conditioners|Cooling|Water”,
  • ardent adj. Expressing or characterized by warmth of feeling; passionate: an ardent lover. Displaying or characterized by strong enthusiasm or. — “ardent: Definition, Synonyms from ”,
  • Ardent definition, having, expressive of, or characterized by intense feeling; passionate; fervent: See more. — “Ardent | Define Ardent at ”,
  • Highest quality and performance American-made baitcasting and spinning reels. — “Ardent Outdoors - Baitcasting and Spinning Reels and Reel”,
  • Offers casting and spinning reels. — “Ardent Reels”,
  • Myspace Music profile for Ardent. Download Ardent Rock / Alternative / Indie music singles, watch music videos, listen to free streaming mp3s, & read Ardent's blog. — “Ardent on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures”,
  • Mystery shopper services catering to retail, restaurant, hotel, airline and car rental industries. Online application. — “Ardent Services, Inc”,
  • Ardent Residential was founded in 2005 by Art Carpenter and Brett Denton and is based in Ardent is a real estate development firm specializing in multifamily, condominium,. — “Real estate development firm specializing in multifamily”, ardent-
  • Definition of ardent from Webster's New World College Dictionary. Meaning of ardent. Pronunciation of ardent. Definition of the word ardent. Origin of the word ardent. — “ardent - Definition of ardent at ”,
  • Another reason why outsourcing to Ardent makes good business sense is because Ardent has high-end technology and best-of-breed infrastructure. We at Ardent provide you with custom web parts, administrative tools.We have team of experienced and skilled developers that are able to work. — “Ardent Infotech | Offshore SharePoint, E-Commerce and Web”,
  • This ardent exploration, absorbing all his energy and interest, made him forget for the moment the mystery of his heritage and the anomaly that cut French: ardent fr(fr) The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables,. — “ardent - Wiktionary”,
  • Offshore Software Development Company: Ardent is a leading provider of trusted offshore software development services to small scale, large scale and mid size enterprises in all over India, UK and USA. — “Offshore Software Development, Company UK: Ardent iSys”,

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  • Ardent Session: Oli Brown Band "Played by the Devil" Oli Brown Band performing live at Ardent Studios as part of the Ardent Sessions series on Break Thru Radio.
  • Naval Gun Power - HMS Ardent On the 9th of May 1982, some 700 miles south west of Ascension; Ardent closed the Canberra and took station on her starboard side and provided a gun power demonstration. This is the last video footage taken of HMS Ardent before it was badly damaged and later abandoned on 21 May 1982
  • Ardent Raceway - Team Durango Winter Series - 4WD.MP4 Andy Moore - Durango DEX410
  • Sir Ted Ford - Disco Music promo - ardent records ovation - 1979 - Ultra Rare single on this rare label, I'm think it's the firt realise on this ' paul mooney' label " The tracks were recorded in Los Angeles but were released in the UK on the Ardent label in July 1979. Fred Wesley's horn section was used on 'Disco Music'. Maxine Willard (Waters) and Julia Tillman sang backing vocals. Paul Mooney " thx to Paul for the infos/ 10 years after a another great was with GCCameron ( wait until tomorrow) , ( realise on US LABEL 'Jamila Rec.' too, but one or two years after under the title 'wait till tomorrow' )LITTLE STORY ABOUT THIS REALISE : " The break came when Robert Rosenthal, a local radio promoter and acquaintance of GC's, sent some tapes to a contract he had in England, Ardent Enterprises' Paul Mooney, based in Co. Durham. Paul was suitably impressed and eventually released the tracks, "Wait Until Tomorrow" and "Shadows", independently on rden in February of this year (1989) ten years after the label's only prior release —. with a view to achieving greater recognition for his talented friend. GC was so appreciative of Paul's sterling efforts that they eventually agreed to an exclusive management and publishing pact... even though the pair have never met! There exists an obvious mutual trust, respect and understanding between them, as GC relates. "When I was in the marines ... I learned to deal with human characteristics kind of closely, and trusting people."
  • "Ardent Love at Night" Sims 3 | Part 7 Frohe Weihnachten :)
  • HMS Ardent Falklands War 1982 HMS Ardent is destroyed by Argentinian aircraft, Falklands war 1982
  • Falkenbach- The Ardent awaited land Band: Falkenbach Album: Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty Genre: Folk/Metal Lyrics: Far away beyond the horizon, above the shadows of the horses' hoofs, a maiden behind a golden shield in a chariot rides across the sky. Two ravens are above us, a long forgotten tale, how it is to reach the utter hail and the eyes of a Valkyrjur caress your heart... When a lightning strikes with pride and a thunder roars upon us, when the trees will be beckoned by their dew again the icecold mist shows us our way... Then be sure, oh thy heathenhearts, our time will soon be there, when the one-eyed God walks amidst us and the neighing will be deep inside of our hearts... One day we will tear the hearts of the ones who stay against us, the nine worlds are in our hands since we've found the key of Valgrind. No wolf will ever subdur us, oh Freya hear my words, forever I'll be in your retinue and await to sense your breath... Once you will open your eyes while a maiden is kneeing at your side, and she will kiss you to awake for you will stride the mighty rainbowbridge... Two ravens are above you, they will show you the final way across the river and over the mountain, into the ardent awaited land... all rights and music by Falkenbach
  • Le brasier ardent (1923, Ivan Mozzhukhin, France) Le Brasier ardent // The Blazing Inferno // The Burning Brazier A woman, named simply "Elle" and her husband, a wealthy industrialist, are not on the best of terms. While she enjoys the way he caters to her every whim, she wonders whether he really loves her. He, on the other hand, torments himself by imagining rivals. One morning she awakens from a nightmare in which she has been pursued by a man in various guises, who turns out to be the famous Detective Z, whose memoirs she has been reading. When she and her husband quarrel over leaving Paris permanently for a country estate, he goes to the "Trouve Tout" Agency and hires, of all people, Detective Z, to win back her affection. She promptly steals their marriage contract. Z tracks down the document and is nearly seduced in the process, but he resists her and returns to the comforts of home, his adoring mother, and a pet bulldog. In a chic restaurant one evening, she challenges him to a dancing duel, which he wins. After her confession of love, he goes home with a toothache. The contract is returned, the married couple plan to go away on a trip - all is ending as it should... Director: Ivan Mozzhukhin Writer: Ivan Mozzhukhin (scenario) Stars: Camille Bardou, Nicolas Koline and Nathalie Lissenko
  • HMS Ardent Survivors Return Home on QEII - 11 June 1982 BBC News report of the crew of HMS Ardent, Antelope and Coventry returning home onboard the cruise ship QEII seen here entering Southampton harbour on Friday 11 June 1982.
  • JET - Shine On - 93X Sessions @ Ardent Studios JET performs their song "Shine On" for the 93X sessions in Studio A at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN.
  • Johnny Smoke psa 1960's anti smoking More storyboard than animation, this creepy little toon from the late 1960's was the Heart Association's spaghetti-western rebuttal to the Marlboro Man. There wasn't enough "proof" back then for the Lung Association to sponsor this. A friend sent me a dvd (made from vhs which was made from 16mm film, hence the poor quality) of some 1967-68 TV episodes with original commercials. If you're wondering, some people collect videos that way. Anyway, I watched it thru and was shocked to find Johnny Smoke at the very end. I was probably 5 years old when it aired, and have a slim memory of it being both disturbing and entertaining. I'm glad to find others who remember him, though given how he traumatized my generation, perhaps he did his job too well.
  • Falkenbach Into the ardent awaited land.wmv Falkenbach one of the best Viking Metal Bands Songtitle: into the ardent awaited land
  • Ardent Presents: Cory Branan "Wayword and Down" For the full performance please visit
  • Ray Ardent: Science Ninja Trailer Ray Ardent: Science Ninja is a high-speed platformer where you battle through dangers that only a man who is a scientist and a ninja can survive. Dr. Ray Ardent is a man of adventure, a man of the world, but most importantly, a man of SCIENCE! Ray Ardent charges into battle with 11 different power-ups which he uses across 15 levels. Find out more at
  • Ardent Presents: Valerie June - "I Will Not Be Blue" For the full performance please visit
  • Brothers Karamazov: Part 6: Confessions of an Ardent Heart Demitri and Katya's broken relationship.
  • Ardent Presents: Cory Branan "Tall Green Grass" For the full performance please visit
  • Ardent Studios presents: A mixing session for the reissue of Chris Bell's "I am the Cosmos" A mixing session at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN for the reissue of Chris Bell's "I am the Cosmos"
  • Ray Ardent: Science Ninja Walkthrough Full walkthrough of the Flash game, Ray Ardent: Science Ninja, by Shane Neville and Ninja Robot Dinosaur Ray Ardent: Science Ninja is a high-speed platformer where you battle through dangers that only a man who is a scientist and a ninja can survive. Dr. Ray Ardent is a man of adventure, a man of the world, but most importantly, a man of SCIENCE!
  • Ardent Presents: Cory Branan - "Yesterday" For the full performance please visit
  • Ardent Presents: Charlie Mars - "Listen to the Darkside" For the full performance please visit
  • Ardent Reel Care Demonstration featuring Pete Ponds Your reel is an investment. Maintain your investment with Ardent's Reel Kleen® Reel Cleaning Kit, which contains everything required for easy, regular cleaning of any make or model fishing reel.
  • Ardent Presents: Charlie Mars - "Meet Me at The Backdoor"" For the full performance please visit
  • Ardent Presents - John Elliott - "Eulogy"
  • Across The Sun - The Ardent Optimist Across The Sun - The Ardent Optimist From the new EP Pestilence & Rapture, available now on iTunes.
  • Ardent Presents: Cory Branan "The Corner" For the full performance please visit
  • The Greatest Promise: John 3:16 Have you realized what GOD has really packed into these 25 words? For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. - John 3:16 Disclaimer- I did not create this, I am only spreading the word of Christ. Igniter Media did. The song was also changed because youtube wouldn't let me use the original.
  • Ardent Sessions: Lucero "Wasted" Lucero performing live at Ardent Studios as part of the Ardent Sessions series on Break Thru Radio.
  • HMS Ardent Remembered 2007 ITN news report on the 25th anniversary of the loss of HMS Ardent in the 1982 Falklands War. Features a dive on the wreck of Ardent in Falkland Sound.
  • operation ardent, Buju Banton Operation Ardent was a big hit during the early 90s in Jamaica. It is a masterpiece
  • Racheengel - Into the ardent awaited land 07 - Racheengel - Into the ardent awaited land An homage to Falkenbach part I
  • Ardent Agenda: Foundation "Foundation" Album - "Algorhythm" (available on iTunes, , ) Ardent Agenda New CD this is a preview of what's to come. Ardent Agenda coming with a new album 12-12-08
  • Ardent Studios presents: Vinyl Remastering of Chris Bell's I am the Cosmos Larry Nix and John Fry remaster Chris Bell's "I am the Cosmos" at Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN.
  • Ardent Presents: Royal Bangs - "Handcuff Killa"
  • Ardent Presents - John Elliott - "The American West"
  • EXCLUSIVE! "Ryan Paul & The Ardent" "7/1/10" "Brt Lk Bl" "Slow.Steady" (Featuring Janey Winterbauer) EXCLUSIVE! "Ryan Paul & The Ardent" "7/1/10" "Brt Lk Bl" "Slow.Steady" (Featuring Janey Winterbauer) "" Directed, Filmed, and Film Produced by Ryan Cahill
  • Tom Dowd & the Cats @ Ardent Studios Some footage of the legendary Tom Dowd at Ardent Studios playing with the studio cats.
  • Falkenbach - ...the ardent awaited land Another musicclip for good old Falkenbach made by myself. Enjoy it!

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  • “YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – June 10, 2010 – Forum Health and its affiliated entities filed a court and other assets to Ardent Health Services, a Nashville, Tenn”
    — Forum Health and Ardent Health Services sign purchase agreement,

  • “WoW Forum Changes. According to Nethaera a Blizzard Blue the WoW forums has undergone So heads up on the forum changes and with all your hot links since it”
    Ardent Defender: WoW Forum Changes,

  • “CHS is the largest publicly traded hospital company in the U.S. The next step will be for Attorney General Richard Cordray to review the company's offer. Since Forum Health was a nonprofit entity, the attorney general's office would have to approve the sale because both Ardent and CHS are for-profit”
    — CHS Outbids Ardent for Forum Health - 33 News - We Believe in,

  • “I would definitely recommend contacting any of these wedding professionals, if you do be sure to let them know that Ardent Photography sent you! © 2010 Ardent Photography by Rick & Stephanie Osborne | ProPhoto Photography Blog by”
    Ardent Photography by Rick & Stephanie Osborne " Blog,

  • “CHS is the largest publicly traded hospital company in the U.S. The next step will be for Attorney General Richard Cordray to review the company's offer. Since Forum Health was a nonprofit entity, the attorney general's office would have to approve the sale because both Ardent and CHS are for-profit”
    — CHS Outbids Ardent for Forum Health - WKBN - 27 First News,

  • “Youngstown local news, classifieds, jobs, homes, cars, discussions, contests Youngtown Warren Ohio All three locals voted overwhelmingly to support the sale of Forum to Ardent”
    — Youngstown News, AFSCME unions back Forum sale to Ardent,

  • “Going once, going twice, Forum Health sold to Ardent for $70M Ardent has pledged to keep all three hospitals open, investing up to $70 million over”
    — Going once, going twice, Forum Health sold to Ardent for $70M,

  • “HOME :: BIG MARKETING IDEAS BLOG. Friday, February 19, 2010. Ardent Believers. All too often, an organization's strategy comes down from the corporate mountain and the Brand comes right out of the marketing department. Both are imposed on the most critical human resources—those at the bottom”
    Ardent Believers - JDM Marketing Blog,